Friday, May 15, 2015

Goodreads, Bullies and Pedophiles

A lot of people talking about how much better Goodreads is becoming with all of these bully bans going on. Hey, good for Goodreads. Good for authors. Good for legitimate reviewers. There's still plenty of bullies that remain on Goodreads, and Goodreads still allows certain types of bullying to continue on authors that they (Goodreads) don't care for. Not everything is so hunky-dory.

However, recently, someone asked me if I would ever get back on Goodreads again. My answer was a resounding "NO"! I will never return to Goodreads for as long as certain other people are a part of that horrible website. Members and staff alike. Besides, I am not complaining about my book sales so, who needs them? Not I.

But there is still one other aspect about Goodreads that keeps me from ever considering to be a member of that site again. And that is the "sexual" role playing groups where adults and the underage interact with each other in an extreme sexual manner.

I know, I know, after I broke the news about it back in the day Goodreads Or Good Pedophilia Patrick Brown and company went right to work to "delete" these groups. However, they really weren't all deleted. All that happened was these groups went off the grid. Stealth. They are still there, you just can't see them.

Anyhow, I would never go back to Goodreads until someone from the DOJ (Department of Justice) announces that Goodreads is no longer allowing adults to interact with children in a sexual manner on their website. Call me old fashioned but, I don't want to be associated with a website that permits child pornography to take place on said website. But that's just me.

And so while it is good that bullies are "seemingly" being banned from Goodreads, there is still a lot of progress that needs to be made on that front, and the child exploitation front as well.

I'm Carroll Bryant and this is ..... wait! I don't do that anymore, do I? 

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