Friday, August 23, 2013

Amazon Reputable?

I wasn't going to do this post because STGRB had already done it, posting one of these videos about Amazon. However, recently, on one of my posts, a reader left a comment regarding my position on Amazon, Goodreads and GR community manager, Patrick Brown, endorsing rape, sodomy and the like by way of not deleting these comments on Goodreads unless otherwise forced to do so.

In this readers comment, he (or she) noted (or implied) that Amazon was a "reputable" company. I'll show you the comment below. Check it out.

 And below is my response.

I stand by my post and response because I think that sometimes, evidence isn't always about what someone does, but rather, on occasions, what they don't do. In this case, Patrick Brown fails to do the right thing when the right thing is required. The only time Patrick Brown does the right thing is when he is forced to do the right thing. Period!

Currently, Patrick Brown is, more or less, the "face" of Goodreads. (He and Otis Chandler) So basically, he (they) represent Amazon now that Amazon has bought Goodreads. And by not doing the right thing unless forced to do so, tells me, or indicates to me, that Patrick Brown endorses rape threats and the like. 

Let's face it, those nasty comments and threats made to author Lauren Howard would have never been deleted had the support for her not been there. I believe this whole-heartily because he has never before deleted them in the past. But that's because in the past, no victim of his gang of bullies were ever opposed like they were when they attacked Lauren. 

Anyhow, this reader in the comment suggested that Amazon was a 'reputable" company. That's only because this reader probably never did his or her research into Amazon. You see, if you do just a little bit of digging, you might find some video's like the two below. 

Go ahead and watch them, and you be the judge as to how "reputable" Amazon really is.

Like Patrick Brown, Amazon won't do the right thing unless "pressured" or "forced" to do so.

 You decide.

So, Amazon is a "reputable" company? .... I think otherwise. 

I'm Carroll Bryant .... and this is The Looking Glass.

Things We Learned Today:

* Amazon has questionable employee treatment

* Amazon has questionable ethics regarding paying their taxes (This includes in America too)

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