Thursday, August 1, 2013

Shoshana Bick (Coaxial Creature)

One of the most dirty mouthed bullies has to be, in my book, a girl who went by the name of Coaxial Creature. She is a Goodreads member and a very explosive bully. A stalker and harasser like almost none I have ever seen. Her real name is Shoshana Bick, and like many other bullies, she changes her GR names often. She also used the name "Slutty Robot Pants". Currently, as of this writing, she goes by the name "(All Hail) Grimlock".

If you have been following my posts, you have already seen some of her comments she has left behind in the wake of her attacks on unsuspecting authors, and reviewers. Pretty much, if there is an attack on Goodreads, Shoshana Bick is always right there in the mix. Don't believe me? Well, just go to STGRB and you'll stumble onto a few posts or more where they showcase her work.

Anyhow, I wanted to properly introduce her to all of you so ladies and gentlemen, I give you a top ten bully of Goodreads, Shoshana Bick.

If you notice in the first screenshot, she claims to be an "artist". How sweet. Well Shoshana, get ready for karma to introduce itself to you. What goes around, comes around, it's just the law of the universe. I'm sure there are plenty of people in line to "rate" and "review" your work. To be honest, myself included. The bullies will call this vindictive and who knows, they may be right. They'll say I am stooping to the bully level (Wait! They already say that now) but like my grandfather once told me, if you want to stand up to sewer trash, you have to fight them down on their level because they can't come up to yours, so be prepared to go down into the sewers."

Doing that now, grandpa. R.I.P.

Now, what is some of Shoshana's work? Well here, let me give you a taste.

This next one is of her as "Slutty Robot Pants" rating one of many hundreds of books one star. Somebody left her a comment about it too.

Here is a couple of her comments in the hate group "Anti-Asshat Indie Authors".

And another.

She brags about her reputation as being called spiteful, vile and sadistic. 

In this next shot, she talks about pink tacos. (Figure it out) John Green might like her. LOL I hear he is a big fan of "Taco Smell". Ha-ha. Okay, I'm just funning around now. I'm a single dude too so .... you know. LOL I just don't publicly share details with the rest of the world like John Green does. Some things are just best left private. 

Pretty sweet young lady, isn't she? But wait! There's more. She's also a fan of the alcohol. 

But then this next shot raises an interesting question. Just how old (or young) is this girl? Either she is a minor that participates in nasty talk and drinking or ... she is an adult still living at home? Check it out. 

I also hear she loves kittens. Then again, I hear a lot of things. However, here is a young lady despite here-say who has chosen a path at an early age to be disgruntled and hateful. I certainly hope that everything is okay in her life and that she isn't or hasn't been abused in some way. That would be awful. But if not, then why has she turned out so hateful and potty-mouthed? And what would prompt her to attack authors and other readers and reviewers? I guess we will never know the answer. Perhaps Shoshana herself doesn't know the answer. Sometimes, for some people, this world just ain't ever gonna be right. For whatever reason, maybe Shoshana sees her world as "never will be right". 

One would think her love for kittens and her desire for artistic expression, she wouldn't be so evil at her youthful age. Then again, the bullies recruit these young and confused kids and mold them into bullies by brainwashing them and smothering them with the wrong kind of attention. 

You will learn, Shoshana, oh yes, one day you will learn. The only thing is, if when that day ever comes and you realize you are a bully and want to change, will it be too late? Will the damage you have caused be too great? ... I guess we will find out in the next chapter of your life. And to know that these "adult" bullies are the ones who are molding your life right now will never apologize later to you when your past deeds finally catch up. And trust me, they will catch up to you. I know you think right now that you're fighting for a cause but the truth is, you're being manipulated and taken advantage of by adults like Angela Horn who should know better.

They're just using you.

To learn more about Shoshana and her evil activities and cyber-bully attacks, visit STGRB, and get to know Shoshana Bick, Coaxial Creature, Slutty Robot Pants, and (All Hail) Grimlock today. Hers is a sad story of potential being wasted and thrown away. And just like so many of the other bullies she hangs with, she changes her name on a regular basis. It would seem these bullies know that what they do is wrong. They are so ashamed that their friends and family and employers will discover what they are doing and frown down upon them. The old "wag of the finger" routine. Why else do you think they never use their real names? (In most cases)

This is a case of a young girl just trying to live her life when she got mixed up with the wrong crowd. It really is sad. Another sad state is this, in this next shot, she is complaining that she hasn't enough friends on Goodreads. Well maybe if you weren't so mean Shoshana ...... 

If you want to talk about the youth being abused, look no further than what these adult bullies are doing with Shoshana. They talk all day about me, and making up lies without any proof to support their claims yet, proof of what they are doing to young minds on the internet is right there for all the world to see. And Shoshana, if you are living at home and over the age of 18, you need to go out and find a job. Get off the internet and start working on your art, not bullying other artists. Or stalking them. Or harassing them. You need to go out into the real world and get some real friends. Friends more your age and without as much hate in their hearts. Here's a news-flash for you, there is no cause. STGRB and myself have proved that already. Your bully friends are not fighting for any cause because too many of them have already confessed that it's not always about reviews. Nobody is trying to stop you from rating or reviewing a BOOK - but they might be trying to stop you from becoming a career cyber-bully. A career your current friends on the internet are leading you into.

If you're a true artist, Shoshana, you'll stop hanging with those thugs. Seriously, take a look at their friends list, fans, followers, Twitter followers. I mean, Angela Horn has been around for a long time and she only has about 67 followers. That's not success Shoshana. That's failure. Think about it. There's a reason she and other bully authors are failing in their art. People don't want to hang with losers. And believe me, bullying is for losers.  And your current friends are bullies.

I'm Carroll Bryant .... and this is The Looking Glass.

Things We Learned Today:

* Coaxial Creature is Shoshana Bick

* Shoshana changes her name constantly

* Shoshana doesn't have a lot of friends on GR

* Shoshana is a self proclaimed slut

* Shoshana Bick is a bully 

* Bully Nation may have made her a bully

* Shoshana is a potty mouth and likes to drink (She could have a drinking problem)

* Shoshana has a penchant for the arts

* Bullying is for losers

* There still might be time for Shoshana to get on the right track

* If Shoshana is a minor, she needn't be drinking

* If Shoshana is an adult, she needs to find a job

* If Shoshana is a minor, then shame on the adult bullies for corrupting her



  1. Excellent article! Brings out some valid and sympathetic points about the youth being lured in by older members and trained as trolls. Sad story, you are way too kind on her Carroll! :) That is okay, because all people should have a chance-even nasty ones like this notorious troll.

    1. My grandfather asked me one time, he said, "Son, what tells you that some one might be a bad person?" ... And I answered, "If they break the law. If they're mean, and have no friends. If they they don't care about other people's feelings."

      Then my grandfather asked me, "What tells you if you might be a bad person?" ... I hesitated for a moment and answered, "My heart."

      He nodded his head. "Good boy."


      I'm not here to just bash on people. I'm here trying to do what STGRB is trying to do, and that's show everyone what these grown adults are doing. Adults like Angela Horn, Elly Helcl, Rick Gualteri, Amanda Welling, Patrick Brown etc. They should know better. Just like Amazon and Goodreads, the people in charge should know better. They way they negatively influence our youth is the shame they all must carry with them. The manner in which they encourage, endorse, and condone hate and allow the bullying to take place is atrocious.

  2. stop making comments to yourself. grow the fuck up. use bleach to get rid of those duck tracks. sniff my finger. stop standing up for yourself. my sister digs you. when we leaving for roosters? hold on, i gotta drain the main vein. you suck. hows that for news?

    1. Um, David, you left your comment on the wrong post you butt wipe. LOL We're over at News: Not News. Haha And go smell your own finger. Duck tracks? I don't have any duck ..... um .... never mind. LOL

    2. Okay, that was you Carroll. Who are you trying to fool?

    3. You just now noticed that? LMAO

  3. Joe, I'm not approving that comment. LOL Don't be mean.

    Hey guys, my friends are being asses right now. We're hanging out today celebrating my birthday getting ready to go to Roosters in a couple of hours. (If we last that long) LOL Meanwhile, they're harassing me on the blog today. Haha

  4. Her FB account says that she graduated from college in 2004. She is an adult CHILD living with her parents.
    She has no responsibilities or skills and spends her time attacking others. Makes her feel special.

    1. The irony is, going by her comments, one wouldn't guess she's had higher education.

      Wait! This isn't Joe, David or Chuck. (Or even me) LOL

      But you're right about her. The same can be said for all of them. Adults by age, children by I.Q.'s and personality. Maybe even emotionally. Adults don't act like she and her friends do.

  5. Good call on not falling for these bullies lies. Amanda and her blog has popped up again. Here's a link.

    It goes to show you can't trust any of these people.

    1. That's not a link to her blog. It's "feed burner". But thanks anyway. I appreciate the thought behind it.

      Now to recover from an exhausting morning/afternoon. LOL

  6. Any bets she does drugs?

  7. Yipeee!!! This one's out, along with Miranda it seems (ref: STGRB). She LED a whole gang of followers. The gang must be all disoriented and spinning in their heads right now. Bring out the trumpets and the champagne, Caroll!

    1. Yep, I saw the STGRB post too. LOL It's like New Years party come early. LOL

  8. stop feeding the trolls. move on in life.

    1. Trolls need to eat too ..... and I have moved on. Way on. Where you been lately? I have nearly stopped posting new stuff these days.

      You do realize "sam" that this post is 14 months old, right?


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