Wednesday, May 29, 2013

GenX (Amanda Welling) Back In True Bully Form

That didn't take long, did it? I mean, all this talk about peace and moving on. It would appear that GenX (Amanda) couldn't refrain from "mouth in foot" disease. LOL I knew it! I hadn't been to her blog for a few weeks now and yet, I had a hunch after that last anon comment that something was up. Sure enough, there it was. Do I know this girl or what? LOL So freaking predictable. (Still LOLing)

Here is her latest whine. Check it out.

I knew she couldn't resist the Carz!

So let's break this down, shall we?

She starts it out with "Enough of the begging, pleading, false dichotomies, threats, bad cold war analogies and poor attempts at straw-man logic - I get it. You wish every article that's ever been written about your various exploits would disappear - and demanded this on many occasions lately - and it's killing you that you can't manipulate, threaten, bully, trick, bluff or force others to delete the evidence of your messes from the visible internet in your unsuccessful attempts to rewrite history during those frantic-moth efforts for damage control."

We'll pause here and address. 

First of all GenX, I never begged, pleaded, threatened or any of that other stuff for anything. Least of all, for all the lies posted about me to come down. I see you continue to enjoy the art of spinning and playing make-believe in your head only to allow your clouded perceptions to spill from the sewer that is your mouth. (By the way, how many hours did it take for you to weed through a dictionary to learn those grown-up words? Never mind, rhetorical) 

But it is nice to see you stalking my blog "comments" though. That's the first thing you have proved with your post. This next line will shock you - I don't give a damn if those posts/lies/hate blogs about me ever come down or not. You're the one coming to my blog and leaving anonymous comments crying "It's over. We're not posting about you anymore so don't post anymore defense posts proving my lies, okay Carroll? Pretty please Carroll?"

Get up off your knees woman, show some dignity for Christ's sake.

And news flash, you don't get it. (But you will someday) And what are these various exploits you speak of that I have perpetrated? You and "Bully Nation" haven't even proven any exploits of mine except that of the dreaded model pic. (And the fact that you still don't know my real age) LOL Other than that, nothing! And believe me, none of your lies are killing me. I'm a narcissist, remember? I love the attention. And I love proving you wrong at every turn. It's just too bad you have no evidence that shows I bully or threaten anyone. However, since you brought up bullying and threats, let's revisit one of yours, shall we? 

What's the matter Amanda? The G-Men didn't do your dirty work for you? I suppose it's pointless to even wonder how much tax payer dollars you wasted to execute your little Acme scheme against me, isn't it? Or how much of their valuable time you wasted for your bully agenda. I guess those things mean nothing to you. And why should they? It's not in your character to display any class or concern towards others when there is Carroll bashing to be done. Am I right?

And bluff? I'm bluffing about something? Oh, please - do tell! I can't wait to hear this. Of all the things I have proven (and will be proving) against you and your lies, you continue to mislead yourself that I am bluffing about something? And damage control? You haven't caused any damage yet. You haven't proven anything yet so how can there be any damage? I'm not doing damage control, I'm "exploiting" your lies. I wouldn't expect you to know the difference. You're blinded by hate. (And suffer from acute narcissism.) 

Then you suggest I have learned from what you told me early on that 'the internet never forgets'? No, I did not forget, but you apparently have. You're the one losing supporters for your hate campaign. More and more people are seeing the ignorance that lies beneath the surface of your disoriented beliefs. Case in point, you're attacking me for comments left on my blog. How pathetic does one have to fall for to do this? Perhaps you could post about that. (And don't leave out any of the juicy details either.)

You suggest that I am finding it difficult to live with the consequences of my actions. The truth is, I am living fine with them. I haven't any actions for which not to live with. And what consequences are you referring to? You lost me on that one. I haven't suffered any consequences of late. And by "of late" I mean, years and years. Perhaps you could clarify this sometime. provided of course, you take your meds and clear your head. 

You say I don't take ownership of what I have done. But alas, I have! I have owned up to that picture. That's the only thing I have done. And that, by the way, is old news. But since we're on the subject of "ownership", when can we expect you to take it for what you and your bully friends have done? Remember, it was your friend Jude who stalked me on my shared blog. It was you who tried to thwart my interviews (unsuccessfully I might add) It is you who emailed me first. Bloggged about me first. (The list goes on and on)

I have owned up to everything I have done. It seems to me that you, Jude and the rest of your "dim-witted gang" never own up to your misgivings and exploits. But that's to be expected. You're bullies. That explains it. And it seems to me that you're the one going around doing all the blaming. You blame me for things i have never done and for things you can't even prove. 

Damn it! Just take your meds already.

Here is another news flash for you. You say there is no blog I hate more than yours, well, you're wrong. I don't hate your blog. I don't even hate you. I just hate the fact  that you're a bully. Perhaps incurable, I don't know. You see, unlike you, I don't allow hate into my heart. The proof is in the fact that I just don't randomly go off the handle and attack you and your blog like you do me and mine. I only post "defense" posts. By that I mean, I only respond to you and what you say and do. (Like this post) LOL 

And trust me, you haven't covered any of my misdeeds because you haven't proven anything you ever say. Oh, you make plenty of claims, but you never present any evidence. I will be demonstrating this more in the upcoming "GenX Says" posts. And I am glad that no one is rushing to take down their lies. Your blog and the two hate blogs in my honor have done more good in showcasing your bully talents than anything I could ever post. But all your anon whining on my blog in the comments section led me to believe that you wanted to end this ridiculous war that you started and I was simply saying for that to happen, you bullies would have to show 'good faith" first before I would fall for your continued lies and belly-aching. I say it because I know you bullies will never do it. So keep posting about me. Keep your BS posted for all the world to see. Keep the hate blogs made in my honor up too. Then when your readers come here to read my defense, (and we both know that they do) they will continue to discover the true joke that is you and "Bully Nation".

FYI - This blog is here to stay too. You just made that decision for me. 

As for your wisdom, ditto. Why is that people can't take their own advice? It's true that "the person within your control is you." - But you seem to lack control, don't you? Not to mention, good judgement. 

And you wish me luck? LMAO. Sweetheart, go ahead and keep it, you're the one who is going to need it. Well, you'll need it more than me I can promise you that. But turnabout is fair play so .... best of luck to you too. I have a wonderful life as well.

I'm Carroll Bryant .... and this is The Looking Glass.

Things We Learned today:

* GenX stalks my comments on my blog

* GenX has no self control when it comes to Carroll bashing

* GenXpose blog has provided no evidence to support any of her claims

* Carroll never begs

* No evidence has ever been presented that Carroll stalks anyone or bullies or threatens 

* GenX (Amanda) wasted tax payer dollars for her bully agenda

* GenX has failed in her attempts to hurt Carroll with her lies

* GenX needs to get on her meds (Or start taking them)

* Carroll hates no one like GenX and Bully Nation does

* Carroll has a wonderful life too

* The Looking Glass is here to stay

* GenX failed in her attempt to get Carroll arrested (Failure seems to be her only success)

* GenX was begging for Carroll to stop posting his defense posts through the comments section



  1. This is hilarious Carroll. She hates you so much. All the trolls do. They can't go too long without lashing out at you. You're their addiction. It's like some religious Carroll cult. They walk around like zombies mumbling "we must bash Carroll, we must bash Carroll" Um ... sorry dood, it's just funny as shit. :)

  2. No no, don't be sorry, you're right, it is funny as shit. I mean, look at what GenX posted. She takes herself so fucking seriously. LOL She and the bullies haven't figured out yet that I am just fucking with their heads. I think all of this is a joke and funny as hell.

    I'll be going to Roosters tomorrow to meet up with my buddies and we will jump on our laptops like the last time and read the shit on GenXpose blog and the other two hate blogs and have a great laugh.

    GenX is so stupid that she doesn't see that I want her to keep posting about me. I want those two hate blogs to stay up and get back to posting about me. We're like the Hatfields and McCoys of the internet. But the truth of the matter is, the more angry and upset one of my posts comes off, the more I am actually laughing my ass off over here. All my readers know this but the bullies take this shit so seriously that it is hilarious beyond belief.

    Just picture Amanda as she writes that post on GenXpose just a huffing and a puffing with a serious look on her face of contentment, smiling and all proud of herself as she writes: "You beg for us to take down our posts and blogs because you are afraid of the truth Mr. Bryant." - Blah, blah, blah and I am rolling on the floor over here picturing her head wobbling side to side. LMMFAO!!!!

    She thinks she is doing some great humanitarian work or something I mean, what is there not to laugh at? It's funny shit!!!

    For myself, I love GenXpose blog and the two hate blogs in my honor. I swear to God I do. They are my publicity machine. And while everybody else has caught on that I am just fucking with these bullies, they are scrambling around like chickens with their heads cut off and taking all of this so seriously like it is a life and death matter. LOL I mean seriously, picture it .... "Carroll chases underage girls because he is a underage girl chaser and stuff and like, he bullies people and threatens them and you know, stuff like that." - LMAO It's priceless shit and I love it!!! I really fucking do!!!! But Amanda and the bullies are so fucking stupid that they can't even see just how fucking stupid they are. They - we - I - all of this shit has become so stupid that it is now a joke and the bullies are the only ones who fail to recognize this.

    Still laughing my ass off over here. This feud will go down in internet folklore history. It will become legend. We just need to keep it going for a few more years. I just figured out what I can post for August. LOL

  3. For me the funny part is when she tries to say at the end she has better things to do than deal with you anymore. If she has such a wonderful life then why did she even start up with you in the first place? I hate people who pick fights and don't finish them. Gen is such a loser. She's so full of herself. She's such a creepy stalker Carz. She really has it bad for you. Now I can see why she and Jude are such good friends. They have a lot in common.

  4. This girl is nuts Carroll! She makes a whole blog post based on the comments left on your blog? She needs more than meds, she needs some serious counseling!

    1. No argument here.

      I have other comments however, I am on the phone so I will get back to publishing the other comments later while I deal with personal business.

  5. Isn't there anyway you can block her from reading your posts and comments? I don't think I could handle someone stalking my blog like this. It would freak me out too much. There's a difference between reading and following as opposed to stalking. When she posts about the comments being made on your blog, that's stalking. IDK Maybe I'm wrong. Isn't this harassment? Glad to see you have a sense of humor about it.

    - Beth

    1. I'm not going to block her. If she wants to let the world know that she stalks me then that is fine by me.

      She does harass me.

      Of course I have a sense of humor. Without it, one could go crazy or turn into a bully. Neither of which I care for. LOL

      Thanks Beth.

  6. Hi Carroll,

    I'm not sure if it's okay to leave this comment here but I just got done reading on your other blog about the email with Jude and I'm completely beside myself. The nerve of that girl to tell you that she can separate personal feelings from business after stiffing you on your book. I wanted to reach through the screen and smack her. I know Jude from Good Reads and always thought she was a sweet girl but, after reading that post, I can see how diabolical she is. I can't get over the fact she is friends with this Amanda girl. They're horrible! Just horrible people for what they're doing to you and other authors.

    God bless.

  7. You have to understand that bullies have no concept of what kindness is. They can't grasp the basics of business. You don't screw somebody over then turn around and expect them to help you later. It did take a lot of gumption on her part to think that after breaking her promise to me with my work that I would turn around and help her with her work, especially after she snuck onto my shared blog like that.

    Anyhow, glad to see you get it. The bullies have this entitlement expectation that they can say no to anyone but everyone should say yes to them.

  8. I'm confused. Gen mentions all the evidence she's posted against you and I have read almost all the posts she made about you Carroll and I haven't seen any of her evidence. Where is she keeping this evidence? Surely not on her blog. It's just a bunch of rhetoric from 13 year olds. Where is the evidence that you chase underage girls? She's never shown any. Where is this evidence that you stalk people? Bully them? Harass them? Doc drop? I have seen more evidence that Gen practices these things against you and stgrb than the other way around.

    What gives her the right to sit on her high horse and talk about you not wanting these posts and blogs to go away? She's been trying to silence you and stgrb all year. It would seem she is the one afraid of the truth. I can't recall ever knowing a more self indulged woman than Gen. She prances around the internet like she owns it and begging everyone to look at her and call her great. She's more full of herself than you are Carroll. Are you sure Gen isn't Jude? They share a lot of traits. Including stalking you.

    1. omg have u seen her videos? that jude chick has crazy eyes. she talks weird to. she's creepy. she looks and acts like a stalker. she stalks her teachers now. lol

    2. Interesting story here:

      Not too long ago, I was contacted through email by one of her classmates who stumbled onto this blog through her. He read some of the articles and comments where on one of my posts he saw people talking about that "hot for teachers" video. LOL He told me that the guys in her class and on campus joke about her crushes. He says she comes off as friendly when you first meet her but then turned creepy. They have a nickname for her but I'm not going to reveal it. (Actually, they have two)

      Anyhow, he says ever since the guys on campus saw that video, they keep themselves at a distance. He also told me that during her freshman year all she talked about was me and sometimes, Jenny. Near the end of her freshman year, this is when he said she started becoming strange and a little distant.

      He and I have emailed a few times. The last time he mentioned that at parties, she is always talking about herself and her blogs and everything. And that she has been caught ogling guys before. LOL He's said a lot more but that stuff I'll keep to myself. But yeah, she does give off this eerie vibe. Apparently, the more you get to know her, the more odd she becomes. I don't know. LOL To each their own I guess.

  9. They put up another post on genxpose. It's not about you but they reference you at the end. You're in their heads.


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