Friday, December 6, 2013

Genxpose: Fact and Fiction

It has come to my attention that Genxpose hate blog has once again written about yours truly, spilling more lies and libelous comments than one can shake a stick at. Okay, I'll play this game. I'm always up for a good "fact and fiction" with the internets most notorious bully and liar. Let's begin, shall we?

First up is a screenshot where GenX claims it didn't take long for me to "respond" to her initial post. I think the word "respond" is key here, meaning, as it always does, had she not written about me first, I would have never "responded". That being said, she says it took me only three hours before I responded, where it only took her and her bully friends 15 minutes to respond (at around 3:00 AM my time) to three blogs I created in early 2013 called "John Green Lies", "Amanda Welling Lies", and "Jude Henderson Lies" in retaliation to the hate blogs that were created by the bullies aimed at me.

In other words: In "their" opinion, it was wrong for me to create those blogs yet, it is okay for them to create the ones aimed at me. Hypocrisy in action folks! LOL And again, when I created those three blogs, Genxpose wrote about it in about 15 minutes AFTER I sent those blogs live. A far cry from the three hours it took me to respond. Talk about stalking someone. If that isn't stalking, then I don't know what would qualify.

She starts out by saying that I am making this all about me. Wrong again, GenX! The lies come out of your mouth like the water at Niagara Falls. YOU made this all about me when you MENTIONED me in your post, but this is a common theme of hers. From the outset of her hate blog, she and her bully friends made it a habit to write about and talk about me constantly.

She then claims that I call her names, but does she mention that she and her bully friends have called me names? Names like, pedophile? (Without providing proof) Of course she doesn't. Not to mention, she too calls me a bully. In fact, in my post, "GenX: Still Pimping Lies", I never directly called her a monkey as she claims. I said, and I quote, "This girl of garbage has more hate running through her veins than a caged monkey in a zoo has fecal matter to throw at the tourist walking by." - In no way is that even me calling GenX (or anyone) a monkey. We can add that claim of hers as just one more of the many, many lies GenX spills from her Niagara mouth. (Please note: I said "Niagara" mouth, as in my earlier reference to Niagara Falls, and not "Nigger". But we're all pretty sure that her post about me will include the lie that I called her a nigger.) 

Fact: GenX wrote about and talked about me first. Her hate blog showed up on the internet weeks before The Looking Glass made its appearance. In fact, the only reason I created this blog was to refute the lies she and her cohorts were making on Genxpose, and other false claims that were being made on other blogs operated by the Goodreads bullies the last six months of 2012 when THEY (the bullies) refused to "let it go", and after I issued a truce in late November / early December of 2012 on my other blog. I had also announced on my other blog in December of 2012 that I was no longer going to write about them anymore on that blog. I announced that I was going to "walk away" from it all. However, the arrival of GenX and Genxpose altered those plans.

Fiction: I wrote about her first on any of my blogs. I challenge anyone to locate on any of my blogs an article in which I ever mentioned GenX first, and in any comment section of any post anywhere on the internet or in any of my posts. The truth is, you will not find anything anywhere on the internet where I "attacked" GenX first, period!

Fact: I first noticed GenX in late 2012 when SHE first started making comments on STGRB. She appeared on the scene posing as a "friend" when in fact, she was trying to stir up trouble. Mission accomplished, GenX.

She says that I opened my post "attacking" her. I guess her saying that I am involved in "illegal" activities isn't attacking me?

Then she makes the claim that I called her a "monkey" knowing that she is a proud black woman? Really GenX? I knew you were a black woman? That's rich. I mean, if you look at every post I ever written about you, please show a screenshot where I knew, or even thought that you were a black woman. Funny how that "evidence" to support your claim isn't posted on your blog. In no part of reality did I know or even think you were black.

Fact: Carroll Bryant had always thought, and claimed, that GenX was a mid-western WHITE girl named Amanda Welling. There is no evidence anywhere that shows Carroll Bryant thought, much less knew, that GenX was a black woman. So once again, another lie from the mouth of GenX.

On a side note: Is this GenX playing the notorious race card? I guess when all else fails, why not? When you're exposed to the world as a liar like she is, why not tack on one more lie?

And as for the word "monkey", everyone knows that this is what I call ALL the bullies regardless of race or gender. The bullies know this, but they are too used to lying and spinning everything to care. In fact, this is exactly what makes them bullies in the first place, and proves that their attacks on me and other authors has absolutely nothing to do with books or reviews.

She then goes on to say that I fail to acknowledge the fact that her August article spelled the downward spiral of STGRB. This is because her August article had nothing to with STGRB "closing" their blog. They only closed it because Goodreads finally took some action against the bullies, which is clearly documented on STGRB by them posting many articles and links leading to their butt hurt whines and cries of "censorship" and their mass exodus to "Bullylikes".

Fact: Genxpose had absolutely nothing to do with STGRB closing down. And there was no "downward spiral". All of the evidence on STGRB proves this. For Genxpose to make such claim isn't a fact, it's narcissism!

She also claims that I don't use "proper" screenshots of her blog. First of all, I don't have to. I'm pretty sure anyone keeping up with this knows how to find your blog, go there and see for themselves the entire post. I mostly just show the screenshots that directly relate to my point. I see no need to clutter up my posts with screenshots of any of her entire posts. I use what I want to address and move on. In fact, I encourage my readers to go to your blog and read for themselves all of GenX's lies and accusations about me which she never supports with any actual evidence. I would think she would be grateful to me for the "views" I send her way.

She then says I never cite evidence, but does she give you any examples? Of course not! She continually insults her readers intelligence when she knows damn good and well many of, if not most of, my "defense" posts against her has plenty of evidence. When I say GenX said or did something, or any of her goons, I provide a screenshot to show you that yes, indeed, she or they said it. And if you really think about it, when you look at all my posts about GenX, they are not "out of the blue" posts where I just simply decided to "attack" her with, they are all RESPONSE posts of her attacking me. And all the "evidence" shows this. In fact, I told everyone when my "GenX Says" series ran its course, I wasn't going to write anymore about her unless she continued to write about me. And what did she do in August? She wrote about me through a post she wrote about STGRB. She didn't let it go! She didn't walk away! Then she wrote another post about STGRB a few days ago and she made sure she included remarks and accusations about / towards me! Had she not even mentioned my name, I would have never responded with my "Genxpose: Still Pimping Lies" post.

Then she says I practice "yellow" journalism. The truth is, I am not a journalist. Neither is she. She is just a wannabe journalist perhaps, but in reality, she is a bully blogger. End of story. Talk about a delusional person. But then I figure she doesn't think that pulling shit out of the air and accusing me of "illegal" activities without presenting evidence is "yellow" journalism? No respectable "journalist" would even dare go that road without having any "actual" proof to support their claim. Yet, GenX does exactly this. The same way where she claims I am a pedophile (documented in the "GenX" series) without providing any evidence to support that claim. Again, no "respectable" journalist would do that. In conclusion, you're not a "journalist" GenX, you're just a bully with a blog.

She also continues to lay claim that I am somehow "involved" with STGRB, yet she offers no evidence that I am, or ever was, involved with them in an official capacity. The reason she hasn't this evidence is because i am not nor ever was involved with STGRB on an official capacity.

Fact: I didn't even know of STGRB until the day of my attack by the bullies on Goodreads. That was the very first day I ever heard of them, and there is no evidence to show that prior to that day I ever knew about them. I never even mentioned them in any public or private forum, nor in any message or email to anyone, including my closest friends. I never mentioned them in any of my Goodreads groups either. This is because I didn't learn about them until the day of my attack. If anyone out there has evidence to contradict my claim, by all means, present it. But it is nice to see she and the rest of the bullies still moan and groan about it though.

As for law enforcement, no one from law enforcement has arrested me for any illegal activity period! However, again, if anyone had any evidence to show otherwise, I encourage you to come forward with it. Yet, evidence does not stop GenX or any of the bullies from making this claim. In fact, don;t I have posted on this blog in the "pages" section a reward for anyone who can show evidence that I have ever stalked, bullied, harassed anyone to show the proof and I will pay money for this proof and post it right here on my blog? Has anyone came forward with this so called proof to claim their reward? The answer is no. This is because I don't do these things. I don't doc drop people either. I'm pretty sure that if there was any evidence out there the bullies would have found it by now and claimed their reward money.

Then GenX really spins the truth when she says she only asked for "information" about me because she was contacted by a "private group" who wished to know my "role" with STGRB. And once again, I have no role with STGRB. They are my friends. How many times have I said that if I were involved with STGRB on an official capacity that I would be announcing it from the rooftops? I would have been (and still would be) proud if I were involved with them in some kind of official capacity.

Fact: I am sad to announce that I have no official role or involvement with STGRB. I wish I did, but I don't. They're just friends. If anyone has any evidence at all that shows otherwise, then I would love to see it. I'm sure the whole world would love to see it. The unfortunate truth is, that evidence does not exist. But again, how I wish it were true. If it were true, you wouldn't need to seek out any evidence, I would just say it.

Then she tries to spin my ".38 Caliber" story in the manner that a bully and a liar like GenX can. Face it, GenX, you use people. Moving on.

Then she makes the claim that I "try" and discredit GenX. This is not true. GenX discredits herself, and she makes it so easy to show this to everyone. This is what happens when she goes off the rails making outrageous claims that she can never support with evidence. For example: Calling me a pedophile and no proof. Saying I participate in illegal activities and no proof. Saying that I called her monkey and no proof. Saying that I knew she was a black girl and no proof to support the claim. Saying I am "involved" with STGRB, and again, no evidence to back it up. Saying I stalk, harass, and bully people without presenting the evidence to show this is true. These are the things that discredit GenX, not I. But hey, don't take my word for it, go to her hate blog and look for yourself. Look at where she claims these things and then, look for any screenshot that backs it up. Seriously, go check it out for yourself. You won't find any screenshot that supports any of her or her bully friends claims. If you find it, send it to me and I will post it here on my blog and give you a financial reward.

You'll excuse me if I don't hold my breath. 

Then she accuses me of "set up" questions and comments on my blog. She says: "These anonymous comments always seem to "praise" him."

Really, GenX? Unlike these comments on your blog?

I especially like "Ash The Bastard's" comment the most. Don't worry "Ash", GenX isn't suing me or anyone else because she has no grounds for which to sue and, more importantly, she is a putz. But rest assured, my "tell all" book will indeed, TELL ALL! But nice try into "scaring" me from writing and publishing it. Oh wait, according to GenX, scaring people in the "comments" section is my thing. LOL And yes, it gets old.

Or these comments where you (posing as anonymous) reveal all the "famous" people that follow you? (Why you included Rick Gualtieri in that list is beyond me. He's a nobody wannabe putz too. Not to mention, a bully supporter.) 

And here you are GenX posing again as anonymous, attacking the book cover for my "tell all" book.

Oh no, GenX, you and your bully friends are not stalking me, are you?

You can go to her blog and see all the comments left "praising" her. 

 Then she offers up her "inevitable" opinion. Which technically, since she never presents any evidence to back up anything she says to begin with, it's ALL her "opinion". Take a look.

Then she boasts about how she doesn't advertise her readership, and "brags" about her popularity. Funny how she doesn't "show" us how popular she is. Even if it's true, good for her. I have a hundred dollar bet that says 90 percent of her "viewers" are her bully friends anyway. I know in the month of July of 2012, those bully friends gave me over 15,000 views in a five day span, so I know how dedicated the bullies are in clicking that mouse. (Like monkeys?) O_o 

That is so racist Carroll! Don't you know that the human species originated from ..... never mind.

Then she claims it took "two" insider? sources to discover that I monetize my "media" accounts. Really GenX? It actually took "two insiders" to get you this "top secret" information? Damn, I am losing my touch. You have no idea how hard I tried to keep this information out of your hands. I mean, I closed my eyes, clicked my heels, and wished on falling stars (and dirty damn apes / monkeys) that everyone who visited my Carroll Bryant blog wouldn't see the advertisements I have on them. How in the hell did your "two insider" sources find this out? And of course, by monetizing my blog with advertisements, I guess this is proof that I am a criminal? Holy hell Batman! Call Commissioner Gordon at once! We have a live one here. 

Since the truth is out of the bag, and GenX caught me red-handed, I may as well confess. Yes, I am sad to say, I have monetized my blog. I have advertisements on it. Go ahead, stone me now, and make it quick. 

Oh, I also might want to go ahead and confess I also have some of my music videos monetized. Not all of them, only about half. Since we're in confession mode, I might as well reveal that GenX's friend, Jude Henderson, monetizes her Youtube video's too. 

How's that bowl of hypocrisy tasting right about now, GenX?

Would it be prudent to expect you to stone her to death too for it? Is it reasonable for me to expect you to give her a tongue lashing as well? To condemn her for the very same act? Of course not, she's your friend. She's "allowed" by "bully law" to do as she sees fit. 

But I swear, that's it for my media sites where advertising and monetizing are concerned. I have no ads on my Facebook, my Tumblr, or any other media accounts, including my Twitter. 

And speaking of my Twitter account, you actually went to it to see who I "follow"? Oh no, that's not stalking either, is it? And what does the people I follow on my Twitter account have to do with anything? I don't even know 99% of the people I follow on Twitter. For the past year, I have only been following those who follow me. It's called common courtesy. Look into it. Research it. In fact, get your "two insiders" on it right away.

And of course, she says that I am "profiting" from my hate and "fostering" my quest for internet fame. O_O Really? So, first of all, by responding to your attack posts on your hate blog, and defending myself, I am being hateful? If this is the case, then what kind of hate is yours to write about me first? In fact, why did you pick me out of the bunch? I mean, are you forgetting that YOU emailed me first from out of the blue? Maybe these next screenshots will "jar" your memory. 

Remember that, GenX? Can you please tell us all why you even bothered emailing someone you don't even know and didn't know you? And why you were trying to pretend you "knew" me and that we were "friends"? Can you also please explain how this isn't making first contact? Or how this isn't the beginning of your "stalking" me? Or how this isn't you being "obsessive" with me? I mean, what was the purpose of reaching out to me to begin with in this manner? You say I never show any "evidence" of anything and yet, here is "evidence" of your first email to me, totally unsolicited. I didn't ask you to email me, did I? If so, please show the screenshot where I requested you to email me. 

So why send me an email, GenX? What was the purpose? Even more interesting, you ask me about STGRB being down when in fact, you knew why STGRB was down during that time because later, on your own blog, you revealed that you and others were behind it by complaining to their (STGRB's) domain provider, "GoDaddy". 

But wait! If you already knew what had happened, then why did you bother emailing me asking if I knew anything? O_o This is a "mystery" indeed.

And of course, I shall post the screenshot of my reply and of the entire email exchange.

Inquiring minds want to know, GenX.

Is that enough evidence for you?

As for my "fame" and "celebrity" you mention, I don't have to push for that. I couldn't care less. I let my "music" and my "books" and my "poetry" do that for me. But you see, I'm a writer. I have something to offer the world. What's your excuse for trying to attain internet fame? You don't have any "artistic" skills to promote, do you? 

And even if that were to be the truth, where's the crime? There are probably millions of people out there looking for some kind of fame. You try and make it like when a person who writes books and songs is trying to share it with the world that they are looking for the fame. Well, duh! That's why us writer's publish our books, just ask your "fame" seeking friend, Rick Gualtieri, he's doing the very same thing, so go and mock him too like the bully that you are. (Hypocrisy food) That's why us songwriter's post our songs on the internet too. But here's the thing, I don't care about fame. I really don't. I just want to do what I was born to do and what you haven't the skill to do, and that is write books, and songs and share them with the world. But thank you for saying that, because any sensible person who reads it will clearly see even more so how pathetic you are. Oh, and how hypocritical you are, you know, since I posted a screenshot of you posing as anonymous bragging about all the "famous" people who are following you. I mean, I guess by attacking me for my writing, you are basically saying that all those famous people following you are what? Some kind of loser for wanting fame? Recognition? I mean, if I am a pathetic scumbag in your eyes for doing it, then surely those famous people following you are scumbags in your eyes too for wanting it also, and paying their dues to attain it, right? 

But again, while at least I do offer a product to share with the world, I have to ask one more time, what do you bring to the table? You know, other than your hate blog and writing about me, riding my coattails for some fame of your own? 

That's what I thought. You have nothing more to offer. So sad. 

In this next shot, we see "StLouisKiss" talking about my relationship with author, Rick Carufel. Check it out. 

First, I want to ask, what is your unhealthy obsession with my relationships, "StLouisKiss"? Yes, I removed Rick's blog from my side bar. Hell, I removed it a few times actually. Did it take "two" of your "insiders" to discover this as well? It's my blog, I can showcase any blog I wish. Let's forget the fact that he doesn't showcase mine on his blog. But that doesn't mean anything. Just because I may or may not showcase anybody's blog on mine has nothing to do with friendship. 

Yes, I have gotten upset with Rick a time or two, friends sometimes get upset with each other, but that doesn't mean I stopped following him on Twitter, Facebook or blocked him. It's normal for friends to get upset with each other from time to time. No relationship is immune from it. And the reason I removed his blog from my side bar was because he doc dropped people. (Even one of your bullies) And I am against it, despite you bullies trying to say otherwise. 

But at no time when I removed his blog from mine did he and I ever end our friendship. I never spoke a bad word about him publicly or privately. His and my relationship is none of anybody's business, especially yours. Then again, part of being a bully requires one to nosey themselves into other people's affairs, isn't it? Kind of like the way you bullies stuck your noses into mine and Jude's affairs, didn't you. But in your defense, I will say, where Jude is concerned, she asked you to get involved. She invited you into it. Still, you took her bait when you should have done the proper thing and told her to mind her own relationships and leave you out of it. But bullies can't (and won't) do that, will they? Do they? of course not. You're proof of that. 

If Rick ever hated me, then that is his problem and not mine. Although, at no point did he ever indicate to me that he hated me or anything. If the truth be told, and I always do tell the truth, some of his blog posts really get under my skin. But you what? It's his blog, he can do as he likes with it. It's none of my business how he operates it. Just like my blog is my blog. 

And where you say I announced that I would be profiting from my "tell all" book, why didn't you show the screenshot where I said it? I tried to find it to post it with this post but couldn't find it. That's because, like the liar you are, I never said it. I said I haven't yet figured out how to market it yet, but that I was favoring just giving the book away for promotional purposes and give-aways. If I give a book away for free, then I'm not exactly "profiting" from it, now am I? So please, "StLouisKiss", and the rest of you bullies, please stop lying. 

You see, I am not "discrediting" you, you're discrediting yourself when you lie like this. How is that you can't see this? Oh yeah, that's right, you're bullies. 

You call me a pathological liar? What did I lie about? I never denied I took down Rick's blog on my sidebar. I also never lied when I said that I have never spoken a bad word about him publicly. If you have evidence that shows otherwise, then present it, and prove I am a liar. Don't just say it and not show the proof. I also never lied about him and I having a falling-out. But again, this happens sometimes between friends. Just because you have a falling-out doesn't mean you're no longer friends. Unless you're a bully. I know that bullies like you and GenX operate from a different code of conduct. You operate from the bully rules, but here in the normal world, we don't hate people or stop being friends with them just because we disagree on things. So I'm not denying anything "StLouisKiss", what you say is correct, except I never stopped being friends with Rick Carufel. If you have proof that shows otherwise, then show it. What you show isn't proof that Rick and I ever stopped being friends, just that I removed his blog from mine a few times because I disagreed with some of his blog posts. That's it! But again, I have to wonder, not only about what business it is of yours, but what does it even prove? That I'm a bad person for disagreeing with him when he doc drops people? Okay fine, then I'm a bad person for being upset that one of my friends doc dropped some people, including bullies. There, are you happy now? 

First of all, if I am a twat for dumping Rick, then what does that make you when you dumped your friend, "Looney Tunes"?

Yeah, everyone can read about it in the "GenX Says" series. But here's the thing, I didn't dump Rick, I dumped his blog. Big difference. And guess what? I will probably do it again sometime in the future if he continues to doc drop people. Only the next time, I will drop his blog for good. But I will never break our friendship. I guess bullies can't distinguish friendship from business ethics, or personal morals. But yes, if Rick doc drops one more person, bully or otherwise, I will dump his blog. And if he wants to see it as me dumping him, and being a twat, then so be it. If his and mine friendship ends, he will have to be the one to end it. He can be the twat, just like you. But that would be his choice. And if he wants to attack me on his blog like he did STGRB, then fine, he is more than welcomed to have at it. But I won't respond to it. If that would be his way of treating friends or ex friends, then that would be his business, and is of no concern to me. He is a grown man, he can do as he pleases. He can do to me what you, and GenX, and the rest of you do to me, and attack me. Accuse me of things that are not true. The difference between why I would ignore him and why I don't ignore you is simple, you bullies were never my friend. 

Are you twats getting the picture now? 

I don't operate like you bullies. I don't turn on my friends or ex friends. You bullies do that. Just one question, the internet "despises" me? So what you're saying, the internet is a living, breathing person? Better yet, do you have evidence that the internet despises me? Could you be more specific? because all I am seeing is a lot of people despising you. There is way more support for me and all the other people you bullies have attacked than there is for you. You know this too, don't you? 

Then in parting, GenX ( I think it's GenX now) says that her name is Max. I wonder, is that short for Maxine? Maximillion? What? I'm not familiar with England terms so I don't know if a "bloke" is only for men or for women or for both. But it's not very difficult for anyone to become confused with a persons gender when that person hides like a little chicken shit coward like you do. 

And yes, I will make sure to get it right in my fancy new tattler, as you put it. I only wish I had your last name too so I could make sure you will "sue " me. Especially for all the money I get if when I "give" it away, but if I do decide to make money off of you bullies bullying me, I'll be sure to share it with you. NOT! LOL And FYI, yes, he did do it for free, and without me asking him to do so. He volunteered it. But here's the thing, "Maxi - pad", Rick and I are discussing combining our stories into one book. Yes, he is writing about his experience too with you bullies. How do you like them apples? O_o And to think, you didn't have to rely on your "two insiders" for that information. And by all means, Max, if you have any proof I manipulate people, could you be kind enough to show the proof? Don't hate me because I have friends and know how to treat them right. I'd rather you hate me because I'm so talented. 

Wait! You already do. 


And as for the misery I have caused so many, you have evidence also of this I assume? Or are you too confused with reality that you fail to recognize, Max, that all of my posts against the bullies (like you) are "response" posts? Do you not have an education system where you live to learn this? I'm just asking because, from everything I see, and everyone else sees, you bullies are the ones going around attacking not only me first, but many people online, on Goodreads and mostly, authors. 

Why is that Max? Are you just jealous that I and others have talent where as you do not? Were you raised to be a bully or did you just kind of grow into it by yourself, on your own? Is it just simply sour grapes for life not giving you any special gifts? Were you abused as a child? That is so sad.

But why should I or anyone else believe you when you say your name is Max? You have lied about so much as it is, to get the truth from you would be like to get the waters of Niagara Falls to stop pouring. 

Fact: Carroll Bryant has a talent to offer the world.

Fiction: GenX (or Max?) has talent to offer the world. 
 And that is where I am going to leave it.

I'm Carroll Bryant .... and this is The Looking Glass.

Things We Learned Today:

* Too much to mention except, bullies will always be bullies, and liars will always be liars. GenX and friends are bullies. GenX and friends are liars. Including Max. But we didn't need "two insiders" to figure that one out, now did we?


  1. I can't believe she is actually attacking you for trying to become famous. She's doing the same thing. Even her friend Jude is trying to become internet famous with her ridiculous book review videos. These people really are stupid, Carroll.

    1. I've said it before and I'll say it again, hate makes people stupid. But you are right, the very thing she is attacking me for, many of her friends are doing the same exact thing. Some of them are trying to become famous without offering any talent or skill, like GenX and Jude.

  2. They're coming after you harder now because stgrb is done, and they still seem to think they can take you down, and because of the book you're writing about them.

    1. That makes sense.

      Ever since I started this blog, that has been their goal. To take me down. They are trying to silence me with intimidation. What they forget is, Genxpose was created for one reason and one reason only, to attack, bully, stalk and harass STGRB and myself. I only created this blog to defend myself against them.

      Isn't it funny how every time I say I am walking away, Genxpose starts up her shit again about me? She did the same thing with STGRB when they announced they were going to stop. GenX writes her posts and tries to take credit for them leaving the fight when they were already planning to stop long before she ever wrote anything.

      STGRB ignored her because they know she is a nobody in the world. I can't recall a single time they ever did a post about her. They are not now nor ever been scared of her. Nor am I.

      Everyone knows that all my posts about her are nothing more than defense posts from something she and her goons wrote about me. I have never once attacked her without provocation. All one has to do is go through all the GenX posts I made and see that I am responding to something she wrote first.

  3. now their freaking out because you said the n word. I guess its okay for gen to say it because she claims to be black but your not allowed because your white.

    1. There's a lot of things the bullies can say and do that no one else is allowed to say and do, as per their bully rules. I'm not worried about it.

  4. In cases where stalking is concerned, it always comes down to the very beginning of who made first contact and why. You have shown with that email that she was the first one to make contact with you for no good reason. In a court of law, she would be viewed as the harasser.

  5. Your cover and title look more professional than the lame, now-defunct bully book. Their cover looked like they spent all of 5 seconds on it. They're desperately trying to make themselves look better, because they know their book was horribly amateurish in comparison to your book... in comparison to ANY book.

    They're probably embarrassed that you and Rick did a better job. Deep down, they know they're failures.

    1. When you dedicate your life to judging others, hate, bullying, stalking, and harassing like they do, everything is a failure.

  6. Those are her famous followers? What a laugh. You have her beat with Zendaya and a Kardashian sister by themselves. I also see where you are followed by some heavy weight record labels and at least half a dozen reality stars. It shouldn't come as a surprise, you are in the entertainment business.


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