Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sad Times At GenX High

Well, these are some sad days for the bully blogger currently known as GenX. It seems like her brand of crap wasn't enough to feed her readers so she enlisted the help of some neighborhood thugs, Ash The Bastard and some pimple faced mascot named Edward Blake.

Ash wrote this amazing article about .... well actually, I got lost in what her freaking point was (is) but she did spell most of the words she used correctly so, that's always a plus!

Anyhow, her and Edward wrote their articles and it was same old "Blah, blah, blah, STGRB, blah, blah, blah, Carroll Bryant, blah, blah, blah, *Tears* and blah."

Okay, you're right, I have to come up with something new. Anyhow, here is another example of them spinning their web of lies and speculation. (and stalking my blogs) They post a screenshot of me saying I was going on vacation. Really? That's news? WTF?

As you can read, they "uncovered" (using their collective investigative skills) my trip to California. In the process, they assume I am going to meet up with Athena. (I don't know Melissa) Anyhow, Ash says I am going there to pursue my "acting dreams". Well, first of all, I don't have acting dreams nor do I "want" to be a movie star. Nowhere on my blog will you see me saying I want to be a "movie star". (But again, proof doesn't mean anything to GenX and her thug bullies) But yes, I am going there to go on a few auditions. Nothing fancy, mind you, just going to have a little fun. Why? Well, simply put, because I can. I have the time. Anyhow, prior to arriving in San Diego, I am going to hang out with some family in Vegas. Why? Because I can. I have the time.

As for meeting up with Athena, I'm shocked they would even suggest that. After all, aren't they the ones who say "Carroll likes them young?" LOL Then obviously, if they believed that, then they would know that Athena, while a very nice lady, is too old for me. So Ash, make up our minds, do I like them young or do I like them more mature and married? Pick one and stick with it.

So is this how far you have sunk GenX? To saying that Athena and I should be together? Is this payback for me saying that you and John would make a good couple? So you get Ash to do your dirty work now? LOL And this new monkey, Edward? So let me get this straight, you have run out of new ideas for your fictional writing that now you're stealing all of my ideas? Didn't you steal one of my ideas already? I'm pretty sure I documented that in my post Carroll Bryant Lies when you said that I mentioned in one of my interviews that "I wanted to be a porn star" when I was 14? That was for posting the John Green tweet, wasn't it? Trying that old "sex scandal" trick against me. Kind of back-fired though, didn't it? And now Ash is trying the old "They would be good together" trick? One question GenX, Ash and Edward, are you going to make this a common habit? Stealing my material? LOL (Just asking)

Anyhow, Ash mentions that I like to doc-drop. Really Ash? I do? Where? Show us all where I doc dropped anyone. You can't, can you? Why? Because I never did it. Do you people ever tire of telling lies? (Just asking)

Here, let me show everyone the bully version of me doc dropping.

If you notice, Anon at the bottom writes a dialogue about it. But obviously, GenX has yet to produce any evidence on any of my blogs or anywhere else that I doc-dropped anybody. Or even threatened to. Why? Because it never happened. You can't prove it if it never happened. Now check out how I prove that GenX doc-drops.

See the difference? I provide a screenshot where GenX and her goons don't. Now that is how it's done! LOL

Now of course they will whine and cry that it was "public" information, but still, to go to the trouble to find it and then post it is still questionable character, wouldn't you agree?

So this is the type of people who hang out at the GenXpose blog. Just a bunch of monkeys with way too much fecal matter to throw around and no evidence to back up their "Blah, blah, blah's."

And this will probably be the theme for Gen's new blog "Carroll Bryant Lies". I got fifty dollars that says it will - any takers? LOL Hey, GenX, Ash, John and Edward - this could be your next big "investigative" report - 'Carroll Bryant Gambles Online!' - LOL And it will only take about the same amount of time as all your other "big" news stories about me and STGRB, which is what? Like five minutes? Ten maybe? Fifteen tops? LOL

Oh, and Ash also claims in her "big" story that she went online at Goodreads to search for those role play groups. You know the ones, the ones that Patrick Brown and his staff raced like firefighters to a chemical fire just to get rid of them. Hide them. Delete them. Whatever. Yeah, Ash didn't find any. That must mean they never did exist. Hhhmm, then why would Patrick rush so fast and hard to hide and delete them and change GR policy if they never existed? You see, hate makes you stupid. And these bullies over at GenXpose and Carroll Bryant Lies, they are about as stupid as stupid can possibly get. But .... you didn't need me to tell you that, did you?

My apologies.

Chin up Ash, and Edward and ... the rest .... someday, you'll be able to write big people posts just like me. And better yet, you'll be able to do it without lying!

Yeah, I'm sorry, I over did it. No, you won't be able to do it without lying. It's in your blood by now.

I'm Carroll Bryant ... and this is The Looking Glass. 
Things We Learned Today:
* Ash and Edward wanna be grown up bloggers someday
* Ash likes to lie
* Still no evidence of Carroll "doc-dropping"
* There is evidence that shows GenX doc-drops
* Carroll wants to be a movie star
* Yeah, that statement above was sarcasm again ^
* Carroll is going to California, but not to meet up with Athena
* GenX and her bully friends steal ideas from Carroll (Twice so far!)
* Lying is in their (bullies) blood
* The same old "Blah, blah, blah" by GenX and friends is getting pretty old

* Ash thinks it's big news that I go on vacation


  1. I'm not convinced these identities aren't the same person/couple. Too many tells. The more lies and crap they spew, the sillier they look. I wouldn't worry, Carroll. Anyone with half a brain could see straight through their little games.

  2. Hey Carroll, Amanda and her trolls are going nuts at genxpose. They say you knew Jude since she was 15. How is that even possible? You didn't join GR until Spring of 2011 when she was 17. That is when you and she both admit you two met. Amanda and her friends are such liars. And they still keep talking about that picture you already owned up to and explained. They are stupid. haha Thought you might like to know.

  3. I'm not worried about what Amanda and her trolls say. Everybody knows they are liars. No one is paying attention to them except themselves and their few die hard friends. They have already been proven to be liars. Especially Amanda Welling (GenX).

    Sorry I am not online much these days, in the process of moving and going on vacation in a few days. I'll try my best to check in as much as I can.

  4. Just when I think that Amanda couldn't get any more stupid, she proves me wrong. I have read her recent posts and I swear it's like reading a 12 yr old. no offense to 12 yr olds. Carroll, you have to post the screenshots of her saying to everyone that you met her when she was 17 and then post the screen shot of them now saying you knew her at 15. They are so stupid and liars. They still talk about that picture and try to do the same things you do. They steal your material. lol Amanda and her friends are jokes. They do make me laugh tho. Have fun in Cali Carz! :)

  5. I read a post on Amanda Welling's blog genxpose where she claims you don't put out evidence Carroll. I bout choked on my milk when I read that. She is about the most stupid person. For not providing evidence GR sure did go to a lot of trouble to fix things didn't they? Then she says you have the hots for her because you write about her. All you do is write about what she writes about you. She is retarded. She keeps saying she isn't Amanda. She is crazy.


    1. I won't argue with you about that. Crazy is as crazy does. LOL

      If I get some time, I might hop over to her blog and see what kind of crazy she is posting over there now. LOL I haven't been there for a while because every time I do, I lose a few more IQ points. LOL


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