Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Angela Horn: Mental Gone Crazy!

Recently, I made a post about warning everybody, authors and non authors, of unfair banning practices that is taking place on the book website, Goodreads.com. I talked about how even now, everyday readers and reviewers are being isolated and banned for poorly rating and reviewing books of Badly Behaving Authors on Goodreads. In some cases, these people are getting banned for simply placing their books in poorly worded bookshelves, like the badly behaving authors on Goodreads do to other authors - such as myself.

Thanks to a post by STGRB, I think we may have figured out who the person is behind these senseless attacks on innocent people. Her name (one of them anyway, as evidence is showing this woman is using many, many different sock puppets) is none other than the worst badly behaving author on Goodreads herself, Angela Horn.

Evidently, this woman has made it her mission to go after Indie authors, which is telling considering that she is herself an indie author. And from the looks of it, not a very successful one at that. So why then would she ruin her career before it ever gets off the ground by attacking other indie authors? Or by attacking her readers? Why would she choose to start her writing career being the very same asshat that she accuses others as being? We'll get into that in a moment, but first, let's take a look at her Goodreads profile. Right from the start, she makes it clear how much of a "saint" she is. Take a look for yourself.

She starts it off by saying that she is from Yamalamadingdong, California. A word that eerily rhymes with "Dramalama" and as for the "dingdong" part, well, that speaks for itself I think.

She refers to herself as a "saint", talk about classic narcissism, I mean really? Correct me if I'm wrong but one of things that would make a person a saint is the fact that they themselves don't refer to themselves as a saint, right? Well, strike one already. Sorry Angela, one has not the power to anoint themselves as a saint. That's - not exactly how it works.  But since we're on the subject of sainthood, let's check out some her "saint-ful" behavior, shall we?

First, we are going to check out her Goodreads bookshelf. In this next screenshot, we will see at the bottom a book shelf she has titled: "shelveblockignore". Take a look.

If you noticed, she has 1139 books in this shelf. ironically, she hasn't rated (or reviewed) one of these books. This would indicate that she hasn't read these books. This would then indicate that SHE is not a reader. All she is saying with this is: "I am a bully." - Why else would anyone list so many books to ignore if they haven't read them? Think I am lying? Here is a sample of it, but don't take my word for it, visit her GR author page and her bookshelf for yourself and see with your own eyes.

Obviously, she has shelved these books in this manner not because of the books themselves, but because she hates the people who wrote them. And this leads us to a very interesting question. Why? Why is she so angry towards these authors whose books she has never read? Why would she be such a badly behaving author? And such an ass-hat? Would it be because they are more successful than she is? A comment recently posted on STGRB might sugggest that this could be the case. Check it out.

Yes, it would appear as though Angela Horn has some sales issues. No wonder she has a grudge against so many other indie authors. (Or so, the evidence would suggest) But wait! Hey Carroll, I thought you said she was behind readers getting banned! ... Well, she is, take a look at this comment in the next screenshot.

You see, after Juno gave one of Angela's books a one star rating, she was banned off of Goodreads. Her account deleted! Does that sound like a saint to you? It would seem that Angela can't take bad ratings of her books so imagine if you were to review one of her books poorly? She would just call you a "sock puppet" and have you banned for simply sharing your thoughts about her work. Sounds like a badly behaving author to me. And isn't this the very thing she claims to be fighting against? Authors who can't take a bad rating / review of their books? Do you think we should use the "H" word here? .... Sure, I think the situation warrants it ....  HYPOCRISY!

In this next shot, you'll see where one reviewer had her one star rating removed by Angela Horn (or she had her "close" contact do it.) Regardless, I guess she can't handle the truth! LOL (Cue Jack Nicholson.) Take a look.

I only wonder how long A(nnabeth) will be allowed to be a member of Goodreads before Angela gets her boyfriend, Patrick Brown to ban her too. We'll see. I'll keep an eye out for this.  Maybe Coaxial Creature will do it for her. I hear she may have some kind of special relationship with one Patrick Brown as well. As of this writing, the date is 06/09/2013.

Angela Horn also appears to have some kind of fascination with feces. (And sex - which should make John Green happy, yes?)  Call me unbalanced, but when was the last time a saint referred to fecal matter on a regular basis, and fornication, as much as she does? Another example of this (other than from her profile) comes from this comment left on STGRB.

I also don't think a saint would post a blog like the one she posted on her Goodreads account. Take a look at it.

Or say something like this:

I especially like the part in the first screenshot where she says: "Some people just want to be loved. They don't care about convictions. Instead, they demand their asses be covered with kisses. I'm not one of those people."

Really Angela? You're not one of those people? Because when I see you getting readers banned for simply giving you a one star rating for any of your books, I see you angry because "you are not loved" and the reader didn't cover your butt-hurt ass with kisses. Excuse me, I have something in my throat, let me cough it out ....... "HYPOCRISY!" .... There, much better.

Or in the second screenshot where she says in bold to Eve (after attacking her on Eve's GR blog and writing a blog post about her, attacking her some more) to "GO THE FUCK AWAY" - Hey Angela, you're the one who went after her and oh, by the way, Eve was banned from Goodreads. Her account deleted.

Some saint you are, Angela Horn. Maybe you just need to get laid.

(Consult with John Green) Scum "A", meet scum "B".

Now, I am not one to tell people to rate books they never read or how to rate books they have read, but simply put, just know that if you do rate/review one of Angela's books poorly, you do run the risk of being banned from Goodreads and your account deleted because Angela's massive ego can't handle the truth.

However, if you do deicde to rate / review one of Angela Horn's books poorly, take some screenshots of your GR account/profile first. Then after you rate/review one of Angela's books poorly, take immediate screenshots of it and if you do get banned, send those screenshots to me and or STGRB along with your story. Let's gather the evidence together that Goodreads practices unfair banning of members and that Angela Horn is indeed the one behind it all.

Now, I don't know how she is doing it. It could be she is secretly a higher up staff member. But one thing is for certain, this screenshot of "TinaNicole" speaks volumes. where she refers to Angela as TPTB (which stands for - The Powers That Be) Take a look.

 So word up to everyone, tread with extreme caution around Angela Horn. She is such a self-proclaimed saint that if you piss her off by publicly rating or reviewing her books poorly, she will stalk you, harass you and then curse at you, and after that - your Goodreads account will mysteriously disappear. It's the old "torture then kill" that saints like Angela Horn practice.

Yeah, saints from hell!

(For more on Angela Horn - please consult the website STGRB.)

I'm Carroll Bryant .... and this is The Looking Glass. 

Things We Learned Today:

* Angela Horn is a self proclaimed narcissistic "saint"

* When people cross paths with Angela Horn, their GR accounts disappear

* Angela has an anal fetish (much to the delight of John Green, I'm sure)

* Angela needs to get laid

* There are saints from hell?

* The term "fecal matter" is kind of funny

* Angela can dish it out, but she sure can't take it

* Angela Horn is a BBA and class "A" ass-hat

* Angela is a disgruntled failed indie author lashing out at successful indie authors

* When Angela states on her GR profile that she reads to the blind, she probably reads them her books. And when she states she feeds the hungry, she probably means that she buys generic cat food and .... OMG! No frickin way?! 

* The above statement wasn't covered in my article - oh well - it's covered now


  1. Well said and very true! This woman is a true psychopath and loves the sound of her own voice or rancid words. Yet, she is still getting away with it. Very scary...

  2. I think this is a golden opportunity to expose the corruption on Badreads. Several people should start accounts on badreads and do not interact with the site in any way but to leave poor reviews on Horn's books. If the accounts get banned that will prove corruption beyond doubt.
    Badreads simply has to go. Their refusal to remove content at the request of the rights holders with full knowledge that the author and books will be under attack is intentional infliction of damages that can be avoided if they would honor the wishes of copyright holders.

    1. Here's my latest blog about badreads.

  3. You forgot to mention that Angela Horn failed as an author so specactularly that she was forced to invent a pen name for herself and has just released book number 2 under the pen name. Her ten books under her real name are going nowhere as everyone now knows who and what she is an davoid them like the plague.

    No wonder she is so bitter, angry and full of hate. She seems to genuinely have no clue that her epic failures as an author are due both to her own actions against other authors and the ridiculous beginnings of ner novels, as shown in Annabeth's readalong review.

    This is an exellent post and so very true on all counts.

    1. I've heard about that recently. My apologies.

      It makes you wonder though why she hasn't figured that out.

      By the way, what is her new pen name?

  4. Angela Horn's pen name is Bijou Hunter. She has even interviewed herself on her own blog. Very strange behaviour.

    1. A self interview? .... Even for a bi-polar drama llama like myself, that's just ..... wow! LOL

      I felt uneasy giving an interview to my blog partner, I can't imagine giving myself one. Maybe one of these days, when old age creeps up on me and erases my mind, I might try that.

      I agree, that is strange behavior.

      Thanks for the pen name. I appreciate it.

  5. LOL

    I have just had a look on Angela's goodreads author page. She has now, since this blog posting, added a note to her 'about the author' section, telling everyone who her aliases are.

    She is certain to claim that it's always been there. We all know it hasn't though! This is just too funny.

    Keep up the good work Carroll. Your blog posts are awesome.

    1. Well, if she does ever start making that claim, just direct everyone here for proof.

      Thank you Gail for the comment. You're pretty awesome yourself.

  6. Bijou Hunter? Interesting!

    1. Yep, Angela Horn also writes under the name of Bijou Hunter. That lady has so many personalities it's hard to keep track of them all. LOL


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