Thursday, December 5, 2013

Genxpose: Still Pimping Lies

No one makes a better living at lying to her readers more than GenX herself. This girl of garbage has more hate running through her veins than a caged monkey in a zoo has fecal matter to throw at the tourists walking by.

And for all of those who actually believe GenX when she makes the butt-hurt claim that she only responds to those who post about her first, then let this be yet another piece of evidence that even those words are still her number one BS lie.

All semi quiet on the front, and STGRB announcing yet again that they have accomplished what they set out to accomplish, with no mention of GenX at all, leave it to GenX to smear her own brand of fecal matter across her worthless blog, and at her few readers, insulting their intelligence to the fullest.

Even in her latest post, she contradicts just about everything she says. She provides her very own proof that she is a liar and a bully. To start with, she writes about STGRB and me with absolutely no provocation what-so-ever. She clearly demonstrates her need to be relevant.

She starts off by claiming that STGRB and myself engaged in illegal, unethical and questionable activities. As always, her claims comes without any proof or evidence to support her claims. This is a long time practice by the queen of lies, and spin city. Is it any wonder she has dropped off the map where respectability is concerned?

In fact, not once has she ever presented any evidence that I or STGRB has ever done anything illegal, unethical, and questionable. Not once have I or STGRB ever accused anyone falsely of being a pedophile like she and her fellow bullies have done religiously against me. Nor have we ever sent her unwanted emails like she has sent to us, again, unprovoked.

Nor has she ever presented evidence that I or STGRB ever doc dropped anyone like we have shown her to do, and you can see for yourself right here on this blog and on STGRB.

Then she goes on to lie to her readers saying that my book, "Goodreads: Meet Your Next Stalker", which I am currently working on, will be sold to make a profit.

I never once stated that I was going to sell it. In fact, I said I still was unsure how I was going to present it, and distribute it. I have other things going on at the moment and clearly said I had not even begun to figure out what I was going to do with the book until after December, when I could finally focus on it more. However, if I did decide to "profit" from the fiasco, who could blame me? After what she and her bully friends did to try and end my career, it would only be justice if I were to profit from their illegal activities, unethical practices, and questionable behavior, and their lies.

Still, the truth remains that I never once said I was intending to "sell" the book, but rather, make it available for promotional purposes and give-aways as GenX herself posts in the article she lied in. See for yourself. This screenshot was taken from her blog.

See, nowhere do I mention "selling" the book. This also proves that she is still stalking my blog where just recently, in one of her posts, she claims she doesn't do. She even writes threatening letters to herself and passes them off as if others are sending them to her.

Then she adds onto the lies by saying that author Rick Carufel is my "buddy-not buddy-turned buddy again". Well, this is news to me. When has Rick ever been my "not buddy"? He and I have always been friends. Sure, we have disagreements at times, and do things differently, but we never stopped being friends at any point.

You see, unlike the bullies, and GenX, some of us can hold different opinions with each other and still remain friends. It's called "mutual respect" for other people's opinions. Something GenX and her bully friends know nothing about. They hate anyone and everyone who doesn't think and do and believe as they do. They are the ones who are always fighting amongst themselves and ending friendships when they can't see eye to eye with each other. Us normal people don't do that.

Remember .38 Caliber, GenX?

Then she accuses me of using the "now defunct" movement to promote myself, my services, and my sites.

Well, duh to the sites. I am an author and songwriter so I have always been promoting myself, my work and my sites. Every person with a talent to promote does this. Perhaps if GenX actually had any talent, she would know this too.

As for the "now defunct" movement? What movement? Fighting cyber bullying and bullies like her is not, and never was a movement. My posts have slowed down because Goodreads has at least made it appear as if they are taking a stand finally against the bullies. They are the ones now crying about being "bullied" or "censored" by Goodreads.

Perhaps GenX should learn the meaning of "movement" before she puts her foot in her mouth. A movement starts at one point and moves to another point then stops. The fight against cyber bullying hasn't stopped. At least, not for me. It is my cause, and GenX has herself to thank for that. My stance began when she started "stalking", "harassing", and "bullying" me.

And I'm pretty sure that STGRB would pick back up if the bullies continue to attack authors the way they used to, unfortunately for them, they are now forbidden to carry on their attacks like they did in the past by Goodreads. This was always the goal of STGRB, to get those attacks to stop. Since they have stopped, STGRB sees no more reason to keep going. They did what they set out to do, which was, to bring attention to the problem and get it to stop. All they wanted was GR to police their site and enforce their ToS equally and fairly. They appear satisfied at GR's effort.

Then she ends her rant with: "No one believes and not one fuck was given."

You lie again, GenX, there was one fuck given. It was given by you when you posted this article. 

 I'm Carroll Bryant .... and this is The Looking Glass.

Things We Learned Today:

* GenX insults her readers intelligence

* GenX lies

* GenX doesn't need to be provoked

* GenX still can't provide evidence to support any of her claims

 * GenX throws fecal matter around like a monkey

* The only "movement" that occurs is GenX's bowels (and it ends up on her blog)

* GenX is trying desperately to be relevant

* GenX has no talent outside of hate

 * GenX is the one who uses her friends for her own selfish gain (Check out my .38 Caliber post)



  1. Don't forget she still hides behind a fake name too coward to reveal herself. You can't trust anyone who refuses to stand behind their words.

  2. I'm telling you Carroll, Gen is Jude's best friend, Heather. Did you get the email I sent you?

    1. I got it. Still going through everything.

  3. It seems to me this Gen person needs to seek out some professional help regardless of who she is. I've read your posts and nowhere on there have you declared you were going to sell your story. I can't help but to be flabbergasted at Gen's assumption that authors who do sell their books are somehow doing something wrong. If that's the only bad thing she can say about you Carroll, then I doubt you have anything to worry about. She has been proven a long time ago that she is a stalker and a bully as well as a proven liar. She has no merit to speak of or any credibility. That .38 Caliber post speaks volumes of her personality. She is a user of people and many have distanced themselves from her because of that .38 Caliber post. She isn't fighting for any cause like you are, she's just going around stalking you and stgrb continuing to pick fights.

    1. She says a lot of bad things about me, she just never presents any evidence to back up her words. Why she continues to say bad things about me is a mystery. I never did anything to her to make her come after me in the first place.

      She's just a nut without a squirrel.

  4. I can't believe she said that! You have never spoken one bad word against Mr. Carufel and he never said one bad word against you. It must be nice to live in the world Gen does where you can make things up and pass it off as a truth. Then again, she is a democrat.

    1. I don't see what being a democrat has to do with lying, republicans aren't that much better at telling the truth either. I like to look at it as an individual thing. You're either a good person or you're not. You're either honest or you're not.

      GenX is neither.

  5. You trying to make a profit from your books? This gen x girl is a lying bitch. You gave me 2 free copies of your cd for me and a friend and you sent me three of your books for free. Your name should be gen carroll. Mr. generous that is.

    1. Ha! I like that.

      Now that I think about it, I guess I have given out a lot of free stuff the past few years. No wonder my accountant keeps yelling at me. LOL

      Don't worry, everyone around here knows exactly what GenX is. That girl is so stupid she doesn't even know she's stupid. LOL (And that's a lot of stupid)

  6. Gen is always looking for an excuse to write about you Carroll. She is more hornier for you than Amanda is. lol Sorry if that grossed you out.

  7. As an FYI, she updated her post. There is a lot more to it now directly replying to what you wrote here.

    1. Oh goody, I can't wait to read it. LOL Thanks.


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