Monday, July 1, 2013

The Thorn Bu$h Lies

Okay, so there is this little unknown blog out there, with all of 11 followers, writing crap about me and making some of the most outrageous claims. I don't know who this guy is, but I assure you, like with GenX, he has taken it upon himself to target me for some unknown reason. (Perhaps this explains the 11 followers?) Yeah, when you lie, or make claims that you can't back up with evidence, people tend to ignore you. Such is the fate of The Thorn Bu$h. (And GenXpose)

Anyhow, we'll start off with the most common rumor and speculation going around "Bully Nation" where the notorious belief is that I am somehow (or was some way) associated on an official capacity with the website known as STGRB. (Stop The Goodreads Bullies)

Take a look at this screen shot.

The male companion is me. I'm the one who has supposedly worked with this female author to start up STGRB. Really? And of course, if you continue reading the post, you will see the evidence this individual provides to prove his claim. Here, I'll post the screenshot of it for you. 

Did you see it? ... No? .... Well, that's because he doesn't present any evidence. Getting the picture now? And again, like with GenX, I don't know what this persons problem with me is. I don't know him. I have done nothing against him. He's just another bully recruited by Amanda to attack me and spread lies. He is an obvious graduate of the "bully school of hate" known as "GenX High". 

Now, I have said this before and I will say it again. I never was, never have been, am not now nor probably ever will an official member of the awesome website STGRB. (But I wish I were)

I have never denied that if I were a member of STGRB, I would be a proud one and would have my glorious name plastered all over that place. I would be bragging about it in fact. But here's the thing, I am not STGRB material, plain and simple. I'm too much of a loose cannon, a lone wolf if you will. However, if this GenX wannabe wants to credit me with co-creating STGRB .... then I say .... AWESOME! 

The truth is, and everyone knows this already, I have never complained about a legitimate negative review in my life. In fact, the first review I ever got was somewhat negative, but respectful and honest, and I actually THANKED her for her honesty and sent her a free copy of my second book for her HONESTY! 

Honesty and respectful being key words here. Something the bullies do not understand.

Hey, I may not be a member of STGRB - nor have I ever been at any time - but that is mostly because I am more than happy being "Night Wing" to their "Batman". The cold hard fact is, we are friends and allies to the same cause - fighting cyber bullies. 

But again, if this zit on the face of life wants to give me credit and credentials to co-creating one of the most awesome websites on the internet, well .... works for me. And if the "Bully Nation" wants to also believe that .... then outstanding! And if all of you want to believe it ..... Fantastic! 

But unfortunately, I am not. *sigh*

And of course his little hate post goes on. In this next shot you will see him claiming that I am the destroyer of reputations. Take a look/read for yourself. (Just click on the picture to enlarge)

I'm the destroyer of reputations? Really? Are you sure about that Mr. Bu$h? (I know the name he uses but I refuse to speak it.) Well, here, let me show you some other people who play the same game. Maybe you know some of them. In fact, I'm quite positive you know some of them. Take a look. 

So, if you're going to throw stones at me Mr. Self Proclaimed Jesus, how about picking up a few rocks to throw at them? You know, to balance out your article? To make it fair? 

Oh, wait! That's right! I almost forgot, bullies don't play fair. Or nice. They lie. How could I ever have forgotten the number one rule of "Bully Nation"?

So, you see Mr. Bu$h, if you wanted to give your story (and yourself) a little more credibility, you could have by mentioning how your friends bully me. Attack me. And how they are the true destroyers of people's reputation. (And not just mine either. Many authors have been victimized by Mr. Bu$h's friends. But please do not hold your breath for him to bring that little tidbit to your attention. 

I do actually believe him when he critiques my work. I honestly do believe he has read some of it. I also respect his honesty in regards to his opinion. I really do. I am also glad he admits to never listening to any of my songs.

Now, this is where I am confused. Why would he be so honest in his opinion of my work yet, go to the measure of lying about me being disgruntled over negative reviews and co-creating a website in which I never co-created? More importantly, why would he not - at the very least - present any evidence to support those claims? Most baffling indeed. 

Okay, now I'm starting to wonder if he was truthful in his opinion regarding my work. 

Then he says it is a shame for me to ALMOST have breakout talent. Really? Well, I guess that's more talent than he will ever be blessed to have, isn't it? Or even GenX for that matter. Unfortunately for them and the rest of the "Bully Nation", the only talent they will ever get to know is none. Zero. Zilch. And for that, I am happy. But alas! Strike that! I take that back. They do have talent. They have the talent to lie, bully, hate and stalk people. To ruin people's reputation and to try and ruin people's career. 

Yaaaay .... they do have talent after all!

But here's the thing Mr. Bu$h, and I want you to read this slowly in so you will understand it better. You know what, I am going to type it slowly to further assist you. 

I ... never ... set ... out ... to ... be ... famous .... ! 

I write books for me. I write songs for me. I write poetry for me. I do all of this for me and my own personal amusement and or entertainment. I do it because it is inside of me to do. I never chose to be a writer. Not once in my life have I ever woke up and said that I wanted to be a writer. I just woke one day and realized I was writing a lot. More or less, it is just a hobby to me. I have been writing since I was 18. If I wanted to be a famous writer, or a rock star or anything else for that matter in the entertainment industry, I would have pursued it early on. 

So it really doesn't matter to me if I "breakout" or not. I truly do not care. But yes, I did eventually go and record some songs. And yes, I did eventually publish some books. Only because I wanted to share it with others. It never mattered to me how many people like it or hate it. I have invested more into the art of writing financially than I will probably ever get back. And I don't care. I do it because it's what's inside of me. I'm sorry for you that you don't have a gift like mine. I do it because I can. And just because you can't, is that reason enough for you to attack me? Hey, it's not my fault you weren't blessed with the gift of art or artistic expression. But seriously, I wish you were because it's a beautiful world to be a part of. It really is. 

And in the previous screenshot he goes on to say that what I am doing is shameful (I guess he means it is shameful of me to defend myself against him and his bully friends.) and what I and STGRB are doing should be "criminal". - Really Mr. Bu$h? Criminal? And what your friends are doing (as presented in the three screenshots above) shouldn't be criminal? 

You're saying that people who accuse me of being a co-creator of a website that I wasn't a co-creator of (nor do present any evidence to support that claim) shouldn't be deemed as criminal or wrong? or when your friends accuse me of pedophilia, rape, being racist (and the list goes on) shouldn't be criminal either? Or wrong? 


But me defending myself against those claims (which all of them present no evidence to support their claims) is what should be criminal? Buddy, your priorities in life are really screwed up. 

He also calls me defending myself  "McCarthyism" at its worst and most virulent. To attempt to silence by fear people who's only sin is to NOT agree with me. 

First of all, I love it that people don't always agree with me. You have absolutely no idea what the hell you are talking about. This whole thing has nothing to with any of that. In fact, you got it the other way around. When I was attacked on Goodreads, your friends came into my "space" to attack a blog post I wrote, and in the process, started libeling me from out of the gate with all of this "pedophile" accusations and the whole Jude thing. It had nothing to do with me not agreeing with people, it was your friend Jude spreading an alleged email that I supposedly wrote and her bully friends attacking me for it. And for the post I made about my experience with some bloggers. Sounds more like your friends didn't agree with me so they attacked me. And that's exactly what happened. I didn't go after any of them, they came after me. now that's "McCarthyism". They were trying to silence me with fear by bullying me. The same way they bully others. 

If you would notice, STGRB doesn't attack people, they merely report attacks on people by your gang of thug bully friends. It is your friends sir that are going around using fear to silence authors who dare have an opinion about something they themselves wrote. Or an opinion in general about the writing and reviewing industry. It is your amateurish friends who are invading spaces pretending they know something about the business of writing and when an author dare speaks their opinion on the issue, even if it has nothing to do with their own work, your friends are the ones attacking them. And STGRB are the ones recording those attacks and showing the rest of the world what is going on. 

And you nor any of your bully friends in "Bully Nation" have ever presented evidence of me attacking anyone, or STGRB attacking anyone for their opinion. Oh sure, you make the claim, but never present any evidence to support it. So I tell you what, allow me to present evidence of your claim that I and STGRB are the ones going around terrorizing and attacking people. I will show the same evidence that you and your bully friends have shown. Here it is.

Did you see it again? No? Well, that's because it doesn't exist. You know how I know this? Because if you had any evidence that I was going around terrorizing and attacking people, you would have posted it in your article. But I notice that .... you didn't! Why is that Mr. Bu$h? Oh please, do tell! 

This next screen shot is good. Take a look at what else Mr. bu$h has to say. You are going to love it. But more so, you will love my response. Take a look. 

He says that I and STGRB "accused" Goodreads of promoting pedophilia due to the "supposedly" sexual role-playing going on. Yes, just like Amanda on her GenXpose blog, he thinks there is no evidence showing that not only was it going on, but that there were never any adults and minors put together in these groups. Apparently, Mr. Bu$h, (Like GenX) can't see the proof when it's looking them in the face. I presented more than enough evidence to show that stuff was going on. And Goodreads knows it was going on to, why else would they race so fast to "clean" it up? And make changes to its ToS? I mean, if it was all just a bunch of crap and lies, I don't think Patrick Brown would have responded to the story, now would he? Or email me asking for my help in locating those groups. (You can read about it on this blog and on STGRB) But if that isn't good enough for you Mr. Bu$h, here, take a look at this. A screenshot straight from the GR Feedback forum. 

People knew what was going on. The GR staff ignored warnings when this material was flagged. And if that's still not good enough for you, then check out Patrick's own words. Would you believe Patrick Brown? 

So you see, this stuff was going on, There is no "accusation" or "assumption" or "allegedly" or even "supposedly". (No wonder you only have 11 followers) I also told you, Mr. Bu$h is a graduate of GenX High. Home of the "Fighting Mighty Liars". LOL I wonder what their mascot looks like? 

Now, to address this accusation by Mr. Bu$h that I openly admitted basing the female character after Jude Henderson. No, I did not "base" the character after her. (The original name of that character was "LaDora") But even if I did, there is no law against it. Many books are "based" off of real life or real people. However, I did admit to saying that I based it on her back in the beginning because that is what Jude wanted. She wanted the character to be "based" on her. Since she and I were still friends at that time, and she was about 20 days shy of her 18th birthday, and she later edited the Spanish in it months after it was written, and she was the one who suggested I change the story from occurring in France and have it take place in Mexico, yes, I lied and said it was based on her even though it wasn't true. The story itself was already put together months before I ever met Jude. And from the time I started writing it, Jude was just a few weeks or less shy of her 18th birthday. Not really that much of a minor and again, I never acted inappropriately with her ever! Not even when she was 17 for the few months leading up to her 18th birthday. We were strictly friends. But thank you Mr. bu$h for holding true to the "Bully Nation" philosophy that requires bullies to lie at every turn. I think your implications that I was acting inappropriately with a minor should be a crime. You should be arrested and jailed for trying to "destroy" my reputation. (Didn't we already cover that?) 

Now to my favorite part of this post, the best selling book "Lolita". Mr. Bu$h intelligently refers to it and its author Vladimir Nabokov. First, thanks for putting me in the same category as he. I don't think I belong there, but it's nice that you do. Oh, and one more thing, Vladimir didn't write the book based on any living person, adult or minor, and shame on you for not knowing this either. (And you call yourself a reader?) 

Here is what inspired that story: "... the initial shiver of inspiration was somehow prompted by a newspaper story about an ape in the Jardin des Plantes, who, after months of coaxing by a scientist, produced the first drawing ever charcoaled by an animal: the sketch showed the bars of the poor creature's cage."

It is also widely believed that Lolita represented Russian Politics at that time. That the main character "Humbert Humbert" represented the Russian government and that "Lolita" represented its people. What Humbert did to Lolita is what the Russian government was doing to its people, robbing them of their innocence. 

Did we learn anything new today Mr. bu$h? Well, I hope so. because there's more.

And no, where you say that I admitted to using Jude's real name and her image without her permission is an outright, bold faced lie! How dare you lie like that you stupid son of a bitch. It was Jude's idea and insistence to change the story from Paris, France to Mexico. She was the one who said I COULD USE HER NAME(S) to sub-plant the French names I had already created for the character. But in fact, the only name of hers I used was her fake one, Jude, and her real one Elsa. I took the name Judi from my mother. (Not Jude) So again, thanks for allowing me the opportunity to reveal you to be a liar. 

However, if you have any evidence showing that I admitted to it, please .... never mind, if you had it, you would have already posted it. 

As for the rest of your useless banter on your post, you know what I'm talking about, the doc-dropping reference, you might want to talk to your good buddy GenX. (Amanda) She knows a thing or two about that. I (and STGRB) posted evidence of her doc-dropping habits. And I am sure she will do it again too. Oh wait, myself and STGRB should be arrested for posting that evidence, right? 

Never mind answering, it was rhetorical, just like you are, and your bully friends. 

I'm Carroll Bryant ... and this is The Looking Glass.

Things We Learned Today:

* The Thorn Bu$h lies just like GenXpose

* The story "Year Of The Cat" was originally written to take place in Paris, France

* The original name of the female character was "LaDora", an ex GF of Carroll Bryant

* The story (and characters) were already written months before Carroll ever met Jude (Elsa)

* Lolita is an awesome book!

* Lolita (the book) wasn't based off of any real person(s)

* The Thorn Bu$h is a destroyer of reputations

* Mr. Bu$h (not his real name) should be arrested for his "libelous" crimes

* Carroll called Mr. Bu$h (not his real name) a son of a bitch

* Jude edited the Spanish in "The Year of The Cat" three months after Carroll wrote it

* Jude Henderson (Elsa Hernandez) gave Carroll her blessings to use her names Jude and Elsa

* If Jude had a problem with Carroll using her names then why did she edit it for him?

* The above statement wasn't a lesson, but more a question

* GenX High is home of the "Fighting Mighty Liars"

* The Thorn Bu$h blog is a charter member of "Bully Nation"


  1. If Jude had a problem with anything about your book, then why didn't she say something when she edited it for you? I don't think these people stop to think before they open their mouth. Don't they realize how stupid they make themselves out to be when they do this?

    Great job on finding that comment by Patrick admitting the sexual role playing problem. I guess like you Carz, he's a lair too. *sarcasm*

    1. Sorry for posting your comment so late. I am busy as heck and haven't had time to get online all day! LOL

      But yes, you're right, a very good question indeed. One that normal people like us ask but the bullies, they can't wrap their minds around this concept. But I think they know they are wrong and that Jude is a liar. All the evidence points in that direction. But the bullies think that being wrong is a weakness. So they continue to live in their delusions.

      I think I also figured out why the bullies get so pissed off when I isolate them in posts. You see, they don't say and do things on a personal level. They talk about everyone and lie and hate like it's second nature. So to them, to attack me, isn't anything personal because I am just one of many whom they attack. So when I turn the spotlight on them, they are like, "WTF dude? Why are you getting personal?"

      They don't understand that what they say and do has consequences.

      Yep, the bullies can deny the truth all they want. (And they do this so well) but now I guess they have to add their buddy Patrick to the liars list. LOL Even he admits that sexual role playing was going on. Now how stupid do the bullies look and feel? .... I'm guessing a lot! Haha

  2. Carz, you do realise a woman writes The Thorn Bu$h don't you

    1. I do now. LOL He, she, he/she, does it really matter? I mean, I saw his/her pic and I couldn't decide if it was male or female so .... I choose wrong. Haha Live and learn! But seriously, I thought it was a dude. My bad.


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