Saturday, October 26, 2013

Amanda Welling: Lather, Rinse, and Repeat

Remember back in July of 2012? I know it's been a while, but try. Remember when Amanda Welling wrote about me on her hippie blog? She wrote about me despite the fact that she didn't know me, and I had certainly never heard of her. Remember when she talked about my adult relationship with another adult that Amanda claimed was a minor? Yeah, that was a lie. Remember when she accused me of complaining about bad reviews? Yeah, that was a lie too. And can you remember me ignoring her? Yeah, I never responded to it.

Now let's look back at what happened next, remember/ Her and her husband began leaving nasty comments on my other blog. Even though, I still had yet to respond to her post about me and I still had no freaking idea who she was. Yet, her and her husband came to my blog and left comments on posts that had absolutely nothing to do with them. Remember that?

Then if you will recall, after months of doing that and still, I hadn't responded to, or acknowledged them, they took it upon themselves to start sending me unwanted emails? Remember that? Not just to my public Hotmail account, but they also sent me emails to my private personal Yahoo! account too. Remember that?

In case you have forgotten, please help yourself to clicking on the tags with her name on it. This also includes her sock puppet "GenX". Or you can type in her name on the blog search bar. You can read all about how she and her husband stalked me, harassed me, and bullied me for six months straight and through it all, I still didn't respond to them.

You would think they would have dropped it at some point, wouldn't you?

So from July 2012 and up to December 2012, this was their life. To poke and prod me over my relationship with another adult. I know what you're thinking, I thought it too. What business is it of theirs where my adult relationships are concerned? Like you, I still haven't an answer for that. Other than the fact that Amanda Welling and her husband Jon are sociopaths hellbent on trying to destroy the careers of people at random. That or maybe they just wanted the attention of someone famous, or someone they perceived as being famous. I really am not educated in the field of Amanda Welling and her husbands mental capacity. 

And still, after six months, I ignored them. Then in January 2013, Amanda opened her new blog, GenXpose. She and her friends and her sock puppets began to come after me even harder. Her and her husband were leaving comments too. Finally! I gave them what they longed for. I gave them some attention. No sooner did I do that, they crawled into the fetal position in a corner of the internet and began their butt-whine hurt that I was "bullying" them for finally standing up to their senseless and needless attacks against me. 

I presented evidence right here on this blog, which I created in response to the hate blog, GenXpose. I posted proof that Amanda wrote about me first. I showed proof that her and her husband left comments on my blog first and spanning over several months. I showed proof that they emailed me first. In essence, I presented facts showing that it was they, the husband and wife team, that stalked, harassed and bullied me to the point where I finally had enough and started addressing their attacks and their lies. Hell, shortly after this, Amanda herself confessed that these facts were true. 

But then her and some other bullies made a desperate mistake. They brought the feds to my door over a post I wrote. The bully plan was to "shut me down" once and for all. That plan backfired right in their bully faces, didn't it? Instead, what ended up happening was, the feds got to see, from me, all the evidence of what has really been going on. And in that discovery, Amanda Welling and her husband really got noticed now. 

So then finally, around last Spring, Amanda Welling and her husband gave it up. They disappeared. Shortly after I had my sit-down with the feds, Amanda's blog disappeared. Even GenXpose posted an announcement to her readers that if her blog suddenly disappeared, that they needn't worry and she would find a new place to post her hate posts against me. 

Hhhmmm, Amanda's other blog is taken down, and GenXpose fears being taken down, how interesting. 

Then Amanda pops back up again boo-hooing about all of my defense posts about her. "Take them down" she moans and groans, crying about the fact that future employers might Google her name some day and will discover what a psychopath she and her husband truly are. My response was, "had you not picked this fight to begin, none of these defense posts would be here". 

And then eventually, she went away. We had hoped for good, right? I stopped posting about her because she was no longer posting about me. When you leave me alone, I leave you alone. You don't write about me, I won't write about you. Well, pretty much. Once Amanda, her husband and GenXpose stoppped with their bullying of me, I pretty much had nothing left to write about and turned my attention to trying to help others somewhat. But this was the result of me doing such a great job at uncovering bully lies about me that other authors sought for me to help them out too. I guess when you stand up for yourself against bullies, you do inspire others to do the same. It's an assembly line effect. STGRB inspired me, I inspired others, and so on and so forth. That's what it's all about. 

The end result is the changes we are now seeing on Goodreads. And the more we learn about tragic suicides from kids being stalked and harassed in the news, the closer we are getting to future regulations against cyber bullying. The closer we get to those regulations, the closer to the end we come to these GR bullies and now, BL bullies. 

Okay, so finally, Amanda Welling is gone. Cool. 

But wait! I think the sequel has just been released!

She's baaaaack.

Just recently on the website "Bullylikes", Amanda Welling decided to become a "Dawidiot". And no sooner does she join when she quickly turns to the one she loves the most! .... Me. :)

Check out this post she made. 

Yes, that's right, she's back to lathering her butt hurt whine and lying again. But really, are you too surprised? I know I'm not. But wait, there's more. She also left this comment on a post requesting the bullies to tell about their experiences with the authors they bullied. You know, the authors like myself who finally stood up to them and hurt their precious little feelings with the truth. 

* Group response * ...... "Aaaawwwwwww"

And so, what does Amanda write? Check it out.

Yes, she calls me Crazy Bryant. The same nickname that GenX has for me. 

Interesting. O_o 

Ahem, moving on. 

Yes, she says I am obsessed with her. After not writing about her for the past few months, I became so obsessed with her that she joins "Bullylikes" and the first thing she does is write about .... me? O_O

And I am so obsessed with her that when she leaves a comment on some other hate post the first person she mentions is ...... me? O_O

Just like I was so obsessed with her back in July 2012 when I didn't even know her (now that's one crazy obsession right there) that she went and wrote a post about me on her blog. O_O

Just like I was so obsessed with her that she and her husband came to my blog and started leaving comments all of over it. O_O 

OMG! Now I'm obsessed with her husband!

Just like I was so obsessed with her and her husband that they started sending me unwanted emails. O_O

What the hell was I thinking, man?

And of course, in her butt hurt lying rant on "Bullylikes", this "Dawidiot" still thinks I am a member of STGRB. LOL Hey Amanda, when I said you should start taking your stupid pills, I meant the ones that will help cure your stupidity, not enhance it. 

And where is Jonathon Welling at in all of this? I mean, I'm for women's lib all the way, but come on dude, in a marriage, there comes a time when the man must take off his dress and put on the pants for crying out loud. Do your wife, and marriage, a favor dude, take away her computer until she has gotten me out of her system. 

Unless ...... her strange attraction for me makes the bedroom atmosphere more, shall we say, pleasant? O_o

Okay, that's just grossing me out here. 

Like I needed the visual of two pork-chops slapping nasties when one of them has her eyes closed and thinking about yours truly. (-_-) 

God, another infected thought just occurred to me, what if he is thinking about me too when they .... when they ..... OH ..... MY ..... GOD!  ..  (0_0)

Ahem! .... Let me get my cool back.

Think THE FONZ ..... Ayeee.

* 2 thumbs up *

Okay, much better now. I'm cool. 

Now let's address a few of her lies in her "Bullylikes" rant, shall we?

She starts out by saying that she deleted her GR account because she was tired of being stalked by STGRB. Really Amanda? They were stalking you? You know, they may have mentioned you before because of you and your husband stalking me, but I don't see anything on their site that resembles them stalking you. Have they sent you unwanted emails like you and your husband sent to me? No, I don't think so. That would have been stalking. 

She says she felt like her every move was being watched which explains why she shut down all of her social media accounts. You mean, like how you and your husband watch my every move, Amanda? Yeah, I can relate to that feeling. *Eye Roll*

She says she wanted to get away from the drama. Really Amanda? The drama you yourself (and your husband) started to begin with? *Eye Roll*

She says a certain member of STGRB still writes about her. Really Amanda? And who would that be? I haven't seen anything on STGRB lately that pertains to you. No posts, nothing. Oh wait, were you referring to me? I'm a member of STGRB? Really? Okay, if that helps you stalk better at night, I mean, sleep better. 

And if you were referring to me, FYI, I haven't written about you for a while either. Until now. You know, it's my obsession to address your obsession with me. 

She says I and STGRB can't let things go. We follow her everywhere. You mean, like you can't let things go, Amanda? So you know, the first thing you do when you join "Bullylikes" and become a "Dawidiot" is you write a post about me? *Eye Roll*

Then she says she wasn't dragged away by the feds. That she deleted all of her accounts of her own accord. Well Amanda, nobody said you were dragged away but you were investigated by them because I was the one who filed the complaint with them when you sent them to my door. I also know for a fact they sent you and your husband an email, warning you to stop sending me emails and to basically leave me alone. Perhaps that shook your crazy tree enough for you to take down those social media sites of yours. And perhaps that's why GenXpose made that announcement on her hate blog warning her three readers to not freak out if her blog was removed. *Eye Roll* (I love how bullies spin everything)

She says authors are their own business. She says an author is a company. (She must be a democrat) She is comparing flesh and bone human beings to corporations. (You know, those things in brick buildings that begin with an ideal.) Of course, the difference is that brick buildings and ideals do not carry emotions like those corporations made out of flesh and bones have. *Eye Roll* And she suggests that people can boycott business who have different values from her own. Really Amanda? A business is a living, breathing entity that has values? Really? No wonder I freak out when I enter the doors of them things. I was being monitored! *Eye Roll*

Word up, Amanda, business are not people. A business doesn't have values, the people who own them might. The people who work in that business might, but the business itself doesn't. Geesh. You're not too bright are you?

But also, Amanda, you don't know my values. But since you brought it up, I will share them with you. I value family. I value friends. I value children, they are the future of our species. I value education. (And I encourage you to go out and get some of that) I value privacy. I don't believe in writing posts about someone I do not know and whom does not know me, and has not done anything against me to begin with. I do not like bullies. I do not like stalkers. I do not like liars. (All of which these things, you are) I value life and I value other people's feelings when they value mine. I do not engage in sending unwanted emails to people like you and your husband practice. 

Oh, I also value differences of opinion, and values of other people. You see, I'm cut from the cloth that not everyone is going to believe the same way as myself, but I respect other people's beliefs and perspectives, even if i don't agree with them, because diversity is the spice of life. If you respected other people's beliefs, then maybe you wouldn't boycott them. Of course, boycotting itself means, if a company is killing whales for profit, then yeah, boycott them. A boycott is not taking to your blog and writing lies about someone, like you did to me. A boycott is not writing fake reviews and giving fake ratings of work you never even read. A boycott isn't sending unwanted emails to perfect strangers or getting involved with their private, adult relations when it is of no concern to you. You see Amanda, first you need to learn what a boycott is. Then you may use it in a sentence. 

What you and your friends are doing Amanda, is not boycotting. You're stalking, you're harassing, you're bullying, and you're lying. So please, go out and get yourself some of that edmacation I was speaking of earlier. And while you're at it, pick up a heart and soul too.

She says when authors are amazing and outstanding to work with, people need to know this. First of all, when have I ever worked with you? When has any author ever worked with you? The answer is ... never! Authors don't work with their readers. *Eye Roll* But I digress, who are you to judge me? To judge anyone? Just because you have some kind of difference with them doesn't mean everyone else will or does. So who are you and your friends to go out and spread shit about other human beings? Especially when you lie like you and your friends do just to try and make your point? When I have a difference with people, I keep it mostly to myself. In fact, I have some differences with people right now. Some of my internet friends, fellow authors and sometimes, I have differences with the people at STGRB, but guess what? You don't see me writing posts about it, do you? No, because I respect those differences. Not everyone is going to see things the same way I do, nor will I see it the same way with them. But guess what? I like it like that. I still won't go out and "boycott" them (as you call it) just because of it. I'm not that adolescent anymore. I grew up. But that's just me.

Then Amanda says she and "Bullylikes" carry a lot of the same values. Really? "Bullylikes" has values? Again, it;s a website, it;s not a living breathing thing. It's not a person. *EyeRoll* 

She also makes the claim that she (Amanda Welling) is not a troll. This explains why she trolled me for months. Her and her husband. The proof is right here on this blog. Even her own confession of it. But just because she wrote about me first, left numerous comments on my blogs, sent me unwanted emails from out of the blue, and told lies about me, naaaaw, she aint a troll. *Major Eye Roll*

I guess that's why she also says she don't like spamming. or unsolicited remarks unless she is the one doing the spamming and giving out unsolicited remarks. She also says she doesn't like outright nastiness from authors. Well guess what Amanda? I don't like outright nastiness from you. Which is why after six months, I finally addressed your nastiness. 

She says, like her bully friends say, that she shelves book under "Badly Behaving" to 'remind her to never read that authors books'. Really Amanda? You can't just make a shelf titled, "Do Not Read"? And leave it at that? Oh, no, you have to judge people don't you? Let everyone know that you think this author is badly behaving yet failing to mention that you were the one who attacked me first. 

You need some serious help girl. You and your friends.

She also claims that she never goes around picking out authors randomly to "ruin" their careers. yet for some reason, she sure picked me out randomly, didn't she? I mean, like I said earlier, when she wrote about me in July of 2012, I didn't know who she was. I never interacted with her before. I never did anything to her. Nor said anything. So why did she write about me? And why did she come to my blog leaving comments? And why did her husband do that too? And even when I was not responding to her, why did her and her husband continue to stalk and harass me with unwanted emails of hate? 

Why indeed.

You see Amanda, you did randomly pick me out to try and "ruin" my career. I never did anything to you even up until about six months after you and your husband were attacking me. So if you would please come on here in the comments section, I would really appreciate to know why it was in fact that you even started in with me in the first place if we never interacted before. Can you do that, Amanda? Will you do that? Would you just come here and tell me why you wrote about me in July of 2012 on your blog? And why you and your husband left the nasty comments? And why you and your husband sent me unwanted and hateful emails? 

I sure would like to know. 

But she won't come here and explain herself. She won't do that because she randomly selected me from out of the blue to purposely, and maliciously, try and ruin my career. To stalk me, harass me, and bully me. Didn't you, Amanda?

It's simple, Amanda, if you didn't want me in your life, then why did you invade mine? 

I'm Carroll Bryant .... and this is the Looking Glass.

Things We Learned Today:

* Amanda Welling and her husband attacked me first for absolutely no reason

* After three months of no Amanda, she joins "Bullylikes" and becomes a "Dawidiot" and the first thing she does is write and comment about me. (And I'm the stalker) *Eye Roll*

* A Tootsie Roll is a lot better than an eye roll

* Amanda can't help herself to lie

* Amanda and her husband may be having impure bedroom thoughts about the Carz while slapping nasties

* Amanda is proud to judge others

* Amanda thinks a business or corporation is the same as a human being

* Amanda knew nothing of Carroll's values before this post

* Amanda Welling, her husband Jon, and the rest of their friends are just plain bullies

* Jon Welling wears dresses? O_O

* "Dawidiot" is still the word of the day


  1. After all the quiet, you felt compelled to post about her?

    1. Nope. After all the quiet, I felt compelled to respond to her again. Isn't that what the bullies are about? They say they don't drama yet, they keep causing the drama by posting shit they needn't post. By lying.

      Amanda found a website that allows bullying. Why do you think she and the rest of them have flocked there?

      But hey, the bullies say the "reader" is always right. (Even though they aren't really readers) so if they write about me (us) first then I say, give them what they want. Give them their drama.

      Once again, if Amanda would have left well enough alone, I wouldn't have posted this article. But no, she joins "Bullylikes" and starts running her fat mouth once again. Crying over the drama she created when she first set out with her husband to stalk, harass and bully me. You see, this is proof the bullies can't refrain themselves from bullying. I never bothered Amanda, she bothered me. But I imagine she started back up because I wasn't giving her anymore attention. (STGRB never did really show her much attention) And she couldn't hold back from lying so .... here we are. Back to giving Amanda the attention she craves.

      I'm surprised her husband isn't jealous yet. It would concern me if my wife had an unhealthy obsession with a guy who wishes she would just leave him alone. But hey, if she's the best he can do for himself, more power to their kinky and distorted marriage. To each their own, I say.

    2. Ah, yes. There's a fine line between love and hate, they say, and Amanda Welling (Is that her real name?) being so obsessed with you has to be from some kind of sexual fascination. Hey who wouldn't fall for that humor? If it were my gal, I'd be like, what the hell?
      O_O (tootsie roll to her)

  2. Is there a reason you insist on talking about this girl? She didn't mention you in that post in all the screen shots. She didn't call you "Crazy Pants" in the other screenshot. Why would you follow someone around that has left you alone for months? Was it necessary to watch what she does on Booklikes? I'm curious.

    1. Yes there is a reason I talk about her, it's because I am responding to her talking about me.

      Anyone and everyone knows she was talking about me in that post. "Crazy Pants" is the bully nickname for me. As for the other "screenshot", she calls me "Crazy" Bryant.

      Hhhmmm, "Crazy" Bryant .... "Crazy" pants .... O_o

      I am not following her around. In a comment left weeks ago, someone came here as an "Anon" and left the link to her post and comment. (I said weeks ago) Weeks being the main word here. Not days or hours ago, but weeks. And just now I am addressing it.

      But for someone who has "left me alone for months" why is it necessary for her to write about me on a bully website that I am not even a member of? What's the point? ..... There is no point other than she just wants to stir up shit again and like I said in my post, had you taken the time to read it, when a bully asks for drama, I say give it to them.

      The bottom line is this .... had she not made that post and comment then I would not have posted this one .... Had she not not come here as an anon and leave the links to her post and comment, I would not have posted this.

      Getting the picture here?

      So again, I ask you, was it necessary for her to stalk me, harass me and bully me to begin with and was it necessary for her to write and comment about me again after all these months? I'm curious.

    2. Uh, yeah she was talking about him. What the hell are YOU talking about? I read the comments myself, ffs.

      Carroll, why do you have so many idiots and morons stalking you? Then they turn around and lie (believing their own lies) and say you're the one stalking them! Ludicrous!

      If the sky was blue, these morons would tell you it was black. I'm beginning to question if they're outright brain-damaged. It's scary how they believe what they want to believe, when the truth is right there in front of their moronic faces.

      If they had any brains, they'd take it out and play with it, and jack off too while they're at it.

      I lost too many brains cells reading some of the trolls posts.

    3. To answer your question, "Why do you have so many idiots and morons stalking you?" .... Well, one word. "Jude". They are friends of Jude. I have done nothing to any of these people who hate me. They only hate me because of her.

    4. Nobody hates you because of Jude, a girl who hasn't even discussed you or talked to you in over a year (obsessed much?) Everyone hates you because you're a fucking idiot who flipped out on Goodreads because some bloggers may or may not have reviewed your books and/or gave you an interview. Something that happened over a year ago and you're still bitching and moaning about the fall out from your fuck up, because you couldn't do the professional thing and just shut the fuck up about it. You could have emailed the bloggers privately, like any professional author would do. Instead, you had to suck into the drama and create a series of stupid posts that wound up getting you kicked off of Goodreads. Then, you go and pick out one of the many bloggers who talked about you (Amanda) and decide to run a witch hunt on this girl for the last 8 or 9 months or so. You need to get your priorities straight, your meds fixed, and you really need a damn hobby other than bitching on the internet and calling people names.

    5. First, I already proved that Jude sent her friends to attack me.

      Second, if it was just about that post I made about those bloggers then why did almost everyone who attacked me that day on GR talk about my relationship with Jude so much? And call me a pedophile?

      Third, why in all the posts about me too after that weekend I was attacked did everyone talk about me and Jude's relationship so much? (All of this has been documented too)

      Fourth, of all the people who attacked me that weekend and beyond, why weren't none of them the ACTUAL bloggers I posted about?

      Fifth, why is it okay for you bullies to judge authors, but they aren't allow to judge you? Or write a post about their experiences with bloggers? Why is it okay for you to "lie" and "steal" from authors and break promises, but we can't tell people about it or warn other authors?

      Six, I didn't "flip out" just because i blogged in my personal space about what happened to me. You bullies flipped out when I blogged about what happened to me.

      Seven, I didn't get banned from a series of posts I made. No reason was ever given for why I got banned, but I have already proved on this blog that many of you bullies were overwhelming the GR staff, calling for me to be banned. I even have a screen shot on one of my posts on this blog where a girl named Amanda (not Amanda Welling, but a different Amanda) credits herself for my banning.

      Eight, I didn't pick out Amanda Welling, she and her husband picked me out. I ignored her and her husband for six months before finally addressing them. But only because they wouldn't stop stalking me, harassing me, emailing me, or stop talking about me on another blog. Get your facts straight. And I proved all this again, right here on this blog.

      You need to get your priorities straight. And your facts. I have a damn hobby, writing, blogging, what hobbby do you have other than coming here to leave anon comments on my blog?

    6. Everything you said Carroll is true. I was there the day you were attacked and 90 % of the comments were about you and Jude. The rest was a split between the actual post topic and people saying you complained about bad reviews, which you never did. You did forget to mention that the reason why Jude sent her friends after you was because YOU blocked HER from everything. Didn't you say in your investigation post recently that Jude was sending you emails posing as a different person? Doesn't sound like to me she stopped stalking you either. I think this angry anon who is coming here and leaving comments is amanda herself or jon. If I were you I wouldn't post anymore of her comments.

    7. Good observation. I see someone has been keeping up with the evidence.

      I'll stop allowing those comments from appearing when I get bored with them. I'm pretty close to that now.

      Yes! That is what I was told by law enforcement. Thanks for the reminder.

      I also forgot to mention again how Jude stalked me on my shared blog by manipulating my friend and former blog partner. That was a precursor to all the events that unfolded afterwards. Funny how the bullies never want to discuss that. LOL

    8. The reason everyone talked about Jude in relation to you, is because you flipped out PUBLICLY on Goodreads, made an ass out of yourself, and everyone saw it. Jude then came forward and said you're a jackass, which you are. You continues with your crazy posts and everyone had a good laugh at how clinically insane you are. The end. The bloggers you did point out DID talk about you. Some of it wasn't done publicly. Bloggers are like a community. When something happens to one of us, word gets around very fast. Nobody told you that you can't talk about the bloggers. Just don't do it publicly. That's just stupid. Published authors don't do that shit, not like what you did. That's a good way to start a shit storm, as you obviously know. Do it in private.

    9. Why is it a good way to start a shit storm? And you bullies taking it upon your self to label authors "badly behaving" isn't causing a shit storm? You can't have your cake and eat it to.

      Also, the only community out there is the "Bully Nation" community. Real readers and bloggers didn't get into it. All the people in your so called "community" were friends of Jude. (How ironic is that?)

      Maybe you bullies should write the rules for how other people should act so we can abide by your rule. Oh wait, you people already did. LMAO STGRB covered it one time. I almost forgot.

      Thanks for letting us know though that word gets around "fast" in your bully community, however, we all knew about that.

      Here is a newsflash for you: Nobody tells me what I can or can not blog about on my own fucking blog! Especially you bullies. The point still remains, you bullies came after me because of Jude, not because of the post itself. That post was up for a whole week before any of you bothered to comment on it. The attack on me was planned by you bullies. 9And Jude)

      And again, my blog post about what you and your bully blogger friends did to me (steal) was not me flipping out. You bullies flipped out when I posted it. LOL

      So let me get this straight, if someone tells you that someone else is a jackass, you just instantly believe them? Did it ever occur to you that the reason she thought I was a jackass was because I blocked her from stalking me because she flipped out, or wouldn't give her anymore dick? LOL SMH.

      And if going public is so stupid, then why do you bullies do it? First you say self pub authors are not professionals then you say we are published authors and should be professional. Make up your friggin minds! LOL

      It still doesn't take away from the fact that those bloggers lied to me and stole from me. Your word is your word. And if Jude wouldn't have pushed it by stalking me on my shared blog at the time, none of this would have happened. Not even that blog post.

      Now you went and done it. I'm bored with you. No more angry comments from anon bullies. You have made yourself look stupid enough. Now everyone is having a good laugh at how clinically insane you are now.

  3. I find your insults to Amanda and her family completely inappropriate. Stop trying to stir up trouble to gain attention. It's almost 2014. Drop it. Get on with your life.

    1. Amanda and her family earned those insults - appropriate or not

      I am not the one stirring up trouble. She is the one who ran to "Bullylikes" and started posting and commenting about me after everything was done with. It's almost 2014, why can't she drop it? She should get on with her life and stop trying to get attention.

      Hey, is this you Amanda? Jon? LOL

      I also find your comment somewhat ignorant. Obviously, you didn't read the post.

  4. I know Carroll in real life and my life is better because of it. He is an amazing guy. After reading so many of his posts these past few weeks, I have concluded that these people, especially this Amanda girl, need to stop reading so many books all the damn time and get off their lazy asses and live in the real world. It's one thing to sit down and enjoy a book and get lost for a time in a story but it's unhealthy to read all the damn time and not have a life. These people read tons of books and think because of it they are doing something special with their life when really all they are doing is wasting it. Maybe that's the problem they don't know how to live a real life. Maybe this is also why they are so angry all the time. As for this Amanda I agree with Carroll her husband needs to step up and take charge. She needs to leave him alone and move on. Her obsession with him is scary as hell. It reminds me of fatal attraction.

  5. There's nothing like your summing up. Buddy, I read your posts purely for the summing up. And I have to go to the loo just before I read the summing up just in case I wet my pants laughing.

    1. Skip to the "loo" my darling. Haha

      Sorry for wetting your knickers love. Send me the dry cleaning bill. :)

  6. I deleted a comment by accident from someone who called me a scum-bag and requested that I get laid and find some hobbies for once again defending myself from the cyber bully Amanda Welling. In this comment I deleted by accident, the person also claimed that Amanda is beautiful and stuff so if you are reading this "Anon" who wrote that comment, please leave it again and I will post it up.

    Again, sorry, but I deleted it by accident because I was laughing so hard and got into a hurry to post it for everyone else to read and I simply clicked the wrong button thingy-majig.


    1. You are a scumbag carz. How dare you defend yourself against this bitch! Why can't you let her and her hubby bully you in peace? Where is your humanity? Everyone and their fetus knows she is talking about you. Amanda and the rest of these idiots think they can fool everybody else with their parlor tricks and posts. Can't you see they are all mentally retarded? Can't you see that Amanda is? Why do you defend yourself so proudly against the mentally ill? You should be ashamed of yourself sir. Lol

      Love ya CB

    2. I'm proudly ashamed? O_o

      Right back at ya babe! Muah

  7. 20 dollors that jon masturbates every night to the thought of carroll doing his wife

  8. Get some mental help, asap. You fucking need it, you bi-polar son of a bastard.

    1. Said the pot to the kettle.

      Actually, my father was born into wedlock, however, I wasn't. I would be the bastard, not him. But you would have known this if you knew me.

    2. Hi Anonymous, I know people with true bipolar disorder. They act more sane than you, so perhaps you're the one in need of meds.

      "You fucking need it, you bi-polar son of a bastard" sounds like someone suffering a bipolar manic phase to me.


    3. I actually do suffer from bi-polar disorder. It was diagnosed after my car accident. I was having bouts with depression and was suffering sleep disorders and people noticed I was more short-tempered than I used to be. I was put through a series of tests and I was clinically diagnosed as bi-polar.

      Fortunately, however, I do not suffer from any obsession disorder. With the exception perhaps of my obsession to write. Then again, I think I was born with that.

  9. Amanda and her husband stalk you for over a year, Carroll, and you're the one who needs to get help?


    1. Tell me about it. Sounds like a Zen riddle, doesn't it?

  10. I have seen many times these trolls say they are not bullying authors, just calling them out. Looks like Carroll is doing the same thing with Amanda. She is lying through her teeth trying to get sympathy. I've seen the proof and Amanda and Jon are guilty of putting Carroll through hell. They are the ones who need the mental help. They are the ones who need to get a hobby and leave Carroll alone. I believe this anon arguing with Carroll is Amanda or Jon. People like them serve no positive purpose in this world.

    1. I hear ya!

      These bullies can dish it out, but they sure as hell can't take it, can they? They're so proud to call everyone else out yet when it's time for them to get called out, they go into some diabetic fit or something. LOL Then the lies come a spilling out of their mouths and they start crying "woe is me" crap, making themselves off like Saints. Gimme a break.

      If they didn't want the drama, then they wouldn't start it in the first place. It's the age old rule of thumb with them, 'We get to say and do what we want because we buy the books" .... well, the bullies aren't buying my books, and that's just fine by me. Because of this, the bullies are not my readers therefore, I can call them out anytime I want.

      I believe you're right about that anon. I deleted three comments this morning from that anon still crying over this response post to Amanda's post. Yoou would think they'd just take their medicine and STFU. LOL


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