Saturday, December 21, 2013

Targeting Tucker Reed

It would appear as though the bullies over at "Bullylikes" are getting a bit restless this holiday season. That or they're just getting an itch in their "jingle bells". They have a new victim in their sights, and that victim is author Tucker Reed.

Evidently, Tucker has violated one of the "bully rules of author conduct", and are now planning a date rape on her books, I'm sure.

I tried searching for Tucker on Goodreads, but nothing came up, and the bullies haven't revealed what she has "allegedly" done for the bullies to target her. Maybe she asked a question? Then again, we have seen plenty of times that authors don't have to do anything really to be targeted by these swine. One thing is for certain, they are working up a plan to do something.

At least "Amaranth" admits to "following" her. I think what she meant to say is, "stalking". That's what they do best. They have a lot of time on their hands.

Notice any other familiar names? (Or should I say, name?) O_o

So if you're reading this, Tucker Reed, know that for whatever reason, the "morality police" has you on their radar of hate. But I wouldn't worry too much, I mean, it's not like you're dealing with the top of the intellectual ladder here. See for yourself. In this next screenshot, one of the bullies tries to rewrite the lyrics of popular classic song called, "Good Ship Lollipop". 

You know, I'm feeling kind of bad right now. All this time I have been accusing the bullies of acting 12 years old when in fact, that number is probably more around the 9-ish area. 

Anyhow, "isanythingopen" confesses to having trouble finding words to rhyme with the word, "review". Perhaps I can be of some assistance. 

Stew, flu, two, to, too, blue, clue, who?, flew, shoe, drew, woohoo!, glue, grew, shoo, Timbucktoo, Calamazoo, poo, pooh?, and my personal favorite,  whoopdee-freaking-do.

Yeah, "isanythingopen" is correct, it is hard to rhyme the word "review" ..... provided, of course, that you haven't any talent other than the special gift of bullying. (And she gots a ton of that.)

And what do some of the bullies think about their bully friend's special talent? Well, see for yourself. You might be surprised. Then again, maybe you won't. 

Yes! "All Hail Grimlock" (I mean, Shoshana Bick) loves those adolescent poems. Even "Sock Puppet At Play" exclaims, "Brilliant songs!" 

Yes! They are brilliant songs! Magnificent in fact! And to think, she came up with it all by herself! Amazing! I don't know about all of you, but I am super-duper impressed with the manner in which "isanythingopen" overcame her rhyming problem to pen the most brilliant piece of work since, "If You're Happy and You Know It Clap Your Hands". 

So you see Tucker Reed, this is what you would be up against should these blubbering wet farts decide to run down your leg, if they haven't already. It will be like "Romper Room" all over again. I am pretty sure you can outwit these snot balls fairly easy. Just be gentle with them if you can, and don't be too surprised if they pen another master piece to attack you with that sounds a little bit like, "Itsy Bitsy Spider". 

I can't wait for that one to come out!

I'm Carroll Bryant ..... and ... I'm almost at a loss for words. 



On the good ship "bullylikes"

All the bullies look for a fight

So they can talk, talk, talk

After they stalk, stalk, stalk


Another master piece! 


  1. Hard to find someting to rhyme with review. Who knew? But this has given me an idea for a new approach in the war on trolls. All the mags Tucker has been written up in is a whole new venue to approach about the fraudulent goodreads API and how the site is reliant on fake ratings and reviews to look like the major player. If you take away the millions dead and inactive accounts, the copyrighted material they have no right to use and the fake ratings and reviews there not really all that much to goodreads. I think it's time to write up a press release exposing goodreads for the corrupt and criminal website that it is. I'll send it to every news outlet website, paper and magazine I can find.

  2. I think, from what you have here, this victim has done nothing more than flag some of the reviews and it is an official INSIDE GR who has contacted the bully nation and told them of this flagging, setting the bullies onto this writer!!

    This is indeed newsworthy because Facebook got HUGE bad publicity for using private information about site users for marketing. Goodreads officials are stooping to a new level using private information unsuspecting users entrust to the site officials to to set a gang of bullies and a plague of harassment on them.

    Goodreads is indeed criminal - not only FRAUD, but also violation of Data Protection. A big press release campaign about the GR API Fraud and a warning to all readers that the readers' private data like email addresses, messages, and passwords are not safe from the officials' misuse is needed.

    By the way is Angela Horn's sock "ETA: soon" also gone along with Amanda and Hail Grimlock?

    1. Thanks for the valuable info. I heard that "flagging" was suspected for the reason Tucker is being targeted, but I couldn't jump on that theory because I couldn't figure out how anyone would know if and what Tucker flagged. Your explanation answers that question. Inside job. One name comes to mind. Kara Erickson.

      From what I understand, Angela's socks are still on GR.

    2. It's a well known fact that Erickson and Brown at least are in cahoots with the stalker trolls. I will have to research the confidentiality laws and also the goodreads policy on privacy. This may well be another angle of attack to eventually get the site closed down. I know from personal experience they always take the side of the troll over the author.

    3. If this is taking place on GR, it will be hard to prove. Maybe authors should go quiet for a while and only flag violations. This way, if these strange attacks continue, we can narrow down the options of why they are attacking.

      If this is going on, then authors are not the only one who can be "outed" in such ways, even other readers who flag this behavior of the bullies could be reported to the bullies by the GR staff. This is a serious "privacy" violation that could affect the entire GR community.

  3. Hey Carroll, Mrs. Joseph is now posting on Genxpose blog. Isn't Mrs. Joseph the one who wishes someone would kill you? Does this mean Gen approves of murder?

    1. Yes, she does wish me murdered, and I don't know what it means, but are we really surprised of the company GX keeps?

  4. I'm not surprised that Gen advocates murder or is pals with people that do.

  5. I bought 2 of Tuckers books, they look good.
    What is "BB"? I see it mentioned in the trolls posts and poems.
    Is all this lunacy happening on Goodreads?
    What did Tucker do to attract the attention of these freak a zoids?
    I am grateful for your posts because I blog and notice you get shunned if you're NOT with this group or do this or that. Honestly, it IS cut throat, competitive, they got LOOOONNNGGGG memories and wont let you forget if someone did wrong, ARCS are God and they LOVE showing them off.
    I began changing the type of blogging I do because just books was miserable. Honestly, I began hating it towards the end.
    Hope your New Years rocks...

    1. BB is "Badly Behaving" I think.

      This lunacy is happening on GR and BL, as well as bully blogs, Tumblr, and Facebook. Not to mention, Amazon Forum Boards. It's widespread. The bullies get around.

      Tucker didn't do anything. This all started when "LitChick" (Cory) started calling Tucker a racist because Tucker's book has racial overtones and possibly, racist characters. (I know, right? I mean, it's just a fictional book.) But this is how the bullies operate. Just because a book plot, and it's characters, have racist motives, these bullies think the author is racist. SMH

      As for competition, I don't see anything in life as that myself. I think this world is big enough for all of us authors, song writers, poets and bloggers to share and get along. We all have our own individual styles, you know? Besides, variety is the spice of life.

      Hope your New Years rocks too, Bellas Shelf. I am getting ready to head to my party shortly. Be safe.


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