Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Angela Horn Strikes Again

It would seem that Angela Horn has more hate in her heart and soul than Lucifer himself. Maybe she is married to him. Then again, I doubt even Lucifer himself wants any part of this rotten nut.

Here is Angela once again getting involved with a situation that she has no business getting involved with except for the fact that she is a class "A" bully and Ass-hat extraordinaire.

It started with this FAKE review by "Mistik" of a Natalie G. Ownes book titled: "Inescapable". Please note that the author never responded to this review or any comments associated with it.

Anyhow, another did respond to it once and then deleted her comment. This is when "Mistik" responded to that author's opinion. Take a look.

Now, this was a situation between "Mistik" (the reviewer) and an author. Pretty simple right? Nothing big. Just two people exchanging opinions. Then suddenly, if you notice on the screenshot above, the last comment on it is that of "ETA: Soon", just one of Angela Horn's many sock puppets. (You see, the bullies are the ones with the socks)

My question is, why did Angela "Have To Bully Someone Today" Horn take it upon herself to get involved? I mean, nobody mentioned her name. Or is it that she is jealous that other authors are selling books and she isn't?

It doesn't stop there, look. 

Now, A(nnabeth) sees this. (She's one of the good people) And raises an interesting question for Angela and "Mistik". And how do they respond? In classic bully behavior. 

 Angela refers to A(nnabeth) as "A-hole". Yes, that is about the extent of Angela's intellect. It's limited. Very limited! And 9ish to boot. 

Now, the author who responded to "Mistik's" fake review was E.L. Farris. So what did Angela and Mistik do in response of an author daring to express his or her opinion? They do what all bullies do and go and attack that authors book(s). Take a look.

And Farris's other book?

You got it. Goodreads bullies in action. And isn't it no wonder that the first to get to the scene to participate in cyber bullying is the lead criminal herself, Angela "I Wish I Was A Good Author" Horn. 

But that is okay. I think E.L. Farris will survive. She has a good following and a stellar reputation. And from I read from these real reviews from real readers, she is a heck of a good writer as well. 

As for A(nnabeth)? Like I mentioned earlier, she is one of the good people. She gets it. She understands what is going on and she isn't afraid to speak her opinion. She is wise indeed. Take a look at this. 

But the question still remains, why did Angela "I Like The Taste Of My Own Word Vomit" Horn take it upon herself to even get her untalented ass involved to begin with? Who the hell appointed her queen of Bully Nation? ... Oh, wait, the bullies did I guess. Or maybe she appointed herself. Either way, it doesn't matter. 

Hey, Angela, give it rest you crust bag. Find a boyfriend or something for crying out loud. Go out and find God or jesus or ..... wait! That wouldn't work. I am reflecting back to one "purpleshadowhunter" of Amanda Welling's blog where she wants someone to "put me out of my misery" and claims to be a Christian. And of course who can forget the lovely Mrs. "I Just Need Someone To hate On" Joseph? She also wished me dead. 

With all these nice people around like those three, it's getting harder and harder to tell the good guys from the bad ones. 

Not really.

You just have to know what to look for.

Still, Angela "Queen Bee Of Bully Nation" Horn, take it down a notch for Christ's sake. Life is too short to be a constant bitching cyber-criminal bitch all the damn time. Go see a counselor for all that hate. Maybe they could prescribe you pills for it or something. Then maybe you could get a real date with a real man and have some fun in your dark pathetic life instead of relying on your dog to .... you know what? I'm not going there. 

Or did I already? LMAO

Seriously though Angela, you need major help in the mental department.  

You really do dear. 

I'm Carroll Bryant .... and this is the Looking Glass.

Things We Learned Today:

* Angela Horn invites herself into other people's  squabbles

* Angela Horn is wrapped way too tight

* Angela Horn is a cyber bully / cyber criminal

* Angela Horn is Queen Bee of Bully Nation (self appointed or otherwise) 

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