Monday, February 25, 2013

GenXpose: Hypocrisy In Action!

So recently, I documented a new blog called "Carroll Bryant Lies" which apparently, as according to the bullies who created it, isn't a "Blogger" ToS violation. Despite the fact that they are libeling me by using my name and informing everyone in the title that I "lie". However, when I created three new blogs of my own using a few of the bullies names, followed by the truth, they start crying "Violation! Violation!" As shown here in these screenshots.

It would further illustrate how these bullies feel entitled to be able to create any blog they want about me and yet, nobody can do the same in return about them. Can you see their hypocrisy?

I have, of my own free will, suspended those blogs (and changed their names to better resemble the blog with my name, but the shock factor did the trick) until I return from my vacation in early April. Nobody will be allowed to see any of the posts until I change the settings. (If I change the settings) But bullies, you are now on alert. If you can do it, then so can I. And I will - reopen those blogs if you insist on playing your childish games and continue to stalk, harass and bully me with the "Carroll Bryant Lies" blog.

Are we understanding each other? I hope so.
Trust me, if my blogs violate any ToS by Google, then so does yours and all of us will end up losing all of our blogs in the end. Trust me on this. Or, we will all be allowed to have these blogs and we continue the insanity. Or, you take me to court where I will gladly go with you. It's your choice. You have until April to decide.
This madness is going to end one way or another.
I'm Carroll Bryant .... and this is The Looking Glass.
Things We Learned Today:
* The bullies can dish it out, but they can't take it
The Blog "Carroll Bryant Lies" calls my new blogs I created "fuckery" - where as their blog about me is NOT fuckery? Hypocrisy well played Amanda and company. Coming on the heels of exposing the truth about GenX really being Amanda Welling. Do you have anymore lies you wish to share Amanda? I mean, GenX?

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