Sunday, July 7, 2013

GenX Says: Part Four

And so we have traveled the road that has become 'The Days of our Lives'. 

Yes, I understand completely that this has become a soap opera. Or should we call it a "blog opera?" I guess it doesn't matter. This is where we're at, and to think, most of what is being addressed in this series came primarily from one GenXpose blog post. So strap on those boots, the shit keeps getting deeper. Let's dive right into this first pile of dunk from the GenX gang of thugs, shall we? 

In this first screenshot of Part Four, we get to read the bullies opinions on my popularity. Take a look. Proof that these people do not know a thing about me and they just love to spin everything around. Including their lies. 

I was commenting about the Rex Files blog article. From that, "EA" questions if I know what a bully is? Yes, "EA", I do know what a bully is. All one has to do to find out is to visit GenXpose blog. For you, all you need to do is look into a mirror. If you still doubt my ability to spot a bully, here, let me show you first hand. It's a screenshot of a post on GenXpose blog posted by "AreaFive" which talks about me. Not me bothering the bullies, or attacking the bullies mind you, just me doing my thing on the internet, minding my own business and bothering no one. It's a long post covering my blogs, my posts, my poetry, you name it. Take a sample peek at it. 

"AreaFive" talks about me ripping off articles from Wikipedia. Simply put, it is apparent that "AreaFive" hasn't heard about the "Creative Commons" law. Or the fact that I have permission from Wikipedia lawyers to post the information that I post. But all that aside, why would anyone write a post like this? The answer is clear, to bully me, harass me, to attempt to embarrass and or humiliate me. That's it. That's the only reason. So you see "EA", you yourself don't have to look too far to find a bully. You're friends with one. In fact, you are one. And that post "AreaFive" made on the hate blog "GenXpose" proves it because nowhere on that post is there any evidence or reason to make such a hateful post against me. It's senseless. Pointless. And yet, I am glad that post was posted because from what I am hearing, it showed their true colors and helped others to see just how the people over at GenXpose attack me for no reason, and was a big reason apparently for their supporters to leave them. So, great job "AreaFive". 

Cheri also chimes in with her comment: "I love the way he brags. His popularity happened because of that picture and that's why he used it." - We'll stop there for a moment - No, Cheri, that's not why I used it. I already explained how that picture came about and why. I posted that on Goodreads to use it for a role play character in my 'pictures' section. It was there for three weeks maybe before I realized that some people thought it was me. Then as a joke, and with the suggestion of a friend, I posted it on my profile. It was nothing but a joke that went way too far. I already covered it, apologized for it, owned it, and yet you bullies still can't get past it, can you? And Cheri goes on to accuse me of pandering the picture to gain fans and a following and blah, blah, blah. You know, just your basic bully horse shit. 

Then "AreaFive" says: "And to groom future girlfriends." - Really "AreaFive"? And you have evidence of this to support your claim? I mean, you have a long list of girls that I "chased" after using that pic? You have screenshots of conversations I have had with girls trying to "pick up" on them? .... Really? ..... Let's see it. ..... No, seriously, let's see your proof.

***Cue Crickets ***

That's what I thought.

In this next screenshot, the bullies took from my defense post of the "Rex Files" again and then add their continued brand of stupidity to it. Take a look.

My comment was in reference to Rex saying that I posted "several" blog posts about the reviewers who stole from me. My defense was that I only posted one blog post about it. Then "EA" says: "A minor point, but completely unimportant to your argument." 

No "EA", it isn't unimportant to the argument. The argument was that Rex was lying about something so small as to how many times I posted about the reviewers stealing from me. I corrected his lie with the truth. If he is willing to lie or mislead about something so unimportant as that, then why wouldn't he take the same kind of liberties with the more "important" issues? A lie is a lie. His lies prove my point exactly to that of what I was trying to showcase - which is - he lies! So no, it wasn't unimportant at all. It was my point! 

Stupidity + Bullies = Match made in heaven

Then GenX lets the stupidity fly by suggesting that maybe I didn't just write one because she claims I take down posts in the past. Then says I use the "one post" fact as a measure to make a "small" point to say "See, I was right about that one ..."

Well GenX, in this series alone I have shown that I am right about a lot of things where your lies and those of your fellow bully friends are concerned. And you know this. And as for me taking down posts, yeah, I have done that before, but never my defense posts that concern you bullies. I have never taken down those before. Not that I can recall anyway. Yet, it would have been a lot more convincing, your argument, had you posted proof of it. Again, I thought you were all about the truth? And proof? 

Still not seeing it. Just a bunch of yackity yack.

As for you claiming all the things I am wrong about, looks like your list is bigger than mine, isn't it? Not to worry, your list will grow even more. Speaking of which, this next screenshot is a great example of this.

I mentioned to Rex (Yeah, still on that) about all of his "inaccuracies" in his article regarding me, especially his claim that I "gathered" up supporters. (When in fact the bullies were the ones who did this to attack me) This is when "EA" says: "Chucklebutt might have a point - if it was really essential to his story, but it's not."

Yes it is "EA". It is another lie added on with all the others Rex mentioned. One lie begets another begets another and so on and so on. It's commonly referred to as "stacking evidence". And I was stacking evidence of all his lies. It's another false claim made against me that was not supported with any kind of evidence on his part. A common theme practiced by "Bully Nation". And while we're on the subject, if it is so "small" and non-essential, then why the hell did Rex even bring it up in the first place? 

You see, if it is small for me to defend, then it is small for he (or any of you bullies) to even mention. But the fact remains, he (like yourselves) find it essential enough to mention these trivial things in the first place so apparently, it is worth it for me to mention it also. And to defend. Perhaps if you bullies stop mentioning these "small" and "non-essential" things, I wouldn't have to defend against it, now would I? (Oh, and proof to back up your claims would be nice to.) - Just saying.

Then "AreaFive" says: "Let's not go into all of Bryant's "inaccuracies", including this one. We have lives and jobs and families ... there just wouldn't be enough time."

Where do I start with this statement? LOL First of all, you already brought it up. Secondly, you made a HUGE post aboout all of my "inaccuracies" not to mention, several posts in regards to them. So much for those lives you lead, right? And those families. And all of that precious time. Had you bullies practiced that in the first place, we wouldn't be reading this defense post now, would we?

That statement in of itself is what we all call CONTRADICTION! LOL

But the laughs just go on folks. Take a look at this next screenshot.

I mentioned to Rex how ironic it was that he got "Jude's" side of the story but failed to reach out to me to get mine. (You know, to write a more accurate and truthful article. Not to mention, fair.) However, "EA" whines again about all of my "whining." by saying: "One photo used in a dozen places or one hundred photos, what does it matter?"

First of all, it does matter "EA". It shows that I wasn't trying to steal that mans identity. And oh, I never used that photo in a dozen places. I only used it in one place, Goodreads. That's it. The fact that my GR account was linked to many other of my accounts meant that that picture showed up in comments I made elsewhere on the internet. I unlinked those accounts later on, when I figured out how to do so. But again, your evidence supporting your claim is lacking, isn't it? 

Then "AreaFive" says that I go around claiming how shallow everyone was to be my friend, fan and such because of that picture. First of all, I may have only mentioned it once and secondly, it was true. (To a point) I mean, that was the whole basis of the joke in the beginning when I had it in my "pictures" section (and not on my profile) and people started adding me as a friend and becoming my fan. When my friend suggested to me that many people may have thought that picture I used for my RP character was possibly being interpreted as being me, the joke (or experiment) was to see if it continued and or picked up if I were to post it on my profile. That's what led to the whole thing in the first place. 

"AreaFive" goes on to say that I rage on teens without showing any evidence to back this up. The accusations continue by saying I "seduced" underage girls with that picture and yet, once again, presents no evidence to support this. The libel doesn't stop there! It continues with the assertion that I stalk and bully people. Okay, "AreaFive", show us the proof! Show us all where I stalked and bullied anyone! Come on, we're all waiting here. 

*** Will someone shoot those damn crickets?***

That's what I thought. So let me ask you this, how is that not bullying? How is making libel comments like that without proof to support it not being a bully? What would be the point to even say it if you can't support it with evidence? The answer is simple: Because it is bullying. It is harassment. It is intended to damage my reputation. Nothing more and nothing less. That's why "AreaFive" said it. Not because it is a fact that can be supported with proof, but rather a lie that is intended to cause me stress and financial harm by getting people to believe that I am some kind of monster and people shouldn't be buying my books. It's not even a comment that defends their "friend." It's a comment meant to attack me. End of story.

And as for her final question in that comment: "Is there anything good about this asshole?" - Well, to that I say ..... DITTO "AreaFive", is there anything good about you asshole bullies? The answer to that is .... a resounding NO! 

Then in this next shot, we see where I talk about where Rex claims I "courted" Jude. Take a see for yourself if you like. (In fact, I encourage you to)

"EA" suggests I am "spinning" my defense to save my hide. Not as much as Rex is spinning it to skin my hide, "EA". But if someone is going to accuse me of something, evidence would be nice don't you think? "EA" also says that I should be more seasoned with my emotions than Jude should be. I don't even know what the hell that's suppose to mean. I'm not quite sure "EA" knows for that matter. I'm not even sure that emotions have anything to do with my friendship/relationship with Jude. (An adult) Because if you look at my post "The Last Note" - Jude wasn't emotionally involved. (Her words - not mine) I think this is more about her mental stability (or lack there-of) The truth is, the only emotion that "evil" people have is .... well ..... evil!

I'd say that sums up Jude quite nicely.

And these people don't know the truth where Jude and I are concerned. They are guessing. Assuming. And need I say, lying? (Yeah, I need to say it) 

Then GenX gets into it by saying: "The human brain does not even finish its development until you are in your twenties." - Don't you just like how GenX (Amanda) knows everything about everything? Well, GenX, assuming what you said is true then I have to ask, "What's taking your brain so damn long to develop?" - I ask because you're like what, 30ish? (Or something like that?) But then I begin to realize that maybe she is onto something because most of her friends are in their teens or early 20's so, maybe that explains these comments by her friends "EA", "AreaFive", "Cheri", and "StLouisKiss". 

That would also explain why they bully, stalk and harass me too.

This next screenshot shows where I correct Rex when he says "I flew to Mexico and she (Jude) refused me."

First of all, I wasn't "refused". Secondly, Jude knew what I looked like before I ever flew anywhere to meet her. I do enjoy how these bullies "think" they know the whole story here. I find it absolutely amazing in fact. It leaves me to wonder, with all of their knowledge, why they aren't out saving the planet from its inevitable doom? I mean, with I.Q.'s such as theirs, you would think world peace would be a snap with them. 

But I really like how GenX posts the statutes of California in her comment. making it seem like I went to go visit a minor. When in fact, (And I can educate you on this subject Amanda) the law states that the age of consent is 18 years old. Hey, guess what? That's how old Jude was when I went to California. Imagine that! Thanks for letting us all know that Amanda. You're too smart for your bad self. You go girlfriend! LOL

Told you bullies suck at math.

This next screenshot has me asking Rex if I stalked Jude. That appears to be the claim yet nobody on this earth can present evidence of this. So I guess Jude is going around crying that I stalked her despite the fact that I have evidence that shows she stalked me. (Funny how that works, isn't it?) Take a look.

In the comments, "AreaFive" is quick with her thoughts, saying: "You have stalked and harassed her. You have threatened her. You tried to silence her with your blackmails. Who told me this? You did. I read all about it in your blog posts."

Really "AreaFive"? I told you this in my blog posts? Then this explains why you posted your evidence with your comment? Oh wait, you didn't do that did you? Never mind then. But wait! Blackmail? You have evidence of this? .... Oh, never mind again. If you had it, you would have posted it. 

Then "EA" says: "He should really look up the definition for stalking. I don't think he quite gets that." - Okay "EA", I do get it actually. But to appease your comment, I will look it up. Here is what I got:

Stalking: 1) Stealthy pursuit - the act of process of stealthily following or trying to approach somebody or something. 2) Act of steady harassment: the crime of harassing somebody with persistent, inappropriate and unwanted attention.

I'll leave it there. Hhhmm, looking it over, it describes exactly everyone on the GenXpose blog and what they're doing to me, doesn't it? How creepy is that? It also describes what Jude did when she manipulated my blog partner to get onto our shared blog, doesn't it? (Which I covered on my other blog last year on "Emails with Jude" post.) And of course, "EA" also supports her claims with evidence. ........ Wait! What? No evidence? Then - why would she say it? ... Oh, wait, that's right, she's a bully. (And Jude's friend) I get it now. Mystery solved. 

And of course GenX adds at t he end: "And statutes too." - And I think we covered that one Amanda. Jude was 18 so I actually met the condition of statutes. However, you seem to be in need of education in that department. Are you sure you read the statutes? Or are you just bullying me with your lies? 

I'll let everyone decide that for themselves. But we know what the answer is, don't we Amanda?

This next screenshot is good. Take a peek. I talk about the truth process and the possible fake emails Jude sent out when she sent all those people to attack me on Goodreads.

"EA" says: "Oh, we see it ... but not in the way you think." - Well, you finally got that one right "EA". Congratulations. That is the smartest comment you have made to date! You're right, you don't see it in the way I ...... Wait! I take that back. You do see it in the way I think. You see it from your chair of lies. 

"AreaFive" gives herself a face palm after saying: "Now why would anyone ban Chucklebutt for inappropriate behavior?" - Well, to answer your question "AreaFive", I wasn't banned for inappropriate behavior. In fact, no explanation was ever given for my being banned. But if I were to guess, I got banned because all of you bullies wouldn't stop pestering Patrick Brown about it and some of you (including Jude herself) was sending him 'false' evidence of my alleged inappropriate behavior. (From what I have learned) However, I find it quite amusing that A) None of this evidence sent to Patrick Brown has ever shown itself on any of your hate blogs to "prove" I acted inappropriately. And B) That you bullies think you know something that you don't and C) We have all come to learn through evidence presented on STGRB that Patrick Brown supports bullying. 

Not that Patrick Brown has a reputable standing right now, you know, being investigated by federal agents and all for knowingly allowing sexual role plays to take place between adults and minors on Goodreads. Tell you what, I'll make a note of this post and get back to you later perhaps when that federal investigation is concluded. Okay? 

In this final screenshot for the day, I address a false claim made by Rex that I admitted posting my "List" post under false pretense. (Which he never presents any evidence where I said this - ironically enough) And I flat-out say that Rex is a liar. (Which he is) Take a look.

"EA" and "Cheri" put their two stupid cents worth in it. Meanwhile, "AreaFive" says that when it comes to lying, I know exactly what I am talking about. Then concludes it by saying that "Too bad he's so bad at it."

Well "AreaFive", apparently, I am better at lying than you and your friends at GenXpose because so far, not one of you have posted any evidence to support your claims. Meanwhile, I have proven your lies in the first "GenX Says" post when you guys lied about Judes age when she and I met. Remember? You guys said 15 and I showed proof you lied? Of course you remember. We all do. So when it comes to lying, I have proved that you bullies lie yet, not once have you ever proven any of my "so called" lies. Nor have you even presented any evidence what-so-ever to support your claims. Why is that GenX? You see, it's hard to prove you're telling the truth when you lie about it. Don't think people aren't catching onto this, because you know that they are. You say things all day about me and yet, to this point, you have never presented any actual evidence. Oh, except for that model pic. You beat that dead horse to ..... death? 

I'm Carroll Bryant .... and this is The Looking Glass.

Things We Learned today:

* GenX and the rest of the bullies still haven't presented any evidence to support their claims

* They still suck at math

* GenX doesn't know the statutes where age of consent is concerned. (She thinks 18 is being a minor)

* The definition of stalking sounds a lot like what GenXpose blog is doing to Carroll

* Two cents is stupid

* GenX and friends can solve world peace

* The previous remark was sarcasm

* GenX and the bullies have lives? Families? Boy, have we all been fooled 


  1. Carroll,

    I wasn't aware that these crackpots were still using you for target practice. I thought this GenX took a hike and took her blog posts with her?

    Sorry to hear that it never ended.

    On the photo thing... I always use images from Wikimedia Commons and usually choose images in the public domain. Sometimes I buy images from iStockphoto. Sounds like they do not know what they're talking about. As ar as profile pics are concerned, my FB profile image is a flaming martini, but of course I'm not flaming or a martini. lol Some of the GR people use cat photos or child photos, but who thinks the poster is a cat or a child?

    They simply have nothing real to say so they use straw man crappola...

    1. I don't know if they still are using me as target practice or not. Things been rather quiet ever since they got the feds involved and became the target themselves. This "GenX Says" series is about seven parts long and was already put together and scheduled when they decided to apparently call it quits. I just haven't stopped these posts from appearing since this series is a response to just one of GenXpose posts against me. The reason I decided to let these posts go through is because GenXpose and the two hate blogs in my honor have yet to take down their lies and attacks about me on their blogs.

      Although, a bully comment was posted on my other blog recently claiming that I plagiarize. It can be seen on my post "Temple Of The Vampire" which was written by my good friend Vincent Crowley. I'm not sure what they think I plagiarize because I gave Vincent full credit for the post (and had his permission to post it) but they could have been referring to my book "The Wolfen Society" which was inspired by Vincent's one album band called "Wolfen Society" - and the main character in the book is based off of Vincent again, with his permission - so it is clear that it was one of the bullies who posted the comment. Especially considering that the post in question was written about a year ago.

      So maybe Carroll season is still in session. Who knows? LOL

  2. I'm not sure why you keep claiming that Amanda took down all of her stuff b/c of feds. She took down all of her stuff so you couldn't find her and harass her and in hopes that you would stop using her name when referring to other people. She made very public statements about that on her fb page while it was still active. I also know her personally and no men in black suits have come and visited her. The whole fed thing is so laughable, I'm sorry, but it is. You may have reported it, but it wasn't taken seriously. It's sad that you can't seem to drop your revenge trip and let this poor girl alone. The other blogger isn't even saying anything about you anymore so why keep this going? Just so you can have something to do? Why hold a grudge for this long? Most people would just get the fuck over it and move on with their life. -Em

    1. I really don't care why she took down her blog and stuff. I wasn't trying to find her and I never harassed her. (It was the other way around - and the evidence proves it)

      This isn't a revenge trip, it's my defense. As for leaving this "poor" girl alone, I never bothered her in the first place, she came after me. She should have left this "poor" guy alone, shouldn't she? Had she left me alone in the first place, none of this would have happened.

      As for the "other" blogger, the other blogger posted plenty against me and this "GenX Series" is a response to to just one post the other blogger made and these posts were already scheduled and I have every right to defend the lies these bullies said about me.

      As for keeping it going, the other blogger and Amanda should have never started attacking me to begin with. I offered truces in the past but they were mocked.

      I guess if I stopped then you wouldn't have anything to do like make these idiotic comments.

      I'm not holding a grudge, I am defending myself from bully attacks. But if I were to hold a grudge, it would be well within my rights to do so.

      I have gotten the fuck over it. A long time ago in fact. I have moved on. I'm currently working on some new projects. Maybe you should get the fuck over it and stop coming to this blog and get on with your life.

      It's like this, the bullies had their time attacking me, now I have my time to defend myself from those attacks. Maybe instead of worrying about what I am doing and why, perhaps you could mind your own damn business and focus on yourself. Who the hell are you to give me advice? You don't know me. You don't know a damn thing about me. I wasn't bothering Amanda or anyone else on GenXpose blog when they came after me. Why weren't you lecturing them when they did that to me? So STFU you bully supporter / sympathizer.

      Have a nice day. :)

  3. These people are stupid. They attack you for no reason for months on end and when you finally start defending yourself with this blog they want to call it quits? I guess I would want you to stop too if you were exposing all my lies. If these people really wanted all of this to end then they would take down their hate posts about you and their hate blogs. I apologize in advance for my French but, Fuck them Carroll. Fuck every last one of them.


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