Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Rick Carufel Sues STGRB / Anne Rice

Author, and painter, Rick Carufel, files a complaint against STGRB, and mentions Author, Anne Rice, in the complaint - according to a recent press release.

Also mentioned in the article, yours truly. 

For several months now, it has been common knowledge in the 'war on bullies' circles that Rick Carufel has been pursuing justice against STGRB for their libelous posts on their website pertaining to Rick Carufel, calling him a "cocaine monkey" and other vile and slanderous things. It would seem that complaint is inching closer by the minute to being resolved in a courtroom.

For more information regarding this press release and Mr. Carufel's complaint, just CLICK HERE


  1. I just got confirmation that Rice has received my registered mail notifying her legal action is being brought against her with her signature on the confirmation card from the post office.

    1. Justice is moving slowly, but at least it is moving. That is good news.


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