Saturday, October 19, 2013

Cows Full Of Ink

The Goodreads / Amazon bullies have started a new thread on Amazon Fora Boards. It's called, "BBA Cows Full of Ink".

As usual, it's just another meeting place for them to trash people they deem "badly behaving". Mostly authors. Anyhow, nice to see the "book police" still being "judges, juries and executioners" of the book writing world. (Self appointed, I might add)

Anyhow, we're going to take a look at some of their conversations. But first, let's see the introductory post left by "Winter".

See how H.J. Leonard gets quoted as saying: "We're experiencing troll takeover/shutdown on the old thread."

No, "Hand Job", maybe Amazon is now coming to terms with the fact that you and your hate-whores are killing their bottom line and have finally had enough of you bullies. I don't think you'll find any threads on Amazon Fora made up of authors to attack and defame you people. Only you people making thread after thread to attack authors and libel them, stalk them, bully them, harass them, and publicly humiliate them. That would be the definition of a troll.

Then "Winter" goes into this butt-hurt whine about how they give "honest" reviews of books and get attacked. (Break out the violins and the cheese.)

Pawleeeeese, "Winter", spare me. How many times do I and STGRB have to post evidence of you and your hate-whores leaving fake ratings and reviews on books? or reviews that attack the author? let me repeat this one more time, you bullies are not readers, you're bullies. Readers don't bully and bullies don't read. This is not a war between readers and authors, it;'s a war between authors and bullies.

I think everyone sees this now which is why you guys are losing / have lost your public support. The truth often times hurts, and right now, you and your bully gang of thugs are hurting.

"Winter" then rambles on about opinions being subjective. And that not everyone agrees. However, what "Winter" doesn't seem to comprehend is that calling somebody a rapist or pedophile, in a book review, is not an opinion. It's defamation. It's libel. It's just plain wrong. Nor does "Winter" seem to grasp the concept that in order to first be seen as a reader, one has to actually read the book they review. how many times have I caught these bullies lying about reading my book? And how many times have we seen book reviews and shelves on GR where the person admits not reading the book and they never will yet still leave a rating or review?

Then "Winter" suggests that once in a while an author "realizes" their mistake and "apologizes" to the bullies after the author has been attacked. "Winter" applauds that however, even when an author did apologize to the bullies, we have seen evidence on STGRB that the bullies never accept them and continue their attacks. Case in point: The attack on Lauren Howard / Pippa. She apologized. The bullies continued to attack her.

Not to mention, the bullies have yet to show with a screenshot any author attacking a review for anything, much less, complaining about a "bad" review. (Just throwing that out there)

Anyhow, there are so many disturbing things about these people and their new hate group on Amazon Fora. This coming on the heels after their last hate group was shut down by Amazon. So let's take a look at some of what they say, shall we?

In this next shot, we see "Book World" yacking about STGRB. Talking about how STGRB doesn't show evidence of their claims when in fact anyone with a working pair of eyes can spend an entire month alone just counting the screenshots of evidence they post to back up their words. Then "Book World" says that Amazon and Goodreads should get their lawyers to shut STGRB down. Hey "Book World", maybe you just should have said: "We should be allowed to call authors rapists, pedophiles and drug dealers but nobody else should be allowed to call us out for it or say anything about Amazon and Goodreads, even if they have evidence to support their claims."

Either way you say it, "Book World" - it's still stupid. Take a look. 

See what I mean?

Then "Ms. Mayhem" gets into the convo with this next shot. Check it out. 

Nobody is throwing a hissy fit over a low rating or bad review of their book, "Ms. Mayhem", dead or alive. They are probably throwing a hissy fit over the fact that you people attack them through your so called book reviews. But obviously, you may find that calling a dead author a pedophile is a lot easier because the dead person can stand up to you when you do it. Good idea! keep that up. Maybe you and your hate-whore friends can make that a new trend. 

Then some coward simply named "G" says that STGRB doxxed some minor who attacks authors. However, what you don't see in this comment, nor will you ever see in any of these types of comments is them linking, or posting the screenshot of STGRB actually doing this. Take a look. 

Coincidence? .... I think not. But "G" also makes a point to let everyone know that author Rick Carufel has a record. Hey "G", that was 20 years ago, Rick has already paid his debt to society and has changed his life. (Like Dog The Bounty Hunter) Perhaps you and your hate whores can like, I don't know, move on? besides, at least he is a cyber criminal like you and your friends.

 The thing I like most though about this hate group is when someone participates and for whatever reason, doesn't agree with them, look at how they respond. 

Didn't we see these people respond like spoiled children of the corn when they were banned from the GR group, "Mystery And Crime Thrillers"? ... Remember that? They were kicking and screaming, "I want my dolly, I want my dolly!"

Oh, here is a couple of nitwits talking about me. One of them is Pete Moron. I mean, Morin. 

First of all, I am not from STGRB. LMAO You see how stupid these ass-holes are? They still think I am from STGRB and they haven't any evidence to support this claim. How many times have I said that if I were a part of them I would be a proud outspoken member? This is another classic example of how these people simply "make things up" to fit their bully agenda. Also, yes you do, Petey, you care what I say. I called you out, showed your lie to the world, and you got busted fo rbeing a stupid little monkey liar and bully. And a coward. (Oh wait, is it okay to call the bullies stupid little monkeys? Or do I need to ensure the person I am calling a stupid little monkey isn't a person of color? I forget the their bully rules.) Anyhow, it's okay, Petey is white (trash).  Ha-ha.

Then Janis Hinkle, I mean, Anna Karenina, jumps in with this comment. 

First of all, I have a great sense of humor. People who know me know this. Secondly, I can read, Janis, and I do read your "accusations". In fact, I read all of you hate-whores "accusations" all the damn time. You see, the thing is this, I just never seen any of you back up your talk with evidence. And that's all it is really, just you people talking, saying that stuff is true but never showing that it's true. Kind of like how you're saying stuff now and I show that you are with actual screenshots. That's what we call in the real world as evidence! 

Oh, and as for my sense of humor again, how is this: "I find it hilariously funny/scary that Janis Hinkle, posing as Anna Karenina, is a 2nd grade school teacher in Daly City, California. I guess we know where the next generation of bullies is going to come from, don't we?" .... Or how about this: "The bullies think I am part of STGRB!"

Ahahahahahahahahaha, now that was FUNNY!

I don't have a sense of humor? .... Humbug!

But hey, it's good to know the bullies are watching me, reading me and everything. I am so relevant now. LOL Hey! That was another funny. 

Then "Doctor Rocky" (hate-whore picture show) .... Another funny I made! .... gets into it saying this.

Yes! "Doctor Rocky", I do only read about myself. Kind of like what I'm doing now. 

Then Jane says.

Wait! Jane! ... You can hear me? Are you sure you're not just hearing those voices in your head? ... And yet another FUNNY! 

I'm on a roll here folks.

Then Jane says the following.

Yes, I do, Jane! How did you know? Are you stalking me or something? 

Another funny!

Then Ms. Mayhem posts this comment.

Ahem, Ms. Mayhem, no, we don't want people to give our books five star reviews if they actually read it and didn't care for it. But again, you miss the whole point of what reading is. It is essential in order to give a fair and accurate review. If you don't actually read the book, then your review and rating is a lie. Not to mention, a book review is about a book, not the author. Learn this, and you will do well Ass-hopper. I mean, Grass-hopper. LOL And again, another funny. Oh, and FYI, we have demonstrably showed we are being bullied. It is you hate-whores who have not presented your evidence. 

And here, we see this screenshot by "Bruins Gal". Take a look. 

Hey "Bruins Gal", there is totally nothing wrong with one star reviews either. But there is something wrong with fake one star reviews (as well as fake five star reviews) when the individual writing the review never even read the book. Or attacks the author in a review. The fact that you are slamming your head on your desk repeatedly indicates that this could be yet another reason why you are so stupid and hateful and such a bully. Brain-damage!  

And again, I made another funny. And a key connection as to why these bullies act so stupid as they do. Maybe they all are hitting their heads on hard surfaces. You would think they would do all of us a big favor and slam those heads a little harder. Maybe then they would slip into a more vegetable state to the point they couldn't type on a keyboard anymore. And be fed their applesauce by a registered nurse who was educated on how to bully by her 2nd grade teacher, Janis Hinkle. (alias, Anna Karenina) LOL

And the jokes keep on coming, folks.

And finally, I wanted to show you guys this comment by author Pete Morin. (The moron) He compares threats of rape and sodomy, made to Lauren Howard/Pippa, to "jumping in a lake". Check it out.

I guess he and the bullies find rape and sodomy funny. And I'm the one with no sense of humor? ... I .... I .... I don't get it Pete.

I'm Carroll Bryant .... and this is the Looking Glass.

Things We Learned Today:

* Carroll does have a sense of humor after all, the bullies just don't have the intellect to "get them"

* Apple sauce is good food

* The bullies slam their heads on hard surfaces

* Seriously, who throws a hissy fit these days? I thought they were called "tantrums"

* H.J. stands for "hand job"?

* Aawwww, the bullies still talk about Carroll Bryant, how sweet


  1. It must have been difficult to find posts that weren't attacks on me in that group. I estimate there are nearly 2000 posts about me in that group out of the 6500 posts. These are trolls so the fact you are not part of STGRB means nothing to them, they never allow truth to interfere with an attack on an author. :)

  2. Nothing they write is original. There's even a few profound sounding things here and there on the thread, but all copied, especially things written by Janice Hinkle.

  3. This isn't the only place they have set up shop recently. The have an anti-asshat group on booklikes that is open for anyone to read. They sure like to talk about you and rick in there. Dawid is also a part of their group.

    1. That's because stupid lonely people have nothing better to do than to talk about other people. One of these days we will be reading about them being arrested for bullying someone to death just like those 12 and 14 year old girls did and are now being charged with murder.


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