Sunday, February 17, 2013

John Green

So, I’m hanging on the net and stumble across this. It’s an irresponsible article by John Green. Understand, I don’t know John Green. I can’t recall having ever talked to him before. That’s not to say that we didn’t, but I can’t seem to recall it. (Just covering my ass here. As I reported in “Genxpose Part One”, these people seem to think that if they leave a comment for you on your blog or something, it means that “you know each other.”) Anyway, he has decided to get into the fray without any provocation from me. (Funny how these bullies love writing about me.)

It appears to be some kind of an attempt at good journalism, I don’t know. I’m not a professional journalist so I can’t very well say. The article itself is just another round of “Blah, blah, blah, STGRB, blah, blah, blah, Carroll Bryant, blah, blah, blah, *Tears*, and ends with a blah.”

Actually, it talks about the fact that GenXpose has (had) an open post policy and that I came out of “nowhere” and abused it. (Carroll, you big meanie!)

Here is an excerpt where he mentions me.

“Their latest bout of utter insanity occurred when out of nowhere, disgraced author and STGRB coattail rider Carroll Bryant began attacking the people behind the Genxpose blog, simply because they’d linked to a statement he’d made on his site regarding STGRB being temporarily offline. His tirade culminated in a threat to doc-drop, or doxx (reveal their personal & private details online) one of the site hosts. Oddly enough, STGRB, which claims to denounce and despise such behavior, not only never checked him on it but tacitly supported it. They accepted his insane- and utterly unfounded- assumption on Gen X’s identity at face value (though have since backtracked by deleting some of the references to it) and continue to allow him a platform to spout further nonsense from.”

Now let’s just hold our damn horses here, cowboy. Didn’t the screenshots in my article “GenXpose Part One” show that is was GenX who first emailed me? I didn’t appear out of nowhere. She did! Clearly, John Green hasn’t a clue. Most of these bullies don’t. And disgraced? I’m not disgraced in the slightest. At least, I don’t feel disgraced. And “STGRB coattail rider”? Oh, you mean like you riding the coattails of GenX now? Okay, I can live with that. Well, aren’t we just two peas in a pod Johnny? Look at us coattail riders jerking each other off here. Fancy that.

Then he goes on to rant:

 “As the screenshots clearly show, it was done simply as a point of reference, yet he interpreted it as a personal attack and began ranting and raving in the comments section of the post. Genxpose has a very liberal posting policy: to promote discourse they don’t mod or screen comments, so like Las Vegas what happens there stays there- but for all to see. Bryant pathologically ignored this fact while shuttling between STGRB and Genxpose, claiming that he’d been blocked from the site even while he was still posting on it (note the dates in each screenshot).”

You’re dang tootin’ I took offensive to it, GenX is a bully. When a bully mentions my name, I’m not taking it lightly. I took it as a personal attack because it was a personal attack, just like your personal attack on me, John Green. When you mention me in the sound of a whisper in a negative way, it’s on! None of you have any business period to write about me. Every time you do, I am always linked to one of your asinine conspiracy theories. That’s where it always leads. Then your gang of thugs come in to comment, and start tossing around the expletives, rumors and lies like they were candy covered kisses from grand-ma-ma.

Now, let’s advance to the next lie. The one where he says I claimed that my comments were blocked when I was still posting on it. Well John, they were. At least one of them was. It occurred right after Cherie said this.

Then yes, I did scoot over real quick and posted it on STGRB. What of it? You got  a problem with that tough guy? Too bad. Tell grand-ma-ma, she has some candy covered kisses for you bub. (Mmm, yummy)

But the ban on my comments didn’t last long. Here is my thoughts on what I think went down, given what lack of information I have. Cherie blocked me. Said something to GenX about it. She quickly un-did the ban and in true GenX fashion, (as evidence presented in “GenX Part One” revealed about her honesty tactics) she went into damage control mode. (Translation: She told a fibbers)

But that’s okay, it’s no big deal. I just wanted to shed some light on John’s credibility (or lack thereof) as a blogger. (Or is that a journalist?) Nope, it has to be blogger because he got a lot of misinformation from GenX, took her word as gold and went and made a fool of himself. Well, how do like dem apples? (We like to have a little fun here, John. Take your sister’s panties off and stay for a while)

“OMG! He didn’t just say that, did he?”

“Oh no, he didn’t.”

And why did GenX close her comments down? Well, according to the next screen shot, it was because it was being abused.

Really GenX? Abuse? Can I take a look at just a few examples of this so called abuse?

Okay, that was a bit harsh there. I’ll agree to that. But in all honesty, no more or less offensive than what you and your friends say about me.

Am I making my point? Murderer or pedophile, does it really matter? They are both hideous. The interesting part is, you have no evidence what-so-ever to display that I chase after underage girls. But that doesn’t stop you and your gang of thugs does it? Oh, wait, that’s right, you’re bullies. You live under the bully rule of entitlement. (See my page “Traits Of A Cyber Bully”) It’s okay for you and your friends to say horrible (and yet, unfounded) garbage, but not for anyone else? I’m feeling you now, dog. (That’s an expression, not a racist remark.) You have to be careful with these people. They are great at the spin city game. (As well as misinformation)

I know what you’re saying. “Hey Carz, can we see some more abusive comments on GenX’s blog?”

“Well certainly, little camper. Check this one out.

OMG! How harsh was that?

Or was it comments like this GenX, that led you to close your comments? Where an Anon responds to GenX claiming that “comments are so abusive” towards me, yet the ones aimed at Carroll is okay? (Pick and choose, that’s all it is.)

I don’t know if it was remarks such as that which led her close her blog comments. I think it comes down to “agree with me, otherwise, it‘s abusive,” I don’t know, I’m asking. Anyhow, it would so appear that abuse equals “Anybody who doesn’t agree with me.” (See “Traits Of A Cyber Bully” on my pages section)

I bet you don’t have a problem with this one though, do you GenX?

Of course not, they were talking about me. Isn’t that right, GenX? (Rhetorical, stay in your seat)

Nor do I think you have a problem with these comments.

My favorite is the one I circled with blue. You know, where nobody even knows if you’re a guy or a girl. Or if your name is even Amanda (Welling) or not. Oh yes, GenX, you have us all so confused. You’re such a grown up spy. Master of disguise.

Or maybe more like a cowardly bully who hides behind a computer screen and a fake name because she doesn’t want the world to know who she is. Because then everyone would know the truth behind your lies. And of course, one of those lies is that I am a stalker. Well, let’s take a look at “my stalkers”, shall we?

And the stalking continues as they make comments about one of my blog journal’s

Man, it’s a good thing I pack heat. I might have to use it to protect myself from one of these un-popped kernels someday, or maybe one of their boyfriends. What with all of this attention they are showing me, you just know one of them is bound to get jealous.

You know who makes the best stalker don’t you? An investigative reporter. (GenX) And a investigative reporter “in training” and “court attorney wanna-be“? (Kev) 

A special note to the comment circled in blue. Taking shots at my middle name. Really? Can we say “obsessed much”?

Then there is this comment. Pay attention to this remark - “He claims to be stalked, but as far as I see it, he is the one going to all of the blogs trying to resurrect a little fame for himself ….”  

Really? Here is a little FYI - I go to these blogs to DEFEND MYSELF from you people. Not to stalk you. If you would stop posting about me in the first place I wouldn’t even be there. (And GenX posted about me first. We have already proven that in “GenX Part One“) Unlike you people which I have also shown that you stalk me and the posts I make that don’t even concern you to begin with. Who’s the stalker now? I go to blogs to defend myself, you go to mine for what reason? 

**Cue crickets**

For what reason? 

**Shut up crickets**

That’s what I thought.  

Give it a rest Nancy Drew (a.k.a.- GenX). We know who you are. More importantly, we know what you are. A fraud. A liar. And John Green’s dominatrix. 

“OMG! Did he just call John Green her bitch?”

“Oh no he didn’t!”


Where’s grand-ma-ma when you need her most?

Update! I have managed to capture this screenshot of Marine John Green. It would appear that his foot isn’t the only thing he likes to put in his mouth. Bon appetite’ John. Looking for a date, are you? Don’t fill up too much, you might want to make room for some Jell-O. Wait! What am I thinking? There’s always room for - Jell-O! 

I give him this much, he sure does know how to sweet talk the ladies, doesn’t he? And on that note, I will leave you fine folks with these screenshots of Marine John Green bullying author Sharon Desruisseaux on her own personal space. (Known as her Goodreads blog) 

I’m Carroll Bryant - And this is The Looking Glass.

  Things we learned today

* John Green is an irresponsible blogger/journalist and GenX’s bitch (allegedly) 

* GenX is a dominatrix (allegedly)

* I pack heat (Not allegedly)

* Faulkner is spinning in his grave (allegedly) 

* I go to blogs to defend myself / They come to mine to stalk me (not allegedly)

* Kev wants to be an investigative reporter (allegedly) and quite possibly an attorney.

* Crickets are cool (allegedly)

* GenX closed the comments on her blog (Not allegedly)  

* I referenced Nancy Drew (True Story)

* Grand-ma-ma has candy covered kisses (And They Are Yummy) But not as yummy as Jell-O? 

* John is looking for a date


  1. John Green is about as dumb as dumb gets.

    1. I debated if this was a violation of my "Rules Of Engagement" - Then I realized that truth is truth and thus, can't be censored. LOL

    2. Dumb and a sleaze.

  2. I have seen this John Green person trolling the Amazon forums. He has a habit of looking down his nose at people. He is very self righteous, which is hilarious after reading his Tweet!

    He comes across as a dirty old man in his Tweet. Only a sleazy old git would write something like that on a social networking site! WAY too much information John Green!!! That is very seedy talk!

    I'm sure the ladies find his banter very romantic, NOT!!!! Yuck!!!

    On a more serious note there are a lot of young people on Twitter. I don't like the idea of young people reading tacky tweets like that. Adults are supposed to be good roll models, he should control his sordid sexual urges while he is on the internet. No one wants to read that kind of thing! He should save that kind of talk for the porn sites, not for Twitter!

  3. So now in John's latest post, he gives me the meaning of "Marine Corp". He says I would know what it meant if I had ever served.

    Hey John, I did serve! I served in two branches of the armed forces. TWO! LOL (In case you also suck in math, two is a larger number than one.)

    Once again, it would serve you well to get your facts straight before running off at the mouth. But it's okay, I understand, you're a bully and lying is part of your natural instinct.

    The thing is, these bullies don't even say things and hope they are true, they just pretend that what they say is true. LOL

    You crack me up John Green.

  4. Hi Carroll,

    It turns out that John Green isn't bothered one bit about the blog you wrote about him! Gee shucks!!!

    In fact he cares so little about what you wrote that he decided to write a whole blog were he goes on and on and on saying how much he didn't care!!! ;)

    John Green protests a little bit too much I think! Hehehehe!!! :)

    1. Yeah, none of them "care" what I write. LOL But FYI, I don't do this because I dislike them, I do it to address THEIR accusations, lies and nonsense. If they would just shut up, leave me alone and go away, so would I. Until then, I defend myself with everything I got. And I will shred them up in the process. Every last one of them. They will all get their day in the sun eventually. Some more than others.

  5. Ewwww at that one tweet.

    Just... ewwwwwwwwww.


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