Friday, December 6, 2013

Genxpose: Bullies In Action

The bullies must be bored on a Friday night, imagine that. I guess they haven't any dates. Oh well, that might explain why they're so busy over at Genxpose blog ragging on me. I personally enjoy all the attention. If they're not talking about you, and lying in the process, then you're nobody. So let's have some fun and address some more of their lies and whines in the comment section of the hate blog that is Genxpose.

This first shot is of great stupidity. That stupidity comes from the well trained lying stalker himself, Carlos Rodriguez. Also known as "AreaFive". And why do I call Carlos a stupid lying stalker? Well, see for yourself.

He claims that my blog is a hate blog because 92 percent of my posts are about the bullies. Forgetting the fact, he did, that my posts are not unprovoked posts but rather, defense posts. This makes him stupid. The stalker part comes from the fact that he has nothing better to do but to go through all of my posts on The Looking Glass and calculate how many of them are about the bullies. He must have a whole lot of time on his hands to do this. Seriously though, what normal person would do this?!

Then he lies when he says I threaten, obsess over over, bully, stalk, use racist slurs, doc drop, harass, further doc drop, hate on, support unethical or illegal activity, spread conspiracies, lie, defame, or seek to do harm to another in any way was totaled at 169 posts.

Really Carlos? First of all, I am amazed that you can count. Secondly, could you at least have your queen bitch GenX post just one of these things? Because I'm pretty sure that it the number is that high, I would be sitting in a jail right now.

I suppose he missed the screenshots where Mrs. Joseph and others wished me and other people dead. So if this is the case, then I'm pretty sure he didn't read any of the posts. And I also see where he didn't notice that my posts concerning Genxpose are all defense posts. Especially the ones that have screenshots of him that "threaten, obsess over over, bully, stalk, use racist slurs, doc drop, harass, further doc drop, hate on, support unethical or illegal activity, spread conspiracies, lie, defame, or seek to do harm to another in any way."

Hey Carlos, send me one screenshot where I do any of those things and I will pay you one thousand dollars. I'll leave it up to you which one to send, hell, for all the time you spent stalking my blog, you probably know more where to find this stuff than I do. And for goodness sakes Carlos, get a girlfriend afterwards. You spend way too much time obsessing over me. While I appreciate your undying attention, and I know I have friends who are gay, this homeboy doesn't fly that way. Sorry.

Oh, and one more thing Carlos, I created this blog to address you bullies and your attacks on me. This would explain why so many of posts addresses you bullies. (Duh) But then again, if I have that many posts addressing you bullies, then what does that say about you? I mean, seriously? I had to write 169 posts to defend myself from you people? Man, that is incredible. Do you people ever sleep?

Here is another screenshot of GenX ... I mean, anonymous, breaking down the numbers that Carlos displayed.

Wow! Obsessed much?

(By the way, you eat way too many pizzas, and one hand? I hate to think what you were doing with the other hand. Oh wait, that's right, you were holding your "pizza".) LOL Right. 

Let's take a look at another. 

Hey, they're stalking my blog. I am one to talk, right? I'm doing the same thing they are. We're all stalkers now! LOL 

And the next one?

The bullies are in my groups? Really? Well, first of all, what groups? Are you talking about my Facebook groups? There's only a few. None of them are really mine. I was invited to join them and so I did. I guess that's a criminal offense too. I don't really participate in them as much as I should. Bad Carz! And secondly, the bullies are in my groups? Stalking me? Obsessed much? Bad bullies!

Now another. 

Really? You like my harried explanation for why I dropped Rick's blog from my sidebar? You do realize that he has never listed mine on his, right? But do you see me crying about it? No! I couldn't care less. Listing someones blog on your blog is about as trivial as it can get. It carries absolutely no merit whatsoever. None. To be so obsessed with it is purely adolescent at best. You can quote me on that, and I'm pretty sure you will. As for all the doc dropping on my blog, could you please show a screenshot of that please? Never mind, anyone who can present a screenshot of my blog where I doc drop, I will pay you one thousand dollars.

Next shot please.

First of all, I have a camp? Really? Why am I always the last one to know about these things? Where exactly is my camp located? And secondly, you do realize that when I talked about GenX's "two insiders" I was being sarcastic, right? I mean, a blind man can go to my blog and see that I have advertisements on there. Geesh, these people really are stupid, as one of my readers noted in a comment recently. Oh wait, that was me. (More sarcasm) But no, I wasn't wondering where those two "great" scoops came from. Most in part because it wasn't even a "scoop" much less, great. As I already stated, anyone who goes to my blog can see those advertisements. SMH

And really, you are a step ahead of me? Then how is that I and the rest of the world already knew about the advertisements on my blog? I wasn't even hiding them and it took you this long to find them? LMAO! It would seem more that you are a hundred steps behind. 

I'm still laughing at the "great scoops" thingy. 

And there you go talking about groups again. Why are you bullies so obsessed with my groups? If you are really in my groups, then you would know I rarely talk in them. But here's the thing, I think you lie. Have GenX post a screenshot of my groups. 

*** Crickets ***

That's what I thought.

I do have an FBI contact. In fact, I even gave STGRB their number in the event they wanted to contact them. And I never said that I ran anybody off the internet, but rather, the FBI did. Get your facts straight. Then again, you should know about the FBI, you bullies sent them to my home to try and get me arrested for something. What that something was, I'll never know because obviously, I wasn't doing anything illegal because I never got arrested. And Rick never asked me for or begged for my help in anything so how did I let him down? If had asked me for help, I would have done whatever I could for him, still would, but the truth is, he never asked, much less, begged. Besides, Rick does okay by himself, I doubt he needs my help with anything much. But if he wants it, he has to ask me for it first. He knows this. Other than that, see you in the group!


GenX didn't contact me on the very first article she ever wrote. She emailed me. I had no knowledge of her newly created hate blog at that time. It still doesn't explain her emailing me. There was no reason for it except to show me she was stalking me, and harassing. She came off as some kind of friendly when in truth, she was trying to stir up needless and senseless trouble. Prior to that email, I didn't really know who GenX was, nor did I care. It only shows that she made first contact, and there was no reason for it because she already knew what was going on so why ask me? She had no need to "fact check" what she already knew first hand. And yes, I will try it sometime myself. ROFL

And no, I didn't mention that I went over to her blog, but since you brought it up, I did go to her blog when she invited me to in order to explain my "personal" relationship with Jude, which by the way, was and still is none of her or anybody's business. You know, for people who claim that I am the obsessive one, you people sure do pry into a lot of my personal going-ons, you know that? Why is my activity so interesting to you people? What is this obsession you bullies have with me anyway? 

And by the way, when I did go to her blog to address my personal affairs that were of no business to her or any of you, all you guys did was attack me. It seems one can't win with you bullies. If a person stays quiet and ignores you, they're hiding something. If they address your questions, like I tried to do, they're stalkers. No matter which way it is, you always attack it. Why is that? YELLOW.

Next please.

I did? I trashed Rick behind his back? And you have proof of this I assume? Well, of course you don't, that's why no screenshot was ever produced to prove your claim. I'll have you know, and Rick can attest to this, that if I ever have anything to say to him, I will say it. I won't hold back a bit. I'll say it like it is without any concern of how he or anyone else responds. What Rick and I talk about in private is of no concern of yours. It's nobody's business. Unlike you bullies, I don't have to talk behind anyone's back because I don't care if he or anyone likes me or not. I leave people alone unless they start harassing me. Still, Rick knows that if I have a problem with anything, I will confront him about it. Been there and done that already. And if Rick ever has a problem with me, I trust him to man up and say something to me. As I stated before, it's perfectly normal for friends to disagree at times, I even had a few slight disagreements with STGRB in the past, but you never heard a whisper from me about it. here's the thing, friends can disagree, but it;s the mutual respect they have between each other that keeps the friendship going. Look into that. I've had plenty of disagreements with friends in my life, and we're still friends. I compare it to married couples who sometimes fight with each other, you don't just storm out the door on the first fight and file for divorce. Well, maybe you bullies do, but normal people don't. You go to a quiet corner, cool off, then pick things back up. It's called life, nothing is always perfect. 

Well, that's it for now folks, I'm pretty sure there willl be more. Hope you had a good laugh or two, I know I sure did. 

I'm Carroll Bryant .... and this is The Looking Glass.


  1. I couldn't stop laughing at the part where they didn't catch onto your sarcasm.

    1. Yeah, nobody ever accused the bullies to be very bright. Well, except maybe the bullies themselves.

  2. What I don't understand is if you're the stalker then why is it that they are the ones who are trying to penetrate your groups and spy on you?

  3. Hey carroll, you started placing ads back in august how did it take them so long to figure this out? why is this such a big discovery for them? do they think placing ads is illegal? theyre sociopaths I think it pains them to see you making money.

    1. They have a great many pains. For all of us, they are just a pain in the ass.


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