Thursday, May 23, 2013

Goodreads Terrorists: Warning!

Hey you guys, I just wanted to get this out there while it's fresh. I am currently working on a future post that will show how these Goodreads bullies operate and are having people randomly banned by someone high up in the GR staff chain. (Patrick Brown?) whenever a reader/reviewer rates one of these bully authors books poorly and or rates a book highly of an author on their "Shit-List".

My warning to you is this: Do not rate their books or review them negatively. If you do, you will be targeted by them and their terrorist gang for possible ban. It is apparent that these people do not want readers and reviewers to roam freely on Goodreads to exercise their rights to rate books or review them honestly. Only the bullies are allowed to do this and get away with it. Only they are allowed to rate and review books negatively! Everybody else does not have that right! 

Also, don't even shelf their books in anyway, shape or fashion negatively! You will still be targeted! You and your account will be stalked until they (the bullies) and their higher up staff member(s) determine that you are a sympathizer to myself or STGRB and they will - without warning - delete your account!

I know, they cry and whine about THEIR right to rate books and review them, even if they haven't read them, but they do not want these same rights to apply to you when it's THEIR books being poorly rated and or reviewed. Even shelved!

So if you value your Goodreads membership, make sure you do not rate or review any author book(s) that support the hate groups and the bulllies on Goodreads. They will ban you!

My advice is to just stay away from them. All of them. Remove them off your friends list and block them. Do not engage with them in any way. Make no mistake, you are not allowed to rate and review books negatively as you see fit for any reason if those books were written by THEIR supporters. Nor are you allowed to rate and review book(s) positively by any author on their "Shit-List". You also can't shelve their authors supporters books negatively nor shelve books of authors on their "Shit-List" positively.

I am providing a members list of the new hate group on Goodreads called: ANTI-ASSHAT INDIE AUTHORS who are widely responsible for this terrorism taking place on Goodreads. (Led by the worst terrorist of them all, Angela Horn) This group is headed by three people, two of which are GR authors, ELLY HELCL and RICK GUALTIERI. They are taking it into their own hands to seek and single out any and all readers/reviewers who may be honestly giving their books and their author supporter books poor ratings and reviews or poor shelving (like they do) and giving authors on their "Shit-List" positive ratings and reviews or shelving then targeting them for BAN on GOODREADS!

Study this list and if at possible, remove them from your friends list. Just block them. Do not explain or engage in any way with them, just separate yourself from them.

Do not even go to their group to look at the members list! The Goodreads staff can see if you go there and will probably stalk your account to see any sign of you supporting the good authors (like myself) and or sign that you are against their authors. Remember, they have at least one person (maybe more) high up on the GR staff who can watch your every move, and if they deem you a sympathizer to myself, or any other author on their "Shit-List" or towards STGRB, they will delete your account.

You have been warned!

Now here are the members of this new hate group. Be careful on Goodreads. 

(Also check STGRB website for updates on this new group, their actions, and their "Badly Behaving Reviewers" list to learn more about what people to avoid.) 

Good luck to you.

AVOID THESE PEOPLE AT ALL COSTS! (Click pictures to enlarge)

Remember, I am only doing this for all of you everyday readers and reviewers so that you will not be wrongfully targeted by these terrorists on Goodreads. It doesn't matter if you side with or against anyone. These people do not care! If they even think you are sympathizers to myself, STGRB or any other author on their "Shit-List", they will have your account deleted. For further proof, just go to STGRB and read about it. 

They are evil, ruthless people who will stop at nothing to take YOUR rights and freedoms away. Only they are allowed to attack people, and anybody who gives their books a poor rating or review or even a bad shelf, or authors that support them, will be targeted. And those who appear to favor books from the authors these people deem "Badly Behaving" will also be targeted and stalked. And they will have your account deleted too! They are already doing it! 


If you wish to keep up with their membership, remember, since they went public with the group, you need not be signed in to look at it. I highly recommend you check it before you sign in, that way, the GR staff won't be able to trace you or your activities. They won't be able to stalk you and target you.


  1. Thanks for this post Carroll. I went to my gr account and found a couple of these people on my friends list and promptly removed them. I also had one of Rick's books on my to read list oddly enough. I removed it also. There is no way I can support a person like that.

    I read the stgrb article and couldn't believe my eyes. Not only are these people going after authors, but now they are going after readers. I'm so afraid to do anything on gr anymore. I can't imagine these staff members stalking my account. These people need to be behind bars. As a christian, I already know where their souls are headed.

    I hope you and stgrb keep us all informed with what is going on. You guys do great work.

    1. You're welcome.

      I think removing these people from your friends list is the best thing.

      I'm staying clear of the religious portion of your comment. LOL

  2. Wait a minute! These people have given themselves the right to sit on their holy thrones and decide what author is behaving badly in their opinion then go and attack their books in retaliation yet if I determine that they are the ones behaving badly and attack theirs then they are going to ban me?

    My brother died in Iraq while defending this country and its freedoms and these sons-a-bitches are spitting on his grave. I hope good reads gets shut down!

  3. That about sums it up. By Joe, I think you got it.

    Really sorry to hear about your brother. In my book, he's a hero.

  4. Good reads is a cess pool. It's a playground for pedophiles and bullies.

  5. Thank you for sharing that information. Taking care of it right away :) Keep up the good work!

  6. Glad to be of service. I don't want any of you good people getting caught up in this. By rule, you should be allowed to rate and review and shelf as you see fit - just like the bullies - but apparently, they think otherwise. And since they can't attack your books because you're not an author, they found a way to strike fear into readers by falsely accusing them to be "sock puppets" and getting them banned.

    I would rather live without a good rating and review from my readers as opposed to them getting banned for doing so. At least until this mess is cleaned up. Which from a phone call today that I received, is in the early process of being cleaned up.


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