Friday, January 17, 2014

The Athena Parker Emails

I said I wasn't going to do this, and that I was done. And I am. However, a recent post on STGRB came to my attention and I decided to set the record straight. You all deserve at least that.

First, I want to focus on the post by STGRB. The same people who claim "To hold themselves to a higher standard". I suppose this post by them is how high their standards are. So be it. Take a look.

And now the comments on this post. 

You would think, first of all, that when I said I was out, they would respect that and drop it. But they didn't. 

Now, I am not going to go to war with them, but I will defend myself and as you all expect from me, to show the truth. Not sit here and mock like they are doing. 

I also want to stress that they did block my IP so now I can't see what they are saying. Well, not on my laptop, but I can still see their website from my desktop if I would so choose. Which I choose not to do. I can also see it from the library computers too. So why they blocked my laptop IP is a mystery. 

I also want to say that I clicked a link on a Facebook post yesterday, or the day before. It was a link to Melissa Douthit's blog. I have never ever been there before but guess what? My IP is blocked from there also. Coincidence? ... The link went to her post where she "finally" comes out publicly to deny that she and Athena are the same person. Yet, when Athena friended me on Facebook back when, a couple days later, Melissa did too. When Athena unfriended me on Facebook, a day or two later, Melissa did likewise. I can't ever recall Melissa and I ever talking. And this removal by her occurred prior to me writing anything about her and Athena possibly being the same person. But it appears to me that whatever Athena does, Melissa does as well. I find this odd. Just saying.

Anyhow, now let's take a look at the emails Athena and I exchanged with each other regarding this Lucy Flood situation and you decide if "Johnny" is correct in his statement that I threatened Athena in an email. We'll also see how that compares to her threatening me. I will reveal the emails and you can read them and you will be able to reach your own conclusions. Fair enough? Good! Let's begin. 

Now as you already know, I did a post focusing on an attack by the bullies on Lucy Flood. I posted an email exchange that Athena posted in the Facebook group that Rick Carufel actually started. I assumed that since I was covering attacks on other authors, and that Athena posted Lucy's email in the group, that I could use it for my post. Okay, I was wrong. More on that later. However, before I show you all Lucy's email to me and my responses, let me show you what Athena sent to me. 

As you can see, Athena is requesting that I take down the "email" portion of the post. This is exactly what Lucy herself asked me to - which we will get to later - and to this point, this is all I was requested to do. Now here is my response to Athena. 

At worst, I refer to Lucy as being a coward. Harsh? Perhaps. But certainly not the end of the world by any means. I was upset because I was trying to do some good. I also had seen some of the comments in the Facebook group and people were seemingly upset about what I had done. I hadn't responded - to my knowledge - to the group right away. I saw the emails from Athena and Lucy first before going to the group and seeing the outrage there. Next we will see Athena's response. 

So far, no big deal, right? I had already removed myself from the group. It wasn't the first time I had done it, but when you see a "lynch mob" starting to form, like I did back on Goodreads in the summer of 2012, you start to get the feeling of history somewhat repeating itself. Deciding to beat the crowd to the punch this time, I removed myself in hopes to calm the waters. However, that last line Athena wrote, "I see you removed yourself from the group. That's probably for the best.", indicated to me that my feeling was warranted. They were going to ban me from the group for making ONE mistake. 

Are we caught up now? Good. Let's proceed. 

This fact of knowing that I was already in line for the ban only infuriated me further than what I already was. Also notice at this point, I had already removed that email Lucy wrote to STGRB and at this point, should have been done and over with, right? Well, first let's look at my response to her. 

You see how she had said I made enemies with those I should be making friends with? How could I be trying to make enemies when I was trying to help? I made a mistake, I was asked to remove it and I did. But I saw the "lynch mob" forming in the group and took evasive action by leaving it. Everything to this point was pretty much over in my mind. I said my peace and did as I was requested. But that wasn't good enough I guess. I also sent an email predicting that the bullies would make a comeback in 2014. (This is what Athena references in her response) but I couldn't find that particular email. I may have inadvertently deleted it. Anyhow, here is Athena's response.

She accused me of storming off in a huff simply because I did as Lucy requested, and asked her not to email anymore, and blocking her from doing so in the process. Okay, fine, I stormed off in a huff. You're entitled to your opinion. The truth is, I was done with it. I made a mistake and I corrected it. In my mind, it should have been over right there. As for the apology and owning it, I returned to my blog and posted my apology there and owned it. I did not respond to that email of hers. I had dropped it by this point. But shortly afterwards, Athena sent me another one. Take a look. 

Now all of a sudden, removing the email from the post wasn't enough. Publicly apologizing wasn't enough. Owning it wasn't enough. Now I am being requested to remove any mention of Lucy sending an email to STGRB. However, if I remove that, then wouldn't I have to remove my public apology for posting the email she sent to STGRB? And wouldn't I have to delete me "owning it"? This is why I decided not to remove any mention of Lucy writing to STGRB in the first place. I had already done what Athena and Lucy requested, but now they are requesting more. Their requests continue to escalate with each thing I accommodate them with. Here is my response finally to Athena. I said to her that I would own it again, but when I went back to the post, I saw I already did. I figured she might not have caught it so I assured her that I did. 

Then I responded again. Confirming everything. 

Again, you can clearly see that I was still upset about everything. Mostly now because I knew that the group was calling for my head after I tried to do something good for Lucy and the cause. And all because I made one mistake in all of this time. I couldn't understand it. Which supported my already "then decision" to get out of the fight anyway. I had enough. Then Athena responds. 

And again she harps about the fact that I failed to delete any mention in regards to Lucy having written an email to STGRB. But by this point, I didn't care. I was done with it all. I was not going to go back and edit that post anymore. I had already done what they originally wanted and then some. But the requests continued. It didn't just stop there. You will also notice where she says, "It's probably best if you just remove the post altogether or make her anonymous, not using her name." Then she proceeds with the blackmail portion of her email when she goes on to say, "Otherwise, I think she is going to write a post about how you betrayed her confidence and then sent her a nasty email, insulting her." And she concludes that paragraph by questioning my "behavior". 

First, how about her behavior in regards to not only continue to keep requesting new things with each passing email, but to suggest that if I do not comply that Lucy is going to write a post about me betraying her? How is that not blackmail again? 

The truth is, betrayal is when you promise someone something then you break that promise. I never promised anyone anything. I made a mistake. Had I promised her in the beginning that I wouldn't post that email and then posted it, then that would be more to the definition of betrayal. The simple fact is, I merely made a mistake. 

By now, the post had already been up long enough for people to take screenshots. Taking it down wouldn't have solved anything. I was still being trashed by the people I tried to help in that Facebook group simply for making that one mistake, and I have now just been blackmailed to take down my post or else! Not to mention, I wasn't sure if Lucy was really going to do that or if this was just Athena's way of trying to get me to do her bidding. But at this point, she (and Lucy?) continued to press the issue and up the demands. In my opinion, I had done everything I could or wanted to do. And after the blackmail attempt, my attitude got a little more irate. My defiance was at a hundred percent by now. Check out my response.

As you can see, I didn't succumb to the blackmail. I simply decided that if she (Lucy) was going to write a post as Athena stated, then I was just simply going to post that email back up. And how did Athena react to this? Check it out for yourself. 

Yes, the "threat" was backed off. Lucy just decided to "drop" the whole thing. (Or did Athena decide to just drop the whole thing?) I guess we'll never know. Then she rambles on about how she had to defy the odds and all the people she tried to help. It appears maybe she made some mistakes before too, but she pushed through. (The warrior that she is)

Then she brings it up again that I should have gotten Lucy's permission first before posting that email. Yes, I get it. I owned it. I made a mistake. Move on. Geesh. 

But at the end of the first shot of her response, she says I "cursed" Lucy out? Okay, keep that in the back of your mind because we will soon see this so called "cursing" I gave to Lucy. Meanwhile, let's see my response to Athena, shall we?

I finalized it with, "This conversation has run its course for me." And at this point, it had run its course with me. I was done with it. But alas, Athena was not. 

First of all, why would Athena care about how the trolls are spinning this? Didn't she just give me the big speech about how she took abuse from both sides and how she pushed through it all to be the hero? So why bother now about what the trolls are saying? Who cares? Everyone knows how they spin things. Sometimes they make stuff up and spin that too. 

But I also see where she is trying to get me to unblock Lucy from my email and send her one to "personally" apologize to her. I thought my public apology was good enough. They (Athena nor Lucy) specifically asked me to apologize personally, in fact, Lucy never asked that of me at all, only Athena requested it. And when she did, she didn't state for it to be personally, only that I apologized, which I did publicly on the post itself. Again, making new demands as we go along here. And this after I said this conversation had run its course for me. Where is the respect that should have been shown for that? 

She then says the whole thing doesn't affect her either way, but apparently, it does. She sure did take it upon herself for the first time I can ever think back to get involved like this with me and someone else. I'm still trying to figure out why she thought she needed to get involved in the first place. But wait! There's more. I did not respond again to that email so what does she do? She sends another. 

I'm "hot-headed"? You think? Gee, I wonder why? She then brings up the message I sent to Adam Archer Ping on Goodreads the day of my attack when after he posted a comment on my GR blog post mentioning that I should "go kill myself", I went off on his punk ass. Later, he says what he posted was an email that I allegedly sent to Jude Henderson. Apparently, by my reaction, I didn't recognize it. I thought he was threatening me. So I messaged him on GR and told him flat out, why hope for me to go kill myself? Why don't he come and do it for me if he was bad ass enough? In other words, I was calling him out, and like the true punk that he is, he cowards up and flags the message from his inbox. 

A real tough guy, isn't he?

But this is the very same thing that "Johnny" from STGRB mentions in the comment above, correct? And while Athena and "Johnny" both bring it up, they then try to somehow defend it by explaining the tension I was under from the massive attack I was receiving. My question is, why bring it up at all if you're just gonna half ass defend it at the same time? I don't get it. What's the point? ... Oh yeah, now I understand the point, to try and somehow "belittle" me? The same manner of posting that post in the first place on STGRB? ... Did I do this to them? Did I try to "mock" them in some way? The last time I checked my posts, I was trying to explain what happened and share my thoughts about Athena, Melissa and STGRB. I didn't try and humiliate them by mocking them and posting pics or gifs like the ..... like the ..... OMG! Like the bullies do? 

Then for "Johnny" to accuse me publicly of "threatening" Athena, and claiming that I was never "blackmailed" by her or anyone, which we already seen I was, and him not posting the evidence to support his claim - is this "rising" above the pettiness? Is this STGRB being "better than that"? I mean, what other purpose for their post if not to try and humiliate me (and Rick Carufel) and lie about me in the process? To this point, have you seen me threaten Athena? 

And FYI - I mostly don't lose my temper until I am pushed. Unless you catch me already in a bad mood - which isn't very often. But I did finally respond to her, after she continued to email me after I proclaimed that this conversation had run its course. (I was being pushed?) 

Ooops, I guess "Johnny" was right. I did end up blackmailing her in return. Only I was asking that this "in house" bickering to stop. I had seen enough when she took to STGRB to have a blog war with Rick Carufel. Something I thought STGRB was better than that and to do such a thing. I can't recall them ever going to a blog war with any of the bullies. Not even "The BBA Whsiperer" or "Genxpose". Yet they did do this with Rick Carufel and now, they appear ready to be doing it with me? Funny, for such a "professional" website, I would think that sort of thing would be "below" their standards of operation. I don't see Salon doing it. Or "The USA Today" website. 

And let's face it "Johnny", my blackmail, or "threat" as you call it, was no more worse than the one Athena laid on me. I was calling for unity among those who were supposed to be on "my side". I simply stated that I was going to expose this to the bullies if we didn't stop the adolescent arguing and stop punishing each other for making mistakes. We were supposed to be on the same team! 

The people who read "The Glass" expect only two things from me. First, they expect the truth and or my opinion. Second, they expect me to admit when I get the truth wrong. The fact that there was obvious bickering among the "good guys" was wearing on my last nerve. I wanted it to stop. But apparently, Athena nor STGRB wants it to stop. Maybe not even the people on the Facebook group wants it to stop, evidently.  I was simply going to admit the truth to my readers about what was really going on. However, I offered Athena a chance to call for unity and what did she do instead? Well, let's see what she did, shall we? 

Yes, that's right, she wasted no time what so ever going to Facebook to remove me as a friend. Nor did Melissa soon there after. She took down everything Carroll Bryant on STGRB. Blocked my IP (as did Melissa) In essence, my "threat" wasn't nearly as bad as her threat against me, "Johnny". Yet she was the one who took to acting like some spoiled little brat who didn't get her way after I made one simple mistake. Seems to me she was the one who went off in a huff. I guess it's okay for her to blackmail me but no one else can return the favor? (If you really want to call my blackmail a blackmail or a threat) I mean, it seems to me that if anyone should have started the "temper tantrum" for being blackmailed or "threatened", it should have been me. But it wasn't, was it? 

I was still calling for a show of unity. 

And as for those emails with Lucy Flood? There was only two. Here is the first one she sent me. 

And how did I respond?

That's me "cursing" at Lucy as per "Johnny's" version.

Lucy sent another email. Unfortunately, when I blocked her, the system must have deleted it because I can't find it. However, she basically thanked me and mentioned something about her and I being on the same team. That's pretty much about it. And did I respond to it anyway? Well, maybe this one has all the cussing it in because I only sent Lucy two emails. Let's check it out, "Johnny".

You see "Johnny", I think you opened your big mouth on this one too soon. I fail to see any cursing in the only two emails I sent to Lucy. It was after this one when I banned her from emailing me in response because I knew she was going to disrespect my wishes. I beat her to the punch. Chalk it down to experience.

And again, where are all the insults? I don't get it, Athena, and "Johnny". The way you portrayed me in your post and comments, one would think I reached through the computer screen and smacked the bejeezus out of her or something. Or was that portrayal planned? 

It would seem to me that STGRB, Athena, Melissa, and "Johnny" have some kind of agenda here. But as you can plainly see, I am not hiding from anything. I am not trying to allude to anything, just posting the facts. The truth. That's my only agenda here. The truth. I don't need to post pics and or gifs to mock anyone. I am above that. (I like to think) But evidently, STGRB is not. It seems to me that they have something to hide. One thing is for sure, I think we can see how "Johnny" lies to try and make a point. And if "Johnny" and STGRB is willing to lie about me, and the way I treated poor Lucy Flood, and my horrible "threat" to Athena after her attempted blackmail to me, then what else have they lied about? 

It's something to consider, yes?

I'm not going to try and explain my words in a private email to Athena that was meant for her eyes only. To which she has been sending those emails to others behind my back like a true classy lady would. And I am not going to say I am perfect. I get mad and angry and upset like everyone else from time to time. I offer no excuses for it. I'll own it. I'm human after all. But you didn't see me run off in a fit of rage deleting everything Athena and STGRB, did you? Oh no, that is their way of "rising" above it all. And I am not the one who tried to comically humiliate anyone with a pic or a gif, was I? Oh no, that is for the bullies to do and apparently, STGRB - rising above it all again. And I am not the one who takes to my blog to lie about people, am I, "Johnny"? Oh no, that is for the "professional" people over at STGRB to do. 

You called me out, "Johnny", and look, here I am. Got anymore lies you want to spill without evidence? As you can now plainly see, I have nothing to hide nor anything to be ashamed of. If I am going to say anything to you, about you, I'll do it to your damn fake face boy.

You're nothing but a punk, "Johnny", nothing but a punk. The good news is, now everyone else can see it for themselves too. 

But there you have it everyone, the whole story surrounding Lucky Flood, Carroll Bryant, Athena Parker, STGRB, and good ole honest Abe himself, "Johnny B. Good".

What's in your agenda?

I'm Carroll Bryant .... and now you know the whole story. 




  1. I am opening up the comments until February 1st.

    But you will have to use your Google account. No Anons.

    Have at it.

  2. I just figured out why they really blocked my IP .... in so I wouldn't see any of their lies about me and do posts like this one.

  3. Now that I'm thinking about it, isn't it "Johnny" who is hiding behind a fake name? And he refers to Rick and I as "mystery men" when he and I are actually using our real identities?

    Can this be called hypocrisy?

  4. I'd like to point out that Athena was the one to post the email from Lucy in the first place in the group I started but was banned from. From that point the trust confidentiality was broken by her. But it's OK for her to publish emails but not you. I have tried to post to STGRB using anonymizers. Every time I say something that doesn't agree with them the post is not published and the IP gets blocked. So STGRB censors all posts and refuses to publish anything that doesn't agree with them. I specifically phrased the posts in the form of questions and made sure nothing was in the post that would lead them to believe it was coming to me. So it is not only Athena's policy to refuse to publish anything that questions anything about STGRB but also block that IP so any further communication cannot be sent to the blog. This shows a level of pettiness and tyranny that is unhealthy. Coupled with the multiple personalities displayed with the use of many socks show clearly that Athena/Johnny/Mellissa is an egomaniac and soiciopath, Just another piss-ant on a power trip with serious mental issues.

    1. They have censored some of my comments in the past before too. Even changed them a time or two by taking something out, adding something in or rephrasing the comment. I just ignored it.

      I might not say the most political correct thing but that's only because I am not a politician .... or a communist for that matter (which they are all the same in my book) ... the point is that you don't have to like what I say or agree with it, but what I say I stand behind with my name and conviction. Which is more than I can say for STGRB right now.

      First the bullies spread my emails all around the internet attacking me. Now Athena is doing it to me. It's like being "raped" all over again.

      Then the bullies post a bunch of pic and gif's to mock me and get a cheap thrill at my expense ...... STGRB is doing it now.

      Then the bullies start lying, making posts that don't show or prove a thing .... Johnny is now doing it.

      It's like being bullied all over again. Only this time, it is coming from someone I trusted.

      I'm still wondering how many people has she betrayed by sharing their emails with others? If you do it once, you will do it twice and you will do it a thousand times. I bet it wasn't her first time.

      I gave you things Rick that you could use against me too. I gave you both ammunition to find out who would use it against me. I was hoping neither would use it but it turned out she was the shady one, not you. And right now, everything Athena, Johnny and STGRB is doing, is closely resembling what the bullies do. Facts are facts, and they are trying to tell one side of the story, trying to gain favor and pit everyone against me, meanwhile, I am the one posting all of the email conversation so that everyone can read the truth. And the truth is, I never cursed at Lucy in the two emails I sent her like Athena and Johnny claim. I wasn't the horrible monster towards her as they would lead you to believe. Athena did try to blackmail me. The picture they are trying to paint in this situation is not entirely accurate at all. They are desperately trying to abuse the credibility they had and now they are losing that credibility by their own actions and lies.

      Even in her own emails Athena says in one that she is not happy .... then in the next she says it doesn't affect her either way. - Make up our minds. Which is it?

      I'm not just going to give my side of the story. I will post the whole thing. That's what I did. I did it so everyone can see exactly how it all went down. And it wasn't as horrible as STGRB is claiming. And certainly isn't even close to being what they say it is.

  5. You have been betrayed by the STGRB hate website run by a troll.

  6. Hi Carroll!

    Been a long time since we've exchanged thoughts. Not for any particular reason on my part. I'll tell you what I think...

    Both you and Athena are correct in my opinion. So you're probably thinking, how does that work, right? Well, initially, I was sooo floored by the creeps on GR that I reacted to them and started posting on STGRB. They just shocked me, which ain't all that easy. I've really never had a gang of miscreants attack my books just because I dared to speak to a person that left an invalid 1-star that had certainly never read the book she rated. I didn't like GR and I still do not. STGRB accomplished nada on my behalf - the BS ratings and negative shelving is all still on each of my titles, though some of the shelves are slightly less disparaging.

    Still, that being said, I appreciate STGRB for what they tried to accomplish. Not their fault the gangs still rove the net and haunt new sites. The point that I stopped posting on the site was when a couple of my comments questioning Eve were not published. I felt that I had valid questions concerning her abused women project and some of her strange statements - when it came to Eve, I actually started to see the point the bullies were making. The more Eve and others on STGRB balked at my minor questions that did post, the more I turned away. The questions that didn't post were related to her statements about the stalker ex and something about not having a telephone # to give the court due to a fear the ex would get it and being told she'd go to jail over this. That was absurd and I felt that I had a right to say so. It was more involved than that and not worth getting into at this point.

    I didn't agree with everything stated on STGRB, but only left because I was not allowed to respond when I disagreed. One doesn't need to agree with everything stated anywhere.

    You call it like you see it. I can understand why this Lucy wanted to hide though. You work hard getting a book to the point that it's published and then it's trashed by crazy miscreants. I totally get it. I am still - to this day - a target of Horn (not saying how so here). But I also didn't exit out of fear - just wanted you to know that. Sometimes it's just easier to ignore nuts than challenge them and I've been busy with other entrepreneurial pursuits.

    Best to you,


    1. It has been a while, Vicky. Always good to hear from you. You are not alone where STGRB is concerned, they have failed to post some of my comments before in the past. I always overlooked it. Still, I had many a people email me about it. What can I say? Some folks like censorship. Especially when you disagree with them about something.

      That's the one thing I allowed here on The Glass. I always welcomed a difference of opinion. However, I always stopped short of having a full blown debate with anons. I'd let them push the envelope, but eventually enough was enough.

      I get what you're saying, and I somewhat agree. There is a little bit of correctness coming from both sides, mine and Athena, however, after she tried to blackmail me, I wasn't the one who stormed off to throw a little hissy fit or temper tantrum, and start deleting her and STGRB from The Glass.

      I also wasn't the one who sent her and mine private emails around to other people behind her back like she did to me. A total bully thing to do.

      But you are correct, I do call it like I see it. I might be right, I might be wrong, and some things I say are clearly open for discussion and or debate, but at least I stick to my opinion. When I'm wrong, I say I'm wrong, and I own it. Not too many from either side of the fight can claim that, if any at all. I know I have never seen a bully own anything, or say they're wrong about something. Nor have I seen Athena or STGRB itself do such.

      It's all comes down to character, Vicky, and you're one of those who recognizes this. People may not like me, but at least they can't say I am devious. I will do what I do out in the open. It's the ones who are always sneaking around, trying to hide things you need to question.

      But I am out of the fight. When you get crucified for making one mistake, after all the many good things I have done, and STGRB turns on you for no good reason and lies about you, and mocks you, then it;s time to pack it in. It's time to realize that there may have not been anything worth fighting for. Except to defend yourself. But that's okay, I understand, STGRB made a deal with GR and where the bullies are concerned, STGRB wanted to be the only ones to claim themselves the hero's in somewhat defeating them, they didn't want to share the accolades which is why they turned on myself and Rick Carufel. So for now, I am leaving the nuts for the squirrels.

      Best of luck with those pursuits, Vicky. I have a feeling you'll do well.

  7. I see now that STGRB is going to ride the coattails of Anne Rice. Rick Carufel was the one who first reported Ms. Rice's involvement with the bullies, and then I made a post regarding it. Ever since, STGRB has been trying to jump on that bandwagon.

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