Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Jesse Ventura For President!

Recently, on Piers Morgan, former governor of Minnesota, Jesse Ventura, declared that if he is allowed to debate the republican presidential nominee and the democratic presidential nominee on national television, that he would run for president of the united states.

He's got my vote!

But here's the thing - the democrats and the republicans have gone to such extremes to "kill" the American dream, they would never allow an independent to debate them in front of the country. Especially Jesse Ventura because they know he would humiliate them to no end. They know he would address the REAL issues this country faces and not the "fictitious" ones they pretend is important.

The thing is, our two party system has worked very hard to eliminate the chances of anyone else outside of their belief system to run for president fairly. The two party system is nothing more than two communist parties trying to rule the formerly great united states of America. I say formerly because the fact of the matter is, we are not great anymore. And it's the fault of both parties. They are too busy trying to put an end to the other that the best interest of America has been long forgotten and is now classified as "history".

There is no such thing anymore as "best interest of the American people."

Only "best interest of our party". (Whichever party you support)

This is why we need to end the two party system in America. It's really not an option but more so, a necessary survival tactic if we wish to carry on into the future with the same ideals and principles of which this country was founded on. I truly believe that this next election will seal America's fate.

If we re-elect a democrat, then we are doomed for disaster. If we elect a republican, same result. Either way we go, America is screwed. And we all know this in our heart of hearts, don't we? let's face it, the state of our situation in America was started by the republicans. George Bush, and Dick Cheney really buried our asses and our constitution. They put us in this financial hole based on lies. Facts are facts and we all know this is fact. They took away a lot of jobs and went on a spending spree never before seen in our history, thrusting us into morbid debt.

Remember when everyone thought Obama was the answer? Everyone thought that "HE" was change. Turned out he was a fraud. Under his regime, America sunk even more into debt while the democrats went on a bigger spending spree than the previous administration. To put icing on the cake, they also have worked very hard to take away more and more of our rights and freedoms.

The republicans put us in this mess and the democrats failed to capitalize on getting us out of it. In fact, they made it worse. So when we start thinking about the next president, what makes any of us think that republicans or democrats can pull us out of it? The truth is, these political parties don't work for the American people anymore, they work for the big corporations. The American people have LOST their government.

And this a known fact!

So where do we go from here? We elected a black president, yeah, sure, whatever, and that didn't work out. What's next? A woman? Well, if that woman is a democrat or a republican, forget it! It will not work out. or better yet, a black woman? A Muslim president? A Mormon? .... Go ahead, put anyone you want in the Whitehouse, hell, for that matter, let's just elect a freaking monkey or better yet, sasquatch. What the hell, right? But trust me, if that bigfoot is a democrat or republican, our political shit is going to stink ten fold. It just won't matter.

There is only one way - no - one chance - that this country has to save itself. We need to elect someone who won't take corporation handouts. We need someone who can't be bought. We need someone who can't be corrupted. We need someone who will say it like it is and give America their toughness back in the eyes of the rest of the world. Simply put, we need to give an independent a shot at the throne. More than that, we need Jesse Ventura in the Whitehouse.

He did great as the governor of Minnesota. He has proved himself as a Navy Seal. He is a fighter. He is a true patriot in every sense of the word. He won't cave in and coward to other countries like our democrats and republicans do. He won't let corporations to continue to take over our country. He certainly won't allow China to do that. The democrats have their heads shoved so far up China's ..... never mind, you get what I mean. And trust me, Jesse Ventura will get the democrats and republicans to work together or he would probably throw each and every individual right out of the door of the senate one by one and by hand if they don't.

I honestly believe that the only hope Americans have left to get their country back and to take it away from the democrats and republicans  once and for all is to elect Jesse Ventura as our next president. Anyone else will just continue to be the same old, same old. The same old arguing between parties. The same old mistakes. The same old big government. The same old shredding of our constitution. The same old corruption. The same old lies. The same old broken campaign promises. The same old Fox News. The same old MSNBC. The same old Rachel Maddow. The same old Bill O'Reilly. The same old rising debt. The same old abuse of power. The same old jobless rate. The same old "piss on the American people" attitude.

You get my drift.

Jesse Ventura has already come out and said how he could cut into the deficit like nobodies business. And it makes sense. frivolous spending will be cut under President Ventura. People in the FBI, CIA, ATF, and IRS will have to shape up or deal with Jesse. The American people can once again lift their heads up high with Jesse Ventura leading the way - leading this country back into prominence. (And domination)

I know he will bring back jobs. I know he will look into the tax problem. He will cut out all of the BS of our tax laws. He will simplify things once again. He will bring back commonsense, integrity and pride back into this country that currently, lacks these things severely.

The democrats had their shot and dropped the ball. The republicans had their shot too and missed royally. And if this country puts another democrat of republican back into the Whitehouse after Obama, the name isn't going to matter. Clinton, Paul, Rubio, Christie, or even Walker, Texas Ranger, the bottom line is, this country will continue down the destructive path that we are on.

They say: Things will get worse before they get better. Well, put another democrat or republican in the Whitehouse next election and .... it's never going to get better, just keep getting worse.

Our future is at stake here people. We have already seen for the past 150 years what the democrats and republicans can do - drive us into poverty and slavery. We have nothing at all to lose if we put Jesse Ventura into the presidential office. In fact, we have everything to gain. And when I say everything ..... I mean .... EVERYTHING! (Including our freedoms again)


Let's start liking how that sounds.

I'm Carroll Bryant .... and this is The Looking Glass.

Things We Learned Today: 

* The democrats suck

* The republicans suck

* Both parties have destroyed this nation, this country

* America has nothing to lose by electing Jesse Ventura as our next president (and everything to gain)
* Our next presidential election is going to make us or break us

* The republicans got us into this mess and the democrats have proven that they can't get us out of it

* Sasquatch as president? Really Carz?

* Carroll is on board the "Ventura Express"

* Democrats and republicans are afraid to debate Jesse Ventura



  1. I've been saying for YEARS that if Jesse Ventura would run for president, he would have my vote. You're right; I lived in Minnesota when he was governor, and jobs were going begging. You could START at a fast-food restaurant at $10 an hour! He's a great guy, a hard worker, and not afraid to call people on their bullshit.

    But I think people throw around the world "communist" without thinking about it too much. Communism is not what people think it is. And our current Republican party is as far from Communist as can be. I think fascist is a better term for our two current parties. They've become so obsessed with just putting one over on each other that they refuse to compromise, refuse to work together, and therefore, between the two of them, are flushing this country down the shitter.

    Jesse Ventura ran in Minnesota as a lark. He did not expect to be elected. I hope, if he does run for president, that a similar groundswell occurs, and we can finally put someone in the White House that can make a damn difference...

  2. Jesse Ventura is a liar, cheat, and briber. He defrauded the people of Minnesota to become Governor by lying about being a Navy SEAL He was not a SEAL, never in Vietnam, never in combat. He does not have the Combat Action Ribbon. He was a storekeeper on a ship that passed the Vietnam coastline so he was entitled to the Vietnam Service Medal. No big deal there.
    Ventura bribed a guy during the primary election in the summer of 1998 and when complaints were filed against him he bribed officials to fix the investigation. This is all documented in my expose' book, ALWAYS CHEAT The Philosophy of Jesse Ventura. The release of my book in the spring of 2002 cancelled Ventura's plans to run for a second term as Minnesota Governor. Contact me for a complimentary book or get one from Amazon.com
    Leslie Davis
    P.S. Why does Alex Jones keep lying about Ventura being a SEAL?

    1. Interesting information, Leslie. I admit, this is the first time I have heard of this. Perhaps I'll do some more investigating on the subject of Jesse Ventura. However, even if he has lied about serving in Vietnam, I don't see that (alone) as a reason to not like or trust him. I see it as irrelevant as Bill Clinton getting some tail in the oval office. LOL If all I had to worry about, where my politicians are concerned, was skirt chasing and war service lies, I would be a happy American. On the other hand, if more sinister activities are going on where Mr. Ventura is concerned, then my feelings on him are subject to change.

    2. @ Leslie Davis

      In response to your "No fluoride in Minnesota" post on your blog, you left out that fluoride is also the main ingredient in "Prozac". (Or so I have been told) A drug used to stabilize emotions.

      I watched a report not too long ago about it where it was said that the U.S. Government has already put into our drinking water, fluoride - since around the early 1960's.

    3. Ventura ran on a platform of NOT running for a second term. He NEVER planned to run for a second term, so right there I'm thinking I don't really want to take you at your word. I'm willing to look further into it only because I try to keep an open mind, but again: I LIVED IN MINNESOTA when Ventura was governor, and he was a DAMN good governor.

      Fluoride is a dangerous thing, and yes, it's been in our drinking water for a very long time. I prefer water that is from a well or otherwise cleansed of this stuff. I've seen studies that show it actually increases cavities, not stops them. Nasty stuff.

    4. I love well water! Haven't had any since I was probably about 12 years old.

      I also like to try and keep an open mind about things. Which is why I will look into that Jesse Ventura thing. However, as an author, I think like an author and I thought I also smelled a little "book plug" in that comment too. LOL

      Hey, if the opportunity presents itself. Nothing wrong with it in my book. LOL But Leslie did bring up something of interest to me and as 2013 closes out, I will see what I can find on the subject matter.


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