Thursday, August 22, 2013

Readers Have Rights

There is currently a hate blog out there (actually, there's a lot of them) that makes the claim that "readers have rights". Now, what they post has nothing at all to do with their rights as readers but more so to their rights to libel authors.

I remember back a year or so when all of this bullying of authors started, and the claim was that it had to do with reviews. of course, since that time we have come to see that this is not entirely the case. We have seen on this blog and on STGRB where the bullies themselves claim it's not all about the reviews.

But for this hate blog, they try and make their claim that they are all about the reader and their rights to rate and review as they see fit. That's fine! Nobody has a problem with that, as long as they are honest reviews ABOUT THE BOOK! And not about the author. But when you sift through this hate blogs garbage of trash known as words, you begin to see the real purpose for their existence. Which is: To continue bullying authors even after they left Goodreads. It's kind of like the last kick on the ass out the door that never stops kicking. Or, adding insult to injury. But this is the bully M.O.

In one of their pages, they made this list titled: "The so-called victims of bullying". And on this page they list many authors and they write a little something about each and every one of them. Granted, most of what I read I knew was bullshit lies, but by now, I have come to accept this as the bully way.

Now, interesting enough, they wrote something about me. (Isn't that nice?) And I only discovered them a while back when they first started by a friend who emailed me and supplied the link. This friend also informed me that this hate blog was put together by one of the Goodreads bullies. The name that was mentioned? H.J. Leonard.

Now, H.J. Leonard is a very angry girl. She has about as much hate and stupidity running through her veins as Ade (another Goodreads bully) is racist. And this is important to know because Ade plays a huge part in this post. She is (or was) a close friend of H.J. Leonard on Goodreads.

Now while I can't verify for 100 percent certainty that H.J. Leonard is the owner of "Readers Have Rights" hate blog, I have been looking into it and if I do find any concrete evidence then of course, I will provide it. However, I was told she was and ... this seems to bring us to a very important side note. if you'll notice, the two ladies above have private GR accounts. The common theme for the bullies is to have private accounts. Why? Because they are shunned by mainstream members. Everybody know they are bullies and many people simply do not wish to get mixed up with them. We have seen too often in the past where they will turn on each other.

However, the common traits with these bullies is private accounts, small number of friends, and for the bully authors, small number of fans.

While we have seen the numbers in Bully Nation drop, and support for them dropping even faster, for some strange reason, these bullies continue to kick and scream and fight - right to the bitter end.

As i stated earlier, I am one of the "victims" that "Readers Have Rights" has featured on their hate blog. I wanted to take a look at what they have to say. So here is the screenshot.

Notice in this where they mention that I stalk young women. But do they offer any evidence to support this claim? Of course not. That's the beauty of being a bully. You can lie without having to present proof. Anyhow, we all know they are talking about one girl here. That girl being Elsa Hernandez. (More commonly known under her fake name, Jude Henderson) And yet, for all their libelous words against me, they fail to acknowledge that she (Jude) stalked me on my shared blog.

This is another common theme with bullies and their hate blogs.

They also got my age wrong. But ssshhhh, don't tell them that.

They also say that the blogs mentioned in my "List" post never heard of me before. Well, what were you expecting them to say? That they had heard of me and yes, they did steal my books and break their promises? Bullies don't think like that. To witness, they say that my blog post of "The List" was deleted, but guess what? It's not. Don't believe me? Go over there and take a look for yourself. 

You see? It's still there. proving yet again how these GR bullies lie. 

Then they say I threatened Jude to reveal her "medical records" unless she stops being mean about me. Well, first of all, she is mean so .... you know ... and secondly, do you have proof I threatened her? ...... You know, a screenshot? .... An email? ...... Anything? ..... No?


They say that she (Jude) just wants me to go away. Yeah, like I haven't tried that before. The last time I went away she followed me and stalked me on my shared blog. I just wish she would go away. But she still stalks my blogs and Youtube channel. Mostly with her sock puppet names. 

They also say that I ignore her (Jude) attempts to block contact and disengage from dealing with me. Really? .... No, wait .... REALLY?! ..... I don't ignore her attempts? .... I mean, let's forget the fact that I blocked her first from emailing me and when I did, she came to my blog and ...... really? 

* FACE - PALM * 

I'm starting to get a headache from all these face-palms. 

And then comes the best part where they say (without evidence) that I am a racist ... and a misogynist? Really? And you have evidence of this that you're not showing us? because I for one would love to see where I am abusive towards women. So far, not only have these people not provided evidence that I am a racist or a misogynist, but these bully females have shown themselves to be a bit misandry. (The dislike of, contempt for, or ingrained prejudice against men) Notcie how many of these bullies are in fact female? That's something to consider right there.

And as for the racist part? They get this from Ade who decided to take it upon her own racist self and spin some words of mine. You can see it here in the next screenshot. 

Now what Ade fails to mention here, as again, common throughout Bully Nation, is that i refer to all the bullies as stupid monkeys. But I guess because she is a person of color, and a bully, she has the right to call "racist" at her discretion. Well, not in my world Ade. You can play the racist card somewhere else. The fact that you spin what I say to make it seem like I am a racist, does in fact make you a racist. (This was scientifically proven I think)

Then to make it even more alarming, "Readers have Rights" goes on to say about me that I am mentally unwell. Just because I suffer from a bi-polar condition brought about from a car accident does not make one "unwell". However, the fact that you admit knowing this to some degree and yet, you continue to choose to "attack" me shows how unsympathetic you are to those who suffer from some sort of mental condition, no matter how minor or severe. 

Nice to know this.

And in their closing portions of their hate rant against me, they say the reason why they don't allow comments on their hate blog is because they don't want me commenting there. ......... Yeah, right, as if. I wouldn't dirty my keyboard keys with comments on your filthy hate blog. Nor would I ever attempt to email any of you disgusting people or anyone else in Bully Nation. Not like you people try and email me all the damn time. let's see, for example? .... Amanda Welling. Her husband Jon. GenX. Jude Henderson (Elsa Hernandez). 

As for comments, we can see I allow them (the bullies) to comment here. Provided they act like they have a little bit of sense. Most of their comments I have to delete because they have no sense. But I still allow you bullies to comment. So the only reason any of you bullies would not allow comments on your hate blogs isn't because you're afraid I will comment but because you know the mainstream society is against you people. You stand for hate and bullying and that is not a popular personality to own. The fact that you bullies hide behind fake names and privatize everything on the internet is proof of this. You can't stand for mainstream society to tell you the truth and that you are nothing but bullies. 

In fact, I got an email from someone who claims that they subscribed to Jude's Youtube Channel recently and made a comment praising her comedy videos and was abruptly ignored by Jude and the comment deleted after Jude contacted this person and found out that they discovered her through me and my blogs. Talk about paranoid Jude. So you see, when it comes to these bullies, even if you mention to them that you discovered them through me, they will delete you as best they can. They will ignore you and they will block you. If you're not part of their world, or if you even mention my name, they will attack you. So I guess Jude just lost a fan because of her bad behavior so, I don't know. The person in question did send me a screenshot of that comment they made. This also makes me wonder too if Jude wasn't perhaps set-up somehow. Maybe the person meant to be nice and then mention me to see what would happen. Why else would they have taken a screenshot? Then again, maybe this was actually someone who was sincere with their motives and really did like something Jude did. I guess we'll never know. But as we move along here we will discover that "rude" comments are of a key concern for "Readers Have Rights". And we will see their hypocrisy in action. However, when you put stuff up on the net, (according to the bullies) you expose yourself to the general population. A person has to learn to deal with "criticism" - is their claim. Well, here is the screenshot of the comment that Jude apparently couldn't deal with and after discovering that the person who left it found her through me and my blogs, she blocked the person, who actually subscribed to her channel and was an apparent fan. Take a look. (It's the comment by Petey Parkerson that Jude didn't like)

Are we a little sensitive there, Jude? You may not be an author of books but you are an author of videos and while I myself can't decide what to make of that comment, I know it pales in comparison to some of the harsh shit I have had to endure. You put yourself out there to the public, you have to learn to live with criticism. And according to "Readers Have Rights", criticism is not bullying. (We'll learn this later in the post. Keep reading.) But my question is this: Did Jude get bullied or did she simply over-react? If she got bullied, then "Readers Have Rights" and the whole Bully Nation on Goodreads are a bunch of whiny ass liars. And major hypocrites.

Anyhow, "Readers Have Rights" also posted their "purpose" for their hate blog. The next screenshot is just that. Take a look.

Their first claim is that they'll provide information about STGRB, and background info on them. Really? You have inside information about STGRB? .... I highly doubt that. I think what they really mean is that they'll provide "their opinion" about STGRB because I have searched high and low that hate blog and found them posting absolutely no evidence to any of their claims as to who or what STGRB is and all about. Just their hate rants is all I see. That's pretty much what you'll see too. 

They also claim that STGRB has frequent hateful speech towards women and people with disabilities while promoting a rape culture and harassment. Really? has anyone ever seen this on STGRB? I know I sure haven't. They only show (with evidence) what the bullies are doing and to whom they are doing it to. Just because a majority of the bullies are females (and or failed authors) doesn't indicate that STGRB is hateful towards women. In fact, isn't it the bullies who claim that the site (STGRB) is run by a woman? This doesn't make any sense what-so-ever. 

Can you see the irony here?

But as for hateful speeches, perhaps you people at "Readers Have Rights" should double check yourself and your hypocrisy because accusing me of being a racist and a misogynist isn't hateful at all, is it? Nor does accusing me of being a stalker of young women. And to think, you say all of this with a straight face and no evidence to support your claims. NONE! But again, that's not hateful in the least, is it? 

Can you see the irony here?

Then they conclude their little "purpose" rant with how everything they provide on their hate blog, statements, links etc, is correct as to their knowledge. ..... Well, that explains it then because their knowledge is severely lacking. LOL What they meant to say was, "Everything posted on this hate blog can not be confirmed with actual proof and is totally here-say and bullshit except for the fact that we believe it so thus, it must be true." LOL

In this next shot from this hate blog, we get to see what bullying is. This I love because all that is mentioned in their definition is exactly what myself and STGRB keeps proving what they (Goodreads bullies) are doing. Check it out.

Yep, that pretty much covers what you bullies go around doing. You run with your mob and attack people. You threaten them with bans from Goodreads, and in my case, with death. You bullies abuse your victims by starting hate blogs against them and with hate blogs like this to spread lies and libel them. It's all about the power of control isn't it? You want to control something in your internet life because you suck in the real world and have no power or control so you take out all of your frustrations online on Goodreads by bullying people. Even if the people in question suffer from known disorders like ..... um ..... bipolar? ..... You still attack them because you don't care if people are sick or maybe disabled, on the internet, we're all just fine, right? Is this why you attack and bully people? Because you have no power or control in your real world? 

That's what I thought.

Now look at the activities that they claim STGRB claims is bullying.

We have already shown you one lie of theirs, that my post "The List" was deleted. (which it wasn't) And I proved that to be a fact. Now, here, they say that shelving and tagging isn't bullying when STGRB claims that it is. Well, it is a form of bullying. You're throwing the fear into authors that their books will be attacked like that if they happen to cross you the wrong way and we have already seen that it doesn't take a whole lot to cross you people because you're looking for someone to attack.

They go on to mention that by them (the bullies) criticizing and naming authors who harass reviewers isn't bullying either. But when you can't prove that reviewers are even being attacked, why are you criticizing and naming authors? Isn't that - in fact - an attack? And isn't that what you stated above as constituting being a bully? And sock puppets? You mean like the gazillion of sock puppets that famous author bully Angela Horn uses? (Famous was written sarcastically. She's famous, but not for being an author)


Then they say that responding to authors when they post angry diatribes against readers is okay but if an author responds to an angry diatribe against them, all of a sudden the "reader" gathers up their "mob" and attacks the author through their books. And suddenly, it's the authors who are bullying them. 


They also say that leaving rude comments on authors blogs isn't bullying. However, I like how they say "allegedly" rude comments. Like saying they don't think they are rude. This brings us back to the comment left for Jude on one of her videos. I guess that wasn't rude either, but Jude's reaction was, according to the bullies anyway. I bet they'll defend her actions though because she is one of them. Hey, "Readers Have Rights" - is this rude enough for you? (Much less, "allegedly")

Looks like bullying to me. And to the mainstream society.

Then they name critical reviews as not being bullying. However, it is bullying when you libel the author in that review and .... when you didn't even read the book you're reviewing. 


Then they say it's not bullying if you call a racist author a racist. It is bullying when the racist author you are calling a racist isn't a racist and .... you don't show proof that he is. (Spinning a comment isn't proof either.)


Anyhow, I have to stop here and go get some aspirins for my poor red forehead. LOL These people simply amaze me at how ignorant and hateful they are. Their stupidity is equaled to none. They are in a group all to themselves.

I'm Carroll Bryant .... and this is the Looking Glass.

Things We Learned Today:

* Readers Have Rights, yes, but not the right to libel authors

* The hate blog "Readers Have Rights" is hypocrisy in action

* Jude is sensitive to criticism? Or the truth?

* According to "Readers Have Rights", Jude's action against "the viewer" was badly behaving

* Carroll got s headache from all the face palming

* The hate blog "Readers Have Rights" likes to libel authors

* H.J. Leonard might be the owner of the hate blog "Readers Have Rights"

* Hey "Readers Have Rights", authors have rights too, you know?


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