Monday, May 6, 2013

GenX Says (Part One)

Hey everyone, are we in for a treat. Over on Amanda Welling's hate blog, GenXpose, her and her gang of thugs made a post addressing various things I have said in my defense of their bully attacks. Below my statements, they posted comments of their own which are mostly cheap shots with no evidence to support their claims. Today, I decided to post part one with screenshots and I am going to go through them one at a time. I have to warn you though, there is a lot of them hence, part one of who knows how many parts. So if you find part one entertaining, then you won't want to miss the other parts.

Now, they have posted my words from multiple posts that I have made so we won't go into the exact posts my words came from. We are just going to address what they address. You will know what I said because all of these posts should start off with what they quoted from me and you will know it is something I said because they identify me as CB and in their responses, they use their internet names to identify who is replying to my statements. You'll see what I mean.

So let's get this party started, shall we? 

We're going to start it out with this comment GenX said on her blog. She claims that if you want the truth, that you will find it on her blog. We'll see about that. Please note: Of all the things they say, the only proof they ever present is that of the model pic. (Yeah, they are still on that.) But you will notice that they fail to provide any other screenshot for any other accusation they make. So you're gonna have to take their word at face value. Which, the last time I checked, wasn't worth anything. It's going to be less than that by the time we are finished here. Here is the shot.

But first, since she has all the truth and proof, let's take a look at this comment where GenX makes the claim that Jude was 15 when I met her.

Really GenX? This is the truth the people can expect from you and your blog? And you have proof of course that I met Jude when she was 15, correct? I would love to see it. First of all, I don't think Jude was even a member of Goodreads at 15. (Where she and I met.)  But don't take my word for it, check out her Goodreads profile where she joined in October of 2010. Her birthday states August 29th, 1993. That would make her current age 19 years old. (Bullies suck at math) Since this is 2013, that would have made her 17 years and two months old when she joined Goodreads. (approximately)

You see, I was right! The EVIDENCE is irrefutable. She wasn't even 15.

Now, I didn't join Goodreads until a month before my first book was released (Children of the Flower Power) in the month of April, 2011. (My book was published May 1st, 2011) This would still make Jude 17 at the time. I didn't know of Jude until I joined her group in late May or early June of 2011, just a few months before her 18th birthday. Here is screenshot of my book on Amazon. Notice at the bottom left, the publication date.

Screenshots don't lie, GenX, but apparently, you do. Twice! And we just begun this post. You lied about "telling the truth on your blog" because you lied about how old Jude was when I met her. Not looking good for you right now, is it? LOL And to think, I didn't just say it, I proved it!

I love it when you lie. You're honest when you lie.

I can hear GenX (Amanda) now. "Just because you have a screenshot of me saying that you met her when she was 15 doesn't mean that I said it. It's not proof Carroll! And just because you have proof of when Jude was born and joined Goodreads proving that you could never have met her when she was 15 doesn't prove anything either. You haven't proved anything Carroll. Nothing!" And whaaa-whaaa-whaaa.

I love it when the truth pops out it's tiny little head. Don't you?

 Hey, Amanda, use sprinkles when you talk, it makes your words easier to swallow. Your lies are so naked without sprinkles.

Now, let's go into some of the things her and her bully friends say about me. Here is a shot where they address me talking about Jude sneaking onto my shared blog. Take a peek.

This response goes out to "AreaFive" who remarks that I wanted to keep my relationship with Jude a secret. (Failing to acknowledge what Jude did) No, "AreaFive", you got it wrong, I wasn't the one who wanted to keep my relationship with Jude a secret, Jude wanted to keep it a secret. She didn't want anyone to know that we were still "friends" going into 2012. I first blocked her from emailing me in February of 2012 because I grew tired of the fact that she didn't want anyone to know we were still friends at that point. This was just one of many frustrations I had regarding her and her odd behavior. Which of course, led me to making the decision to cease all correspondence with her. Although, I only blocked her emails from showing up in my inbox, they were sent to my junk box. It was a month or so later when I figured out that I could block her emails to the point where her emails wouldn't show up at all in any part of my inbox. So no, it wasn't I who wanted to keep our relationship a secret. It was her.

Of course, if you have proof that shows otherwise, I would love to see it. 

As for me emailing her in late June or early July regarding her sneaking onto my shared blog as an administrator by manipulating my blog partner, I unblocked her to question her motives for doing that, and for why she had my blog partner and friend keep THEIR friendship a secret. That led to the whole email fiasco that I posted on my other blog. Ironically, Jude was also friends with a few other of my good friends from Goodreads and I did not have any problem with that. My friends are always free to be friends with whomever they choose. I do not dictate, nor do I even try to dictate, what my friends can or can not do. They are free to do whatever they please. (Unlike Jude and the rest of her bully friends who follow each other like sheep and control and manipulate their friends.)

GenX also goes on to say that nobody is really sure that person exists. (Talking about my blog partner) She claims that my shared blogs have the same format, similar content, and same style. Really GenX? You think my blog partner and I are the same person? My blog partner is Muslim. She posts a lot of Muslim related articles on her blog. Not to mention, her poetry is different, and she has posted pictures of her and her siblings playing in the snow in Canada. Last time I checked, I live in Ohio. (That's America by the way) two totally different countries. Not to mention, she has a lot of friends on Goodreads who know she is who she is. The only similarities between her blog and mine (which we both share, hence, we sometimes post on each others blogs) is when I post on hers and it is similar to what I post on mine. (And vice-versa) 

Once again, GenX at her best where spinning is concerned. (And lying) however, as with AreaFive, I will give you ample opportunity to present evidence that shows I am my own blog partner. I won't be holding my breath for that. All one has to do is go to her blog and then mine and see for themselves. It is obvious we are two different people. And as for the "invisible friends" and multiple personalities that Cheri mentions, you have evidence that backs this up, correct? Your blog speaks the truth? Well, not yet it hasn't. And we're just getting started.

Again, not holding my breath for any of their evidence.

In this next screenshot, they comment about me claiming that when all of these blogs wrote about my attack on Goodrerads, that not one of them ever contacted me for my side of the story about Jude and myself. Take a look. 

"EA" asks to GenX if I ever contacted her for her side of the story when I wrote about her. (GenX) Well, "EA" to answer your question, no, I did not. And why? because I never wrote about GenX. I only responded to what she and the rest of you bullies wrote about me. (In my defense) So no, there would be no need for me to contact GenX for anything. However, when she and her friend Ann Somerville had their falling out, and if I was the least bit interested and wrote about it, then yes, I wouldn't have written about it without getting both sides of the story for why their friendship took a spill. (If I were so inclined to write about it, which I'm, not.) So yes, if someone is going to put their nose into my personal business and write about it, they should contact me for my side if they contact the other person for their side. Are you getting what I'm saying here? Me writing anything about GenX isn't anything like when somebody writes about me and another person where they talk to the other person and not me. Or do you simply not get the difference here? 

I'm betting he/she doesn't get the difference.

As for GenX's response, where she mentions she tried to get me on Twitter, anyone who knows me knows that I don't "tweet" on a casual basis. I hardly respond to any tweets. Most of the time, I don't even know if when anybody tweets me because I don't look for it and I do not get notices from Twitter indicating that somebody left me a tweet. So no, I did not ignore you on twitter GenX, I simply didn't know you ever tried to contact me through Twitter. (More proof that GenX does not know me) But let me get this straight, you are crying over the fact that I didn't respond to your tweet? Really? Talk about narcissism. Do you feel that entitled, Amanda? That every time you reach out to someone that you don't know and doesn't know you while using a fake name, you go into pout mode if they don't respond back? Really?

Will someone please give Amanda her bottle?  

She then says my response to her email regarding what happened to STGRB was a one liner. Yes, it probably was. First of all, I didn't know who you were and I do not write long emails to strangers. Secondly, I wasn't even sure exactly what had happened to them the first time their website went down, and I am not one to gossip like the bullies do. And lastly, you already knew what happened to them because it was your friend Somerville (I do believe) who ordered the false take-down to begin with. However, I didn't learn about that until later. And if I went ballistic on your blog it was because you and your bully friends were talking about me. (And not in a good way)

Bottle please. Still waiting for that bottle. We got GenX crying over here for Christ's sake.

As for fact-checking, all one has to do to view the facts is look at previous posts I posted regarding you GenX. I proved you were first to comment on my blog. And email me first. And talk about me first on your blog. That was the basis of one of my posts about you and yes, I did prove it with screenshots that showed the dates. If you have evidence that proves otherwise, please show us. And no, I am not going to tell you how it is done, I will show you how it is done. (Please resort to the opening of this post and the screenshots.)

Still not gonna hold my breath.

Next, we have me mentioning a possible reason why GenX and her bully squad are coming after me so hard and spreading all these BS lies. One of my suggestions is because they are friends with Jude and they are just trying to stand up for her. Then "EA" leaves the remark "Could be." to indicate that yes, this is why they started all these hate blogs against me. Take a look.

First of all, thanks for confirming it, "EA". I really do appreciate it. Secondly, Jude can't fight her battles which she started in the first place that she has to get all of you to fight her battles for her? Really? And also, this also shows that if Jude wanted it to stop, it would. But when I blocked her from emailing me, it was over. But not for Jude, she had to sneak onto my shared blog. Then in December of 2012, I announced my final blog post regarding the bullies ... one month later, GenX shows up in my inbox. 

It would appear to me that twice I had chosen to end it and twice, after a couple months each time, Jude and or her friend Amanda kick started everything back up. They are ones not letting it go. And the evidence that proves this has already been posted and shown. 

 Then GenX herself goes on to say in response to the previous screenshot that maybe the reason they are attacking me so hard with these hate blogs and everything is because they think what I do and say is wrong. That maybe they think my behavior is so out of bounds that it's worth commentary.

So let me get this straight, GenX, it's not out of bounds for your friend Jude to weasel her way onto one of my shared blogs by using and manipulating my friend to do it? You see, this is why I made a post about what she did. I found her behavior so out of bounds that I felt it warranted commentary. Especially when everything was supposed to be over and done with! But Jude can't respond herself, she has to recruit you and her other friends to fight her battles for her? Okay, good to know. Thank you. Thank you both for your confessions. I think we all are getting the picture here. Bullies recruit the help of other bullies to fight their battles that they themselves start.

But hey, as for the things I said and done, all I did was post a pic as joke after people already thought it was me when I posted it for my role-play character. That's the only thing I ever did. That's the only thing you bullies can even prove. It's also the thing you bullies can't seem to let go of. And here is GenX posting that pic on her blog - not once - but twice! 

Of all the things they cover in their post about me, the only thing they provide evidence of is the model pic. And since they can't provide evidence of anything else they claim about me, they posted the model pic twice. Yes, they proved the same thing twice in one post. (I told you the bullies suck at math) Just because you bullies post the same evidence twice doesn't mean you have proven two different things. You only proved the same thing twice. Oh, and word up, I already owned it so, you know .... let it go. I think it's about time to ween yourselves off of your wookie. 

Here are the two individual shots of the model pic they posted twice on the same post.

And with this second shot, we see GenX ranting about how I used this pic to try and lure minor girls into my web of sexual frenzy. LOL She claims I "fostered" a relationship with Jude, a minor. A 17 year old who was two months shy of her 18th birthday. Yes, GenX, I fostered a friendship with Jude after she first made contact with me. After she messaged me first and emailed me first. Yes, I responded to her. (Unlike when you tweeted me, I failed to respond to you. Then you got jealous and angry and started your hate blog against me. LOL) 

She also says that I "advertised" myself on other people's websites as this model. Okay, I guess I have control over what other people put up on their blogs and websites. The funny thing is, I never authorized anyone to use that pic. The only pictures I ever sent out for interviews was my book covers. Granted, I knew my joke was getting way out of hand and I really should have stepped up, but like I said before, we all make mistakes and bad judgement calls. But Amanda's claim that I used it to lure underage girls is irresponsible on her part to say because she fails to offer up any evidence to support this claim. She has no screenshot of me hitting on girls. The reason she doesn't have these screenshots of me hitting on girls (like we have of John Green talking to porn actresses) is because there is no screenshot of me doing this. It never happened. I did not go around trying to hit on young girls. And let's be real here, if Amanda (or any of the bullies) did have any proof that I did this, you know they would post it up. I mean, they are so starved for evidence that they posted the model pic twice on the same post.

What's the matter Amanda, you're "Save The Bully Race" campaign falling on deaf ears? Nothing a couple of big macs covered in chicken gravy can't cure, right? Oh yeah, you're top cop.

And of course, GenX throws in the show "To Catch A Predator". Gee Amanda, do you like watching shows like that? Hhhmm, really? Watching shows like that turn you on girl? Okay, good to know. 

Then in the screenshot above, Cheri asks if I ever got into trouble for using that model pic. GenX lies in her response saying that I was hit with a cease and desist. This is an out-right lie. A cease and desist is an  order for someone to stop using copyrighted material on your blog or website. I never posted that picture on my blog so how could anyone serve me a cease and desist? The only people who could have been hit with such an order would be the people who posted it on their blog or website. Why would I be given a cease and desist for what others were posting on their blogs? Doesn't make a lot of sense does it? Not to mention, I never emailed that pic to anyone nor did I give anyone permission to use that pic. However, if you can present evidence GenX that I was served with a cease and desist order, I would love to see it. I mean, you said it so ... can you back it up?

The bed of lies: Amanda slept here.

I was however contacted by the model's manager where in an email exchange he requested I stop posting the pic on my blog. I had to inform him that I didn't post that pic on my blog. Then he requested me to take it off my Goodreads profile. I told him the pic had already been removed two months earlier and that I no longer was a member of Goodreads. He then requested that I stop sending the pic out to others to post on their blogs. I told him I never did do that so how could I stop doing what I was never doing in the first place? Then he told me to remove those pics from those other people's blogs and websites and I told him that I don't have any control over what other people post on their blogs and websites and for him to contact them himself and ask them to take them down. He threatened me with legal action to which I encouraged him to "do what you have to do". And that I was looking forward to our day in court. I also requested in return that he stop emailing me. The next time I hear from him I want it to be from his lawyer otherwise, I would file an harassment complaint against him through his email provider.

I never heard from him since. No court. No nothing.    

 Of course, once again this proves that GenX knows absolutely nothing about what is going on. And then AreaFive leaves a comment that she hopes they sue me. I hope they do too AreaFive, because they have nothing to sue me for or I'm pretty sure it would have already happened by now. Hell, it's been almost a year. And look everybody, still haven't been sued, arrested for anything, nothing. gee, how could this be?

Then finally GenX ends the commenting on this issue with the "he complied" BS and to her knowledge the model and photographer retain the right to sue me later. Sure GenX, whatever you say. Yes, they 'retain" their right to sue me but that doesn't mean they would win. You have to have actual evidence that I sent it out to people for them to post. Since I never did that, there isn't any evidence. Then you would have to prove I posted it on my blog, but I never did that either. You see GenX, the world doesn't work in reality where it works in that messed up head of yours - that just because you think it, it must be true. No, the real world works on evidence. What you can prove. But I suppose you would know nothing about that, would you? Since the only thing you post for proof of anything is that model pic. That's it!

And we are going to end this post with this final screenshot where I state that it is easy to side with a girl over a guy in matters that pertain to cyber stalking and bullying issues. Take a look at the response. 

"EA" replies that my comment was a little sexist. Well of course it was "EA" - everything is sexist to you. Then AreaFive harps in with her stupidity, saying that i can't tell the difference between girls and boys. I think this is in reference to the fact that I thought "StLouisKiss" was a girl but as it turns out, it is a guy. Well, first of all, you bullies are hiding your true identities. And the truth is, I don't really care who or what you are. But wait! You mean I can't tell between boys and girls? You mean, like this?

It would seem that your bully friend T.L. Shreffler can't tell the difference either. And I am not hiding like a coward! LOL Ha! Your bully friend doesn't know the difference between boys and girls. That is so funny. it's hilarious. It looks like we have eastablished that T.L. Shreffler can't tell the difference between boys and girls.

And of course GenX whines in about how it is easy to side with a minor child when the adult has no business forming a relationship with them in the first place. Well, first of all, Jude is 19 so her being a minor is history. However, I will agree that she is still a child. (Mentally) But I think GenX was referring to when Jude was 17. Well, GenX, as I have stated before, Jude messaged me first. I didn't "form" anything. Not to mention that as an author, a lot of people reach out to you with questions and such. I have plenty of friendships with minors and there is nothing wrong with adults forming friendships with minors. I mean, you yourself do it GenX. You are almost what? 30 years old? And you are friends with Jude. You been friends with Jude since she was a minor. OMG! This is why you bring up "To Catch A Predator". You are a lesbian pedophile? And you're jealous that I had any kind of relationship with Jude? Oh, I get it now, I was moving in on your turf? Gotcha!

Wait! Or are you still pouting over the fact that I didn't respond to your tweet? Damn, I just can't keep up with all your moans and groans and whines Amanda. You just have too many of them sweetheart. Maybe your hubby Jon can comfort you. Or one of your other underage female "friends". *Wink* "How you doin?"

Maybe GenX met Jude when she was 15?

GenX, Amanda, whatever you like to be called, you have no business forming relationships with underage girls or boys. (If you can tell the difference) It's just wrong. You're not even an author for Christ's sake. There are laws against that you know? You sick lesbian pervert. LOL OMG! I'mma gonna be sick. I think I am gonna hurl. I need to take a hot shower to clean this filth that is GenX off of me.

Okay - that about wraps it up for part one. Part two will be posted shortly so, look for  it in next months "Coming Attractions".

I'm Carroll Bryant ... and this is the Looking Glass.

Things We Learned Today:

* GenX lied about Carroll meeting Jude when she was 15

* GenX lied about her blog being truthful

* GenX and the bullies are still stuck on that model pic after nearly a year

* GenX forms relationships with minors too (and she isn't even an author)

* The bullies aren't good in math

* GenX (Amanda) may be a lesbian?

* So far, the only evidence these bullies have presented to support their claims is the model pic but, Carroll already owned up to it in November of 2012 so why are the bullies still crying about it? 

* Carroll is getting sued. NOT! LOL

* Carroll was never hit with a cease and desist order nor can GenX prove that he was

* GenXpose is nothing but all about the lies

* T.L. Shreffler can't tell the difference between boys and girls

* GenX is so hard up for evidence that she posted the same proof twice! LMAO

* GenX thinks Carroll is a Muslim girl. ROFLMMFAO

* Jude is the one who keeps everything secret

* The bullies admit they are defending their friend Jude which is why they started the hate blogs against Carroll

* GenX is sore at Carroll for not responding to her tweet 

* GenX is a narcissist in denial

* Jude has recruited her friends to attack Carroll (Again!) after stalking him on his shared blog which answers the question as to why she is so silent. She stalks and bullies him from the shadows and through her friends

* OMG! Really?! A lesbian pedophile? Hahahahahahaha


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