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GenX Says: Part Six

We've covered a lot of what GenX and her gang of bully thugs have said over the months of 2013. We have also come to discover that not only have we proven some outright lies, but they have yet, in all their discussions and remarks, to provide us with any evidence to support their wild accusations against me.

A lot has transpired over the past couple months. Originally, parts six and seven of this series was scheduled to be posted in July. However, due to some events in late May and and early June, I rescheduled the last two "GenX Says" posts for this month. To this point and time, it would finally appear as if GenXpose has moved on. Let's hope it stays that way. Meanwhile, we still have these final two posts to wrap up. After all, they took the time to write it / say it, so it would only be kind of me to respond to it, correct?

Let's begin. 

This first screenshot is where they "GenXpose", reply to something I said about The Rex Files. I make a reference to where Rex makes the asinine assertion that I was "courting" Jude Henderson. (aka Elsa Hernandez)

"EA" replies: "If you didn't properly define the boundaries with her, then guess what Chucklebutt?"

First of all, "EA" - not that it's any of your business to begin with, but I did define the boundaries. And secondly, why the hell is it my responsibility to define any boundaries with an adult? Maybe if Jude wasn't such a psychopath I wouldn't have to define any boundaries. I hadn't had to define any boundaries with anyone else, so what does that tell you?

Then "AreaFive" chimes in with: "He (meaning Rex) is only saying it because it's true."

No "AreaFive", it isn't true. I didn't "court" Jude. He (meaning Rex) only said it because he's a failed author looking for sales and some kind of recognition off my name. He doesn't know what really took place between Jude and I, just like you don't know. While you're just throwing shit around, why not say that Barack Obama is secretly gay? It's the same concept, you and Rex and the rest of you at GenXpose hate blog simply making shit up. I think you would get a lot more attention with that lie than any lie you conceive to say against me. 

In this next shot, I mention how Jude admitted to having a crush on me where I posted her making that comment on GR and then I showed her sarcastically saying it a little later. The bullies over at GenXpose hate blog had a field day with this one. Take a look.

"EA" is back it, saying that I knew she was crushing on me and did nothing to correct it, and I went as far as to lead her on to build her (Jude's) fantasy and then I blame her for everything.

This shows how little these ass-wipes know about me and Jude's relationship. I did correct her - when she was still 17 - but once she turned 18, there was no need to correct her because she was now an adult. But when she turned 18, she knew everything about me then because I told her (and showed her) so because she was now 18, there was no need for boundaries at that point. It then became two consenting adults corresponding. And lead her on? I didn't have to do that because she led herself on enough. Her fantasies were the result of her psychotic mind. However, it is funny though that when fantasy met reality her delusions never appeared to fade. Plus, she continued to act like the female version of Norman Bates. 

Then "AreaFive" clamors that I admitted she had a crush on me and when she took it back, I got angry.

No, "AreaFive" - I didn't admit she had a crush on me, I provided a screenshot of her "admitting" she had a crush on me and then I provided a screenshot of her "taking it back" - and lying about the fact that she said she had a crush on me. (I told you guys these idiots don't recognize evidence when they see it. And they also spin everything around until it's a lie. I only took Jude's words and yet, if you go by "AreaFive", you would think I provided screenshots of me saying it. 

Also, I didn't get angry that she took anything back, "AreaFive" - I got angry when she stalked me on my shared blog and manipulated my friend to do it. That's what I got angry about. 

Then in this next shot, the bullies continue to harp about the issue of me courting Jude. Check it out. 

GenX says: "Note he said: "I wasn't trying" in an attempt to absolve himself of responsibility.

No GenX, I said "I wasn't trying" because it's the truth, I wasn't trying to court her. But since you brought it up, what responsibility exactly was I attempting to absolve myself of? Are you implying that I am responsible for other people's actions? .... Okay, good to know. I always got the impression you were a "progressive". (I mean, communist democrat) So it is only fitting that you hold others responsible for your actions and the actions of your friends instead of accepting responsibility for yourself, or to expect to hold her responsible for her actions. (Which includes stalking me on my shared blog and manipulating my friend in the process to do it.) I suppose I'm responsible for that too because I blocked her from emailing me a couple months or so prior? 

Then "Cheri" thinks she's solved the mystery when she replies: "It never dawned on him to put Skype up because then she would have seen him. Game over."

What game is over, Cheri? First of all, I would never Skype with a minor, period! And then when she turned 18, I sent her a real pic of me. Then later, went to visit. Doesn't sound like game over to me, sounds more like .... game on! LOL Not to mention, before I got my laptop, I never Skyped period because I didn't have a web-cam. And I wasn't all that thrilled about Skyping with anyone. However, ever since I got my laptop, I have created a Skype account and have Skyped with several people. Mostly family and friends and such, but now I do it about once a week. Still not into it though. 

Also, Jude never mentioned to Skype either. Maybe she was afraid at that time that I would have a problem with her ... ahem .... weight issue? ... Yeah, I'm pretty sure that's why she never mentioned it either. 

In fact, in this next screenshot, I mention how if I were to court anyone, I would have better options than Jude to court. Take a look see.

Gen asks: "How the hell would he know what her body looked like?"

Well Gen, to answer your question, because 1) She told me .... and B) I saw it with my own eyes. (She showed me) But you wouldn't know this because you don't know a damn thing about me and Jude and our relationship, do you? ... Of course not, you're just guessing. Like all the rest of your gang.

She then posts me saying that I would never court anybody online and she again asks basically the same question only she added "underage" to the mix. And again, my answer is, "SHE TOLD ME!" and then when she turned 18 (no longer underage) SHE SHOWED ME! 

Then Gen says I "groom" girls. Groom them for what? How irresponsible can one person be with her comments? You need help Gen, you really do. You need to see someone for your compulsive lying. 

Then Gen posts another of my comments where I say: "Only when you reach 18 would I even consider courting anyone."

Gen replies: "Because I could go to jail for this shit, but here I am admitting it in public like the dumbass I am."

Admitting what GenX? That I know that trying to "court" a minor that I could go to jail? Hell yes I admit that I know this which is why I never "courted" Jude when she was 17. (You dumbass) You just admitted that I know the law, not that I did anything against the law. (You dumbass) 

Seriously GenX, you + compulsive lying + stupidity = Dumb-ass.

This next screenshot has me explaining myself and wait until you see the stupid remarks these bullies make. 

"EA" says: Methinks he doth protest too much."

Ditto "EA". (Which means, right back at you dumb-ass)

Then GenX shows off more of her stupidity with a remark saying that I pick only girls for my "online seductions" that live in other countries to avoid prosecution. (She says this after posting a statement I made about how I would only court girls 18 and over) Yet the last time I checked GenX (dumb-ass) 18 is not illegal in any country. Gee-whiz. And you pride yourself on being intelligent and you still haven't learned the age of international consent? ... Or are you admitting that you're a liar and are just trying to intentionally lie about me to "hurt" me in some way? .... Which is it GenX? Are you a liar or are you just stupid? ... It has to be one or the other. 

I know what I think. (He-he) 



I'll let this next screenshot stand on its own for the part. 

The only thing I am going to address is GenX saying that posted about her "fake" abortion and created a fake persona complete with fake name, fake stats, and fake picture then after I "duped" Jude I try to remain on friendly terms with her and that I torture her on a regular basis with bullshit like this. That it's just my attempt hurt, harm and humiliate and black mail her. That I'm into bullying Jude and I'm abusive. She then finishes by saying Jude should "sue" me and that she (GenX) would be happy to provide any assistance that she can.

First off, please do provide her assistance GenX. All you have to offer anyone is a mouthful of lies. LOL Sure, help her all week long and twice on Sunday. Haha 

Here's the thing, Gen, she won't sue me. And do you know why? .... Because she has nothing to sue me for! I hadn't done anything for her to sue me. First off, that "Jude Henderson Lies" blog I created was only up for like fifteen minutes and was after Jude (and yourself) started "Carroll Bryant Lies". (Which remains up by the way and posts nothing but lies about me, not "My" lies.) So I should her. (And you) Dumb-ass. 

But I only created that blog (and the other two) to show how much you people stalk me. And it worked. 

As for the other stuff, the bullying and the torture? .... You have proof of this, correct? .... Right? .... Hello? ..... That's what I thought. 

Oh, and how do you know she didn't get an abortion? Were you there? .... I don't think so. And as for the fake name, you mean my writer's name? Well, the first time Jude messaged me (first) on GR I told her my real name at that time. Just saying. So your lies continue. And my fake persona? I didn't fake that either. My fake stats? You mean my height, weight, etc? I didn't lie about that either. And again with the picture? I already told you that when she turned 18 I sent her a real pic of me. I also explained that pic and apologized for it. seriously, get that help!

As for her cutting and her bad relationship with her father? I only brought it up when you and your gang of thugs entered the picture and started attacking me with information that only Jude would have known about. This is how I knew she was supplying you with personal information about me so .... you know .... tit for tat kind of thing. She only has herself to blame for me going that route. If there is no problem with her doing it (through you) then why is it a problem when I do it? (Reveal personal info) A little one sided on the issue, aren't we, Gen? Or is that your self entitlement coming through again? Anyhow, it's true, isn't it? She does claim to be a cutter, she says so herself in a poem she wrote called "Red Ribbons". (Duh - dumb-ass) So actually, I never revealed that to the public, she did it herself years ago. 

This next shot has me commenting on a comment by some "Alisha" girl, who questions my friendship with my blog partner. Take a look.

It would seem that "Alisha" is worried about my blog partner being friends with me. "AreaFive" says: "Gee, I wonder why."

I wonder why too, "AreaFive". Then again, my blog partner isn't a psychopath like Jude is. 

Then they post another comment I made in regards of it and GenX asks: "Is that an admission of you grooming another one or is she too old at seventeen?"

Well, Gen, (dumb-ass) - Jude was seventeen too when I met her. So I have no idea what you mean. As for the grooming part, yeah, I groomed another friend. **Face-palm** But seriously, what I mean was that my blog partner isn't a psychopath like Jude. .... Wait! I already said that didn't I? ... And really, if you want to get into the mental aspect of Jude and I, let's do it. I mean, I have been friends with my blog partner now for 2 years and look, we're still friends! And we been blog partners now for over a year and look .... we're still blog partners! Now, Jude on the other hand, didn't I have to jump in on some comments being made about Jude and her Youtube video where she admits to being horny for her .... ahem ... teachers? ... Oh no, there's nothing emotionally or mentally abnormal about that now is there? 

Really hard *Face Palm*

Of course, and this is my favorite comment of all time by GenX. (And probably why she and Jude didn't want this series to be continued) GenX says: "Beating up your victim again? Why, because she was smart enough NOT to sleep with you?"

Cue crickets ..... *Looks at watch* .... Crickets ...... (Wait for it) ..... I said, wait for it ..... *Looks at watch again* ..... And no, GenX, she wasn't that smart. .... LMFAO 

Enough said.

Then we really go off on the "crazy train" with this next screenshot. Seeing is believing but man, even when i see this, I still have a difficult time believing it. I talk about Rex and how he doesn't know the truth in regards to his article about me. And what you don't see pictured is the screenshot I posted where Jude confessed she purposely refused to keep her word in reviewing my book. Check it out.

GenX says: "You seduce her with lies, beat her up, and torture her and she refuses to review your book."

I never lied to her Gen. That is pure fabrication on your part. And beat her up? Torture her? Because she refused to review my book? .... Talk about a vivid imagination you have there. Just answer the question Gen, are you that stupid or that much of a compulsive liar?! LOL And naturally you have evidence that supports your ..... Never mind. You don't have it. And I don't even know what she means by "DNA" evidence. I mean, I know what DNA evidence is but .... what I don't know is why would that apply here? DNA evidence of what? 

I told you that screenshot was of the "crazy train" variety. 

In this next shot, I explain to Jude how her actions against me were of her own doing and choice. Take a look see. 

GenX responds with this: "Just like everything YOU have chosen to do and say up until this point was YOUR choice and YOUR own doing? Hang on to that with both hands. You're going to need it."

Yes, Gen, everything I do or say is of my own choosing. (Dumb-ass) However, i do and say what I need to in order to defend myself from your lies. And FYI - I am hanging on sweetheart. 

Did I mention "crazy train" once? ... I did? ... Rinse and repeat.

And in this final screenshot for the day, we see where I talk about some more of "The List" and Jude lying about "her crush" on me and blah, blah, blah. 

"EA" says (sarcastically): "So out of all that, he proved that people post hearsay on the internet. That is simply a shocking revelation."

Well "EA", I didn't have to prove it that people post hearsay on the internet. You dumb-asses at GenXpose blog proved that already. Shocking revelation! LOL

Cheri responds with: "This is a gaslight, a classic gaslight. He's trying to discredit the victim so no one will believe her."

Cheri, Cheri, Cheri, .... or should I say .... dumb-ass, dumb-ass, dumb-ass? ... Of course I am discrediting her. She's lying! (Just like you and you dumb-asses at GenX are doing) If someone is going to lie, then yes, reveal it I shall! And honestly, victim? Jude is a victim? let me cry about that for a moment.

Done crying.

Now let me laugh about it.

....... Looks at watch .....

 ...........Looks at watch ........

Done laughing.

Trust me, Jude is no "victim". If anything, Jude creates "victims" with her psychotic behavior. 

Then Gen chime sin with more of her stupidity. (or lies) You decided which it is. (Or both) when she she says: "Law enforcement will believe her. Courts will believe her. A jury will believe her. I think too many people believe her."

Really Gen? Law enforcement will believe her? Believe what? What exactly will law enforcement believe? That she had (as an adult) a relationship with another adult? And courts will believe her? A jury will believe her? Again, I ask, what will they believe? ... First of all, I'm still trying to find out where any crime has been committed and secondly, courts and juries believe evidence. Evidence that not even you can provide for anyone. Courts and juries do not believe testimony - they believe evidence. Of course, you're too stupid to recognize this, aren't you? 

Of course you are.

 And since there is no evidence of any crime, I guess I don't have to lose sleep over what law enforcement, courts and juries will believe. And quite frankly, I don't care what you believe GenX. But I do care about the lies and hate you spread about me without providing proof. Which is why I post this "GenX Says" series. To show the evidence and prove that you don't. And to think, we still have one more post to go.

I'm Carroll Bryant .... and this is The Looking Glass.

Things We Learned Today:

* GenX and her gang of thugs continue to lie

* Gen is stupid or a liar or BOTH!

* Carroll looks at his watch a lot

* Carroll owns a wrist watch?

* The answer to the above statement is no

* Actually, Carroll does own a wrist watch, two of them in fact, but never wears them

* Jude self admitted through a poem she wrote that she is a cutter, Carroll didn't reveal it

* People post hearsay on the internet. Shocking revelation!

* Carroll laughed longer than he cried

* Courts and juries only believe evidence 

* There is no evidence of a crime where Carroll and Jude is concerned

* GenX still doesn't know the age of sexual consent

* Carroll must be washing his hair, he said "Rinse and repeat"

* Carroll and his blog partner (friend) have been close now for two years without incident

* Jude wants to do her teachers

* This is a gaslight LOL

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