Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Amanda Welling Saga: Amanda Condones Murder

I wasn't sure if I wanted to do this post. I know I mentioned doing something like this but that was when I heavily considered to post that email Amanda Welling sent me, and some of her comments. Of course, when Amanda read my comments, she took the liberty of posting the email herself. I think it's best that way. However, she has made some clever little edits on her post and I want to show how Amanda Welling, Like GenX, and the rest of the bullies, never write the whole truth. And like Jude Henderson, they only show things taken out of context.

I also want to show how, like the bullies, Amanda Welling fails to inform her readers of her wrong doings. How she, like the bullies, refuses to mention their part in this feud. I also wanted to show the reasons why I was hesitant to believe her words and question her reason for approaching me in the first place.

As many of you are aware, Amanda Welling came onto this blog to declare to me "publicly" that she wasn't GenX of the now well known hate blog, GenXpose. At first glance, one would think that she was sincere in her efforts to explain her position. Her first course of action in her attempt to contact me was this post she left in the comments section of The Looking Glass on the post, "GenX Says" Part two". Here is a screen shot of that comment.

She starts it off by saying: "I'm sick and tired of being dragged into this bullshit ..." 

Here's the thing, nobody dragged her into this bullshit, she volunteered when she posted an article on her blog and referenced me to being that of a stalker and a sexual predator. This was back in July 2012. Almost a year ago. keep in mind, at this point, I didn't know her and she didn't know me. Without any conscience, she saw what was going on with me and the attack I suffered as well as read what others were probably saying too. But did she refrain from getting involved with the situation? No, she did not. And by her own words above, she admits to having written that post. She claims it wasn't meant to "target" me, however, she did mention me by name and again, made sure her readers would get the impression that I was a stalker and a sexual predator - in her opinion. 

I got news for you Amanda, that wasn't me dragging you into this bullshit. That was you making the choice to get involved with it. I think that is academic. However, in the above screenshot of her comment, she also says: "I referenced you in ONE article last year and that is it."

Well, Amanda, that's all it really takes now isn't it? However, you did do more than that, didn't you? Yes, you did, and what was it that you did beyond writing that article? You made posts on my other blog like this one. Check it out. 

It would seem on my post back in late July of 2012, called "Internet terrorists: Ignorance Run Amuck", Amanda Welling didn't approve of me linking to her blog after she wrote about me. Now, did I go onto her blog and get all up in her grill for writing her article about me? No, I didn't. But as the evidence shows, she came to mine to bitch at me. She says in this comment that: "I have had nothing to do with this matter. I haven't harassed you ..." 

Apparently, writing about me, and coming onto my blog to comment isn't harassing me? I'm harassing her? Well, before you answer that question, go to that post and read it. I don't have any links to anyone's blog on that particular post, which means I hadn't posted a link of hers either. So what is she talking about? She's talking about this comment that was left on that post by "anon". Take a look. 

It would seem she thought even back then that I was posting comments on my own blog? Isn't that what the bullies think I do on The Looking Glass? Maybe this next shot will answer that.

So you see, accusing me of leaving anon comments on my blog(s) began almost a year ago. And Amanda thought I left that one. She also shows hypocrisy when she says: "I don't want a link to my blog posted on this site." 

Really Amanda? You didn't? Well, guess what? I didn't want you writing about me on your blog, but I didn't have any say in the matter, did I? Once again, that word "entitlement" comes to mind. The same entitlement that the bullies feel that they have a right to post whatever they want on their blogs but I don't have that same right. The same way GenX feels entitled as well. 

How did I respond to her comment? Take a look for yourself.

And just like that, this Amanda Welling saga began.

And what did I say to her back then? "You put yourself into it by doing that." Meaning, when she wrote about me and linked to her source, she volunteered to be noticed. You see, I didn't drag her into any bullshit. She happily dragged herself into it. 

Somebody got it because another anon left this comment in response to hers.

 Then Amanda left me another comment, but I didn't post it. At that time, I was unaware of the fact that people who left comments on my blog couldn't delete them. I thought they could. Anyhow, I merely posted what she said. Take a look. 

I like how she says: "You want to be bullied? I can do that! Just say the word!"

Hhhmmm, isn't that interesting to know? Okay, well, you can read my response on the shot above. Anyhow, this next shot shows Amanda calling me vindictive. This after she wrote an article referencing me. And she says yet again how she didn't want to be involved in this whole mess despite the fact that she had written an article about me. How crazy is that? And she finished her comment with this: "If you are being bullied, look into the mirror and ask yourself if you are part of the blame." Read it for yourself. 

Correct me if I am wrong here, but isn't she pretty much blaming me for being bullied? Really? Are you shitting me? Apparently not because you read it for yourself. That's exactly what she is doing. Apparently, people who get bullied deserve it for .... for ..... I don't know, I can't think of a reason that is excusable for anyone getting bullied. Evidently, according to Amanda, if people think you're a jerk or something then you brought your bullying onto yourself. Try and figure that one out. Better yet, go to Amanda's blog and ask her why she thinks it's okay to bully people. Use this screenshot and her own words for your reference when you do. I would compare her statement to that of blaming a woman for being raped when she was prancing around in that short dress all day. Maybe Amanda thinks this too. I don't know. You would have to ask her. 

Of course, there were some people who got it back then. One of these people left this very telling comment. Notice at the end where this anon mentions people on Goodreads wishing me death. 

This couldn't have been me commenting as an anon either because at that point and time, my ISP was banned from Goodreads so I couldn't even get in under a different name. I had to get another computer, which I did, in order to pull that trick off. But apparently, even on Goodreads, these bullies were wishing me dead. I sure wish I could find out where so I could screenshot them. But wishing me dead is a common theme from these bullies. I have provided a screenshot on this blog in one of my posts where "Mrs. Joseph" from Goodreads wished me dead. In fact, you can find that on one of my book reviews pages. This is also important as we go along here because in a moment, I will show you yet another one on Amanda's blog in her comments section. Then you may decide what kind of people Amanda is and hangs out with online. 

Oh, wait, here it is now. Check it out.

You can see for yourself that "purpleshadowhunter" says: "Someone needs to put him out of his misery."

Nice person there, right? I guess to Amanda and her friends, murder is perfectly acceptable. If anyone does put me out of my misery, I will let the police know who they can arrest. In fact, I contacted police to let them see it for themselves. They came to my home and not only did three officers witness it, but I also printed up the whole page of Amanda's blog article and all of the comments which includes that one. (Not to mention the screenshot I got) Anyhow, I also gave them Amanda's name (and her husband) and they are going to look into the matter. Evidently, Amanda is responsible for what gets posted on her blog, including death threats. Not only did she allow the comment to be posted, she refused to do the right thing and promptly take it down. However, as from what I was told, she and the person who posted that comment are liable in the event that somebody does decide to take "purpleshadowhunter's" advice and put me out of my misery. 

Amanda will probably now take down that comment but I hope she doesn't. It doesn't matter. It's been documented and recorded and could still be pulled up if required. What goes on the internet, stays on the internet. GenX even said that herself one time. 

Anyhow, Amanda did make this comment herself. At the end, she mentions: "I know I don't buy books who attack reviewers."

Newsflash Amanda, I never attacked reviewers. I don't consider "The List" as attacking anyone. If you think it is, then surely all the posts written about me, including yours, is attacking me as well. But that list was an accurate account of what happened to me. It was also posted in "my personal space". Namely, my blog. But that's okay, I love it when you lie. As Amanda or GenX, it doesn't matter.

This next shot is also interesting. It just goes to show how little people know about what is really going on. That or they prefer to ignore the truth. Or they are just simply filled with hate. I don't know. Anyhow, take a look.

Natalie Cleary says: "I saw a lot of what he did last year." - Really Natalie? And just what was that I did a lot of? Nobody has presented any evidence of anything I did. It sure would be nice to know what it is exactly I did. It would be even nicer if anyone out there in Bully Nation would show evidence of what I did. ..... And father time keeps ticking away in silence, waiting for all of this so called evidence to materialize.

Natalie also goes on to say: "To get personal then is just ridiculous." - You can say that again Natalie. The same way Amanda got personal with me by writing about me and commenting on my blogs. And the way all of her friends (and yours?) get personal with me with what you all write about me. And referring to me as being "5" years old, well, that would make you and Amanda and the rest of Bully Nation even younger, wouldn't it? You know, since you all were the ones who started this shit in the first place.

Natalie goes on to say: "So sorry you have to put up with that shit." - Really Natalie? If you think she has to put up with so much shit, you should see all the shit I have to put up with what with two hate blogs in my honor and everything. But wait! I forgot, that's okay because according to Amanda in that earlier screenshot, I asked to be bullied. Just like girls ask to be raped, huh? Isn't that what you think? Isn't that what you're saying Amanda? Natalie? ... Sure it is.

Then Amanda responds with this.

She says: "You're exactly right. He's a bully and abuser. I'd hate to think how he treats the women in his life. I honestly feel pity for him because he truly believes that nothing he is doing is wrong."

You're right Amanda, defending myself isn't wrong. But can you please show evidence of me bullying people? And who exactly have I abused? No one. At least I don't think girls ask to be raped nor do I believe that people ask to be bullied like you obviously believe. According to you, people ask for the bad things that happen to them. And as for me believing that I don't do anything wrong, apparently, neither do you. By leaving that comment up where one of YOUR friend wishes someone would "take me out of my misery" - you must not think that murder is wrong. Nor do you think that what you did to me was wrong. Like writing about me first. Making comments on GenXpose blog and calling me fat (when actually, I'm not) and joining in on all the fun earlier this year at my expense. Oh sure, that wasn't wrong was it? Of course not because I asked to be bullied, right Amanda? I mean, you said it yourself. I have the screenshot posted up above to prove it. 

She goes on to finish her comment by saying this: "If he thinks he's going to get an apology from me for things I haven't done, it aint happening."

Ahem - But Amanda, sweetheart, the screenshot earlier of your comment on my blog here clearly shows you confessing to the article you wrote with me in it. You did do something wrong. You just lied ..... again! 

But this isn't the first time you lied, is it? 

At the end of the previous screenshot, you say: "Please keep this private. I would like this to be settled between the two of us, like adults."

Is this why you came to me first publicly on my blog? To keep it private? To settle this strictly between the two of us? You see Amanda, you say one thing yet do the opposite. If you really wanted to resolve this privately, you would have never commented on my blog. You would have just emailed me right from the get go. But you didn't do that, did you Amanda? No. You didn't. Or, how about this next lie?

You said: "I removed the review months ago." - Isn't it funny Amanda that you confused a few months to no more than a few days? The fact is you posted that fake review up months ago and only took it down within a few days earlier at best. For all I know, you may have taken it down moments before you commented that you took it down months ago. It's just one lie after another with you, isn't it? 

And after all of that information you gave me about the "real" GenX, claiming she is a Canadian woman - because you know, you Skyped with her and everything, an anon mysteriously appears and says this:

I especially like the part where this person says: "Heck, she doesn't even have the same equipment if you get my drift".

So which is it, Amanda? Is this anon lying or are you lying? Is genX a woman? A man? You? ... Never mind, rhetorical.

Then Danielle B makes this interesting comment on Amanda's blog. 

She says: "I can't believe an author and ADULT is so childish to continue bashing people for months over and over."

Well "Danielle B", I can't believe it either. I mean, Amanda bashed me almost a year ago on her blog article and then she returned several months later (about six months later to be exact) and bashes me again on GenXpose blog! How childish of her! I agree totally! 

Then she goes on to say: "It so stupid that he makes things up to use as personal attacks." - Really Danielle B? I made everything up? I suppose I made all of these screenshots up too? You see, she is severely misled because in Amanda's post, she fails to acknowledge her attacks against me which brought her into this mess. It is clear that Amanda is playing the "GenX" game of lies and truth withholding when it comes to explaining what really happened with her and I and what has led us to the here and now. Amanda Welling clearly refuses to acknowledge her part in all of this, even if she isn't GenX, Amanda Welling still has failed to accept responsibility for what she herself admits to doing. She also continues to fail to apologize for it which makes me believe that she harbors no remorse or regret for her own actions and words. Which is why I didn't buy into her sincerity in taking stuff down and when she claims she isn't GenX. There's just too many lies coming from out of her mouth. I can hardly keep up with them all.

And to think, she continues to practice that behavior to this day. I find this repulsive. And I feel sorry for her. I really do. I pity her terribly. I also can't understand why she and "GenX" would have had a falling out when they think and act so much alike! ... So much so, it's uncanny. 

Then "Beth W" says this: "You can totally sue him for libel, and win." Take a look if you don't believe me. 

Really Beth? She could sue me? Great! I hope to hell that she tries! I could sue her too. And GenX. And all the rest of you for all of your libelous comments where you people call me a rapist, a pedophile, a stalker, a bully, and the list goes on and on. So yeah, Amanda, take Beth's advice and 'sue" me. LMAO. I would love to go to court with any of you bullies. ANY! I just wanted to make that clear. So yeah, if any of you want to sue me, please, I beg you, go for it. 

Beth also mentions that this almost cost her a job. Well, just remember Beth, Amanda may have cost me book sales. And probably so has the rest of the bullies. I guess that's okay though because you know, like Amanda said, I asked to be bullied.

Beth also says that conversations are not working with me. You're right Beth, they aren't and you want to know why? It's because Amanda is always lying to me. You can't hold a constructive conversation with people who constantly lie to you and about you like Amanda does with me. It's completely impossible! 

I especially like this comment from "Bellas Bookshelf". More directly, I like the part where she says: "Amanda, you don't deserve to be targeted by nuts".  Take a look.

Well Bellas Bookshelf, neither do I deserve to be targeted. And I especially didn't deserve to be targeted by Amanda Welling AND her husband Jon AND the rest of Bully Nation. 

I also don't deserve for "purpleshadowhunter" trying to motivate some crazy person to come and "put me out of my misery" either. And yet, somehow I get the feeling that you and Amanda and the rest of you evil people do think I deserve to be murdered.

But I think this last screenshot is my favorite. It's by Nicole Mainardi. Take a look.

 She says I'm not doing myself any favors for bashing bloggers, especially someone as established as Amanda is. First of all, Nicole, I never bashed Amanda, she bashed me. And she didn't do herself any favor by doing that, did she? When it comes to Amanda (GenX) I only post what is said about me and defend it. Just like I am doing now. I am showing how Amanda lies just as much as the other bullies. But if Amanda had an issue with me, she should have come to me in private and not through my blog comments. She should have been honest with me about everything. This post showed that she wasn't. She should have apologized for her own acknowledgements of what she did to me. Against me. But she didn't. 

I would love to give Amanda some good advice, but I'm afraid somebody else beat me to it. And I am going to close this post with the screenshots of some comments that I found very wise. It came from an anon, but I sure wish I knew who this person is so I could extend my respects specifically to them. This person left the comments here on my blog. I think the advice offered to Amanda from this anon is about as good as advice can get. 

I'm Carroll Bryant .... and this is The Looking Glass.

Things We Learned Today:

* Amanda lied when she said she wanted to resolve this privately

* "purpleshadowhunter" wants someone to "put Carroll out of his misery"

* Carroll contacted law enforcement about that comment by "purpleshadowhunter"

* Amanda's true colors are plain to see (and so are the colors of her friends)

* Amanda Welling distorts the truth

* Amanda admitted to her involvement against Carroll (But not in her blog post)

* Amanda Welling can dish it out, but she sure as shit can't take it

* Carroll didn't get Amanda involved with this mess, she volunteered of her own free will

* The common theme with these bullies is - they wish Carroll dead

* Wishing people dead isn't the way to show you're the good guy


UPDATE: 06/11/13

I just found out something shocking. (Well, it's shocking to me) That the lady who thinks I need to be "put out of my misery" is a self proclaimed Christian! No kidding. Check out these next few screenshots.

Here is her blog.

Really? A Christian wishes that somebody would just kill me? OMG! How horrific is this? I doubt she is really a religious person if she wishes for me to be murdered. I would never allow anyone to say anything like that about anybody on my blog. I wouldn't even be friends with someone who thinks that killing people and wishing them dead is acceptable behavior. If anyone ever left a comment on this blog saying something like, I would report them to the proper authorities. There is just no reason what-so-ever to say something as God awful as that! But to think that someone who claims to have the love of God and Jesus in their heart to say that? I doubt very seriously that God or Jesus approves of that kind of behavior. "purpleshadowhunter", you need to reevaluate your priorities girl. And you say you're going to college to be a Special Education Teacher? Really? Well FYI, I have already worked with kids and adults with special needs. Trust me, I don't think we as a society want someone who wishes that somebody would murder me to be teaching their child with special needs. While I myself am not "religious', I will ask my religious friends to pray for you, "purpleshadowhunter".


  1. Seriously Carroll! this (and all posts about Amanda) is by far the most pathetic I've ever read and it's written by a grown up man?! Did anyone told you to move on? are you capable of it? otherwise I can tell you that I consider YOU as the bully in this. What is your goal with posting all these long blogposts about AW? what do you want to happen?
    And a curious question: have you thought about your reputation? you're dragging yourself in the dirt with all blogpost and comments about AW and GenX. I don't know which books you have wrote but if I ever see your name I will run the other way. I will never support an author who behave like you.

    Oh, and I have to tell you: NO I'm not Amanda, her husband or one of the "bullies". I don't know them at all. If you check my IP-address you will se that I'm posted this comment from Sweden, where I live.

    1. The best anyone can do here is to stop feeding the Troll, no matter how angry they make u or how annoying they are. A Troll turns sour when neglected :)

  2. Yes, these pathetic posts are written by a man. A man who dares to stand up for himself. A man with pride.

    Yes, people have told me to move on. Obviously, I make my own decisions. But answer me this: "Why don't the bullies move on?" - Oh wait, they do, from author to author.

    If defending myself from these bullies makes me the bully in your eyes then so be it. It is obvious you are not seeing the evidence. Or perhaps you are a good friend of Amanda or something and feel the need to speak out for your friend. I respect that. But your friend Amanda has attacked me and trust me, Anna, I have the right to defend myself. So do you. So does everyone. I think for myself, Anna. I don't let nobody else think for me. I choose to defend myself. I choose to stand and fight these evil people, and this includes Amanda Welling. Maybe she and the other bullies fail at thinking for themselves, but strong people such as I can make those decisions and make them from the heart.

    You either stand for something .... or you stand for nothing.

    Real people are being hurt by Amanda and the bullies. They need to realize this and stop it.

    My goal with these posts about AW? ... They are defense / response posts. Meaning, if she didn't write about me first, none of these posts would exist. My goal is to get her to realize that every time she writes about me, I am going to write about her. Not that I am writing about her directly but more, defending myself from her lies and the lies of her friends. What I want to happen is for Amanda and her bully friends to stop writing about me and libeling me. I also want this to stop happening to other authors. I want to stop this nonsense harassment and persecution of authors who speak their opinion. That's what I want to stop happening Anna.

    Sometimes, just pouring water over a fire doesn't put it out. That's when you have to light a back-fire. I fought forest fires one summer, so I know what I am talking about.

    Have I thought about my reputation? Yes I have. Which is why I am fighting back in defense because people like your friend Amanda is trying to ruin that reputation with her vile lies. I am the only one who can stand up for my reputation just like you are the only who can stand up for yours. But if my reputation changes because of me standing up to these bullies, then fine. I will have the reputation of a fighter. That is my reputation. To fight back and be honest. There are more supporters for me than for GenX / Amanda. But how am I dragging myself in the dirt by defending myself from GenX and Amanda? If they wouldn't have started writing about me and attacking me first, none of these defense posts would here, would they? .... Nope!

    Fine Anna, if you see my name on a book, please do run away. I don't want the sale of a bully supporter. I really don't. It's not about money with me. I already have a sweet life. Money is not important to me. Convictions mean more. It is apparent you support Amanda Welling thus, you support internet bullying. I don't want your money so please, thank you for not buying my book. Thank you for running the other way. I honestly appreciate it. That is not sarcasm. I truly am glad that bullies do not buy my books. To me it would be like blood money if you bought one.

    Ironically, pretty much half of the money I make off my books sales goes into charities to help women and children. I always give money and donate my time every once in a while but the sales from my books allows me to give more. Considering your support for bullies like Amanda, which has been documented as truth right here on this blog, I find it ironic that you wouldn't buy my books.

    Sweden? I've been there. Nice place. Beautiful women. Too bad you support bullies. All my best to you.

    1. That was a long answer for a short comment. "Why don't the bullies move on?" - Oh wait, they do, from author to author." can you please show me another author the persons you consider to be bullies have moved on to (or bullied before you), I would love if you can share a link. There was not only Amanda from the beginning, or have I get it wrong?

      I'm not a good friend of AW, I love books and ended up at her blog by chance, but if you think I'm a good friend/friend of her we can say so, because I have understand that once you have decided something NOTHING can change your mind and I think that is a major problem in all this.

      Why do you think the bullies picked you as a target? of all authors out there they choose you, why? I think there must have been a reason from the beginning.

      Well, I can tell you, from personal experience of having been bullied for several years during my childhood, that the best you can do is to delete your blog (blogs?) and never ever respond to any of the bullies again. Don't even mention their names. You have tried to defend yourself or "light back-fires" for a year now without any success isn't it time to change strategy? I bet that if you put this behind you and move on, AW and the other "bullies" will do the same and leave you alone. Wouldn't that be nice? I would think so. You can't put out a fire with more fire.

    2. It wasn't just Amanda who bullied me. If you want to see others who have bullied me, go to my book reviews on Goodreads and see them there. Or check out STGRB, they covered my attack well.

      As for other authors these bullies attacked, Eve Thomas, Rick Carufel, Jack Eason, and the list goes on. Just visit STGRB or read some other posts I have put up. You're find plenty of other authors being attacked. As for attacks before me, STGRB wasn't around to document those attacks. Prior to STGRB, authors who were attacked simply left GR and gave up. These bullies have ruined live, careers and dreams with their hate.

      You heard wrong. I don;t decide anything and NEVER change my mind. If you want to believe what you read from the bullies, when they do not supply evidence to support their claim, that is your business. The bullies do a great job of being judge, jury and executioner of authors. It is the bullies who NEVER change their minds. Even other authors have apologized to them, they never accept them. Just go to STGRB and you will find all the proof you need right there, Anna.

      The bullies didn't pick me as much as some of them were sent to attack me by Jude Henderson (Elsa Hernandez) and then those people she sent got their friends and so on and so on and they attacked me on GR. They also sent it viral that weekend of my attack. Most of their whine is about my relationship with an 18 year old Jude Henderson. Some of it focused on the blog post I wrote covering some reviewers who stole from me. I only posted that in response to Jude stalking me on a blog I share with a friend. That has been covered. You know, if you take the time to read my posts, you would learn this.

      I tell you what, Anna, if the bullies want me to take down this post, maybe they should take their down too. Why not go preach to them about their actions instead of coming here to preach to me? This blog stays. They want it down because I reveal the truth about them. When they take their lies down about me and other authors, including the two hate blogs in my honor, and stop attacking authors on Amazon and Goodreads, then I'll take mine down.

      This blog stays. We are done with this discussion. Thank you. Best of luck to you.

      FYI - Yes you can put out fire with fire. And if more people join me for the cause, we will be able to stomp out cyber-bullying on Amazon and Goodreads.

  3. I can only go by what I read ,and I'd like to know what started ALL of this?
    How did Amanda get involved to begin with?
    How come it has escalated to the point of ppl calling cops, death threats, etc.?
    What will it take to end it all?


      I'll begin after my attack on Goodreads in July of 2012. People started writing posts about me on their blog accusing me of being a stalker, predator, and other vile crap that stemmed from a friendship / relationship I had with an 18 year old girl who organized an attack against me on Goodreads which led to me getting banned.

      One of the people who wrote an article on her blog and called me a stalker and a predator (without proof) was Amanda Welling. Amanda also changed her review policy for indie authors and she linked her reason for it to a blog that changed their policy as well, however, in that review change notice, that particular girl referred to me as the reason why she was changing her policy.

      Someone left a link to Amanda's blog on my blog in a comment they made on my blog, informing me about the article about me on Amanda's blog and her review policy change. (I'm not even sure at the time if I even bothered to go look at it, however, I did eventually see it later)

      Anyhow, Amanda came onto my blog and commented that she didn't want a link to her blog (where she wrote about me) on my blog and demanded I take down the link. I refused. Mostly because Amanda had written about me on hers so I left the link in that comment. (Side note: That comment was made by an anon so who is to say that Amanda didn't leave that comment with the link?)

      Anyhow, Amanda left some more comments on my blog. A few i posted and a few I deleted because of her language. Her husband also left comments which I also deleted. (His name is / was Mepis)

      That was the end of it from July and up until January of this year. (5 months later) When a new blog came onto the scene called GenXpose. On that blog, some posts were created that was attacking STGRB. In the comments section of that blog, people were talking about me. One of those people was Amanda and her husband. I went there to ask them why they were talking about me. I got ambushed. I offered to answer anybody's questions and got ridiculed and mocked. But Amanda and her husband were key contributors. This is when I started looking into Amanda and realized she was the one who commented back in July of 2011 on my blog and was one of the bullies who wrote an article about me.

      About a month later, I started this blog. And about a month or so after that, I discovered that GenX was Amanda. But before I ever wrote about GenX, GenX had written several posts about me filled with lies and libelous accusations. Still with no proof.


      In my "GenX Says" series, I show a comment where these people on GenXpose (several different people make posts there) admit that the reason why they are doing this to me is because of their friend. (The 18 year old girl I had the relationship with) Jude Henderson (aka Elsa Hernandez) They confess that they are "defending" her. That is their reason for attacking me.

      After a couple of months, Amanda came onto this blog saying she wasn't GenX. After catching her in multiple lies, I doubted her claim. (Still do) Then Amanda went back to her "hippie" blog and posted an article filled with lies, half truth's and failing to mention that she was first to write about me and attack me. The post is called "My Internet Stalker" even though, prior to her writing that post, I had only been to her "hippie" blog a few times since July 2011 and never left a comment on it to my knowledge and never spoke about her until a couple of months ago when I discovered she was Genx. This coming off the heels of her and her husband writing posts and leaving comments about me from July 2012 and through February 2013.

      Amanda and her husband also sent emails to me between Feb. 2013 and April or May 2013. I had to report them to their and my email provider to get them to stop.

      GenX also began leaving comments on my blog and emailing me and people at STGRB since about from August 2012 and through December 2012. (During that time period) But going into this year, I pretty much didn't think about GenX or Amanda Welling. It was their persistence of trying to contact and or reach out to me that put them on my radar.

      I only started this blog to counter the libelous claims and lies on GenXpose and address what all the bullies wrote about me. To defend myself and set the record straight. Since then, the bullies pretty much stalk this blog like they do my other blog. (My original blog)

      That is how we got to hear in a nut shell.

    3. As for what will it take to end this? .... the bullies to take down all their crap, lies and libelous posts and comments regarding me. Including the crap in their book reviews regarding their libelous comments about me. And for the bullies to stop attacking authors and getting people banned who don't agree with them.

      But they are not going to do this. They made it very clear. So unfortunately, this may not end.

      I do have a few more posts scheduled in the "GenX Says" series coming up where I defend things said about me in one of GenXpose's blog posts. The series covers just one of her posts. That's how big that post is.

      As far as I am concerned, it will go on as scheduled. They said it, so I am going to defend it.


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