Saturday, August 31, 2013

Janis Hinkle: Corporal James Portolan

So it does appear that poor little cyber criminal, stalker, harasser, and fellow Goodreads bully, Janis Hinkle, decided to report Rick Carufel's blog post as "threatening", to local law enforcement.

What's the matter, Janis? Afraid of an elderly old man on disability? 

You stupid bitch.

Anyhow, I am merely posting this to see if Janis Hinkle is willing to report me. I would LOVE to be contacted by Officer Corporal James Portolan, School Liaison Officer of the South San Francisco Police Department.

It wouldn't be the first time the bullies sent law enforcement to my door. The last time backfired in their stupid bully faces. This one will too.

Anyhow, you know Janis Hinkle by now, I'm sure. She hides under the names of Anna Karenina and runs the blog ".38 Caliber" under the name of "Mahala". The 2nd grade teacher who spends her days online stalking, harassing and bullying people when she should be teaching her class. A woman who loves to get sauced every night with her cats because she's so all alone because no man will touch her skanky ass with a ten foot pole.

Teaching her class? .... I shudder at the thought of young minds in her evil hands. 

Anyhow, I am going to post a screenshot from Rick's blog post which reveals her school information and emails etc. I am only doing this to get the attention of Corporal James Portolan. Once this officer contacts me, I will take this post down. Then and only then. I just don't want to miss the opportunity to talk to Officer Portolan about Janis Hinkle. 

Hey Janis, if you and your bully friends want to go after someone, forget Rick Carufel, he's too old to be of any threat to you. Come after me instead. I love bully bullshit games. I'm not as elderly as you people like to think. 

If you're reading this Corporal James Portolan, my contact information is located up above. Feel free to get a hold of me via email. I can then give you my number and we can chat. We can chat all day about Janis Hinkle and her bully friends. I can send you links and screenshots that will make you see that Janis and her bully friends are the real criminals. They are the ones you need to be investigating. But instead of going after Rick Carufel, how about you grow some balls and come after a real man? Come after me! 

I'm waiting.


If anybody wishes to contact Officer Portolan and tell him about the activities online by one Janis Hinkle, and or the criminal activities of her bully friends, you may contact him at these numbers below.

650-877-8900 (Main)
650-829-7239 (Voice mail)

I will probably call him later next week if he doesn't call me first.

The bullies want to drag law enforcement into this, then let's drag them into it.

I'm Carroll Bryant .... and this is The Looking Glass.

Things We Learned Today:

* Carroll aint afraid of nobody

* This post will come down when Corporal James Portolan contacts Carroll


  1. Tghis cop doesn't want to talk to us. If he did he would have proof of Hinkle's crimes. He wants to gather infomation from the troll to build a case of lies from the trolls to justify my further persecution.
    Were hew to talk to us he would be faced with SS of her stalking, bullying and harassment, that's not what he's looking for. he's looking to build a case of lies based on unsubstantiated claims by tyhe trolls. All he needs to do is get enough trolls to swear they are telling the truth and willing to lie in court. Seen it before.
    He wants no proof that Hinkle is a member of a gang of cyber-stalkers, dangerous sociopaths with delusions of authority, expertise and importance. If he talks to us he'll have to face the truth, the trolls are none of they thing they believe or say they are. They are not book reviewers, they deluded shit-for-brains, piss ants on power trips so full of themselves they will end up putting themselves in prison, still blaming their victims as they are found guilty and haul off to the penitentiary.

  2. Laugh out loud, I LOVE your posts berating the stupid bullies!

    I love STGRB too, but lately I feel like I'm being judged by other commenters when I post a rant directed at the bullies. Granted, I have a tendency to fly off the handle and throw around curse words, but I don't think I should be judged for it when other commenters "sink to the bullies' level" too. That's not to say you "sink to their level", I believe everyone has a right to express anger over the bullies' bullshit.

    It's nice to see someone like me, who isn't afraid to call the bullies what they are... "stupid bitch"

    All the bullies are stupid bitches, as a matter of fact.

    Great blog, Carroll. You really seem like a good guy and never deserved the nasty lies they said about you. I saw through their bullshit from day one.

    Have you considered trying to write more books? Perhaps choose a different pen name?
    You're one of the good ones, and I've seen your books on "that" site, and your story lines are interesting. I think that with a good editor, cover artist, and pen name change that your books might sell. Promotion's my thing too.

    I can help you with that. I'm not feeding you a line of bullshit, nor would I charge a penny, EVER. For obvious reasons I cannot disclose my name or email here. But you think about what I've said. I'm being genuine. If you're interested in letting me help, I will email you some of my work. That way you can judge for yourself how well I write, and how some of my books have been successful - with proof of that success.

    I've had 4 + years of experience in the industry. In that time, I've written 15 to 25 novels, I've learned from editors, authors, readers.

    If my writing in this post leaves much to be desired, it's because I try to disguise my usual writing style from the prying eyes of lurking bullies.

    Happy Saturday!

    1. I am Carroll Bryant. That is who I am. My songs and books go hand in hand. Using a pen name is out of the question. Carroll Bryant is not a pen name. It is who I am. I can not be, nor will I try to be anybody else.

      Happy Saturday to you to!


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