Thursday, February 13, 2014

Anne Rice Denounces Goodreads

Ms. Rice continues her crusade to spread the word about the many trolls and bullies that have infested the Amazon Forum Boards and In the process, she also makes it clear that she is well aware of what is still going on over on Goodreads and has publicly denounced it, saying, "After all I've heard I would not go near it." - as shown in the following screenshot from her Facebook page.

She also condemns Amazon Forum Boards and the bully / troll groups that exist there, and at one time, also existed on Goodreads, and perhaps still do only maybe hidden from view. Groups such as "BBA" (Badly Behaving Authors) and "Cows Full Of Ink" - as shown in this next screenshot, still on her Facebook page. (I suggest you go to her Facebook page and read all of the comments yourself.)

It is so refreshing to see her speaking out against these angry and vile people who continue to argue that it is all about authors complaining of bad reviews when in fact this is not the case. These bullies / trolls continue to fail to see that this is about fake ratings of books they never read and fake reviews, and reviews that personally attack authors for the sake of trying to destroy authors reputations and careers. One merely needs to go to my books on Goodreads to see many examples of these fake ratings and reviews / attacks that still exist there.

Unfortunately, she has yet to see the hypocrisy of STGRB at this point in their attacks against Rick Carufel, myself, and others.

I hold out faith that she will eventually realize that STGRB and Goodreads now have a love fest going on where once a month GR will ban a bully, and STGRB will report on it and, at the same time, praise Goodreads when once upon a short time, the two were mortal enemies.

I mentioned in an earlier post that every month since Goodreads "new" policy, and STGRB's sudden support of it (where in the past, they were always skeptical of GR and their "new" policies) that another bully was banned, and STGRB would give praise, and predicted this would continue for a while. And it has! This month is no different. This month, Derrick was banned from Goodreads and STGRB not only reported it, but praises GR for it, yet, Anne Rice still has the good understanding that Goodreads remains a toxic environment, and refuses to endorse it.

Derrick was the one who kick started the attack on Lauren Howard. While I too am pleased that another bully got the boot, was there ever a reason given for it? Do we know what Derrick has continued to do to now all of a sudden get kicked off Goodreads? Or was / is my theory valid in that STGRB and Goodreads made a deal, and this is just part of that deal, to ban a bully every so often merely in an attempt to "rally the troops"? And then for STGRB to find a reason to denounce Rick Carufel and myself in the process?

While we may never know the full truth, the circumstantial evidence continues to mount. All signs continue to point in the direction of a possible deal between STGRB and Goodreads.

Meanwhile, I continue to applaud Ms. Rice for her stance against the internet trolls / bullies. I only hope that more authors of her caliber will join in with spreading the word and bringing more attention to a very serious problem. I also hope that someday these trolls / bullies will understand that this is not about bad reviews, but fake ratings and reviews that attack authors on a personal basis. Keep your reviews aimed only at the book. Don't give fake ratings and reviews to books you never read. I hope these trolls / bullies will realize that they are not fooling anyone, we know when they are lying about reading a book. We also know when a book review is being used to attack authors.

I'm Carroll Bryant .... and this is The Looking Glass.


  1. You can see even on her own Facebook page the trolls are being coy, basically telling her she's wrong and they can't believe what she says about the Amazon bullies. Am I the only one who noticed this? In a few days I'll publish the comments from the Amazon forum where Anne and I discuss the troll and bully problem. STGRB has edited out all my comments so it looks like Ms. Rice is just making random statements.

    1. I think Anne is emailing with Athena. I warned Anne to be careful in regards to what she says to Athena in emails because Athena hasn't a problem sending those emails to third parties. Anne appears to not believe this so I left her links to the post that shows Athena sending you her and mine private email about you in her attempt to start trouble between us. I only hope she reads those posts and sees the evidence. I would hate to see Anne write something to Athena now in friendship only to have Athena send them out to others later to use against her. Although I doubt Athena would do that to Ms. Rice. Still, one can't be too careful, can they?

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  4. I forgot to mention that "Caravan Girl" book blog looks like a good place for indie authors. They offer good tips and advice for authors. I added them to my side bar.


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