Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Carroll Quote March 2013

“There always comes a time when you just have to unleash hell. If that doesn’t work, unleash some more.”

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  1. I love your quotes Carroll!

    Amanda Welling started this whole blog war. It was so great watching the whole thing blow up in her face last week. :)

    I honestly don't think that she is playing with a full deck. Any normal person would have admitted defeat after being caught out as spectacularly as she was. But no, Genxpose is still protesting that she is not Amanda Welling. *snigger*

    There are degrees of desperation, Amanda Welling has hit the bottom of the desperation barrel. You posted the Pay Pal screen shot. STGRB posted the Pay Pal screen shot. The screen shot clearly showed that Jon Welling sent it. Genxpose had already admitted sending it. But now she is looking for proof? Eh? Hello! RE: Screen shots!

    That woman is clearly not stable. Either that or else she is too stupid to see what everyone else can see. She is flogging a dead horse at this stage. It's funny watching her reactions though. ;) *cringe*


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