Monday, December 30, 2013

Tucker Reed Mystery Solved

Okay everyone, thanks to some readers, who sent me the story and the link, I believe we have uncovered the mystery as to why the bullies targeted author Tucker Reed, and her book "Never Was" which was also co-written by her mother and sister.

You're not going to believe this. Then again, maybe you will.

As suspected, and as is most of the cases, Tucker Reed did not start this madness. It was started by "LitChick" (Cory) and her review of Tucker's book. The best way I can explain this is, "LitChick" found Tucker's book disgusting, and racist. She (LitChick) couldn't believe that racism would exist in D.C. 

Yes, you heard correctly, and because of this, "LitChick" started a hate campaign towards the book, and the three authors, most notably, Tucker Reed. 

"LitChick" started a fight, and recruited her bully minions, and they all went into a complete psychotic frenzy OVER A FICTIONAL STORY! Then they started to accuse the author(s) of being racists. 

I know, it sounds all too crazy, but it's true. When Tucker discovered this review, as eventually, most authors will, and tried to answer "LitChick's" questions about the book, and explain how much of the plot will be revealed in the next book, "LitChick", and the rest of Bully Nation on GR / BL accused Tucker of "sticking her nose where it didn't belong", essentially. 

Then the bullies caught wind of Tucker explaining the book on BL and Tumblr, which prompted the bullies to go after her. 

So what it comes down to is, Tucker didn't do anything to start this mess, but rather, the bullies themselves started it with their insanity, baiting Tucker (as is their M.O. which is clearly spelled out on STGRB) then when Tucker responded to defend the book, and her own reputation as they were now calling her a racist, the bullies ganged up on her. 

When you don't respond to the bullies, they call you a coward and assume they were right about you as per their harsh and libel comments. When you try to respond to them, even politely, they call you a stalker, a whiner, and a badly behaving author. No matter what you do, you just can't win with these nut jobs. Which is what makes them the evil monsters that they are. They are not readers, they are bullies, always looking for a fight, and always on the prowl for another author to attack, and try to destroy. 

But hey, don't take my word for it, just check out the screenshots of how it all started. I gathered them from "LitChick's" GR review of the Tucker Reed book, "Never was". You read for yourself how this whole mess started. This is senseless stupidity and hate at its worst. It's the bullies at their best. 



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  1. These drama queens look for things to be offended about, then they can happily bitch about it with their fellow drama queens. This gives their lives meaning. They're to be pitied and forgotten.

    1. And when they don't find things that offends them, they make it up.

  2. That Karma Bites is Horney mama. The thing about Angela Horne's blog and other writing is, the moment anyone looks at a single post of hers they instantly think: This is the lowest of the low, third class, trashy, market woman thug (worse than Elisa Dolittle ever was) that ever walked the Internet and laugh out loud, not paying a penny worth of attention to all the crap she spreads on the net. ROFL.

    1. Oh crap, that's right, Karma Bites is Angela Horn. I forgot to mention that in the post. Thanks for reminding me. But hey, I thought us authors were the ones who have all of these so called sock puppets? How many socks does that make for "Indie Angie"? LOL


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