Sunday, October 6, 2013

AnnaLund Status Whine

It looks like that ever since the Lauren Howard/Pippa attack, Goodreads may have finally started catching on a little bit. I certainly hope so.

Why do I think that maybe, there might be a glimmer of hope? Well, because of GR bully, "AnnaLund", who was caught crying over her butt-hurt when Goodreads hid her bully review. Take a look.

So apparently, AnnaLund is not pleased with the fact that she can no longer bully people with her reviews. Here is her profile.

Here is her lovely bookshelves.

I couldn't find the review that got hidden, but I did find this review of hers which was one star and she makes it perfectly clear that she didn't care for it one bit. 

Here is how she ended it the review.

As for this particular review, I see nothing wrong with it. Her review clearly shows that she read it. It also shows she clearly didn't like it. But nowhere in the review does she insult the author. Let me go on record once again to say, I love this review! ... But it does make me wonder what she said in the review that Goodreads hid. I wish she would tell us which review it was. Which book. Which author. I have a sneaky suspicion that it pales in comparison to the one above. 

Anyhow, here are some repsonses to her status update where she cries about a review of hers being hidden. Notorious bully, "TinaNicole" says the following.

Yes, "TinaNicole", it's about time they start hiding some of your nasty book-shelves where you and your bully friends call authors vile names, and book-shelves where you start mentioning rape and sodomy. 

Then "AnnaLund" responds with this.

Newsflash for you, AnnaLund, you are not the "cash cow" for Goodreads. Unfortunately, no reader is the cash cow for GR. While it's true, that Goodreads was designed for readers, the cash cows are the authors and publishers who buy adds on the site. Do readers buy adds on Goodreads? Nope. I haven't seen one yet. And guess what else, AnnaLund? Authors are users too. Users are not restricted to just "readers". Just saying. Perhaps if you weren't so filled with hate, you wouldn't be so stupid. Just saying again. 

Then "TinaNicole" gets back into it with her worldly wisdom. (Sarcasm)

No, "TinaNicole", nobody has a problem with one star reviews and reviews. People have a problem with fake ratings and reviews. People have a problem with book reviews that attack authors. Didn't I just approve and support "AnnaLund's" one star rating/review above? Yes, I think I did. So maybe "TinaNicole" should put an icepack on her butt-hurt and quell the lies. 

Then some "Sandra" chick weighs in.

Hey Sandra, not all librarians on GR are bullies. Librarian status is given by request. Top librarian status is earned with reviews given. It doesn't help when many librarians rate and review books they never read and or attack authors in "book reviews". Fortunately, those librarians don't get paid because that would a double crime. Getting paid to trash and bully authors? And libel them? Yeah, that wouldn't be wrong at all, would it?

Then AnnaLund spills the beans. 

Who are you AnnaLund to be judge jury and executioner of authors and their so called behavior? Who appointed you a GR police? I thought the issue was BOOKS! Not authors? But you want the right to label, and libel authors as you see fit? Fine, I will do the same with this post. (My space) and deem you a Goodreads bully. There, how do you like them apples? Maybe now you can moan and groan about that. Cry about how unfair it is of me to call you a bully. Now you know how it feels to be targeted and singled-out.

Who cares how much money you spent on books, AnnaLund, you could spend a million dollars on them, it still doesn't give you the right to attack, bully, and libel authors. I for one don't want your dirty, filthy money so I am glad you don't read my books. In fact, I am extremely happy that none of the bullies buy my books. I don't want their blood money. I want good to honest reviews of my books by real readers, not bullies. I want one star reviews like the one you wrote up above, not like the ones I post below. 

I'm still interested in seeing the review of yours that Goodreads hid.

I'm Carroll Bryant .... and this is The Looking Glass.

Things We Learned today:

* The bullies cry foul when their bully reviews are hidden

* Carroll wants to see "AnnaLund's" hidden book review

* "AnnaLund", interestingly enough, doesn't supply a link to the review. Why?

* The bullies still claim this is about bad reviews when it's not

* The phrase "spill the beans" was used in this post

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  1. Goodreads clearly stated, or at least Kara did that they will no longer just hide attack reviews but delete them. AnnaLund complaining about her review being hidden proves that goodreads is lying again. If suspected this whole thing was a dog and pony show for the benefit of Amazon and Otis and his ilk plan to change nothing. They removed the files for 21 accounts, with 20 million members they did 1/millionth of the job, virtually nothing. I had over 100 1-star ratings on my 8 books before the shake-up, now I have 200+. So in reality the situation for authorsis worse.


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