Thursday, May 16, 2013

Progress To Disarming: The Fate Of The Looking Glass

I got an interesting email yesterday. I was told that the hate blogs made in my honor are no longer operating. I decided to investigate it and sure enough, I couldn't find anything.

Now, it is possible that these blogs were not deleted, just suspended to make it appear that they were deleted. No official word has yet come out from the bully camp on the subject.

While I do see this as possibly a move in the right direction, I continue to contend that those two blogs should have never been started in the first place. Be that as it may, I have been contemplating the past four weeks the future of "The Looking Glass."

Several options are on the table. 

1) Delete The Looking Glass

2) Suspend The Looking Glass

3) Delete certain posts as they pertain to those who have taken the steps to delete their posts about me (i.e. because CBLies and ToB have been removed, I should remove all posts regarding those blogs and maybe the Jude Henderson posts. However, GenXpose is still in operation so all posts regarding it shall remain.)

4) Similar to number 3 only instead of deleting,  revert said posts back into drafts. (Just take them off the grid and wait and see if those blogs resurface)

5) Leave The Looking Glass up, but just stop posting new posts. 

But then if I go with number 5, the question remains, should I allow all scheduled posts to go through? You see, I have scheduled posts already in place that carry on through the month of July. I have nothing scheduled beyond that. 

My current thoughts were centered around allowing those posts already scheduled to go through, and then just cease posting anything new - or - anything related to the bullies. (With the exception of GenXpose unless they cease their attacks on me as well.)

This has been what has been running through my mind recently. There is a lot to digest here. I still haven't decided what direction to go in. Perhaps some of you can help me in that department. Fill me in on what you think I should do. (And when I should do it) And if your idea isn't listed above, submit it. I would welcome any and all ideas and opinions on the subject matter. However, and I can't stress this enough, Anon suggestions will not be posted or considered. The reason is because who is to say that multiple comments from Anon isn't the same person? Understand? 

If anyone wishes to donate their two cents but do not wish to leave their online identity visible here, then you can always email me your thoughts. This includes the bullies. This also includes Jude as I have unblocked her from emailing me. 

While I appreciate the bullies taking down the two hate blogs made in my honor, until I have some kind of official word on the matter, I remain reluctant to jump to conclusions or assumptions surrounding that action or the reasons thereof for taking them down. (Color me skeptical)

And no, I am not going to go around dancing in my bloomers praising myself and saying that I finally defeated the bullies in GenX fashion. The truth is, I have no idea why those blogs came down. But let's face it, GenX is so full of herself that it stopped being funny years ago. And unlike her and her goons, I don't spread lies and rumors or constantly go around patting myself on the back for a job well done. 

Communication is critical in a time like this. And there also remains the matter of GenXpose blog. And the GR attacks on me as well as posts on many other blogs regarding libelous attacks against me. I suppose those things can be dealt with on a one on one basis. 

So while those two hate blogs in my honor are gone, how long before all is forgotten? Until I hear some kind of official word on the matter, I hang in purgatory regarding the future of what to do here on The Looking Glass. But yes, I have been contemplating the future of The Looking Glass for a month now. I don't know how long it will take for me to figure out what to do and in the meantime, all scheduled posts will go on as scheduled until I can decide what to do. 

The post coming up for the 20th of this month I can't edit. There is a part of that post where I wish I could edit but it's just too late to do so. I either have to suspend it or postpone it and the truth is, I don't want to do either. I paid somebody money to gather the info for that May 20th post, and a part of me what's my money's worth, you know? 

I just wish those two hate blogs in my honor would have shut down sooner. I wish they would have never been started in the first place, obviously, but wishing and praying only gets you so far. 

So until I can figure this out, and or GenXpose takes down her attacks, and or until I get some kind of official word from a reliable source inside the bully camp, all posts already scheduled to be released shall go through as planned. But hopefully, something can be figured out quickly. I wish to do my part now to disarm and dismantle but I'm not sure yet as to what I should take down. Or when I should take it down. I don't know which bullies are walking away from the situation, and which ones remain. And until I get a better understanding, the process for me to start taking things down could take a week to maybe a couple more months. 

The sooner I can get information about what is going on, the sooner I can act in good faith also. Does that make any kind of sense? I mean, after all I have been through, is my skepticism reasonable? 

I'm Carroll Bryant ..... and (for now) this is The Looking Glass.

Things We Learned Today:

* Carroll is contemplating the future of The Looking Glass

* Carroll wants to do the right thing, he just isn't sure what the right thing to do is yet

* Will GenXpose ever follow the lead of CBLies or ToB?

* Readers have an opportunity to help Carroll decide the fate of TLG

* Skepticism still exists

* Carroll appreciates the removing of the hate blogs in his honor

* Once Carroll knows more about what is going on, he will do the right thing ... ultimately

"Shakedown" - Frankie and the Knockouts



  1. I'm not sure who told you those blogs are down, because they clearly are not down. I just checked and they are still up, and they were up yesterday when I checked them out.

    1. Really? Because I also went on the search to see if it was true and even I couldn't find anything. And I searched for at least a good hour. I will try again to find them and thanks for the comment. If you are willing, could you leave me a link in another comment? I won't post the comment. I would just like a link. Thanks.


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