Monday, March 31, 2014

STGRB: The Athena Parker Lies: More Emails

Well, it didn't take long for Athena Parker to start posting more of her lies. This time, in response to my post "Amused is Amusing". Not to worry, I will show you proof of her lying, not just accuse her of it. You see, that's the difference between her and I, she says a lot of things without ever backing it up with evidence where as I will back up what I say. I will show the evidence. In this process, you will be reading a lot of emails exchanged between Athena and I. Unfortunately, this also ties into with someone I am friends with. I get an ugly feeling that after this post, he won't want to be my friend anymore. Oh well, his loss. But I will leave that totally up to him. First, before we get into the lie straight from the words of Athena, allow me to set things up with an email I received recently regarding my friend. It came to me from a former member of the WIN group. Take a look.

Also sent with this email, some screenshots right from the WIN group. These shots shocked me. Just when you think you knew someone, you find out you didn't know them at all. See for yourself.

Yes, a comment left by Mike Dismuke, someone I thought was a friend. I say this because, if he were a real friend as i once thought, I would have figured he would just tell me straight up these thoughts in private instead of smearing me in the WIN group. Be that as it may, I will address his comment where he refers to me as "setting traps".

First of all, Mike, the only trap I have ever set was for the bullies. I did this with them to catch them in lies and post about it. We were fighting .... I mean, I was fighting the bullies. However, the only "trap" I ever set for those whom I thought were my friends was for Athena and Rick.

You see, when everyone turned against him, there were those who suggested I do the same. However, I don't turn on people just because I might not approve of the way or manner in which they fight the bullies. That is an individual decision, and even though I may not agree with some of Rick's tactics for which he felt he needed to use against his bullies, doesn't mean I have to end a friendship over it. And I won't. And I didn't.

The trap I set for him and Athena wasn't really a trap actually, even though i have referred it to as a trap. All I did was give both, Athena and Rick some private thoughts about one another and then I sat back to see which one, if any, if both, would use it against me at a later date.

With all the bickering between the so called good guys, and watching us turn on each other like the bullies do, I really had to find out, between my two closest friends, who was trustworthy and who was not. I was hoping that neither would turn on me. As it turned out, Athena Parker was the one who turned on me when she sent that email I sent to her in private to Rick. I also explained some other reasons why I did it. I was beginning to suspect something shady from STGRB.

Anyhow, whenever one starts to suspect that one of, or both of, their best friends might have questionable character, it's only natural to try and find out if those suspicions have any merit, and to find out in a non-in your face kind of way. Just plant a seed and see what grows. There's nothing shady or evil about that. But like I said, in the end, we all found out who the real shady character and non-trustworthy person really was. It was / is Athena Parker.

Then Mike goes on in that comment to tell of how he likes to deal with the bullies. To each their own, but far be it for me to judge how people wish to chose to deal with the bullies. We all have our own ways of dealing, and no matter what I think of that method, if they are my friends, I support them whole heartily none the less. (Just as I supported, and continue to support, Rick Carufel.)

And if Mike didn't see me as trustworthy for any reason, fine, but I sure would like to know of these posts he refers to that I posted on this blog that gave him reason not to trust me. Perhaps some day I will learn of these posts that led him to this conclusion. Or maybe not. Then again, I may not even give two shits.

Still, Athena responded to Mike's comment. She says I had a tendency to publish information that I shouldn't just to drive readers to my blog but that she didn't think I would break ATA's rules. Then she calls me a back stabber? Obviously, she forgot her back stabbing of me when she sent private emails that I sent her in confidence to other parties. That's about as back stabbing as one can get. But she does mention the Lucy Flood ordeal, you know the one, where I made ONE mistake, and broke ONE rule ONE time. And for that, I had to pay her ultimate price. (Even after I owned it, and publicly apologized for it.)

Forgiveness is not in Athena Parker's vocabulary, nor does it appear to be in the WIN group by-laws or practices. What you won't read from Athena is her telling anyone that I did own it, and I did apologize for it. But that just wasn't enough for her. (Them) I suppose. And for the record, Athena, making a mistake like I did isn't "back stabbing" because back stabbing is an evil act with evil intentions, and I didn't post the Lucy Flood story out of evil intent, I was trying to help. However, you sending my private emails to you to other parties IS an evil act with evil intent. And you know this. And FYI, so does everyone else. There's a huge difference, Athena, between what I did and what you ultimately did, and that difference begins and ends with INTENT!

Now to the other comments made about me by Mike and Athena in the WIN group.


So, Mike, you thought I would publish sensitive material did you? I feel sorry for you. Anytime anyone has ever asked me to not publish something, I never did. And contrary to what you lay claim to, I would ask people permission prior to posting things that included them. If you have any evidence at all, Mike, that contradicts my claim, feel free to send me your proof that I don't. I would like to see it, old buddy. 

And then Mike says he might have mentioned to Athena about my conduct. And what conduct would that be Mike? Please, do tell. Be not afraid to use details. I am all ears. Feel free to email me and explain. I would love to hear about your judgmental approach to my alleged conduct. Or is it more that you just didn't approve of the manner in which I dealt with the bullies? (My bullies!) 

Even more interesting, Mike supposedly expressed concerns about my post regarding the Goodreads sexual role playing. (Athena also accused me of "asking" her to post links to it, which I will show shortly, is an outright lie on her part) She also says in that comment that she requested me to leave out any mention of GenX in my role play post. We'll get to see if that is true, so keep reading. 

There was only one reason why I mentioned GenX in that post, because she was making claims that the role plays between adults and minors were not true, despite the evidence showing otherwise. I aimed to discredit her. I think I did a good job at it too. Plus, there was an interesting comment made on her blog regarding the role plays and I wanted to put it in my article to show how devious GR is and would be when the story broke. I was correct. But hey, it was my story, I had every right to include in it what I felt should have been included. If you guys would have wrote it then you could have wrote it in whatever way you wanted. 

Now to the last screenshot of that WIN group convo between Mike and Athena, and then we'll get to the meat and potato's of this post. 

What warning signs, Mike? I really wish you would explain this to me. (If you can)

Now to the comment Athena left on STGRB. 

It would appear I was an embarrassment. Huh, go figure. And I was always leaving links in the comments section of STGRB to my blog. But, everyone was doing that. Some people would even leave links to my blog on there also. I only did it because I thought WE were fighting the bullies. I thought I was doing good by doing my part. And it's not like Athena ever told me not to do it or to stop because she never did. In return, I also linked to STGRB in many of my posts too. I thought that was the whole point, to show unity against the bullies. Or did I miss something? And as for me asking to guest posts on STGRB all the time, could you please show us evidence, Athena? Because I went through our emails and I didn't catch it. Put up or shut up. 

Then she says I kept asking her to link to my blog. Really? Well, we will get to see some interesting evidence coming up about that. We'll see what the evidence says, okay Athena? Because she accuses me of asking her to link to my GR sexual role playing story. Well, I do have evidence that will refute that claim and show yet again that Athena Parker is a liar. On top of this, she calls my story regarding the sexual role plays on Goodreads "disturbing" - or more accurately, she says me breaking the story was disturbing - yet, I also have evidence that shows otherwise. She was all in like gang busters about that story. Hell, the evidence will show that she was probably more excited about it than I was. And we are getting to that evidence. 

She also claims I turned the story into a drama fest with GenX. I guess you all will have to decide that for yourselves, however, I did mention earlier in this post as to my reasons why I included GenX in the first place. 

Then Athena accuses me of trying to draw a media storm to my story just for the sake of traffic for my blog. Well, isn't that what STGRB does? (I'm pretty sure they do) And as you will see by the evidence, and not just from my mere words, Athena was the one who was head first in this media storm over my story. Besides that, isn't that what all blogs and websites do when they break a good story, they try to draw attention to it? In fact, doesn't every blog and website operate for the purpose of drawing traffic? So I guess because I practice this same approach, I am somehow evil for it and yet STGRB and the rest of the world is not? 

Then Athena says that I didn't care about the safety of the kids being exposed on Goodreads to sexual predators. I think the evidence will show differently to that claim as well, showing all of you of just how low Athena will kick you when she gets it in her blood to do so. And trust me, her hate and evil shows in her blood more and more every time she opens her mouth. 

The funny thing here is she mentions all of these warnings about me and yet, for over a year, she promoted me and my blog. (Or was I just strong arming her to do so?) And still, neither she, or anyone else, can direct us to all of these warnings or give details. (Or show evidence.) 

Anyhow, now let's address these claims by Athena and Mike in more detail, shall we? The good thing about me is, you don't have to JUST take my word for anything, all you have to do is read the emails I am about to show you. I will let that be my voice. Warning: There are some 40 screenshots to read so, I hope you have a snack and a drink handy. Let's take a look at the first email I sent to Athena announcing not only the opening of "The Looking Glass" but also announcing my first story on it, the sexual role plays going on over at Goodreads. Enjoy everyone. 

Did you see me "asking" her to post about it on STGRB? No. I merely suggested that if she liked it and thought it to be of worth, to feel free to link to it if she cared to. I left that decision completely up to her. We were friends, fighting for the same cause, so I just wanted her to know that if she felt this was of some kind of value, that she had my permission to go with the story and use it as she sees fit. But I didn't "ask" her to do anything. Also note how I asked for her input too. And what was her response to it? See for yourself. 

Did you see it? She thought it was FANTASTIC! Not "disturbed" at all by it. In fact, did you see at the end how she wanted to jump on that bandwagon with "We'll help you."?

Yes! She was fired up about it right from the get go. Imagine that. And let's face it, if she found this the least bit disturbing, or didn't want anything to do with it, this would have been the perfect time to bring it up, yes? Well, she didn't. As the evidence shows, she was a more than willing participant to that story and in fact, she was so fired up that she couldn't wait to tell the others about it!. Can we say hypocrisy now? Better save it for it later. There is so much more.

Then I respond with this. (Feeding off of her enthusiasm.)

OMG! Did you read what I said at the end? I offered her the chance to "do the story first" if she wanted to. From her reaction, I thought this was the story of the century. And I offered her first dibs on it if she wanted it! How awesome am I? Me and my narcissistic ways. I'm about to unleash my first story on my newly formed blog and here I am asking if she wants to break it first instead. Imagine that. 

Then she must have gone into Goodreads and looked into getting some screenshots of her own because she emailed me back. 

Did you see what she said? SHE asked me if I wanted to do a "guest post" on STGRB to introduce my new story on my new blog. But wait, didn't she say earlier that I ASKED HER? That I went to her requesting STGRB post about it? I told you, evidence never lies, but Athena Parker does. A lot! This is why I say you should never take what she says to heart. Always, and I mean, always! ask for the proof. She won't show it to you, but you know I will. Haha And look at that, she also says that other people are going after GR too. Oh, and she will also "look into news outlets". So far, I don't see any evidence yet that she is "disturbed" by this discovery. Hhhmmm, maybe I am not reading well into her hidden messages. What do you think? But alas, there's more.This is me responding to her.

See how surprised I was to her offering me a guest post to set up my story? And she wanted me to do this guest post on STGRB. Who was trying for traffic now off of my story? Like I said, I still haven't seen where she thinks this is disturbing or how I am trying to use STGRB for my own selfish gains here. If anything, it appears she is trying to grab some of my spotlight by having me do a pre-release of the story on STGRB. (Or am I still missing something here?) And so far, it appears I am stressing the dangers for kids regarding this issue. Remember when she said she didn't think I was really concerned about that? Anyhow, I went with it. Maybe in hindsight, since hindsight is 100 percent, I should have seen right through her and should have known she was just using me to get traffic for her blog. Oh well, let's look at when I announced to her that I had everything set up and ready to go.

So far, it seems I am leaving all the STGRB decisions to her. I'm not pushing anything at her at all, am I? Now let's see what she has to say, shall we?

That's right, she is asking me for a link to the blog / story, not me asking her if she would leave it. Is any of this jogging your memory now, Athena? Would you like to retract your comment from above? No? Okay then, let's move on to another of her email she sent shortly after that, shall we?

Oh, there it is, she finally mentions that this is disturbing. I see it now, only, she isn't saying that my story is disturbing, or that the fact that I am doing this story is disturbing, but instead, she thinks the conversations between the adults and minors are disturbing. Man, Athena, I wish you would make up all of our minds. In your comment, you said it was disturbing that I did the story. You're a complex person, Athena. Is there anything you say that comes out of your mouth that isn't a lie? Rhetorical I assure you, however, now we get to the part where she sends me another email advising me not to use GenX in the story. Take a look.

I see, she never does mention "GenX" by name there, does she? She just says "bullies". And yes, I appreciated that "advice" but still, it was my story. Maybe this should have been the first warning sign to me that Athena is controlling. Was she giving advice or was she trying to somehow manipulate me to be "like her"? I guess that answer is open to interpretation. But we can see how she seems to be more fixated at attacking Goodreads rather than the bullies. But why? Or did she have an ulterior motive for it? Maybe a future "back door" deal in her sights with Goodreads? Perhaps we will never know the answer to that, but the fact that she warns me of the bullies continuing efforts to harass me was well received, I did, at one time, send her this next email explaining why I tangled with the bullies in the first place. It was to hopefully keep them focused on me in so they wouldn't go after other authors. See for yourself.

Did you see that? Did you notice the date on it? Shortly before I started "The Glass". You see, my concern was more for trying to help and protect other authors from the same fate as I, which was why I started "The Glass" - to defend myself and hope to keep them occupied enough that they wouldn't go after other authors as much. I don't know where Athena comes from, but from where I come from, that's me thinking of others and not of myself. - Moving on. This next screenshot was my response to her "advice".

Then I sent her this. 

How ironic, yes? I mention how the bullies turned on each other and here she is turning on me. I say this because, so far, we have seen many of her lies to back up her shady actions of sending emails I sent to her in confidence to other people. That is what people say and do when they turn on you. If she was to say anything that was supported by the evidence then that would be one thing, but she doesn't say and or do that, does she? And yet, here I am showing you the truth, not just accusing her of things without proof. There is a difference. All Athena is doing, and has done since her temper tantrum against me is do nothing but try and pit people against me by using shady tactics and lying. Nothing more, nothing less. And that's the real character of Athena Parker. Not the pretend one she hides behind in public. It's all about her being the innocent victim of evil Carz yet she hasn't presented one shred of evidence of my evil doings. The only thing she falls back on is my one time mistake with the Lucy Flood story, that's it. The rest, like with M.T. (Mike) Dismuke is just words with no proof or details or examples to showcase. 

And then when she gets her posts up on STGRB about the GR sexual role plays, she sends me the links. (This was all her idea, remember? Not mine as she claims in her comment on STGRB.)

 Then she finally emails me about the bullies turning on each other.

Yes, Athena, the bullies don't know what true friendship is. Nor does it appear that you know either.

Now take a look at her next email to me regarding the GR RP's.

So far, it appears she is the only one thinking about the traffic on my blog. It seems here she was pushing for it too because she is spreading the good word. You go girl! Push for this disturbing story to reach the masses. You're knocking it out of the park. But wait! I almost forgot, you think I was disturbing for breaking the story. (Your own words) Why do I keep forgetting this? I'm sorry, I just can't keep up with all of your lies, Athena. I'll try and do better. 

Then I respond to her. 

Then she emails me this. 

And this.

Then we get led to M.T. (Mike) Dismuke and the stuff I showed you in the beginning of this post and why I posted it to start off with. Take a look. Athena is saying this to me. 

And then Athena sends me this. A bit of encouragement wouldn't you say? Not at all "disturbing" yet to her. 

And now I start to finally respond to her emails. 

And then Athena responds. 

Again, so far, only Athena is mentioning anything about "hits" and page views on her blog. And from MY story! Not the other way around. Still loving your precious Athena now? Does she show any signs of being disturbed by me and or my story? Have you seen me asking her to link to my story? Have I pushed her for a guest post on STGRB? Would someone please tell me what I am doing so wrong here? Still want to say hypocrisy? Well, save it for a little while longer, okay? There's more. Here's me responding to her. 

And here is Athena responding to the comment I captured from GenX's blog where some anon talked about how well GR is at "covering" things up. I posted that comment with the sexual role play story. Earlier, Athena "had" a problem with it, but now it seems she may have a change of heart. 

And when GR acted after the STGRB preview story of my story broke, here is what Athena said. 

It's game over!

This next screenshot is me not caring about the kids that Athena alluded to earlier. 

And this is Athena agreeing with me. 

These next screenshots is a message from Mike Dismuke, forwarded to me by Athena.

So I wonder, why is everyone so hellbent on trying to "steer" me into dealing with these bullies their way? I deal with things my way just like everyone else deals with things their way. And from all accounts, it worked. To a degree. 

I know Athena (and Mike) say the best way to deal with the bullies is to ignore them, but I'm sorry, I am not built like that. I stand up for myself. Always have and always will. I will not go stealth, or post comments as "anon". If the bullies want to attack me, they had better do so with the truth because I will come out firing on all cylinders. It's just that simple. But again, that's my way of dealing with them. If Mike doesn't want to deal with them that way, that is his choice. But why does he condemn me for me being me? I have no answer to that question. 

My response to him (through Athena) 

And now my response to Athena regarding GenX.

You can see where I inform Athena of Patrick Brown emailing me regarding the role play story.

Now for her response. 

And my response.

You see, I still offer her a chance to do a preview post of it (about the Patrick email asking for my help.). I'm such a swell guy. But notice I am still not "asking" her to do anything on STGRB like she claimed that I did. And here is her response to me about it. 

Even "Johnny" was chomping at the bit to get in on this story. He was already prepared to post about it on STGRB ... and I still never asked them to mention it on STGRB. They were trying to collect on my story. Trying for those "page views" off of me. Not the other way around as Athena has already stated so boldly earlier. And to top it off, Athena wants ME to keep HER updated! .... Say what? O_o

Then Athena tells me this. 

Did you see where Athena says she will include a link to my latest post about Patrick emailing me for my help? But wait! I could swear she said on her STGRB comment up above that I "asked" her to post all of this stuff on STGRB for me? What gives? 

Still in love with your precious Athena now? Still want to believe her words over my PROOF!? I told you, words are words, but the proof is in the pudding. And this was your pudding my friends. I hope you enjoyed the truth here because you will not get the truth from Athena Parker, Johnny, or STGRB. And now I am questioning one M.T. (Mike) Dismuke. You all would be wise to question all of them. I guess it's a great world of hypocrisy to live in when you don't have the burden of providing evidence to back up your words. I should probably try it sometime ..... naaaaw, posting evidence can be fun. And in case you all have forgotten what Athena said, here is another shot of it. 

Yes, you read that correctly, I was the embarrassment. 

I'm Carroll Bryant ... and STGRB? The embarrassment is now on you.

And oh, by the way, you can say hypocrisy now. 

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

STGRB: Amused Is Amusing

It would seem that my recent post "STGRB: The Bluff" has struck a nerve. A comment left on STGRB regarding my post has more holes in it than in the head of the individual who left it. The comment was made by someone calling themselves "Amused", and quite frankly, I find it amusing. Take a look.

In my post, I mentioned how Athena brought up the topic of a group that was going to sue Goodreads. I showed our email exchange discussing it. However, "Amused" makes mention that a lawsuit was filed against Goodreads and that it was settled out of court - but that the people involved with the lawsuit didn't want me to be a part of it because - and I quote - "They told her that AFTER you sent her the email asking if you could publish it on her blog. Why? Because of your habit of publishing information without other people's permission. They were wise not to trust you."

First of all, this shows even more evidence that private information you send to Athena via email doesn't always stay between you and Athena. (Unless Athena is "Amused".) Something many of you might be concerned about.

Secondly, the only post I ever made without permission was the "Lucy Flood" post (which was posted in the WIN group on Facebook by Athena, the secret keeper *sarcasm*), well after September 1st, 2013. (And well after this alleged "settlement".) Prior to sending Athena that email, I had never posted without anyone's permission. In fact, I could have posted at least a dozen more posts about people getting bullied, but did not because those involved asked me NOT to post it - and so I didn't. I also had no one ever contact me after I posted about them to complain that they wanted me to take it down. Thus, there was no habit of me posting without anyone's permission at that time, or ever!. This is a bold face lie by "Amused" and again, no evidence to support the claim.

Third: (And this is where the hypocrisy / stupidity shows by "Amused") The fact that I DID ask for permission first AND didn't post anything about the lawsuit after Athena said, "Not yet", clearly indicates that I don't post things without permission, nor ask for permission in the first place. (Because obviously I did ask FIRST and when Athena said "Not yet", I didn't post anything about it, did I?) Thus proving that I can keep a secret. (And that I do ask for permission first.)

So this lie from "Amused" beckons that what I posted about originally, that this lawsuit being a bluff, is true. There was no group and there was no lawsuit thus, no settlement.

Also, even if there was a "settlement" of the lawsuit, the lawsuit having been filed would still be made public, and would indicate that a settlement was reached, but the settlement would not be disclosed. So, my question is, was this lawsuit ever even filed in California? There would be public documents to show if indeed it was or wasn't because all lawsuits are made public, period!. (Just not always the settlement - if in event the settlement was to be withheld - as "Amused" indicates.) Still, the lawsuit being filed by itself would have been made public, and there would be a public record showing this. So, see if you can find it. I know I can't. But if this lawsuit was filed, wouldn't someone be able to find it? Wouldn't STGRB show this to be true?

So you see, until / unless evidence is at least shown that a lawsuit had been filed, as it would be a matter of public record, then my story is accurate when I say that it was all just one big bluff.

And as for "Amused" making claim that I had (or have) a habit of posting stories without other people's permission, this is false, as no evidence has been, or can be, presented to show otherwise. Unless "Amused" is referring to me posting about the bullies without "their" permission.

But let's assume for a moment that "Amused" is correct, and there was a group that filed a lawsuit against Goodreads and that it was settled "privately", having me on board would have only helped that lawsuit, seeing how I was attacked the worst of all the authors who were attacked. (Outside of maybe only Rick Carufel.) And let's face it, at THAT time, I was the STGRB golden boy. I was their poster child. That is fact! So any group assembled would have wanted me right there with it.

And one more thing, if there was a "settlement", then I am quite sure that even Amazon Forum Boards would be on the target next as that is the original nesting place for these bullies. And I'm pretty sure all activity of bullying on Goodreads would have been stamped out, but Rick Carufel has shown that it's not. (And I could show it too if you like.) In fact, I think I will.

Seems to me, if there was a settlement, ALL of the bullying would have been taken down.

Nice try "Amused", but no cigar. If you have proof that I posted stories without other people's permission, then do us all a favor and give it to STGRB and have them show it. Better yet, send it to me and I will post it right here on The Glass. This is how fair I am. And while you're at it, go to the public records online and take a screenshot of the lawsuit having been filed, because ALL lawsuits that are filed are a matter of public record. I can't seem to find it. And trust me, I tried - And I would have posted it had I found it just to prove myself wrong - even without your permission.

As for the claim "Amused" makes that this private "settlement" of this mysterious "lawsuit" - that no one can find proof of - by this "mysterious" group is what led to the current "changes" over at Goodreads, well, my suspicion is that the "changes" would have occurred in a matter of days, not months. Not only that, but I would suspect that this "mysterious" group would also pursue "Booklikes" in the same manner, being how the bullies defected to that website in droves. And or "Leafmarks". But we don't see that happening, do we?

The only "settlement" that I see here is the one STGRB (or Athena) made by herself with Goodreads. 

Words are just words, "Amused", and we all know this much too well. (It's what we learned from the bullies) But proof speaks louder - much louder - than mere words. The question is: Can you (or STGRB) show with proof that your words have any merit? Time will only tell.

And time doesn't need permission. 

I'm Carroll Bryant ... and the PROOF is still only in the pudding.