Saturday, June 1, 2013

Political Exploitation

I don't know about anyone else, but I for one really hope that our politicians would stop exploiting tragedies to push their party agenda. Of course, I am talking mostly about the Newtown tragedy, but this pretty much goes for all major tragedies that occur in America.

I felt the same sense of grief as the rest of the nation did when that gunman did what he did. I got just as emotional about it too. But just like we should never shop for groceries on an empty stomach, we should never create / pass laws directly after a tragedy, or based off of emotion.

Ever since this senseless and horrific act, I have heard nothing but our politicians trying to pass laws based on emotion stemming from this tragedy. They speak of it every time they want to push their party gun law agenda. I see this nothing more as exploitation of those who died that dark, dark day. I for one would be outraged if any of the victims were my friend or relative. In fact, I am outraged anyway by it. And why the parents of those children would allow their deceased loved one be exploited like this, I will never know. I'll never understand why anyone would allow this kind of behavior to take place in America after a tragedy without an out-cry.

Laws should never be created and passed out of emotion. Laws should never be identified with tragedies. Laws should be made based on practicality and result. Meaning; Does the law do what you intend for it to do? The gun laws our politicians are putting together and the tax payer money being spent to do it is nothing more than a ruse and a waste. These gun laws are not going to solve the problem. They are only being put together for two reasons: 1) It's an effort or gesture to ease the pain of the families of the victims and 2) To push a radical party agenda. That's it!

I seen this after Littleton, Colorado as well. It's every time something like this occurs, our lawmakers rush some impractical law to the table. This is why our country is in the trouble that it's in. Too many times Americans get so jacked-up on emotion that we go right ahead and push to pass some kind of hokey-pokey law that not only costs us millions of dollars to implement, but ultimately doesn't do what we intended it to do. Then all we do after that is look back at our mistake and pretend we didn't make it until another tragedy comes along and we make the next mistake which is nothing more than the old mistake we made the last time.

It's a vicious cycle. And it needs to stop.

And another thing that needs to stop is our politicians (and media) exploiting tragedies like Newtown to push their emotionally charged and party charged agenda's. More importantly, Americans need to force our politicians to stop it.

When tragedies such as Sandy Hook occur, we just simply need to mourn and move on. Then look back rationally - without being so emotional - and figure out what we can do to lower the risks of such things from occurring again. Try and figure out the best way to initiate "preventive action". Trust me, the answer will never come when you are emotional about it.

It's just like this so called war the politicians have declared against obesity. Some rogue politician gets emotional about it and comes up with the bright idea to ban 32 ounce cups. Yeah, that's not stupid. And it happened when politicians got all jacked up about tobacco, and in the process, got the rest of America all jacked up about it too and presto! Now look at our financial situation America. Yeah, that wasn't stupid either, was it? And don't get me started on the sexual predator registry law that also assisted in bankrupting the nation. All of these sex laws were the by-product of our emotional state. The best law we got in the form of prevention was the only one that wasn't emotional based, and that's "Amber's Law". (More specifically, the "Amber Alert") The rest of them pretty much doesn't do anything in the form of prevention. Maybe Megan's Law.

So you see, when a tragedy comes along, we have to take in a collective breath, go through the process of mourning and once our emotions have subsided, then take a logical and practical approach to solving a problem. 

So please, Americans, media, politicians, can we please stop exploiting our nations tragedies every time one occurs? Please? It's just pathetic and sad and really pissing me off. Show some respect, and let the dead rest in peace. If you want to honor their memory by passing new laws, then do so when the emotional aspect from the tragedy has passed so we can make better laws. Quality of law is better than quantity. Let's stop wasting time, money and disrespecting our dead. Let's also stop associating laws with tragedies. There is simply no call for it. We would doing ourselves a lot more good, and would be showing our lost loved ones a lot more respect by passing laws that actually work as opposed to passing laws that do nothing to help prevention, and are just fluff, simply to ease our hurting.

I'm Carroll Bryant ... and this is The Looking Glass.

Things We Learned:

* Americans pass too many laws based on emotion and not sensibility

* Americans never learn from the past and keep making the same mistakes

* Quality of law is better than quantity    


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