Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Amanda Welling: No Last Word

This is a follow up to my previous post regarding Amanda Welling. Just like GenX, she always wants to get in the last word. Well word up Amanda, you don't get it both ways. You don't get the first and last word with me. This is also a follow up to your follow up. Do another follow up and I'll join right in. So without any further delay, let's take a look at Amanda's follow up where she aptly titles her post for me as "My Internet Stalker" despite the fact that she wrote about me first. Commented about me first. Commented on my blog(s) where-as I have never even attempted to comment on hers. She has shown, like her friend Jude, that she is stalking me. None the less, let's proceed, shall we?

In this first shot, there is a lot to cover. 

She starts it out by saying a few days ago, she wrote about her experiences with me. Forgetting to note that it was she who brought that experience about by writing about me first and so on. She also goes on to say I "freaked" out over her post. No, Amanda, I didn't freak out. I saw some lies and misinformation on your post that I felt should be cleared up. If you or anyone else wishes to write about me, then at least do so with the truth and not lies. But rest assured, your post where you call me your stalker was you freaking out. The truth is, you are my stalker and the evidence supports it. I notice you do not supply any evidence to support your claims. 

Amanda then posts a warning to her followers informing them that if they leave comments on her blog, I will take snapshots and post about it on mine. This is yes and no. Yes to the fact that if her followers insult me and lie about me and libel me, I will focus on it. However, if they didn't do this, I wouldn't give two shits. So no, just because someone leaves a comment doesn't mean I will snapshot it. Only when they come after me in their comments will I do this. You don't see my followers / supporters libeling you, do you? No, I don't think you will. There lies the difference between you and me and the comapny we keep. My followers also do not wish you or anyone else dead. You say you don't want your followers harassed for their opinion. Libeling me with lies is not an opinion. Just saying. 

She also mentions that she was getting a lot of traffic and comments on her blog posts coming from my blog after she wrote her article about me and someone linked to it in a comment from my blog. Yes she asked me to remove that link, but no I did not. Again, I wanted her posts about me off her damn blog but she sure as shit wasn't about to accommodate me with that, now did she? And again, that is her "self entitlement" that bullies like her carry around. That they can post whatever the hell they want to about me but they'll be damned if anyone can leave a link to it on my blog in the comments section. Nothing but entitlement. 

Amanda goes on to mention that there are several types of predators. That she didn't mean that I was a sexual predator. However, that was what everybody else was writing and saying and what other type of predator would she be referring to? Notice she never explains that. The bottom line is simple, any predator is basically a bad thing. I know it. She knows it. Everyone reading this knows it. So for you to defend yourself on calling me a predator Amanda is moot. You still said it. You still had no evidence to back it up. It is still libel. It is still wrong. And it is still you striking first for absolutely no effing reason at all! The more you ramble on, the more everyone sees the GenX in you. 

You mention also Amanda that you think that I think that by you coming to my blog and requesting that I remove a link someone left in the comments section to your blog is what I call you stalking and harassing me. Well, what would you call it after someone writes something about you for no reason then gets pissed off because a link was left on the blog of the person you wrote about and libeled? It is stalking and harassing. You wrote about me on your blog then you came to mine crying for me to remove a link that was left to the post about me on your effing blog. How is that not stalking me? Harassing me? Especially when you consider that in that blog post of mine, (Internet Terrorists: Ignorance Run A-muck) and even after you wrote about me, I never effing mentioned you period! Not once! 

So yeah, you are the real stalker and harasser.

And let us not forget in the previous post I wrote, "Amanda Welling: Amanda Condones Murder", I showed a screenshot of one of your comments where you threatened to bully me! And blamed me for being bullied. Those screenshots don't lie, do they? 

Yes, when you go on to say that I consider it continued harassment when you left a FAKE review of my book on my reviews, what would you call it? You didn't read the book. Your review had nothing to do with the book but retaliation and further harassment against me. There's no other way to look at it because it was uncalled for. You said in your review that I like to harass reviewers yet I have never harassed anyone period! And you have no proof to support this claim or else you would have posted it. So basically, you lied which is, in any book, harassing me. Had you actually read the book, and didn't go after me in your review with your libelous comments, then maybe we'd be singing a different tune here, now wouldn't we? 

You say you see your review as being honest about my behavior so again I will request that you present evidence that I attacked a reviewer. If you can't do that, then you are not honest, are you? And I'm not talking about one of your bully friends who also libeled me in their review or clearly didn't read the book, but an honest and unbiased reviewer. I never ever did any such thing and you have no proof to show to back up your so called honesty. 

Now let's take a look at the rest of her follow up post about me.

 She says that she doesn't think it's okay to be bullied. If this is true Amanda, then why did you threaten to bully me a year ago? Why did you even initially write about me? Why did you comment on GenXpose hate blog against me? All of this took place before I ever uttered the name Amanda Welling. How much of your bullying was you expecting me to take? 

As for you being disgusted and have no words about my rape reference, of course you're speechless, it was a good comparison to your "Carroll asked to be bullied" comment. 

Then you say that I think I know you. Well, one could say that about you where it concerns me. You think you know me so you write about me and call me a stalker and a predator without any proof. Are you saying that if I started writing about you first, that you wouldn't have any reason to respond? Well, look at what you're doing now. You're responding to my defense posts. Imagine if I had done what you did and wrote about you first and commented on your blog and on other blogs calling you a stalker and predator without any proof. I don't think you would sit quiet either. In fact, I know you wouldn't yet you condemn me for doing it. 

And yes, I did call the police. They saw the same thing I did where your friend says "Someone should put him out of his misery." 

You try and defend this by saying it is an ambiguous statement? And can be taken a few different ways? Then you say I need to take medication for my bipolar? And you claim that if I did that then none of this misery would be going on?  Me taking medication isn't going to make you change.

First of all, who the hell are you to assume you know me? And FYI - not all bipolar conditions need to be treated with meds. There are various conditions and levels of bipolar. Look who I am talking to, Miss "Know It All". 

But yes, it was an ambiguous statement and yes it could be taken a few different ways. However, the police took it the same way I did. Maybe you can advise them to take their medication too. And your adolescent and feeble attempt to make me appear as some lonely and miserable old man is exactly the type of bully statement a bully would make. First you condemn me for thinking that I know you then you turn around and assume you know me. Like I said earlier, the more you ramble on .....

Then you invite the police to come to you? To look at your so called evidence against me? I would love to see it. I bet they are all defense statements, right? Talk about obsessive behavior. But I will say this to you, be careful for what you ask for, you just might get it. Always remember Amanda, you struck first, and second, and third before I struck back. This is all the evidence law enforcement will need to see. That you started it and persisted. That is the evidence I have presented in my previous post about you.

Then you say something very key when you say: "My mistake was to ever let Carroll Bryant know that I existsed."

Indeed! And you let me know that too, didn't you? ... Yes, you sure did. But my question to you Amanda is .... why? Why was it so important for you to let me know who you were by writing about me, commenting on my blog and attacking me on GenXpose hate blog in the comments? Why Amanda, why? ... Trust me when I say, I would have rather you not done that and not stood up for me to notice you.  There was no reason for it so again, why did you do all that to begin with?

You say your regret is not taking your own advice with dealing with internet predators. I wish you would have given me that advice then I would have known how to deal with you. You came after me, and that is what a real predator does. They go after others. I didn't go after you, you came after me. I only defended myself against your attack. So yes, let's hope you and the police meet. All the evidence of who went after who first is documented right here on the internet. And your very own words in comments you left behind. 

You end your pathetic butt-hurt post with: "Don't make the same mistake I did by engaging with your stalker."

Amanda, you engaged with me before I ever knew who you were. That has been proven! There is no doubt about it girl, you are the one who needs to take some medication. You are the one who is lonely and miserable inside. You are the one lying. You are the one who needs help. 

And you are the one who needs to be arrested and stopped. You are the real internet stalker here. That has already been shown. Funny how you can't show it with evidence, the other way around. Can you?  .... Sounds like a natural born liar to me. 

I'm Carroll Bryant .... (bipolar and all - with the truth - and evidence to back it up) and this is The Looking Glass.

Things We Learned Today:

* The same thing we already learned - that Amanda Welling is a liar 


  1. Why do you care about any of this shit? You have a life away from this...why worry about it? She seems willing to let everything go if you leave her alone...if she leaves you alone, couldn't you pay her the same respect?

  2. Sure, if she leaves me alone. But as I mentioned in the post, when she wrote about me first, I did not retaliate. When she left comments on my other blog, I did not retaliate. When she left comments on GenXpose hate blog, I still didn't retaliate until I discovered she was Genx. (Or at least, that's what the evidence showed me)

    Only then did I retaliate. And only when I discovered she was Genx did Amanda Welling stop coming after me except for her fake review of my book.

    Then out of nowhere, she shows up here on this blog (after her and her husband SENT me emails first) And she starts claiming she's not Genx but she doe sthis with one lie after another expecting me to believe she's not GenX.

    Then she runs back to her blog and calls me "her internet stalker" when I haven't ever commented on her blog and never even went to her blog but a few times total until she started posting about me again but instead of being honest with her readers about the situation, she lies some more. There's only so much lies one can take.

    I really don't "worry" about it. But I have made it absolutely clear to the bullies that I will stand up for myself and to them. I will not back down!

    So yes, if she leaves me alone I will leave her alone, but the fact still remains that she has failed to prove to me that she is not GenX. And I have posts coming up that address a post that GenX and her bully friends try and rip me apart.

    The GenX series might be six parts, but almost all of it is taken from just one post made on GenXpose blog. As I stated previously on this blog regarding that series, it will be posted in its entirety. Period!

    But this post is a response to her follow up post about me. As I stated in this post, bullies do not get the first and last word on me. They say something, I respond in defense. That's the way it is. So if they said it, and I find it, and it's lies and libelous, then I am responding to it. That's the whole point of this blog. To address the bullsquat these horrible people spew about me.

    I do have a life away from this. A very goo done. I am going back into the studio in August and start working on more songs. I am scheduling a new book release late this year or early next year. I continue to travel when I can to california and New Mexico, with a dash of Vegas on the side.

    I have a nice relationship with a very lovely girl. I'm back with some old friends to play fantasy football. My life is full. But I also have plenty of time to address this bully issue. I shall continue to address it and respond in my defense. That will never change.

    But here's the problem .... thus far ... Amanda and the rest of them haven't stopped or taken down their crap about me. That is their choice. The way I see it, if they take the time to bully and libel me, the least I can do is respond and give them the attention they obviously crave from me.

    There plenty other posts written about me that I haven't even touched on yet. Rest assured, I will be making the rounds eventually. Bank on it!

  3. As Ghandi once said "An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind"

    If you had the superior attitude that you claimed then surely you would realise that this has become a circle jerk of the same garbage being rehashed, time and again, by both sides. Neither camp is smelling of roses in this. Why not just the bigger man, the military man, and let them wallow in their own bullshit. Stop stooping to their level. Be better. Be superior.

    1. Oh, I agree. Ghandi is wise. However, I'm not Ghandi. I'm my own person. I know what this has become. I know it's a circle jerk. I have said it plenty times that both sides are acting like clowns, including myself.

      As for being the bigger man, why must us good people always be expected to turn a passive cheek? Why can't these bad people for once be the bigger person? Look, I respect where you're coming from, I really do. But to Ghandi I say this: "Maybe a blind world is a better world."

      Don't bring the military into it. Apparently, it doesn't mean anything because John Green is ex military and one of the bullies.

      I have said this before and I'll say it again. I am a mirror of who I am dealing with. It's not about stooping to their level. I'm not stooping to their level because their level is bullying and harassing and being mean. My level is defending myself from their verbal attacks. Their blogs posts. This is how people like them learn. This is how they learn those consequences to their actions. These are people who need to be stopped.

      And besides, I can't stop now. These people are currently being investigated by the same federal agents they sent to my door to investigate and arrest me.

      Oh no, stopping now would be letting these evil people off the hook. They have done enough damage. It's time for them to learn consequences and actions.

      Using your idea though, why doesn't America be the bigger country and give up this war on terrorism? Or leave Iran alone with their nuclear technology? And so forth and so on.

      Sometimes being the bigger person means you have to stand up to and stop the mean people. Just simply walking away isn't always the best answer. Or being the bigger person. If I was the only one who was attacked, yeah, maybe. But I'm not. There are others who have been and will be attacked in the future by these people. There are lives these people intend hell bent to destroy. And reputations. And careers. My attitude is this: "The only person is going to destroy me is me." .... These bullies attacked me hoping to destroy me, they failed. Now I am fighting back and if that destroys me, then so be it. Unlike these bullies, I can accept responsibility for my actions. And if my action of defending against these people results in my so called career to be over, then fine. I said this before and I'll say it again, I am not writing for a career, I write for the fun of it. For the love it. These bullies are trying to take that fun away. If I turn away from them now and be the "bigger" man, the fun will be gone. The bullies would have won and they will continue to attack others.

      I'll stop when the bullies stop. I'll stop when STGRB gives up the fight. Until then, I made a promise to people to fight these bullies. To stand tall beside STGRB and be their supporter. There are also other writers who expect me to keep my word. I'm not just defending myself from these people, I am defending all of their victims. Once I make a promise, write it in stone.

      Actions = consequences. I know this. The bullies do not.

  4. A question for Anonymous... Have you visited the GenX blog to lecture her as well?

    Mr. Bryant has been clear that his posts are a response and nothing more. This GenX seems to believe that she can make libelous statements without consequence. I have no idea what started this, though it is easy to imagine with a quick read of STGRB and a look at the many screenshots.

    Is being better and being superior the equivalent of remaining silent while the abusers roar in your eyes?

    The one thing that I will agree with you on is that the GenX blog would fall into dead blog oblivion if Mr. Bryant did not respond here. This women has nothing else in her life and that is all too obvious to the rest of us. I am shocked to read that she has a husband and would be surprised if he stuck with her for much longer. I consider her a boar (misspelling is intentional).

    1. I had to take some time to think about what Anon 10:36 said. Anon raises a very interesting question. I wish I would have thought about it and brought it up first.

      Everyone has to make their own decisions. Their own choices based on what is best for them. What is in their heart. Some people see my situation and the situation other authors are going through as well and they say, just walk away. Others support my decision to defend myself. To stand and fight. We each have to make that choice when it's our turn to make it.

      I know this, I couldn't live with myself if I walked away, and this is why I decided to defend myself. To stand and fight.

      But when people come on here and say I should walk away and leave it along, are these same people going to GenXpose blog, or Amanda's blog and saying the same thing to her? Are these people saying this to the those on Goodreads who attack others? Why is it okay to tell me to walk away from it and not tell those attacking me to walk away from it?

      Instead of condemning me for making the choice that I made to stand up and fight in my defense, why not condemn those who pushed me to make that choice to begin with?

      Great comment Anon 10:36.

  5. How do you know this Amanda is GENX? It seems she had a falling out with the REAL GENX.
    Why do you think she's GENX?

    1. You can find the answers to your questions in my posts and in some of the comments. Happy searching. :)

  6. I don't agree with the whole concept of STGRB. It seems to do more hurt than help. But sites like yours don't help either. You can claim you're only answering Amanda's posts all you want, but it has to stop somewhere and you're both just saying the same thing over and over again. One of you needs to be the better person before this escalates to the point that it actually gets the police involved, and all for something so trivial. I'm not condoning bullying, but everyone gets bullied at some point in their lives. You have to make the decision of whether to stoop to the level of the bully as you both have done and you with multiple other people, or to just let it go. I'm honestly not sure what I would do and I hope I'm never put in this situation.

    Carroll: How can you expect people to review your books without a bias when you still retain this site and are constantly picking fights? Even if the other person strikes first and even multiple times, any retaliation is going to look bad on you too. Anyone that's going to read your books for review probably knows about what happened last year and possibly what's happening now. The truth is, I don't know the whole story. I've read up on it a good amount, but not every single detail. But it doesn't matter. I know that, for me, I will never read any of your books for review or otherwise because, in this case, bad publicity is just bad publicity. While I can see that you are holding your own on this blog with defending yourself, I can't know what's true and what are lies, and I can't help but wonder if you've become the creator of another STGRB site (meaning this blog).

    1. The police are already involved. Federal agents too.

      You say "you with multiple people". - What do you mean by that? I have no multiple people. Are you referring to sock puppets? I have no other accounts and use no other name other than Carroll Bryant. if you have proof that I do have multiple accounts and or sock puppets, please present it. But you won't because you can't because I don;t have other socks or accounts.

      I am not picking fights, I am defending myself from those who pick fights with me. Amanda (like GenX) came to me first and picked a fight. If you have evidence that shows I pick fights, please tell me where I can view your evidence. I would love to see it.

      I really don't care if you read my books or not. I didn't write them for you or anybody else, I wrote them for me. I published them for E-readers so that my friends and family can read them. (And anybody else who wants to read them) The same reason I posted my songs on Youtube. So if you don't want to read them, that is fine by me. I don't need the money. I;m not looking to be famous. Despite what the bullies might tell you. This is also the reason why I don't care what anybody else thinks. If you support me, fine, I thank you. If not, that is fine too.

      I'm just defending myself from these horrible people who attack me and others. It is my choice to do so. Just like it was their choice to attack me. I am not backing down. I do not have anything to lose. Which is why I can continue to do this for the next 50 years. (If I live that long)

      You're comparing this blog to STGRB? .... OMG! Thank you so very much! That is so sweet of you to say. I think personally that STGRB is like, so much better than me and on a higher level of professionalism than I am so for you to compare me to or put me in the same sentence as them, well, it's very overwhelming. Thank you again. I mean, STGRB is awesome! (In my opinion)

    2. When I said multiple people, I meant the other bloggers that have been involved in similar situations with you. Sorry for the confusion.

      Maybe I misspoke. It's not necessarily that you pick fights, but you pick AT them. Things just get blown way out of proportion because you seem to always say just the wrong things that prompt follow-up post after follow-up post. I know it takes two to tango, but I feel like the posts on this blog aren't helping the situation at all.

      I did not mean to compare this blog to STGRB in a good way. They seem to skew a lot of facts (not saying that you do this necessarily), or at least paint them in a terrible light and it's hurtful to everyone involved. If you enjoy hurting people, then that's a whole other thing. Also, not sure if your section about STGRB was dripping with sarcasm or not...

      I think my main issue with this blog is that, while it seems like you want the bullying to stop, you bully people right back. One of the people that commented above mentioned the Ghandi quote about an eye for an eye making the whole world blind, and that's what I see going on here. You have your opinions and other people have their's, but it seems like, if you just let it go, that people would stop harassing you and the vicious cycle could end. But it doesn't seem like you want it to end.

      Also, if you only really publish your books for your friends and family, then why would you care that multiple people have attacked you personally on the Goodreads pages for your books? It seems that you do want at least some recognition, this blog being the main example of that. And if you don't care about what people think, then why does all this bother you so much? This blog is not going to stop people from bullying because you're not doing a the best job of painting yourself as the victim.

    3. Oh, okay, I thought you meant sock puppets. My bad. Glad to get that settled.

      I don't see it as "picking at them" (fights) I see it as defending myself. But you may call it as you wish. It is the same if I were walking down the street and someone came up to me to pick a fight. I wouldn't back down.

      Yes, it does take two to tango. I agree.

      Of course I say the wrong things. I say the things that are true and piss off the bullies. LOL

      I beg to differ on this blog not helping anything at all. I feel that it is. It helps to shed light on a serious issue which is, cyber bullying.

      I know you didn't mean to compare this blog to STGRB in a good way. But I do see it as such because I completely endorse STGRB and what they are doing. They are showing the world what the bullies are doing. We need more people and blogs to do the same thing. But yes, I admit, my response was a bit of sarcasm, kind of. But again, I am proud to be compared to STGRB.

      I am not bullying people back. I am showing what they are saying and doing to me. I am addressing their lies about me. I am pointing out the facts that they never show evidence to support their claims and they have no conscience when it comes to telling the truth and that they hide behind fake names. They have no morals or convictions.

      I tried to let it go on a few occasions and it never stopped. The final straw was when GenXpose appeared on the scene and that led me to starting The Looking Glass.

      But since you are here to condemn me for my choice to stand up and defend myself, have you posted these thoughts on the blogs that write about me? Amanda Welling's blog? Why not condemn the people who put me in this situation to make the choice to defend myself in the first place? I tried to call for a truce a few times and each time I got ridiculed by the bullies. No more truce offers. In the words of Cosmo Kramer, "I do what I do. This is what I do. I'm doing what I do."

      I wish it would have ended. I can't wait for the day when it ends. But unfortunately, the bullies don't want it to end. So I guess I am here for the long haul.

      I care because they made it personal. You can attack my books all you want, I don;t care. It's just a book. But I am a person. They came after me on a personal basis. I don't have to defend my books or songs or poetry, but I will defend my name. Plus, these bullies attack others. I do this for the other authors who, for whatever reason, do not fight back to defend themselves.

      It is in your opinion that I am not doing the best job of painting myself as a victim. I get plenty of emails telling me otherwise. And none of those emails come from "anonymous" either. (No offense)

      Thanks for your input. We are done with this discussion. (Unless you wish to use your real name) Take care.

  7. I deleted your comments Anon because obviously, you do not understand when someone says, "This discussion is over."

    You continue to repeat yourself and offer nothing to prove any of your so called points. use your real name and supply evidence and then we can debate whatever it is you wish to debate.

    I do not debate with anons.

    1. He doesn't debate with anons because he prefers to get their names so he can harass them for months on end.

    2. What a bully thing to say.

      But No.

      I don't debate with anons because if you can't state your position with conviction behind your real name, then you don't have anything I care to hear.

      But since you brought up, if you bullies weren't ashamed of your actions and words, then why do you hide behind fake names? And don't say for "fear" of your lives because so far, I have been the only one getting death threats from you people.

      Again, a very bully thing to say and again, you have no proof I harass anyone. I am not harassing your precious friend Amanda Welling, she harassed me, stalked me and bullied me (kind of like you right now) and I stood up to her. Now she is all butt-hurt about it.

    3. That's too bad that you deleted my comment. I was pretty excited about remembering that Shakespeare quote...

      Giving my name to you would be like signing a document giving you permission to harass me in all ways possible, and really I'd rather not. I don't even care if you publish this comment, as long as you yourself read it.


    4. Giving me your name would not be like signing a document giving me permission to harass you in all ways possible. But you making libelous statements and lies about me that you can't support, or attacking me with posts on your blog would give me permission to defend myself from you - you stupid arrogant pea-brain.

      I didn't post your previous comment because you're stupid little twit of a bully. Go bully your friends and harass them on thier blog you freaking stalking coward. What part of "leave me alone" do you not understand? I don't want you here. Go away. You are either a bully or a bully supporter and you are not welcomed here.

      You're about as vain and self entitled as Amanda Welling (GenX) and the rest of Bully Nation. Pour milk on your own shit, eat it and call it cereal or morning breakfast, we don't eat your crap of lies here.

      Now beat it you loser.

    5. Sorry anon, still not posting your comments. I do not debate anons. I insulted you no more than you insulted me.

      And again, I asked you not to comment and here you are still stalking and harassing me. And yes you lied.

      You say you're not a bully or a bully supporter and here you are bullying me when I have asked you not to.

      You came here to condemn me for making the choice to defend myself instead of going to those who put me in that position to have to make that choice in the first place. And you came here to do it as a cowardly anon.

  8. Meltdown currently happening at GenXpose site. LOL

    1. Why do you people tease me like this? .... LOL

      Thanks for the heads up. Should be interesting.

  9. Hey Carroll, Amanda won't allow any pro Carroll comments on her blog. She is crying that your supporters are leaving angry comments so I left a few nice ones that showed support for you. I also asked her to show us proof that you are a stalker. She has yet to post them. She's such a drama queen.

    1. It's a bully tactic. Only allow comments that support you to try and show that you get more supporters than the people you stalk and bully. It dates back to ancient Greece when ..... never mind, this isn't the History Channel. LOL

      Drama queen! Than you! LOL

    2. How do you leave comments when her blog has been deleted?

    3. Allow me to interject .... I popped in there this morning and it was there. I see it is gone now. How do you know that anon didn't leave comments yesterday or the day before?

      Or was this just your way of announcing that Amanda removed her blog?

      Now I guess that is going to be my fault for defending myself from her attack.

      Here we go ....... tactic two .... when insulting me and lying with a fake truce, take down your blog to gain sympathy.

      How do we know she took it down? Maybe some other "entity" took it down. Maybe the same people she sent to my door finally arrived at hers.

      You never know .....

    4. She could have just made it private. Or moved it by changing the web address.

    5. Good point.

      Okay guys, I have a couple of football drafts to attend to.

    6. None of this would have occurred if she would've just left you alone to begin with. She only has herself to blame. She doesn't get this. She never will. None of them ever will. It's simple, leave Carroll alone and he will leave you alone. Go after him, and he will defend himself with prejudice. I think she made it private so she can continue to spread more lies about you without being challenged.

    7. I was just making a statement. Sorry. I don't see any of her pages. Her FB, Twitter, Goodreads, Blog. Everything is gone.

    8. I bet she didn't cry any tears for Carroll when he lost his GR account. I'm not crying for her either. Like someone already said, she should've just left him well enough alone. She spent 9 months trying to get his attention and when she finally succeeded, she didn't want it anymore. Dem da breaks.

  10. I see these people want you to take your blog down but they aren't going to these other blogs and asking them to stop or take down theirs. You're right, they are hypocrites. DO NOT TAKE DOWN THIS BLOG!!!!!!!!!

    1. Fear not oh worried one, LOL - TLG isn't going anywhere.

      Yes, the bullies and their supporters blame the victim (me) instead of the ones they should be blaming .... themselves. How many times have we seen this is rape cases? ... When in doubt, blame the victims.

      Hypocrites doesn't even begin to describe these bullies like Amanda Welling and friends. They do seem to come here a lot and stalk the comments section though, don't they? (And I'm the stalker?) LOL

      They only want this blog taken down because it makes them look like a fool. It calls them out to present evidence of all their claims and proves their lies and this pisses them off. The last person to hold themselves accountable for anything is Amanda Welling and her bully friends of Bully Nation.


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