Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Booklikes supports bullying; CEO Unprofessional

Ever since the mass exodus of bullies from Goodreads to Booklikes, it's been quite a shit storm, hasn't it? The bullies departing GR and leaving carpet bombs in their wake, throwing their finger up at Goodreads, and some of them openly announcing that they aren't going to play by the new rules that GR has laid out. Oh yes, it has been a ............. Wait! It gets better.

In the beginning, it almost appeared that Booklikes CEO, Dawid Piaskowski, was going to keep tabs on these bullies. Almost! This is a comment he left on Rick Carufel's blog recently.

 The first question in my mind was, "Who does he think the trolls are? Me and STGRB and our supporters, or the people joining his site from Goodreads?

Well, it didn't take long for an answer. 

If you knew the STGRB story, Dawid, then you would know by the evidence they have presented clearly shows who the people are that are trolling, bullying, lying, carpet bombing, stalking and breaking cyber laws by attempting to hack into people's accounts on GR and emails, etc. 

Don't be such a Dawidiot!

But then, in a recent post on Booklikes by a girl named Anna, she goes off on a rant trying to wonder why, and how, she ended up on STGRB's BBB list. (Badly Behaving Booklikers).

Well Anna, STGRB doesn't put people on their list willy-nilly. You had to have done something that led them to do so. Something you thought they would never catch. But even if it were because you associate with the likes of the bullies, that alone is good enough for me. You and your friends do it to authors, so why can't we pay the favor back? If you and your friends see an author who happens to like another author who is on your shit list, (book shelf) you and your friends attack that innocent author and their books. Dare I say it? ..... Welcome to the REAL world? 

But speaking of real world, here is something real for you guys to read. A comment by Dawid to all of his Dawidiots, check it out. 

Really Dawidiot? Your users bully people and if those people they bully stand up against them, it's the same as standing up against you? Do you actually think you're going to do something about it? ... Really? .... Have you seen your pic lately dude? You're like, 5 foot 9 inches tall, maybe 190 pounds. You look like you're 50 something. What in the heck do you think you are going to do about it? Take off your shirt and trousers and shadow kick box in front of the crowd in your pink thongs? And that's supposed to be intimidating? 

"Hey look, everyone, Mr. Clean is ..... OMG! Hell to the no! .... That's not right!" 

It would appear as if Dawidiot is getting himself personally involved with the situation, and on top of it, he is picking the wrong side. ..... But why? Why be so unprofessional if you're a CEO of a ...... Yes! That's it! Just as I predicted, he is using the bullies to gain attention for Booklikes so that he can move up the web rankings, make his money and then ..... like GR .... dump on the bullies and make like a super-hero. 

Of course, he's trying to be a super-hero now, but dude, you have to replace those pink thongs for something more manly. Maybe some boxers? 

So if anyone was thinking that by leaving Goodreads and going to Booklikes was going to be a positive change, think again. Mr. Dawidiot is obviously making it clear that he and Booklikes support the bullies and trolls. You're better off staying on GR and waiting out the clean up process, at the very least. 

But I say, great! If all the bullies vacate GR and go to BL then we could have two book sites, one for real readers (GR) and one for bullies, trolls and carpet bombers, (BL) where everyday can be a bully day with Dawid and the Dawidiots. (Sounds like a punk band, doesn't it?) Ha! A PUNK band, get it? Because you know, the bullies ... are .... punks? .... Never mind. 

I kill me sometimes!

I'm Carroll Bryant .... and this is The Looking Glass.

Things We Learned Today:

* Booklikes found its audience, and it chooses bullies and trolls

* It's unprofessional for a CEO to get personally involved like that

* Pink thongs are not manly

* Neither is shadow kick boxing in them 

* Booklikes is now the official home of Dawid and the Dawidiots

* BL is BS

* Most punk bands rock! ... BL punks do not 





  1. DAWIDIOT lmao classic!

  2. That is very unprofessional of him to come out like that and support a group one way or the other. To act according to your site rules and take a stand in general against bullying or to not to is one thing, but to go and leave a comment like that is enough for me not to join booklikes. Not that dawidiot isn't enough reason though. Thanks for the laugh carrol, I wish my husband could make me laugh like you do sometimes. I'm glad your one of the good guys. You humiliate these bullies better than anyone.

  3. Just wanted to say that today, I got my first visit from Booklikes. A bully linked me from there so, you know, in their words: "We don't care about Carroll."

    Yeah, riiiiight.

    Troll away you monsters. LOL

  4. Who does that clown think he is anyway? LOL He now has zero chance of selling that site to any major player and no one in their right mind would pay to join it. 0$ + costs = worthless, except as a troll hangout.

    1. Every gang needs a hangout. There goes the neighborhood! LOL

      BTW - stop stealing my LOL's. Haha J/K :)

  5. Ermm..at long as they don't troll on Booklikes what is he supposed to do? Ban them for trolling on other sites? Are you insane?

    1. Some people actually do think I'm insane.

      But no, people shouldn't be banned from one site for what they do on other sites. They also shouldn't be banned for what they write on their personal blogs either. And yet, Goodreads practices this sort of behavior. Go figure!

      Come to think of it, the bullies practice this kind of behavior too. They hold authors accountable on GR and BL for what they say on their Facebook pages, their Twitter, their personal blogs, even their emails!

      Will the madness never end?


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