Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Carroll Bryant Lies & Spin City

This is what I am talking about when I say that Amanda Welling, her husband Jon and the rest of the bullies like to "spin" things around. One of the recent spins of theirs is something I said in the comment section of a blog called "The Runaway Pen" where blog owner T.L. Shreffler said the following in her article about me. (Check the screenshot.)

My response was this.

If you read T.L.'s article, you get the impression that she is implying that I solicited these bloggers for a review by sending my books first and then expecting something in return, which simply isn't the case. They solicited me first, telling me that they would like to give me a review and or an interview (or both) in exchange for a free read (or copy) of my book(s). To which, I accepted their offer and accommodated them by then sending my book(s) to them on their promise to read, review, and or give me an interview after they read the book(s).

Now, if you go by Jon and Amanda Welling (the people behind "Carroll Bryant Lies") they are trying to spin my comment around to make it appear as though I said I never sent the books at all when in fact, I did send the books to them, I just didn't send it to them first. They approached me.

And by the way, I never told Jude to go kill herself because her and her friends broke their promises to me to review my book(s) or interview me. There is still no evidence that this email even exists or wasn't doctored. I will be covering this "alleged" email in a future post in March. Why don't you post this email so we can see it? Or is it imaginary?

Here is a screenshot of Jon and Amanda trying to educate me on the procedures of how book reviews work. Note that they use "publishers" as an example. I am an independent as are most of the authors on Goodreads. And these bloggers didn't just approach me requesting to read my book(s) - They in turn "gave me their word" they would do a review and or interview. And again, I didn't post "The List" because these bloggers didn't do as they promised, I posted the list because Jude stalked me on my blog and used my friend to get to me.

Then they say that they think I am being childish by posting "The List". Here is what they say on their blog: "We also think it is incredibly immature to post a list of bloggers who supposedly declined to review  your books or interview you because of one person, Jude. That's some middle-school drama-llama stupidity."

Well, "Carroll Bryant Lies" - I think it is childish of Jude to stalk me on my own blog after using my best friend to do it.

But here is a thought: Who cares what you think Jon and Amanda Welling? Who the "F" are you to be my "Judge, Jury and Executioners?" Your blog(s) were never mentioned. So why do you even care? Just because you hate me? So you started a hate blog against me and don't even allow my supporters to comment on it?

Even in my comment on "The Runaway Pen" I state:  "I was APPROACHED by these people for a "free read" where they PROMISED in return, they would interview me on their blog and or review my book. I accepted their deal (promise) to which, some did not do as they promised me. Had they never approached me, I would have never sent them a "free read" because I never do that. I never approach anyone asking them to do anything for me."

But yes, I did indeed send these bloggers a free copy of my book(s) but only after they solicited me first and requested them in exchange for the review/interview.

And like I said, if you read T.L.'s article, you will see where she implies that I solicited the bloggers first "willy nilly" with expectations that they would just review and interview me. That scenario is not the case yet, "Carroll Bryant Lies" spins it around in their hate for me to make it seem like I said that I never sent them the books at all.

I think anyone with a 5th grade education can read the article, read my comment and know what I was saying. And this is yet another reason why you simply can't trust "Carroll Bryant Lies" blog for the truth. It is a hate blog against me and we all know this. They make it obvious. They will spin anything and everything around and take things out of context, just like the Jude Henderson emails that she posted and showed to all of her bully friends.

I have some upcoming posts that will be talking about this topic, "spinning" from the bullies with good examples to show you how they do it. As for Jon and Amanda Welling of "Carroll Bryant Lies", you're supposed to cover my lies, not tell them yourselves. If you really want to be taken serious, you have to produce ACTUAL proof of me lying, not spinning something that I said.

Of course, this might be why they don't allow comments on their blog that support me. They don't want the truth to come out even though, by their lying and spinning - the truth comes out anyway. They keep making themselves look more stupid with every post. They are obviously a hate blog. They know it. I know it. All of you reading this know it. And this is further evidence of how they spin everything around and flat out lie.

But I don't think any of you need me to tell you that, do you?
Then they try and weasel out a reason as to why they don't allow comments on their blog that are in support of me. 
I'm Carroll Bryant ... and this is The Looking Glass.
Things We Learned Today:
* "Carroll Bryant Lies" blog do all of the lying and spinning
* Carroll Bryant didn't tell Jude to kill herself because she broke her promise to him to review his books and interview him
* Nobody (outside of the bullies) has even seen this email 


  1. Is this a joke? Jon and Amanda are crying about someone calling them fat after Amanda called you fat in a post on her Genxpose blog? My God these people are hypocrites to the core. And then they spin your comment like that? Forget them Carroll, they're just pissed off because you exposed them as the liars that they are. Everyone knows what you meant in your comment. Jon and Amanda Welling are the scum of the earth. They need to get a life. They're just jealous of you and your success.

  2. Here it is in a nutshell as I see it.

    1) Jon and Amanda Welling accuse Carroll of admitting that he never sent his books to these bloggers

    2) Carroll asks for proof

    3) Jon and Amanda use as their a proof a comment Carroll made explaining that he did not send his books first, but that the bloggers solicited him first then once an agreement was made, Carroll sent the books and the bloggers failed to deliver on their promise

    Carroll is right, that's not proof. Carroll never said he didn't send the books. He only said he didn't solicit them first to the bloggers.

    Conclusion: Jon and Amanda are either extremely stupid, or they are deliberately trying to ruin Carroll's image, or both.

    No wonder their fellow bullies are distancing themselves from those two. They keep making Carroll look good.


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