Monday, December 30, 2013

Tucker Reed Mystery Solved

Okay everyone, thanks to some readers, who sent me the story and the link, I believe we have uncovered the mystery as to why the bullies targeted author Tucker Reed, and her book "Never Was" which was also co-written by her mother and sister.

You're not going to believe this. Then again, maybe you will.

As suspected, and as is most of the cases, Tucker Reed did not start this madness. It was started by "LitChick" (Cory) and her review of Tucker's book. The best way I can explain this is, "LitChick" found Tucker's book disgusting, and racist. She (LitChick) couldn't believe that racism would exist in D.C. 

Yes, you heard correctly, and because of this, "LitChick" started a hate campaign towards the book, and the three authors, most notably, Tucker Reed. 

"LitChick" started a fight, and recruited her bully minions, and they all went into a complete psychotic frenzy OVER A FICTIONAL STORY! Then they started to accuse the author(s) of being racists. 

I know, it sounds all too crazy, but it's true. When Tucker discovered this review, as eventually, most authors will, and tried to answer "LitChick's" questions about the book, and explain how much of the plot will be revealed in the next book, "LitChick", and the rest of Bully Nation on GR / BL accused Tucker of "sticking her nose where it didn't belong", essentially. 

Then the bullies caught wind of Tucker explaining the book on BL and Tumblr, which prompted the bullies to go after her. 

So what it comes down to is, Tucker didn't do anything to start this mess, but rather, the bullies themselves started it with their insanity, baiting Tucker (as is their M.O. which is clearly spelled out on STGRB) then when Tucker responded to defend the book, and her own reputation as they were now calling her a racist, the bullies ganged up on her. 

When you don't respond to the bullies, they call you a coward and assume they were right about you as per their harsh and libel comments. When you try to respond to them, even politely, they call you a stalker, a whiner, and a badly behaving author. No matter what you do, you just can't win with these nut jobs. Which is what makes them the evil monsters that they are. They are not readers, they are bullies, always looking for a fight, and always on the prowl for another author to attack, and try to destroy. 

But hey, don't take my word for it, just check out the screenshots of how it all started. I gathered them from "LitChick's" GR review of the Tucker Reed book, "Never was". You read for yourself how this whole mess started. This is senseless stupidity and hate at its worst. It's the bullies at their best. 



I'm Carroll Bryant ... and this is The Looking Glass.


Sunday, December 29, 2013

Tucker Reed Saga Continues

Well, I'm beginning to get to the bottom of this Tucker Reed attack performed by the GR / BL bullies. One thing is for certain, I have searched hell and high water for anything that Tucker Reed has done, and yet I can't seem to find it. There is a reason for that as suggested in some interesting screenshots I have been able to capture on Shelby's BL page. Interesting doesn't even begin to cover half of it. Meanwhile, the bullies are coming out in full force, sock puppets and all, on this one. They even mock, and pretty much make fun of, Tucker being raped! Yes, you heard correctly, so let's get to it and maybe we can figure this thing out together, shall we? And we will once again be reminded why these people are bullies.

We kick things off with this shot of Shelby's BL profile page. For a while now, Shelby has been going after Tucker real hard for some unknown reason. I don't know what started this feud, and while Shelby (and the bullies) contend that Tucker started it, so far no evidence has been presented by the bullies to demonstrate this. (No big surprise there, is it?)

Apparently, while Shelby hasn't provided any evidence to show that Tucker has been harassing her, Tucker has been providing evidence to GR that Shelby, and the bullies, are up to their old tricks in harassing authors, (Namely her) because Tucker has been doing the right thing in reporting Shelby to GR staff, it's obvious in this next screenshot that Shelby isn't one too fond of that. It appears that Shelby has been given a couple of warnings by GR for her bad behavior towards Tucker so Shelby retreated to "Bullylikes" to let her feelings be known with a post aptly titled, "Author From Hell". (How "bully-like".)

Yes, Tucker has reported Shelby's bad behavior to GR and in return, GR has given Shelby two warnings for it, but does that resolve the problem? Does Shelby get a clue and cease her harassment of Tucker? Of course not, not even in the shadow of possibly being banned for her bad behavior, and bully-like ways. She ends her really tiny rant by simply calling Tucker a "bitch". That's nice. And of course I don't blame Tucker for wanting to see another bully banned, I mean, if the bullies are not going to stop with their hostile actions, they deserve to be banned. However, Shelby admits to know what the problem is, she just can't help herself from stopping what she's doing, and she can't seem to let it go. Check it out.

You see, Shelby has been warned about her review of Tucker the author, not Tucker's book. Then if that wasn't enough, Shelby goes to her friends review of Tucker the author, not Tucker's book, and attacks Tucker there. That is what apparently sparked the second warning from GR to Shelby. You would think Shelby would have gotten the message the first time, but never let it be said that the bullies learn anything. They tend to follow up bad behavior with more bad behavior. And look who is there to try and ease Shelby's pain, and bully actions, why it's Shoshana Bick herself, (All Hail Grimock) licking the wounds of her fellow bully pal. Shelby responds to this pampering by assuming that every bully who carpet bombs books are targeted GR for deletion. Shoshana responds in true bully fashion by saying how badly she wants to get her hands on Tucker's first book and "tear into it now". (I bet she does want to tear into it. Take that, Tucker Reed.)

Then "E" gets into it like a real bully, and wants to know who it is she has to kill. (These people sure do like to use that word a lot, don't they? It would appear that life holds no value to these people. I guess that's why they are bullies.)

I wish I could make this stuff up, but sadly, I can't. Maybe "E" is a "Mrs. Joseph" sock puppet, since she likes wishing people dead so much. Who knows? One thing we do know from this blog is we have seen the bullies wish many people dead on multiple occasions. And they can't figure out why they are bullies? Or just plain bad people? Or why we say they are soulless? And while "Lady Danielle" wonders "what the actual fuck," she goes on to call Tucker a "crazy bitch". Good ole Shelby counters with a confession of sorts, saying how she has called Tucker so many names that she can't even think of anymore. How un-bully like. (Sarcasm)

Yes, it just goes to show how nice these people are. But leave it to Shoshana to help her friend out with coming up with some more hateful names to call Tucker. Check it out.

 Wasn't that so kind of Shoshana Bick to do? She came up with "cockmuppet" and "twatwaffle", "douchecanoe" and of course, "twatface". Well, those are some fancy Harvard words you use there, Shoshana Bick, are you sure you're just not jealous of the fact that Tucker is quite the beautiful young lady where as you are .... to put it mildly .... NOT so attractive? Hey, at least Tucker doesn't look like a 40 year old homeless drunk dude / crack addict. Tucker is a desirable woman where as you, maybe not so much.

Then Shelby announces that she asked a question on GR Feedback Forum. Take a look. 

Yes, after leaving an author review on her book review of Tucker's book, and after being warned, and ... after attacking Tucker on her friend Cory's review of Tucker, and being warned again, good ole Shelby wants to know why she, Shelby, is being harassed by Tucker and GR isn't doing anything about it. After all, as according to Shelby, it's Tucker's fault for her being warned about her (Shelby's) bad behavior. I like how the bullies fail to take responsibility for their actions, don't you? (Rhetorical) 

Then Shelby quickly responds to her own post, hoping that she doesn't get "into trouble" over it. Well, Shelby, if you think there's a chance you will get into trouble over it, why even bother asking the question? It's kind of like, if you know you're going to get shocked by sticking your tongue into a light socket while it's plugged into the electrical outlet, then why do it? .... Again?

Then another bully, "Dee" recommends that Shelby contact "Kara Erickson" for help. After all, haven't we already suspected that Kara Erickson "has the bullies" back? This comment by "Dee" doesn't to thwart that notion, now does it?

So, what does Shelby's review of Tucker's book look like? Well, this next screenshot will answer that. Take a look see. 

Yes, Shelby posted a few gif's to go with her one star. The first gif you see has a pink monster throwing-up. How helpful to Tucker that must be. Do you know of any real readers doing this? Not me either. And let us not overlook the "kind" (sarcasm again) book shelves that Shelby places Tucker's book in. She uses "BBA" as one of them. Didn't bully leader, "Indie Angie" (Angela Horn) say that making a book shelf with "BBA" (badly behaving author) equal to that of using the "R" word? (Retarded) Well, if you read my recent post, "Angela Horn: The Horn Identity", then you would see it. Why isn't bully Angela Horn condemning Shelby for it? Oh wait, that's right, like Angela, Shelby is a bully too, and we all know that bullies are allowed to do it where as the rest of us may not. Silly me. (Sarcasm yet again)

Let's take a look at some more bully ratings of Tucker's book. You know, people who never even read it. 

"Figgy" admits not having any interest in Tucker's book at all, yet "Figgy" still rates it a one star because "it's my right", she says. Proving once more how the bullies lie about all of this so called reading they do. "Figgy" also admits to having had to "Modify" her review. That is slang for, "I violated GR review policy and got called out for it so I am changing it". And yet "Figgy" still doesn't really adhere to the GR review policy, does she? Nope, she makes sure that everybody knows that she is a bully and a non-conformant to the rules by giving a false rating to a book she never even read. Also notice her lovely book shelves for the book, as well as "Andrea's" book shelves. Oh no, they aren't bullies at all. (More sarcasm)

Then "Lady Danielle" tries to be as polite as she possibly can in this next screenshot, where Tucker's book is concerned. Take a peek. 

I guess "Lady Danielle" isn't a real lady after all. And for a bully, "fuck no" probably is about as polite as she can get. Well done, "Lady Danielle", well done indeed. Way to "restrain" yourself. (Sarcasm)

Well known bully, Linda Hamilton, chimes in too, claiming she doesn't want to read the book, but she damn well doesn't like it with another false rating.

Well, isn't that special? (Church Lady)

Now back to Shelby's BL page.

She announces that she got "shut down" on the GR Feedback Forum! 

I warned you about that electrical outlet, didn't I?

"Lady Danielle" is done being a lady now. Take a look.

Yes! She is confused that Tucker hasn't been banned yet for .... for .... for Shelby leaving fake ratings and trying to demean and belittle Tucker in her author review. (I mean, book review) The nerve of GR! (Sarcasm folks) Poor "Lady Danielle" had to go and give herself a face-palm over it. Now, I have to give myself one too just reading "Lady Danielle's" comment.

*** Face Palm ***

Told you.

Um, "Lady Danielle", I think GR is following their own damn rules on this one. 

And we have a "Book Review Forevermore" sighting.

You read correctly folks, "Book Review Forevermore" is going to march right over to Goodreads, and in true bully fashion, she is going to create a book shelf and call it, "BBA" just for Tucker Reed. (And they are not bullies?) And of course, she is doing it for a good reason, because it is "unacceptable" that Tucker flagged Shelby for her rules violations. Bad Tucker! (Sarcasm) But this is because bully staff member, Emily Finley, says it is now okay to do. But we all know, just because it's allowed, doesn't mean it's not bullying. (Or a form of) Right? And by "little gem", "Book review Forevermore" means, Tucker. In other words, she is saying, "I'm going to march right over to GR and demean and belittle Tucker too! (I thought the bullies said it was all about the books? Looks like we were deceived again!) I don't think any comment shows more that for the bullies, it's not about the books but rather, it's all about bullying authors, than that comment. Once again, that little lie has been debunked. 

Then "Debbie's Spurts" gets into the action. 

 No "Debbie", Tucker doesn't think it's "illegal" to talk to your friends, but it is against GR policy to attack authors in reviews. Haven't you been keeping up? Apparently not. But thanks for acknowledging that you people are "malicious" reviewers. Good to know. And yes, FYI, it is GR's job to keep you bullies away from attacking authors. (I mean, "malicious" reviewers.) 

Then "Written Among The Stars" jumps in, talking about Tucker being raped. A horrific ordeal for any woman, and yet "Written Among The Stars" and "Grim" (Shoshana Bick) seem to think that Tucker is "faking" her rape claim. Check it out.

Can you feel the love? (Sarcasm)

Did I mention that these people were soulless? How about heartless? 

No, "Written Among The Stars", us "idiot" authors don't take your comment as a threat that you want to kill Tucker yourself, but we do see how, like so many other bullies, you think the world would be better off if Tucker was dead. That wish was not misconstrued in any way, shape, or form! But again, that kind of caring on your part, and the part of Bully Nation, comes as no shock to the rest of us with commonsense. You wish she was dead. Period! Next time, just say it like that, idiot. Then "Written" ends her little comment by calling Tucker a "fartface". Next time, Written, try one of Shoshana's suggestions. I think "twatface" was the word you were looking for? 

"You're a poopy-head." .... "No, you're a poopy-head." 

Then "Amaranth" tries to be noble, and states how she finally went against her "convictions". Take a look.

Yes, "Amaranth", you went to GR and made a bully book shelf and gave a book you never read a fake one star rating because, you know, you're not a bully in the least. (Sarcasm) And yes, we believe you that this is your "first" time. (Sarcasm) Shelby seems happy about it though. 

Then Steve McKinney proudly displays his bully side.

"Never Was ..." is the title of Tucker's book, and Steve McKinney just went over to GR and shelved Tucker's book, "Neverwill". He's so clever. Ahahahaha, hahahaha, ahem .... idiot Steve. (Not to be confused with "Scuba Steve") And at your age too, Mr. McKinney. Are you so happy to come up with that book shelf? You seem so proud of it. Did you come up with that one all on your own? Well, give the little peckerwood a cookie. You look like you have one foot on the stairway to God, old man. I would think you would be looking to get into his good graces with random acts of kindness, not intentional acts of bullying. Then again, I don't believe in God like that and so it appears you don't either. Touche'. 

Another Shoshana Bick comment.

Of course you're feeling better and better about being banned by GR, Shoshana Bick, maybe because you already have one of your socks still on there. But seriously, when have you ever given GR any money? You don't have any money. And don't say it's from all your book sales either, you haven't sold any books. Man, the lies out of your man-mouth just keep a flowing downstream to the waterfall, doesn't it? LOL (Not sarcasm, but maybe the LOL was?)

Then we get to hear from Tucker's mother, and co-author to Tucker's books, Kelly Moore. She is trying to understand the bully madness, and attempts to "state her case" politely and concisely. Take a look. 

Kelly Moore is calling for a "civil" discussion in hopes of rectifying this situation. Of course, had she been aware of STGRB, she would know better than to attempt this. I tried it once myself. Maybe twice. Maybe more, to no avail. I could have told her what kind of response she would get from the bullies. Their goal is not to rectify anything, but more to make it worse and make up even more reasons for which they can explain away for attacking her daughter more. Don't believe me? Look for yourself. (Other than Shoshana Bick's response.) Where she says that Kelly is making it worse by being nice and polite and for trying to find an amicable resolution. Shoshana Bick is not the only one, "Book Reviews Forevermore" calls Kelly's peaceful attempt "stalking". (RME) See for yourself.

No, "Book reviews Forevermore", Kelly Moore is not stalking, she's trying to resolve the matter that you bullies started. But thanks for playing, "Who Wants To Be a Moron Today?"

Then Kelly hits her, and the rest of the bullies, with some logic. This obviously flies over the head of the bullies because logic isn't even in their vocabulary. (Nor their dictionary. Nor their Thesaurus.)

Nice try, Kelly, but I could have told you it wouldn't work. The bullies are not looking for a resolve, unless it includes the death of authors. Instead, they are looking for more ways to attack and bully you and your daughter. The fact that you are attempting to discuss the situation rationally is grounds for more war to them. Don't believe me? See for yourself what "Princess Eva Rose" has to say.

Told you."Princess Eva Rose" wants Kelly to stop with the rationale / crazy talk.

So does well known bully, "TinaNicole".

Yes, it would appear we have gotten to the bottom of this mess finally. Shelby was threatened by Tucker Reed, and harassed, but hey, don't ask for any "factual evidence" of it because false accounts are being opened, I assume on GR, and these false accounts are sending Shelby messages and leaving comments. Okay, so Shelby hasn't taken one screenshot of these threats and of this harassment, but that's because these are false accounts we are talking about here. 

Um .... what the fuck? O_o

If I were being threatened and harassed, I would read it, screenshot it, flag it, and if by chance that person deleted their account before GR could get to it, I would send them the screenshot of it, and post the screenshot on my blog or BL account to prove that it was happening. 

Maybe I'm just normal that way. 

Why Shelby can't do this is beyond me. And GR could still get a lock on the ISP of that deleted account if it was happening. Evidently, the ISP doesn't register back to Tucker Reed so that would indicate that Tucker has nothing to do with it. Which would explain why Tucker isn't getting warned or banned by GR. And as I stated earlier in this post, I have searched my author ass off to find anything Tucker has said or done to Shelby and I can't find a single thing. Even in her groups, Tucker doesn't mention anything about Shelby or the bullies or the situation that is taking place. And I really wanted to find something, too so that I could post a fair and balanced article here today. But nothing. Nada. Zero. 

"TinaNicole" ends her comment saying that Shelby can't provide any evidence that Tucker or Kelly herself, are the ones who are threatening and harassing her. In fact, poor innocent Shelby (sarcasm) can't even provide evidence that is even being threatened and harassed to begin with. I guess like with everything else we hear from the bullies, we just have to take their word for it. 

*** Sigh ***

Then Kelly, (Tucker's mother) tries one more time to reason with these bullies.

To no avail.

She's not arguing with you, Shelby.

They appeared to be ignoring you but you still didn't stop, Shelby, hence the two warnings.

Buy a clue.

Kelly came on to express how hurt she is to try and peacefully resolve the issue so the hurt would go away for both sides, but you refuse, Shelby. The problem isn't that Kelly is trying to reach out to you, the problem is you are not even trying to accept that reach.

The proof is in the pudding, Shelby. (The pudding being "factual evidence") So put up, or shut up, that's my take on the situation. Tucker has been flagging you because you have been behaving badly. Stop behaving badly, and Tucker won't flag you. If you don't behave badly, there would be nothing for Tucker to flag. And if what she flagged wasn't bad behavior, then GR wouldn't have given you TWO (count them) TWO warnings already. Three strikes and you're out. 

If I were you, Shelby, and I'm so grateful that I'm not, I would stop behaving badly. End of story. So why is it that you can't end the story? Well, you know, without being banned? Just end the stupid. End the bullying. End the bad behavior, and guess what? This war you started would end too, and peace could once again rule the kingdom. 

Wait! I almost forgot, you can't do that. You're a bully.

I'm Carroll Bryant .... and this is The Looking Glass.

To read the entire comments on Shelby's BL page, just click the link below.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Angela Horn: The Horn Identity

"Tis the season to be a bully, fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la. "

A lot of stuff going on over at "Bully Elementary School". Ring leader, "Indie Angie" (Angela Horn) is still getting what few minions she has left all riled up out on the playground during recess. Of late, little Angie has been fixated with author Kriss Morton. Apparently, little Angie has the winter hots for Kriss as her persistent stalking of Kriss would suggest. 

Yes, she is now all of a sudden getting all "righteous" on our asses over the GR ToS. You know the one, the one that got all the bullies in an uproar of recent which led many of them to condemn GR and accuse them of censoring their "free speech" of attacking, and bullying authors. 

Now it would appear that the bullies are falling back on their "hypocrisy" option of which they practice endlessly in their little lives. Suddenly, they have now become the warriors of conformity, and are now judging others for possibly displaying the same kind of shenanigans that the bullies have displayed in recent weeks. Yes, little Angie is now calling authors whiners for complaining about being bullied. Imagine that? After all the whining she and the rest of her little thug gang of bullies did when GR began enforcing their new ToS upgrade. 

Could this be little Angie confessing that she and her bully thug squad are whiners too for doing the exact same thing? Sure looks like it to me. In this next screenshot, self appointed "author behavior monitor" "Indie Angie" goes after Kriss Morton for doing the very same thing she and the bullies did, and still do, on Goodreads. The very same thing little Angie and the bullies were whining about a short time ago, which caused their mass defection from GR to the more "bully accommodating" "Booklikes" website. Take a look. 

Yes, you read correctly I'm afraid. Little Angie Horn says: "As you can see, she created a shelf titled "badly behaving authors" after GR's newly announced shelving policy."

Really, little Angie? Now you and the bullies are pro-active in falling into line with the new GR book shelving policy? Or is it that in this particular instance, it works to your advantage to agree with it when you can use it to attack authors with? 

(I know which one I am leaning towards.)

Little Angie also goes on to say: "Mean shelving is the equivalent of using the "R" word, remember "Asshole92X"?"

Of course, the "R" word is the word "retarded" that the bullies believe they are allowed to use at anytime of their liking and it's okay, but no one else is allowed to use it as reported over at STGRB recently where they show evidence of the bullies complaining about other people using that word, and attacking authors who use it, yet they are caught using it also and that is perfectly okay in the "Bully Code of Conduct" book. 

Little Angie Horn concludes her post with: "What a lovely Friday Irony."

I couldn't agree more, little Angie Horn, what a lovely Friday irony it is indeed. Especially your irony and that of your fellow students over at "Bully Elementary". The irony that you are now complaining about book shelves attacking authors after years of doing it yourself. Now that is a plate full of irony! With a side order of hypocrisy. 

Pass the ketchup. 

I'm still trying to figure out how "mean shelving" is the equivalent to using the "R" word.

However, now that I am thinking about it, calling the bullies retarded is insensitive to people with mental disabilities. It demeans them by placing the bullies on their "mental capacity" level. The truth is, people who suffer from mental retardation do not act like the bullies. People with real mental disabilities are much more better and classier than the bullies. (And more mature.) 

So consider this my official apology to the bullies for ever having referred to them as retarded. I realize now by calling you bullies retarded, I have placed you on a higher level than what you deserve. Retarded people are smarter, more mature and much better class wise than you bullies are. You bullies are less than retarded. You're brain dead. You're heartless. You're soulless. You're mean and evil. You have no conscience. Mentally retarded people have those traits, so thanks for helping me to see the truth of it all.

Then Miranda jumps in. (You remember her, right? She's the one who stalked, bullied and harassed author Rick Carufel on Twitter for weeks.) 

At first, she's not sure if Kriss is even an author. Then she posts this. 

Then she tries sarcasm.

(Notice her little one star rating at the bottom right.)

People are supposed to believe anything Miranda Koryluk has to say after what she did to Rick Carufel, and falsely rating a book she never read? ... I don't think so. But hey, the bullies will believe her because they believe all of each others lies. That's their little "playground" thing. 

But Miranda Koryluk isn't quite finished with her stalking just yet. Check it out.

And she concludes by calling Mr. Carufel, "Rickydick", like a true 'less than retarded' adolescent that she is. 

Yeah, it's true, the mentally retarded DO have more class than the bullies over at "Bully Elementary". I know I'm sold. 

Then the bullies start with their gossiping. Take a look. 

The bullies are gloating over the fact that authors are apparently trying to hide their identities from them. Who can blame them? Nobody wants to be stalked, harassed, and bullied, and this even includes authors. And the bullies also gloat over the fact that no one can "hide" from them and their bully attacks. The bullies are proudly declaring this publicly! Which just goes on to prove that being a bully is a full-time job. You really have to be up on your internet skills to track down, stalk and bully authors. 

Maybe being a bully is an art form after all?

Okay little Angie, gather up your minions, recess is over, time to get your less than retarded asses back in the classroom and learn something. How about you open your books to page 59 of the "Bully Code of Conduct" and learn how to not be bullies? Or do you need a refresher course in the meaning of the word "irony"? 

Hey, "TinaNicole", spit out that gum. No chewing in the classroom.

I'm Carroll Bryant .... and school is now in session.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Targeting Tucker Reed

It would appear as though the bullies over at "Bullylikes" are getting a bit restless this holiday season. That or they're just getting an itch in their "jingle bells". They have a new victim in their sights, and that victim is author Tucker Reed.

Evidently, Tucker has violated one of the "bully rules of author conduct", and are now planning a date rape on her books, I'm sure.

I tried searching for Tucker on Goodreads, but nothing came up, and the bullies haven't revealed what she has "allegedly" done for the bullies to target her. Maybe she asked a question? Then again, we have seen plenty of times that authors don't have to do anything really to be targeted by these swine. One thing is for certain, they are working up a plan to do something.

At least "Amaranth" admits to "following" her. I think what she meant to say is, "stalking". That's what they do best. They have a lot of time on their hands.

Notice any other familiar names? (Or should I say, name?) O_o

So if you're reading this, Tucker Reed, know that for whatever reason, the "morality police" has you on their radar of hate. But I wouldn't worry too much, I mean, it's not like you're dealing with the top of the intellectual ladder here. See for yourself. In this next screenshot, one of the bullies tries to rewrite the lyrics of popular classic song called, "Good Ship Lollipop". 

You know, I'm feeling kind of bad right now. All this time I have been accusing the bullies of acting 12 years old when in fact, that number is probably more around the 9-ish area. 

Anyhow, "isanythingopen" confesses to having trouble finding words to rhyme with the word, "review". Perhaps I can be of some assistance. 

Stew, flu, two, to, too, blue, clue, who?, flew, shoe, drew, woohoo!, glue, grew, shoo, Timbucktoo, Calamazoo, poo, pooh?, and my personal favorite,  whoopdee-freaking-do.

Yeah, "isanythingopen" is correct, it is hard to rhyme the word "review" ..... provided, of course, that you haven't any talent other than the special gift of bullying. (And she gots a ton of that.)

And what do some of the bullies think about their bully friend's special talent? Well, see for yourself. You might be surprised. Then again, maybe you won't. 

Yes! "All Hail Grimlock" (I mean, Shoshana Bick) loves those adolescent poems. Even "Sock Puppet At Play" exclaims, "Brilliant songs!" 

Yes! They are brilliant songs! Magnificent in fact! And to think, she came up with it all by herself! Amazing! I don't know about all of you, but I am super-duper impressed with the manner in which "isanythingopen" overcame her rhyming problem to pen the most brilliant piece of work since, "If You're Happy and You Know It Clap Your Hands". 

So you see Tucker Reed, this is what you would be up against should these blubbering wet farts decide to run down your leg, if they haven't already. It will be like "Romper Room" all over again. I am pretty sure you can outwit these snot balls fairly easy. Just be gentle with them if you can, and don't be too surprised if they pen another master piece to attack you with that sounds a little bit like, "Itsy Bitsy Spider". 

I can't wait for that one to come out!

I'm Carroll Bryant ..... and ... I'm almost at a loss for words. 



On the good ship "bullylikes"

All the bullies look for a fight

So they can talk, talk, talk

After they stalk, stalk, stalk


Another master piece!