Friday, June 14, 2013

Major Announcement Part Two: Further Notice!

You know, you try to be a nice guy. You see a situation develop and you stop to think, "Hey, why kick someone when they are down? What's the point?" - Right? So you try and do the right thing.

Then when you do, you get disrespected. 

No sooner did I post my "Major Announcement" on Friday, June 14th, saying that because of recent events, I was no longer going to go through with the future postings of my "GenX Says" series because I felt Amanda Welling suffered enough with all the deletions of her internet life when suddenly, I get this comment from "Sayomay".

This is just one of two comments she made.

How is that for gratitude? She says "Fuck You" to me. And hey, you know what? Fine. Fuck me I guess. Now, an anon made a comment also but before I get to that, let me tell you guys what else happened. I got an email from Gen Xavier. Yeah, an email! Everyone on this planet knows that she is the last person I would ever want to send me an email, right? I mean, when she stalked me on my Yahoo account, I told her not to email me again and I blocked her. Athena Parker from STGRB did the same thing, and what did Gen Xavier do in response? She sent Athena another email under a different email account. 

Well, from out of the blue, Gen Xavier did the very same thing with me. After having told her I did not want her emailing me, she emails me. Take a look. 

She starts it off by saying: "I read your latest post and I want to believe that you are sincere in your sentiments." 

Really GenX? Does it look like I give a rats ass if you think I am sincere or not? You don't know me! And I don't give a shit what you think about me. Not to mention, you know I don't want you emailing me unless you do so to apologize. Guess what Gen Xavier, you didn't apologize to me, did you? 

She then says: "Obviously, you realize I've been telling you the truth. I am not the Wellings and I have have not done the things you have accused me of."

Hey, GenX, news flash! I still think you're Amanda Welling. And I don't accuse you of doing the things you done to me, I showed it with evidence on this blog. (Obviously) You - and your gang of cyber criminals on your hate blog - have done a lot of things to me. You people came to me first. Wrote about me first. Attacked me first. 

Then she says: "I wanted to write to you because I am concerned that you are worried about retaliation."

Retaliation for what? I'm not afraid of anything, let alone retaliation - and least of all from you Amanda! 

Then she says: "Please don't be. I mean every word I post to my blog. I would never post yours or anyone's personal information. You were not the only person who got doc-dropped on our blog that day. Several people were. We contacted authorities and handed everything over to them. I would not disclose you. It would be unethical. Unlike you and many others, I keep my correspondence confidential."

Amanda, I don't care if you doc-drop me or not. And if I was one of several people that got doc-dropped on your hate blog, then guess what? You doc-dropped it because it is your blog! And while we're on the subject of "You don't doc-drop", then explain this! (It came from your blog)

Now that's UNETHICAL!

But wait folks, it gets even better from here. (And more frustrating) I sent her a reply. Check it out. 

Do you see at the end where I ask her to "please leave me alone"? and: "If you do understand this, then do not respond."

Well guess what? She didn't understand this. SHE RESPONDED!!!!!

And my response to her? (Again)

And then, to top off everything, take a look for yet a third time. She continued to email me saying: "Since you can't control yourself no matter how polite I am with you, I'll just block you."

See for yourself. You can't make this shit up. 

Yes! Amanda! By all means, please effing block me you psychopath!

FYI - it is not polite of you to stalk and harass me.

Do you see what I have to deal with here? Do you see what I have been dealing with here? Can you feel my frustrations? But guess what? She's not going to block me. She's a nut! She's a stalker! She can't stop harassing me even after I have asked her time after time after time after time! She will not stop! 

Not to worry, I did send those emails to my contact in law enforcement.

Now, I want to show you a comment from an anon on my "Major Announcement" post.

And you want to know something? Anon is right. I am damned if I do and damned if I don't so ... guess what? I'd rather be damned if I do. 

As of right now .... the "GenX Says" series is back on!

I'm Carroll Bryant ... and this is The Looking Glass.

Things We Learned Today:

* Genx is still Amanda Welling in Carroll's book

* GenX is a stalking Carroll

* GenX is harassing Carroll

* GenX is bullying Carroll

* GenX doesn't understand that Carroll wants her to leave him alone

* GenX doesn't know the meaning of the word no

* GenX doc drops

* GenX is unethical 

* GenX is a polite psychopathic stalker except for the ... psychopathic stalker part

* Carroll is damned if he does and damned if he don't

* Carroll prefers to be damned if he does

* Carroll has sent her unwanted emails to Officer Mowery of the Waverly Police Department

* The "GenX Says" series is back on!


Here is another psychopath for you. Does she remind you of someone?

(Click on the link below)

Amanda Welling


  1. For Anon - Yes, I am aware. Thank you. (Sorry I didn't publish your question. Clicked wrong button.) LOL

  2. Sorry Carroll, you tried to do the right thing, and Gen wouldn't let you. She has the nerve to block you? That bitch be crazy! You aren't the one emailing her, she's the one stalking you! At least you tried. The bullies won't let you walk away from anything. Gen has shown her true colors once again. She doesn't want to let you go. They're talking on her blog saying she played you. I see she's still stealing from you. Wasn't that what you said you did to her when she sent those agents to your door? She should work on being more original. She needs to be arrested before she shows up at your door one night. That's what people like her end up doing eventually.

    1. Yeah, I tried.

      GenX thinks she played me? How can you play someone by stalking them? LOL

      GenX couldn't play herself. She's not that smart. She didn't play me, she's the one that got played. (Again!) Haha However, she wasn't played by me.

      In America, when you're investigating a cyber stalking / harassment case, the best evidence is often found in private emails. But to get access to those emails you need a warrant signed by a judge. To get the warrant, you need probable cause or reasonable suspicion.

      No means no! So probable cause, meet reasonable suspicion.

      While at the station today talking to one of the officers, who happened to read the printout of Gen Xavier emails, the officer told me she took a course in psychology. She and I got to talking about GenX and she said that GenX displays classic narcissist tendencies, one of which includes, and I quote, "She has to have the last word." That tendency may just be her downfall.

      She also said GenX displays an "I'm smarter than you" attitude. She thinks she's smarter than everyone. LOL

      Oh yeah, someone got played, but it wasn't her playing me nor I playing her. She got played by law enforcement. Who do you think came up with the "Major Announcement" post?

      Once again, probable cause, meet reasonable suspicion. Haha

  3. uummmmm did she say you used her name in hostile ways and made so many unflattering posts about her? what about all the unflattering posts she made about you and her hostility? my god they are like five of them saying all kinds of shit about you carrol who the hell does she think she is? If ever anyone needed bitch smacked into reality it would be her. I hate this woman.

  4. Hate is a very strong word. Don't let it into your heart. But yes, hypocrisy rings through out her correspondence.

    In case nobody has been paying attention, about 4 more GR accounts of the bullies have "disappeared". I will be making a list shortly and post it in its own page section so we can keep up with that.

    I also turned over some more names for police to watch out for. Two of them were Angela Horn and Sayomay. We'll wait and see what happens.


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