Thursday, December 19, 2013

GLAAD Intolerant To Other People's Opinions

I'm sure you have heard already about the comments made by Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty fame in his GQ interview. Unless of course you are living under a rock. With this, I'm sure you're already aware of the back lash.

No one is more of a supporter for all rights to all people for their beliefs than I am. This includes gays and lesbians. I believe everyone is entitled to live their life as they see fit. Provided of course that it doesn't inflict hardship onto someone else. My motto has always been "live life your way that best makes you happy."

I still believe in this.

I also believe in freedom of speech. However, what I don't believe in is silencing people of their personal beliefs. Nor do I believe that Phil Robertson should have been indefinitely suspended from the show for his comments. In fact, I don't see his comments as being offensive. Most in part because his comments were his religious beliefs, and taken from the words of the bible that is the center piece of his beliefs. His comments did not infringe on the happiness of others. What GLAAD has contributed to Mr. Robertson's suspension is an infringement on his happiness. 

I have said throughout my life that this thing they call "Political Correctness" is nothing more than communism. "Political Correctness" is designed to silence people of their opinions and beliefs, right or wrong as those opinions or beliefs might be in the eyes of those who do not agree with them. 

I used to be a supporter of GLAAD organization, but not anymore. Their intolerance of Mr. Robertson's opinion and or belief is an outrage within itself. How can you expect people to be tolerant of you and your opinions / beliefs if you are not tolerant to those opinions / beliefs that differs from your own? 

You can't have your cake and eat it too.

Just because Mr. Robertson doesn't approve of the gay and lesbian life-style, doesn't mean he is intolerant to gays and lesbians. He is strictly going by what his religion teaches. What the bible teaches. So what is GLAAD's next move? To ban the bible? To ban Christianity? 

To take away Mr. Robertson's employment from the show Duck Dynasty is to put the fear in all Americans that we need to be silent when it comes to our personal opinions and beliefs otherwise, we will come after you to. This is the wrong message to be sending. 

My version of God differs from the majority, so naturally, the Christianity belief that being gay and or lesbian is an abomination doesn't wash with me. My thought is, "how can a God stand against his (or her) own creation? If being gay and lesbian is how one is born then apparently, with my commonsense approach, that is the way that God made his or her creation. Thus, that creation is NOT an abomination. 

What is an abomination is when GLAAD attacks those who do not believe as they do. (Or any group / organization for that matter.) 

Look, I am against hate. What I'm not against is the right for people to hate. I'm also against judging others, and just as Christianity may judge gays and lesbians, GLAAD and those who support that hate group are judging as well. 

What this action against Mr. Robertson tells me is that here in America, you do get punished for your opinions and beliefs if they differ from large groups or organizations. But here's the thing, in Mr. Robertson's comments, he also said that  heterosexuals that go from one partner to the next, and drunkards would also be prohibited from entering the kingdom of heaven. Well guess what, I'm a heterosexual that goes from one partner to another. I guess I will be going to hell in the Christianity belief system. Oh well, been there done that. But am I offended by his belief? His comments? No, not one bit. So why is the organization of GLAAD so damn offended? 

Here is a news flash, they're not offended, they're just intolerant to other people's opinions and beliefs. 

Here's hoping that the rest of the Duck Dynasty cast and family will end their contracts with the A&E Network just as they ended their contract with Phil Robertson as A&E has now shown that they too support communism, and intolerance to other people's opinions and beliefs. I know for myself that I will not be watching anymore programming on A&E armed with this knowledge. I do know one other thing, that I did not serve in the military to protect people's freedom and rights only to have something like this to happen in America. This is something I would expect China to do. 

GLAAD, you fail. But now I am GLAD that I see your true colors, and those colors are anything but red, white and blue. Same for A&E Network. Maybe we should start spelling America like this --------> Amerika. You know, give it a more communist look and feel to it. 

We're supposed to be living in a country where tolerance is advocated, so why then is that country so intolerant? Why is GLAAD so intolerant? A&E Network? Remember, just because Christianity "believes" all of us so called sinners are going to go to hell, doesn't mean that we actually are. It's just their belief. It's not a fact. But I am tolerant to those who choose to believe it. 

I'm Carroll Bryant ... and this is me being tolerant. 


  1. Thank you for putting exactly what I have been feeling the last few days into words and putting them online. I have never seen the DD show, but I have seen the products for sale everywhere. You are a breath of fresh air, thanks again.

    1. Thanks again.

      What's really ticking me off now is that GLAAD and A&E are now claiming that Mr. Robertson compared homosexuality to Beastiality. This is an outright and bold face lie!

      When he was asked what he thought were sins, as according to his faith, he said, "Homosexuality, sex outside of marriage, and beastiality.

      He did not compare being gay and lesbian with sex with animals, he merely included them on the same list of what he believes are sins.

      How can GLAAD, A&E and democrats in general be so stupid, hateful and liars? It's freaking crazy.

  2. The whole thing was a media circus setup to distract from the senate passing the NDAA act that turns America into a police state. Now I ask you what is bigger news some redneck philosophy or the senate passing legislation in the dead of night that makes it legal for the government to abduct citizens and hold them anonymously for an indefinite time with no charges or due process? They basically gutted the bill of rights while everyone was watching the duck. The media should have been all over that but instead everyone's all spun out over Phil. What did they think a southern fundamentalist was gonna say? Not a word Phil said was a surprise at all.


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