Thursday, December 26, 2013

Angela Horn: The Horn Identity

"Tis the season to be a bully, fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la. "

A lot of stuff going on over at "Bully Elementary School". Ring leader, "Indie Angie" (Angela Horn) is still getting what few minions she has left all riled up out on the playground during recess. Of late, little Angie has been fixated with author Kriss Morton. Apparently, little Angie has the winter hots for Kriss as her persistent stalking of Kriss would suggest. 

Yes, she is now all of a sudden getting all "righteous" on our asses over the GR ToS. You know the one, the one that got all the bullies in an uproar of recent which led many of them to condemn GR and accuse them of censoring their "free speech" of attacking, and bullying authors. 

Now it would appear that the bullies are falling back on their "hypocrisy" option of which they practice endlessly in their little lives. Suddenly, they have now become the warriors of conformity, and are now judging others for possibly displaying the same kind of shenanigans that the bullies have displayed in recent weeks. Yes, little Angie is now calling authors whiners for complaining about being bullied. Imagine that? After all the whining she and the rest of her little thug gang of bullies did when GR began enforcing their new ToS upgrade. 

Could this be little Angie confessing that she and her bully thug squad are whiners too for doing the exact same thing? Sure looks like it to me. In this next screenshot, self appointed "author behavior monitor" "Indie Angie" goes after Kriss Morton for doing the very same thing she and the bullies did, and still do, on Goodreads. The very same thing little Angie and the bullies were whining about a short time ago, which caused their mass defection from GR to the more "bully accommodating" "Booklikes" website. Take a look. 

Yes, you read correctly I'm afraid. Little Angie Horn says: "As you can see, she created a shelf titled "badly behaving authors" after GR's newly announced shelving policy."

Really, little Angie? Now you and the bullies are pro-active in falling into line with the new GR book shelving policy? Or is it that in this particular instance, it works to your advantage to agree with it when you can use it to attack authors with? 

(I know which one I am leaning towards.)

Little Angie also goes on to say: "Mean shelving is the equivalent of using the "R" word, remember "Asshole92X"?"

Of course, the "R" word is the word "retarded" that the bullies believe they are allowed to use at anytime of their liking and it's okay, but no one else is allowed to use it as reported over at STGRB recently where they show evidence of the bullies complaining about other people using that word, and attacking authors who use it, yet they are caught using it also and that is perfectly okay in the "Bully Code of Conduct" book. 

Little Angie Horn concludes her post with: "What a lovely Friday Irony."

I couldn't agree more, little Angie Horn, what a lovely Friday irony it is indeed. Especially your irony and that of your fellow students over at "Bully Elementary". The irony that you are now complaining about book shelves attacking authors after years of doing it yourself. Now that is a plate full of irony! With a side order of hypocrisy. 

Pass the ketchup. 

I'm still trying to figure out how "mean shelving" is the equivalent to using the "R" word.

However, now that I am thinking about it, calling the bullies retarded is insensitive to people with mental disabilities. It demeans them by placing the bullies on their "mental capacity" level. The truth is, people who suffer from mental retardation do not act like the bullies. People with real mental disabilities are much more better and classier than the bullies. (And more mature.) 

So consider this my official apology to the bullies for ever having referred to them as retarded. I realize now by calling you bullies retarded, I have placed you on a higher level than what you deserve. Retarded people are smarter, more mature and much better class wise than you bullies are. You bullies are less than retarded. You're brain dead. You're heartless. You're soulless. You're mean and evil. You have no conscience. Mentally retarded people have those traits, so thanks for helping me to see the truth of it all.

Then Miranda jumps in. (You remember her, right? She's the one who stalked, bullied and harassed author Rick Carufel on Twitter for weeks.) 

At first, she's not sure if Kriss is even an author. Then she posts this. 

Then she tries sarcasm.

(Notice her little one star rating at the bottom right.)

People are supposed to believe anything Miranda Koryluk has to say after what she did to Rick Carufel, and falsely rating a book she never read? ... I don't think so. But hey, the bullies will believe her because they believe all of each others lies. That's their little "playground" thing. 

But Miranda Koryluk isn't quite finished with her stalking just yet. Check it out.

And she concludes by calling Mr. Carufel, "Rickydick", like a true 'less than retarded' adolescent that she is. 

Yeah, it's true, the mentally retarded DO have more class than the bullies over at "Bully Elementary". I know I'm sold. 

Then the bullies start with their gossiping. Take a look. 

The bullies are gloating over the fact that authors are apparently trying to hide their identities from them. Who can blame them? Nobody wants to be stalked, harassed, and bullied, and this even includes authors. And the bullies also gloat over the fact that no one can "hide" from them and their bully attacks. The bullies are proudly declaring this publicly! Which just goes on to prove that being a bully is a full-time job. You really have to be up on your internet skills to track down, stalk and bully authors. 

Maybe being a bully is an art form after all?

Okay little Angie, gather up your minions, recess is over, time to get your less than retarded asses back in the classroom and learn something. How about you open your books to page 59 of the "Bully Code of Conduct" and learn how to not be bullies? Or do you need a refresher course in the meaning of the word "irony"? 

Hey, "TinaNicole", spit out that gum. No chewing in the classroom.

I'm Carroll Bryant .... and school is now in session.


  1. I think, from your reasoning here, your apology goes to the mentally disabled (a far superior group in mental capacity) for having called the bullies the R word. LOL.

    We think that "Karma Bites" is also one of Horney's socks.

    1. You may be right. No mentally disabled person should ever have to be compared to the evil of Bully Nation.

      Horn having "Karma Bites" as a screen name would be an oxymoron wouldn't it? Seeing how she is the aggressor. Or maybe she is complaining that karma bites? LOL

      The bullies have so many socks it's hard to keep track of them.


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