Friday, September 6, 2013

Miranda Koryluk: Cyber Crime Spree Continues

Recently, I reported on a cyber criminal, Miranda Koryluk, and presented evidence of her cyber crimes of stalking, harassing and bullying author Rick Carufel. Well, Miranda Koryluk has now graduated from that to the felony crime of IMPERSONATION!

For all those people out there who may be sitting on the fence where the bullies are concerned, may this be your opportunity to get off that fence. It would appear that cyber criminal Miranda Koryluk and her bully friends were not content with their usual harassment of author Rick Carufel, so Miranda took it upon herself to create a "fake" Twitter account posing as Rick Carufel, even using his picture, all for the sake of continuing to stalk, harass and bully Mr. Carufel.

Here is a screenshot of what Miranda Koryluk did.


The Rick Carufel account below Miranda's is not Rick Carufel, but rather, a fake Rick Carufel account.  

Mr. Carufel has flagged that account and has taken appropriate measures with authorities in regards to Miranda Koryluk's criminal act by filing a complaint with the Dutch authorities via Ministry of General Affairs. (And reporting her to Twitter)

This again confirms that the Goodreads bullies take matters way beyond just reviews and into the arena of criminal activity. Online impersonation has recently become a felony in the United States and many places abroad. This includes where Miranda Koryluk resides in Rotterdam in the Netherlands. 

I just want to take this opportunity to thank Miranda Koryluk and the rest of Goodreads Bully Nation for demonstrating that this issue is not a matter of authors complaining about reviews and for demonstrating their ability to break the laws of the land. It is continued activity like this from the Goodreads bullies that showcases exactly what is truly going on here. Thanks to Miranda Koryluk's actions, and the actions of the rest of Goodreads Bully Nation, more and more people will continue to witness the crimes of these people and come to understand just how despicable and deplorable they really are. 

Keeping in mind, that Miranda Koryluk is an avid supporter of "Cuddlebuggery" hate blog, ".38 Caliber" hate blog and "Dear Author" hate blog. (Just to name a few) So now you know the circle of people Miranda Koryluk hangs with. (Including Janis Hinkle, I.E. Anna Karenina, Mahala) and Steph Sinclair, and Angela Horn. (These are her peeps)

Let's give Miranda Koryluk and the rest of the bullies from Goodreads a round of applause.

In fact, let's give them a standing-ovation for their criminal efforts.

Job well done Goodreads bullies.

Job well done Miranda Koryluk.

I'm Carroll Bryant .... and this is The Looking Glass.

Things We Learned Today:

* Miranda Koryluk and Goodreads Bully Nation have now graduated to ONLINE IMPERSONATION!


I am calling out to everyone who has a Twitter account to report Miranda Koryluk to Twitter for stalking, harassing and bullying Rick Carufel and for impersonating him online with a fake Twitter account. Let's show her and the rest of these bullies that we are not going to stand for this kind of behavior anymore. Thank you. 


  1. Thanks Carroll, another great blog. I am glad I can provide you with Info to show what souless bottom-feeders these criminals are.

    1. No problem Rick. The truth needs to be shown. I'm just sorry you have to endure this adolescent behavior from these evil people.

    2. WOW - take about taking things to the next level of crazy! This Miranda bully has more mental issues than I can count! I'm on Twitter, I'll make sure to report her. She needs to be stopped - this isn't just about bad reviews anymore. She's committing crimes, encouraging others to commit crimes, and acting illegally in so many ways. I think the only way she can be stopped is by law, law enforcement, and more awareness on her behavior. If we can draw attention to her crazy, we can rally more people on our side.

  2. I just checked and it looks like Miranda's account has been deleted from Badreads, or hidden till the heat cools down.

    1. I think the dead give-away that Miranda created that fake account of you Rick is the fact that when you start a Twitter account, it naturally uses the language of where you reside. In order to change it, the language, you have to go in and change the settings. Now, since we know Miranda is from the Netherlands, any account she starts will automatically use her country's chosen language. (And it's not English) So when you look at the fake account and look at the "Follow" button where it should say "Follow" (in English) it says "Volgen".

      In her haste to create the fake account, she forgot to change the language to "English".

      Miranda Koryluk created an account to impersonate you Rick and that is against the law. She must be held accountable for her crime.

  3. I encourage all Goodreads members to lodge a formal complaint against Koryluk for malicious behavior. You can do this via the "Contact" icon at the bottom of the GR page. GR is now taking action against these trolls by kicking them off the site and vacating their ratings and bookshelves.


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