Friday, July 12, 2013

GenX Says: Part Five

And so we're moving right along here with the GenXpose garbage. In the first four parts, we covered a lot of their stupid crap, haven't we? I know, it's hard to believe there is still so much more of their sewage to cover.

To this point, we have shown some of GenXpose lies and lack of evidence to support the many claims that spills forth from their filthy mouths. Well, guess what? Grab some Ben and Jerry's and enjoy some more of their refuse. We're almost done with this series so, that could be considered a good thing, right?

Let's get to it!

The GenXpose bullies respond to what I said in defense of the Rex Files article about me and Jude. He was trying to make it seem like I was begging for the bullies to leave me alone or something and I was simply trying to explain that I offered them a truce. I also explained that I never complained once about reviews against my book before my attack on Goodreads and the only complaint I have lodged in regards to reviews since were about the known "fake" ones and the ones that attacked me on a personal basis and had nothing at all to do with my books. The bullies at GenXpose respond somewhat childishly. Take a look.

 "EA" wants me to 'give my mind a rest'. While "AreaFive" suggests I have a nice warm cup of urine. (Perhaps that is her preferred drink of choice?) And GenX says: "This is like MST3K ... but for blogs."

This is the kind of "professionalism" GenX claims her readers will receive on her "tell truth" blog. Hhmm, interesting, isn't it? Anyhow, I also suggested at one point that maybe the reason a lot of these people like Rex Files write about me is because they are looking to acquire more followers and or fans, trying to make some kind of name off of me. I think I am onto something here because here is a screenshot of Rex's fans on Goodreads.

Yes, you read correctly. SIX!

Not trying to toot my own horn here but let's see how many fans I have a year after being "banned" from Goodreads, shall we?

Let's proceed.

Then I sent out a personal message to Rex and GenX responds interestingly enough.

Gen replies: "If you truly believe that then why do you get so angry when I stand up to you?"

Really Gen? You stand up to me? To what have I ever accused you of for you to stand up to me? When have I ever attacked you? (Never) But if you have any evidence that I have attacked you for no good reason, please present it. 

You and your bully friends on GenXpose started coming after me first. (John Green included) And all I ever have done is stand up against you guys and your initial attacks, comments, libel, accusations and posts made against me. But the people reading this don't have to take my word, all they have to do is go to GenXpose blog and look at the dates of your posts about me and they will see they predate my defense posts. That is proof that you aren't standing up against me, it's proof I am standing up against you. 

You started in with me GenX (Amanda) not the other way around. I have already provided evidence here on The Looking Glass showing that to be true. So I have no idea what you mean when you say "you stand up against me?"

But again, if you have any proof I came after you first, please show it for us. 

Then in one of my posts they capture this that I said to Rex that when Jude was crying that I was stalking her, she failed to mention when she stalked me on my shared blog. Take a look see. 

"EA" replies that it sounds fishy. She seems to think that stalking me on my shared blog is a strange thing for Jude to do simply because I blocked her from emailing me anymore. She says there are a lot more interesting ways to get back at me for that and that I pretend to "know" her motives, but she doesn't know how I intend to prove it. 

Well, "EA", it isn't fishy. There are plenty of interesting ways she could have gotten back at me and another one of those ways was when she posted emails I allegedly sent her and got you and your bully friends to attack me on Goodreads and get me banned. You see, she must not have wanted me to stop emailing with her. And when I did, it must have pissed her off. And yes, I know Jude well. Very well. So yes, I do know her motives just like I know all of your motives against me. And as for proof, well, you asked for it so here you go. Look closely. 

As you can see here "EA", Jude admits she worked her way onto my shared blog. (Without my knowledge) So there is your proof that she did it. Please notice the date of that post. (June 24th, 2012) About a month before the attack on me on Goodreads. Now, obviously, Jude defends her actions by claiming that my blog partner was a "client". But Jude also knew I was a part of that blog. And Jude knew she and I were no longer on speaking terms. So commonsense would suggest that before she works any kind of deal with my blog partner, she (Jude) should have cleared everything with me first. But she didn't. In fact, she even went as far as to tell my blog partner not to even mention their "new found friendship" to me at all. 

Yeah, very fishy indeed "EA". 

Of course, if you continue reading that post you will see where Jude offers to help me and my blog design too, in exchange for listing her design blog links on my blog. Saying that she can do "business" despite personal feelings. This coming just months after her and her friends backed out of our "business" deal for them to review my books and or give me an interview on their blogs due to "personal feelings". How convenient is that? Either Jude is very stupid in matters of business, or she was up to no good. Which is it? Because anyone with any commonsense knows you don't screw your "ex" over from promoting their work then turn around and ask that "ex" to help promote your work. Again, that's just plain stupid.

Is that enough evidence for you "EA"?

Then "AreaFive" adds her two cents worth at the end. "His impotence frustrates him." - Nope! Wrong again "AreaFive". You are the one impotent. I bet this post frustrates the hell out of all of you, doesn't it? You see GenX, this is what we call EVIDENCE!

Then they capture these words I said and they respond accordingly.

"EA" says that I said it was a revenge act for me to post that list and that it was my way of retaliating against her. Then she mentions how sad of a human being I am for doing it. And that I am not very mature for doing it. 

You're damn right "EA"! It was revenge and retaliation for her stalking me on my shared blog! Every action deserves a reaction. I wanted to get her to stop stalking me and I thought by posting the "The List" that she would get the effing point. But while we're on the subject of "revenge" and "retaliation" and "immature" (or being a sad human being) let's look at your actions and those of GenX and the rest of your friends. Your attacks on me and my books are "revenge" actions. Or "retaliation", right? And some of your bully friends doing this against me are in their late 20's to early and mid 40's so .... what the f*&# is their excuse? 

Can we say hypocrisy? ... Sure, we can say that.

In fact, you just not only called yourself and the rest of your bully friends "sad human beings" but you also called your besty Jude a "sad human being" and "immature" because she stalked my blog in "retaliation" and for "revenge" for me blocking her from emailing me. 

"EA" and Jude are joined at the hip where stupidity is concerned.

Then not wanting to be left out of the "stupidity" parade, "AreaFive" chimes in with this: "He's like forty something, right? He's bitching like a six year old snot rag because a bunch of teen age girls didn't review his book? Are you kidding me?"

First of all, thanks for admitting that "they" didn't review my book as they promised. And yes, I am bitching about it because when YOU approach someone asking for something free in exchange for a service, and you get that "free" product, then you best damn well provide the service you effing promised. To not do so is ...... wait for it ...... STEALING! 

Oh, and secondly, they weren't all "teen age" girls. Some of them were in their 20's, 30's and ... wait for it again ...... 40's! 

Then of course, when I bitched about it, you and your bully friends bitched about me bitching about it, just like a six year old snot rag. 

Really? GenX and friends are bitching about me for bitching about Jude and her friends who screwed me over and stole from me after Jude stalked me on my shared blog? Are you kidding me?!

Then they capture this that I said and again, promptly commented on it. Check it out.

I posted a comment where Jude confessed that she has a crush on me. "EA" replied: "I don't see a contradiction there."

Well of course you don't "EA" because you're stupid, remember? But here, let me enlighten you, it is you and GenX and the rest of the bullies who are crying about me having the "crush" on her and stalking her, not the other way around. That screenshot proves that "she" (Jude) had a crush on me (too) and that stuff I posted above is proof she "stalked" me. (See the contradiction?) Not to mention that later on in that post (which you so conveniently left out and - gulp - took out of context) is that later in her comments on "Lucy's" post, Jude tried to down play it and says jokingly that I claim "she" (Jude) had a crush on me - as if to indicate that "she" (Jude) didn't have a crush on me. That was the contradiction. But not to worry, "EA", I don't expect you to know the meaning of the word "contradiction". With your stupidity, you are excused.

And let us not forget a recent video where Jude "admits" to crushing on several of her professors at her little technical college. Jude can't seem to help herself from all of these crushes. How many crushes is she shooting for in her lifetime? She has to be close to some kind of record. 

Then we get to some really stupid stuff here with "AreaFive's" comment when she says: "So he admits that his bait and switch worked and he knew an underage girl had a crush on him. I am certain law enforcement is most grateful for these many public admissions."

First of all dumbass (AreaFive) it is not against the law for an underage girl to have a crush on an adult. When I was 12, I had a crush on one of my teachers. I guess my your "supreme" logic, that teacher should have been held responsible for my crush and should have been arrested. 

(Just when you think stupid can't get anymore stupid.) LOL

Secondly, dumbass (AreaFive) I didn't admit to any "switch and bait" - whatever the hell that is supposed to mean - so I guess "law enforcement" is screwed in their "prosecution" of me, aren't they? (Which may explain why law enforcement hasn't "arrested" me yet. Funny that.)

So, what are these so called "admissions" again? 

And of course lastly, I never met, attempted to meet Jude when she was 17 those first 2 or 3 months when she and I met and she was a minor. Only after she turned 18 did/would that occur. And the last time I checked, 18 is the universal age of consent. Looks like "law enforcement" is screwed again. (And so it would appear dumbass (AreaFive), like GenX (Amanda Welling) doesn't know what age constitutes being an adult. 


And this next screenshot speaks for itself. (I guess they all do in a way, don't they?) However, you can see by the response what stupid looks like in a stupid conversation. Take a look.

I don't even know what they are talking about in their responses. I have only claimed to know that Gen is Amanda Welling. And that came by her own admission on one of her posts on her own blog which I proved in an earlier post. But like I said, their responses speaks for itself their level of stupidity and hate. 

In this next screenshot, again, self explanatory. Check it out. 

"AreaFive" wants to know if I think it is safe to talk about my "relationship" with Jude now. Then she proceeds to say: "Perhaps you should read up on what the law says."

Yes, dumbass (AreaFive) I do think it's safe to discuss my relationship with Jude because I already know what the law says, however, you apparently do not. And 18 years old is the universal age of consent. That's how old Jude was when our "relationship" took off. 

Need I say it again? ..... Dumbass.

And these idiots at GenXpose continue with the "age of consent" banter. 

Dumbass (AreaFive) says: "You seem to know a lot about girls." - To which I respond, yes, dumbass, I do know a lot about girls. I'm a guy. I have had many relations with many girls in my life. One of my best gifts is to know when a girl is a psychopath - like your friend Jude - and get the hell out while the getting is good. 

"EA" says: "C'mon Bryant, just admit you gave yourself a boner with that thought. The truth shall set you free. Or get you ten to life." - Okay "EA", I admit it, that thought gave me a boner. Now, where the hell is my ten to life? .... Ten to life for what? For getting a boner of thinking about an 18 year old girl? LMAO. 

"Cheri" says: "The boys at Pelican Bay have a special room for guys like this ..." - And to that I say, I bet you know that room well too, right "Cheri"? .... Right? .... Do you make good money "visiting" that room? 

Then comes this next screenshot. Take a look. I talk about the fact that Jude loves my books and wants to review them and interview when she is "crushing" on me then when the crush is over, she backs out. 

"EA" replies: "Welcome to life, Chucklebutt, it happens. A professional doesn't get all butthurt and wound up about it."

I didn't get all "butthurt" and wound up about it. Why do you think it took 8 months after the fact and Jude stalking me on my blog before I wrote about it? You know, if stupidity was a flesh eating disease, you would be hanging in a high school science room right about now. 

And for our final screenshot for this post, I present you with this. Me saying that ultimately, all I ever really wanted from Jude was a friendship. All I tried to be with her was a friend. Check out the response. 

"EA" says: "In a COMPLETELY inappropriate relationship." - Uh, no, "EA", there is nothing inappropriate with two adults being in a relationship of any kind. There may be some who are morally against two adults being in a relationship, but there is certainly nothing illegal or "inappropriate" with it and because she and I were two "CONSENTING ADULTS" - I don't see how our relationship is any of your damn business. 

"Areafive" replies, thinking she knows my "real" age, that it's normal for a man three time her age to "befriend" her. (Jude). (She says this sarcastically) Well, let's see, first of all, she befriended me first. Secondly, I have a lot of young friends. (So would it seem that Amanda does too) and finally, I am not three times her age. More like, twice her age. Yeah, closer to twice her age than three times her age. Shows what you (don't) know. 

As for the "teaching her tender and tough love"? I wouldn't know about that. Jude taught herself well on her own when she was 15 and had sex with a 28 year old so ..... there wasn't really a whole lot I could teach her. She got (gets) around. Kind of like me. I get around too. She and I are two whores in a whorehouse. (Or peas in a pod, however you wish to look at it.)

As for "Many men in prison say so." - Well, dumbass (AreaFive) I guess you would know best what those men in prison think, huh? You seem to get involved with a lot of them apparently because you speak intelligently on men and prison. How many of your ex boyfriends are serving time? (Rhetorical) 

That wraps up Part Five of the "GenX Says" series. Stay tuned for part six shortly. If we're lucky, we just might get this all wrapped up. 

I'm Carroll Bryant .... and this is The Looking Glass. 

Things We Learned Today:

* Rex fans 6 - Carroll fans 233

*  Gen thinks by attacking me that she is "standing up" to me

* Carroll proved that there is something "fishy" going on

* The bullies at GenXpose blog still don't know the age of consent

* Carroll and Jude are both whores

* "EA" doesn't know the meaning of "contradiction"

* "AreaFive" seems to know an awful lot about men and prison

* Jude crushes on a lot of older men (including her teachers) and she vblogs about it

* The bullies still don't know Carroll's real age (and it eats them up) LOL


  1. A warning for you Carroll, the bullies may be quiet but they are still active in plotting against you through your blog. They are trying to take it down. Not this one, the other one. The mastermind is you know who. Beware any suspicious email requests.

    1. I'm aware. But thanks for the warning. By the way, they want all of my blogs taken down. They want everything of mine taken down, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter included. In fact, they wish me dead. Yeah, I know, right? LOL The "good" people wish other people dead. If they aren't the bad guys then I would sure hate to know who is.


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