Friday, March 8, 2013

Jude Henderson Email Test

Okay everyone, let's get serious here. No, I mean it. Let's really get serious here. By now, everyone is probably aware of this famous "email" that Jude posted back before my attack which was mentioned repeatedly during my attack on Goodreads and ever since. It's an email which I allegedly wrote her telling her to go kill herself.

Now, I have never seen this email so I can't very well say with 100 percent assurance that I wrote it. It may not even state in the email that I wanted her to die or kill herself, that could just be embellished by the bullies or even an outright lie. I mean, let's face it, the bullies do lie a lot and have been caught at it on multiple times. For instance, the Zoe comment on Goodreads where she claimed I said I wanted to "rape" a girl in a quote which in truth, was a quote in a book made by a character in the book and had nothing at all to do with an actual physical rape of a girl.

Another good example of catching a bully in a lie came recently with GenX who said she wasn't Amanda Welling and well, we know that turned out to be a lie.

I even had some bullies tell me it couldn't be fake when I suggested that possibility once. They said you can't fake emails.

Really? Okay then, let's put that theory to the test, shall we?

In the screenshot below, you will see an email - an actual email that Jude sent me one day. I did one thing to this email, and that is - I whited out her and mine email addresses. You will notice the white gap above her message. That was the area where our email addresses were. (I didn't think it would be nice of me to give her email out to the world)

However, the message she sent me is real. (Or is it?) This is the question you have to answer. Keeping in mind that if an email can't be "doctored" or "altered" then it would make this email real and true. Then again, if it is fake, then that would open the door to the possibility that the email Jude Henderson showed all of her bully friends (which led to my being attacked) could have been "doctored" or "altered".

Making any sense here? Good. Let's continue.

Now, also keep in mind that I am not a computer genius by any means, however, Jude Henderson is going to college to learn how to do all of this fancy stuff with computers and design and .... you know ... all that good jazz. So, no matter how good or bad I am with my limited skills - Jude is clearly a thousand times better with her skills.

So, I ask you. I ask you all. (Mostly the bullies) is this email message an actual message that Jude wrote me? ..... Or did I alter it?

You be the judge.

I'm Carroll Bryant .... and this is The Looking Glass.
If you would like to leave your answer in comments, feel free to do so.
*** Is this email message from Jude REAL or FAKE? *** 
The answer when I return from my vacation. But again, feel free to guess. (Just don't be too surprised with the answer)


  1. This doesn't make you look good Carroll. Posting a fake email just for shock value is a low thing to do, not to mention incredibly immature.

  2. Who said it was fake? I didn't.

    As for the shock value, and maturity, it is no more or less than Jude when she posted her fake email "from me" to get her bully friends to attack me. Or what Amanda and her goons post on GenXpose and CB Lies and Tired Of Bryant. Or any other bully and their blog(s).

    I play under the same rules as the bullies.

  3. The email looks real to me. I don't know why Amanda is crying about this on her Genxpose blog. Her friend Jude did the same thing to get the bullies to attack you and she doesn't seem to have a problem with that. Now she claims that you weren't even attacked by the bullies on GR in July of 2012. Has she not seen the evidence on the STGRB website? Amanda is completely crazy. Next she will say that the Holocaust wasn't real. Or maybe she will blame it on you Carz. That girl is really nuts.

  4. I say real. There are parts where it does look fake then I think because of that it looks real. Way to go Carroll to raise the question of that email she showed everyone. The bullies need to find something better to do with their time.


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