Sunday, August 25, 2013

Carroll Bryant UFO

I thought I would share with you my UFO experience. 

Taken June 3rd, 2013.

Taken June 21st.

Some people say my hand was shaking, explaining why the one on the right was all over the place. Okay, then explain why the one on the left remained still? Except for when it initially backs away, then back towards the one on the right and then back away again. In a precise diagonal line. If the one on the right was jerking all around due to my "shaky" hands, then why isn't the one on the left doing the same thing?

I don't even know what the hell that blue line is in the first one. 


  1. That is so crazy. The movement is irrational and erratic, which makes no sense. I can tell it's not your hand shaking, 'cause I can see the stars steady in the background, but ... the way the light is moving is weird. Almost like a laser pointer that someone is trying to entice a cat to chase, which of course would not show up against the night sky like that.

    I've heard of those lines, though, in a book I read early last year; they sometimes show up during light appearances. I don't remember what explanation was given, or if they had one. The book was about mysterious lights somewhere in Texas. I'll try to track down the book and give you the title, although I think I might have already done so one one of these YouTube videos.

  2. Yes you did do that. I have gone to the library to find that book but they didn't appear to have it. But I am familiar with its contents I'm sure because I have read several books regarding strange dancing lights phenom. And UFO's. And have watched many programs about them.

    I have captured a few more videos but what's the point in posting them? They're all the same really. I am hoping to catch something more, something bigger. Like a craft! LOL


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