Monday, May 27, 2013

Coming Attractions for June 2013

June is fast approaching. I knew a girl once named June, but she was as cold as January. Anyhow, I hope to have a full slate of interesting posts for you. I hope you at least enjoy this months symbolic music video. But mostly I hope you enjoy the posts. I hope you have enjoyed most of the posts thus far. We certainly kicked off in fine fashion with the Goodreads sexual role-playing scandal, didn't we? And come on, you can admit that it was somewhat satisfying discovering the true identity of GenX, right? I mean, we have a little fun here, right? Am I right?

So here is to some more good times.

Despite the events of last month, I am still going forward in my defense of posts that have been posted on GenXpose hate blog. I shall continue to answer their accusations and address them accordingly to set the record straight. Although, I understand it continues to sound like a broken record. So after the originally scheduled posts go through in June and July, don't be too surprised if things slow down. I mean, really slow down. I also anticipate that by the end of the year, I may stop posting anything new altogether. We'll see how 'things" develop. 


June 1st, 2013 - "Political Exploitation"


Our politicians need to stop exploiting our nations tragedies.


June 3rd, 2013 - "The Jack Eason Attack"


We read a comment by a bully and shine a light on it after author, Jack Eason was attacked. Congratulations author Rick Gualtieri, you're now publicly known as a bully. Enjoy the spotlight. I bet you make your mother proud.


June 6th, 2013 - "GenX Says: Part Two"


A continuance of Part One. More hilarity from the bullies over at GenXpose hate blog. And some things not so hilarious.


June 10th, 2013 - "GenX Says: Part Three"


Welcome to WWGX FM. All GenX all the time. For a new generation. (Of bullies) Yeoooowza! Did you just crap your pants? JUST SAY IT.

And now a word from our sponsor.

"Ever get tired of the drip, drip, drip ....."


June 14th, 2013 - "Madden 13: ESPN Killed Madden"


It didn't take long for me to discover if I loved this game or hated it.


June 19th, 2013 - "The Last Note"


Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble, better run real fast to read this ... and run on the double. A poem that is hard to put into a song, and another Amanda happens along. But by chance we will see things of which we read, and find out the truth of who's heart did bleed. 

"If you told me you were drowning .... I would not lend a hand. I've seen your face before my friend, but I don't know if you know who I am. Well I was there and I saw what you did. I saw it with my own two eyes. So you can wipe off that grin. I know where you've been. It's all been a pack of lies!"


June 24th, 2013 - "The Lit Reactor"


"Lit Reactor" blog writer Dean Fetzer responds to my "Goodreads: Or Good Pedophilia?" article. I respond to his response. But what does it all mean, Basil?

"A bit nutty."


"In The Air Tonight" - Phil Collins


  1. While some of these stories look interesting Carroll, I thought I would mention that those hate blogs haven't posted anything about you for quite a while. Neither has Genxpose blog.

    1. I wouldn't know. I only check GenXpose about once every 4 or 5 weeks maybe. I never go to the others. Not that I doubt you, but they're still there and so are all the old posts I'm sure. The "GenX Says" series is a response to one of her old posts. I'm going to let those posts run their course. If they post nothing more then that should be the end of GenX posts for me.

      I thought they had taken down those hate blogs in my honor, turns out I was wrong. I think I have one or two future posts scheduled. After that, if they stay quiet, so will I.

      But mostly, I think they may be quiet because of the current situation. Their attempt to sending federal agents to my door didn't go the way they thought and now, they are under the microscope. If any of them do post anything new, someone will alert me and I will send that info to the appropriate people.

      Thanks for updating me though. Nice to hear all is fairly quiet. But just as one starts to think the coast is clear .... BABAM! Right on the head. LOL

  2. "After that, if they stay quiet, so will I."

    You've said that before though and you never did. The fact that these blogs have seemingly stopped posting, and the fact you have more posts about them scheduled, does make it look like you are incapable of letting it go. If they leave their stuff up, then fine leave yours up. But why add fuel to a burnt out fire?

    1. Because they got to have THEIR say. Just because they now decide to stop (if they have decided to stop, that still hasn't been established) doesn't mean I don't get to DEFEND myself from what they have already said.

      The posts that have been already made and scheduled are already locked in. They are posts responding to what they the bullies have already said. I am entitled to address them. I have just as much right to answer the accusations as they had to make them, yes? .... No?

      And I have always said that this isn't just about what they plan to say and do, but about the fact that this crap (all of it - including mine) needs to come down.

      These bullies have done the following against me:

      1) Attacked me on GR by the dozens

      2) Got me banned from GR

      3) Accused me of crimes I never done

      4) Set out to ruin my reputation

      5) Set out to ruin my career/book sales

      6) Tried to get all of my blogs shut down

      7) Tried to get my Youtube account shut down

      8) Tried to have me arrested

      9) Created hate blogs in my honor

      10) Posted lies on various other blogs about me

      11) Stalked me and my blogs

      12) Tried to sabotage interviews

      13) Made death threats towards me

      14) Harassed me with emails under "sock puppets"

      15) Gone after my friend and blog partner

      Do I really need to go on? Because trust me, I could do this all day.

      The posts already scheduled for June and July will go up as scheduled. They are defense posts of hate posts they have put up on their blogs. If they wish to keep it going by responding to my defense posts, then so be it. But for as long as they still have those blogs up and those posts, my defense posts to those will go up as well as scheduled. I have every right to counter their lies. Just because I don't counter as per their schedule is inconsequential. Maybe they should have thought about that before posting what they already have posted.

      Or maybe .... and this is just a thought here ... maybe they should just take them down.

      No, I have a right to address what they have already posted on their blogs. If they want to wait it out until August, fine. If they choose to keep it going, well, that is their choice too. If they don't want me to respond to their posts with what i have already scheduled for the next two months, then they can start taking shit down. I'll do the same. But they are also going to have to give me their word that they are taking it down and are going to leave me alone. This includes the BS ratings and reviews. The choice is theirs. Until then, my scheduled posts to address their posts will go on as scheduled. I do things on my time, not theirs.

    2. So much for a superior attitude then.

    3. Oh no, the superior attitude is still in tact. Fully. My attitude is this: Mess with the bull, you get the horns. If the bullies don't want the horns, then maybe they should stop messing with the bull.

      As I stated, they are the ones who made their posts. They have said some things that I need to address. Just because I don't address everything they say ASAP doesn't mean I'm not going to address it eventually, because eventually, I will. I am addressing their "old" posts. If they drop it, then there will be nothing more I need to address. If they don't, then there will be posts for the month of August.

      Again, I will address their posts in my time, not theirs. They are many where I am but one. It takes me longer to get around to things. If they feel they have the right to say it then I have a right to address it. It's no prolonging it, it's addressing what is already posted.

      Of course, what I have also mentioned before is anything new they post about me will only add to any further evidence currently being collected by certain people that the harassment they are subjecting me to is continuing.

      My advice to them is to take it all down. End it while there may still be a chance to get out of it without possibly being arrested. Otherwise, they run a serious risk of adding to the evidence already being collected. Their hate will be their downfall. If they don't learn self-control in regards to their hate, they are going to bury themselves with it.

      I'm dead serious here, they are being "looked at". They brought it onto themselves. The more they continue to go down the wrong path, the worse it's going to be for many of them. My vindication is on the horizon. Much to their chagrin.

      Superior attitude? Superior state of mind? Oh yeah, nothing has changed in those regards. You can keep banking on that. Sadly for them (the bullies), they are going to find out just how superior in due time. Patience I got.

  3. Don't worry, if they want to wait it out, July will be the last of it where GenXpose and the other hate blogs are concerned. But if they wish to add onto it, then I guess I will have something for August, won't I? As it stands, I have nothing scheduled yet for August. Let's hope it stays that way.

  4. I'm siding with carroll on this one. These people are ruthless and deserve whatever they get. I once was one of them until i saw the light. One of there claims is that carroll is always attacking them but i saw genxpose write about one carrolls posts on his other blog that he did about justin beiber. That piece had nothing to do with genxpose blog and these people and this is when i knew that they were the ones attacking carroll. There were other things to but that was the final straw for me.

    Carroll, they are afraid that you will get exposure for the good reads article you wrote. Now that you say good reads is under federal investigation, they fear that good reads will be shut down and that would make national news. When everybody realizes that you wrote about it first you will get national attention and become like a hero or something. You will get a lot of attention and so will your blogs. Your cred will shoot through the roof with millions of people for what you did and then everything you write about the bullies will be seen as true and they fear they will then get attacked for being bullies.

    It could lead to you getting interviews on network news for it. They know you will mention them as bullies and the world would take your word for it. This good reads story could take them all down. Your books could start selling and you make money to sue them. This is what they fear most.

    Don't stop what your doing carroll. Many have abandoned genxpose because they don't want federal agents snooping in their business or emails. She has become a plague. Everyone knows they sent those agents to your door and they all know it backfired on them. There numbers are shrinking except for there socks. I hope good reads gets shut down and you get famous from it because that would shut them down. All of this bullying against you and others would stop. Please dont let up. There on the run.

    1. You have given me a lot to consider. Although, if the bullies stop writing about me then I wouldn't have any defense posts to make now would I? Not to worry though, because I am sure if that were to occur then I could focus on other attacks and issues. I doubt I would ever give up my fight against cyber-bullying. I would co-ordinate with others in their personal efforts I'm sure. The Looking Glass is a "work in progress" kind of blog. Just going where the road takes me. Its future and any changes have yet to be determined.

      I remember that article GenXpose wrote about my Justin Beiber post. I agree, that is a perfect example of how the bullies are always on the attack. I don't need to write about them for them to come after me. Thanks for the reminder. I should do a post about that.

      You bring up a very interesting scenario in regards to the Goodreads article I wrote. It sounds kind of out there but, I suppose anything is possible in the world of today. Especially now that everything is in the process of being looked into. Crazier things have happened.

      Me on national news? I think I like the sound of that. LOL Imagine if what you wrote did happen, and to think it was because the bullies themselves sent those people to my door. That would be an interesting side story about irony! LOL

    2. hahahahaha....No.

    3. It would seem that ANON disagrees with ANON. This could get ugly. LOL

  5. From the comments, Carroll, I get the impression that someone doesn't want the rest of the GenX Says series to be posted.

  6. I for one can't wait for the 3rd. I've seen this Rick Gaulteri troll around, spouting off his crap. I for one am sick of his - Holier Than Thou - attitude and can't wait to see him get schooled by his betters.

    1. Hope I don't disappoint. But this is kind of a introductory post for Rick. I just discovered him. I'm sure with a little time, he'll become a self-appointed gift to bully nation like Amanda Welling did as GenX.

      But GenX has lost her following through all her many failures in shutting me and STGRB down. Perhaps bully nation will pass the crown to him and see where he leads them.


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