Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Missing In Action

This is interesting. John Green took down a couple of posts about me on his blog and offers up a strange explanation.

More dissention in the ranks? Kind of like what happened with GenX and Ann Somerville? One can only speculate I imagine. Cutting ties with Amanda Welling would be a good idea right about now.

Okay, this post was too short so now, let's have some fun. I was recently directed to the Jon and Amanda Welling blog, "Carroll Bryant Lies". To the comment section of the page "His History" and there I found this exchange. (Check out the screenshots)

First of all, sorry "anon" that my posts are too long and boring and go off track sometimes. I'll try and do better. But you are right, I shift gears a lot.

Apparently, somebody wants to see all the evidence of everything I have been accused of doing. Can't say I blame them, I wouldn't mind seeing it myself. Be that as it may, this "anon" got the proverbial treatment of "Blah, blah, blah, STGRB, blah, blah, blah, Carroll Bryant, blah, blah, blah, *Tear* and blah.

What I was drawn to was this statement when Jon (or) Amanda responded:

"In short, Carroll posted a list of bloggers who didn't fulfill their reviewing duties on one of his books. It was later admitted, by Carroll, that he never sent books to these bloggers, but he was mad that they didn't keep their promise. That never made sense to many people. He didn't lose money on anything and book bloggers are not required to review books that are sent to them to begin with. A few of the bloggers he named claimed they didn't have anything to do with him. It escalated from there and turned into a huge mess."

I later admitted that I never sent books to these bloggers? Really? Can we see a screenshot of where I say that? I sure would like to see it because I can't seem to recall saying that. I did send those books to those bloggers after they approached me asking for a free read in exchange for a review and or interview. (It varied from blogger to blogger) And while I was mad they didn't keep their word, I let six plus months go by before posting "The List". And why did I post the list? To get back at Jude Henderson for manipulating my friend and co-blogger in allowing my friend to make Jude an administrator on our shared blog under the guise of "helping with her blog design" just so she (Jude) could leave links to her blogs on the pages of my shared blog. And why would Jude do this? Because she wanted to "rub it in my face" and show me that she can still "get" to me anytime she wanted.

And why would she want to do that? Because I had blocked her from being able to email me a few months prior. This was Jude's way of "getting back" at me. You see, Jude didn't want people to know she and I were still "friends" - she wanted to be "secret" friends. (Don't ask me why, I still don't know. She's crazy that way)

Anyhow, I posted "The List" as a retaliation for what Jude did. I don't mind that she tried to "lash out" at me, I just didn't like her using, manipulating and deceiving my friend in the process. When you use my friends as a way to get even with me, I'm going to come down hard on you. That's what I did.

It may not justify the situation, but I did it for payback - right or wrong - and I own it. I would do it again if I had the chance. But those bloggers who broke their word, they were Jude's friends and when Jude broke her word, they followed her.

Now that we got that straightened out, I still want to see the screenshot where I said I recanted my story and said I never sent those books. So please, show us the proof "Carroll Bryant Lies". (Or should I say Jonathon Welling? Amanda? GenX? Whomever you are. LOL (That last one was sarcasm. Sorry about that.

But seriously, you said it, you made the claim - now produce your evidence.
Trust me when I say, you will never see it. Why? Because I never said it. Hey, I thought your blog was to report on my lies, not make your own lies up?
Oh, here is something funny. Check this out. They posted a screenshot of their "Traffic" and it has me written all over it.

I hate to break the bad news Welling family, but I have only been to your site about four times the past three days. I think what you have there are "my readers" clicking on your link I left in one of my posts. Hey, you can thank me later for sending you the page views, just glad I could help out. I said I would do that if you wanted.

And look at you, almost 1000 views already. My, aren't we the grown up bloggers?
And while we're on the subject of "Carroll Bryant Lies" blog, I was sent this email from a site visitor who took time out of their day to read Jon and Amanda's little blog and then took the liberty to leave a comment which, amazingly enough, was never published. So this person took the extra time out of their day to send me a copy of it via email. I thought since "Carroll Bryant Lies" didn't publish the comment from one of their readers, I would post it here. And here is that comment.

Now, let me see if I get this straight "Carroll Bryant Lies" blog; You don't want me commenting because, as you stated, I have a gazillion blogs to say my peace, so why didn't you publish this readers comments? Oh, wait, let me guess, because it defends me? (And you don't call yourself a hate blog?) So, for everyone reading this, the comment policy over at "Carroll Bryant Lies" blog is as follows: "Agree with us. Do not defend Carroll Bryant. Conflicting opinions to what we believe will result in your comment NOT being published!"

I'm still waiting to see that screenshot. That proof. Turning blue in the face over here. Can't ... hold ... my ... breath ... much .....

I'm Carroll Bryant .... and this is the Looking Glass.
Things We Learned Today:
* John Green took down a couple of posts about Carroll Bryant under suspicious circumstances

* "Carroll Bryant Lies" said I re-tracked a statement but can't show the proof

* "Carroll Bryant Lies" - actually they do lie

* "Carroll Bryant Lies" is getting a lot of visitors from my "Looking Glass" blog

* "Carroll Bryant Lies" won't publish your comment if the comment is in support of Carroll Bryant

* Carroll posted "The List" just to get back at Jude

* Jude stalked Carroll on his shared blog

* Jude used Carroll's friend to try and get even with Carroll

* Carroll can't hold his breath .... much .... longer .....


  1. Carroll you really are a hero! It just shows how good a person you are that even after all the crap the bullies have thrown in your direction you still have a sense of humour! I have a picture in my head of you going blue in the facing while waiting for this proof that doesn't even exist! Amanda Welling and her husband are liars. Everything that they say about you is invented in their crazy little heads! They have such an evil and twisted marriage!

    I can guarantee you that a lot of people are leaving comments of support for you on Genx blog and on her husband's blog. But they are never going to post them. They are such hypocrites! I have never seen such blatant hypocrisy in my entire life! If they can't see that themselves than they really are mentally unstable!

    I wonder why John Green took down the blog stories about you? Everyone is turning against Amanda Welling, she brought the whole thing on herself. It is a good thing that JG has taken the blogs down. At the end of the day these people spread cruel lies about you. Lets just hope that the end is in sight! At last you are getting justice Carroll! You have showed proof of everything that you have ever said.

    Those bullies have made life on the internet hell for so many people. And now lots of people are calling you a hero Carroll! You were brave and you stood up to the bullies and you proved them to be liars! 99% of people always knew that you were telling the truth from then start, by now everyone has been left with-out any shadow of a doubt that you were bullied, baited and bullied again and again! You have come out of this whole thing with your head held high, while Amanda Welling and the other trolls have been showed up as bare faced liars!

    From Charlotte.

  2. Just browsing your blog Carroll. Not bad. Great job on that Goodreads story.

    Hey, I read that post where Amanda called you fat boy. I take it she hasn't seen your pictures yet? I saw them, and you do not look fat. I really like that picture of you and your sister in your army pants and tee-shirt. You were adorable. Bet you had a six pack under that tee *hehehe* Your recent picture looks good to me too. I saw Amanda's picture and she's fat. You can tell. Her husband also looks fat. I can't tell about Jude because she doesn't show her body in her pictures, only her face, which looks fat. You can tell by the face because the fatter the face the fatter the body. I wouldn't worry much about these bullies, I think everyone can see right through them. God bless.


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