Monday, December 9, 2013

Goodreads: Or Good Pedophilia? (The Book)

I have been reading some bully comments lately that have been posted on Booklikes and Goodresds as well as other places, like the bully blogs and such. Much of their discussions revolved around the question of, "Whi is going to give a shit about me being stalked? And author attacks on Goodreads? Carpet bombing, fraudulent API and the like?

That was a very good question. Who will give a shit? Probably not too many.
This is when I began to realize that I had to turn the focus away from me and turn it to another direction. But what direction? Then it dawned on me that there are far more important issues that I could focus on, one of which is the sexually explicit role play groups involving adults and minors on Goodreads. I mean, I still have plenty more screenshots on file that I never used for my articles covering that issue. I could use some of those shots for the book. I could also tell my personal story within the book, and still mention all of the other things going on, but only reveal those things as a secondary backdrop to the real problem. The real issue. The most important story of them all. The dangers that children face on Goodreads to online child predators. I could even use the Karl Jones story as a prime example to my point.
And so, I have decided to change the title (and the focus) of my book from "Goodreads: Meet Your Next Stalker", to, "Goodreads: Or Good Pedophilia?".
Basically, it's the same book telling the same story only, with a much more enticing title for all of those who still haven't heard about the sexual role plays on Goodreads. I figure anyone who stumbles across that title would be more inclined to read the book than if it was just a book about internet stalkers and bullies. Not to mention, it would also bring more interested and concerned readers to my article of the same title. Pretty clever, huh?
So I am sending out my thanks to the Goodreads / Amazon / Booklikes "Bully Nation" for giving me something to think about. I totally agree with you in that no one is really going to care about me being stalked or bullied or any other author for that matter. But people just might be interested in the dangers children face from online child predators that are lurking on Goodreads in sexual role play groups. It is, after all, way more important than everything else that is going on. Wouldn't you agree?
I also believe that the ads and promotion I will be putting behind this book when it is released will draw much more interest too. Thanks again bullies, I knew I could count on you to steer me in the right direction. Well done.  
I'm Carroll Bryant .... and this is The Looking Glass.


  1. Don't worry about it. People ARE concerned about bullying and FRAUD. Every reader will appreciate your letting them know about the Goodreads FRAUDULENT API and the 1* reviews are fraud.

    Just clearly make the distinction between real normal readers and the TROLLS who are mostly led by failed WRITERS (Angela horn etc.) to defraud the normal readers.

    Every reader you get a message through to about Goodreads API Fraud will appreciate it and it is a victory, because raders do not like being defrauded. Each reader you get the message through to will also inform about 3 other family and friends around him.

    Just do it. Trolls are trying to get you off your campaign by sayng the readers won't care. They will.

    1. I will.

      The book started out to be about my experience with Jude, but is transcending into more of a book about Goodreads too. It will talk about everything that has been going on.


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