Thursday, October 10, 2013

Goodreads Founder Otis Chandler Lies

I saw this video and it almost made me want to puke. But in keeping up with my streak of nearly 15 years going without upchucking, I was able to hold it off.

Otis Chandler, founder of Goodreads, lies out of his arse in this video interview. While the idea of what he describes that Goodreads is may have been the dream, the reality of Gooodreads is quite different. I think we all have seen evidence of that a-plenty!

Be that as it may, here is Otis Chandler, founder of Goodreads trying to convince the world that Goodreads is a place where book lovers can meet in peaceful harmony to discuss books. You'll notice, of course, he, like Patrick Brown, fails to mention that Goodreads supports, endorses, encourages, and fosters a hostile environment towards authors and protects bullies. And is a death sentence to authors and their careers.

Just don't eat anything yet if you haven't already. If you have eaten recently, wait about an hour then watch the video. LOL


  1. STGRB's / Your 1* fraud "Carpet Bomber" campaign is biting. It is FRAUD, a criminal office.

    Are you aware that the thousands of 1* fraudulent carpet bombs by In2books has been CLEARED by GrAmazon? All the 1* bombs here have been cleared by GrAmazon:

    The days of any 1* carpet bombs are numbered.

    1. I hope that gets addressed soon. I don't know what these bullies think that it is they are accomplishing by doing it. They're only hurting themselves and proving to the world that I and STGRB and everyone else are right when we call them bullies.

      Sorry that I have been slightly unattentive lately. I'm so consumed right now with my "Story Time" series of late. Sharing with the world my experiences with my first fiancee' and my two years at Norfolk in the Navy, on my Carroll Bryant blog.

      It's taking quite the emotional toll on me, I must say.

  2. I got this same message on my blog. I went to the link and it says it's hidden, so that's no proof. I do know my newest book has been placed on GR, against my wishs, and is getting 1*ed and listed. I also know that there are over 200+ 1* ratings on my other 8 books and not one of them has been removed. So whoever this Anonymous is they are full of shit.


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