Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Amazon, Goodreads, Patrick Brown Endorses Rape?

On my previous post I brought to your attention a statement that Goodreads community manager, Patrick Brown, had said in a KDP newsletter where he talks about the wonderful success an author can potentially have by being a member of Goodreads. Tonight, I am going to show you the success he was talking about. First, a screenshot of what Patrick said as a reminder.

Got it? .... Good.
Author Lauren Howard was just a couple weeks away from releasing her debut novel. But before she could even make that happen, she got a little surprise from the bullies. People who clearly couldn't have been able to read her book started to one star it right from the get-go.

Being new to Goodreads, Lauren committed the ultimate sin, as according to "Bully Nation", she went to the GR Feedback group and asked a question. What was her question? She asked how anyone could rate/review a book that hasn't even been released yet.

What was the response? ... See for yourself. 

Notoriously retarded "Dee" and "Jennifer" led the assault with "Dee" suggesting to Lauren that she remove her question only, the notorious retard "Dee" refers to it as a "comment". 

The other mentally retarded bully, "Jennifer" suggests that maybe the "reviewer" read the book and didn't like it. Hey, Jennifer, go visit the wizard of Oz and ask for a brain because hint, the book hasn't been released yet. Retard. 

Then yet another mentally challenged bully gets into the act. Her name is "Thena".

Hey "Thena", Lauren didn't argue or complain about the review, she merely asked a question in a forum designed to help people navigate and understand Goodreads better. Some help she got.

Now, it just doesn't stop there folks. Lauren was also bombarded with hate comments by these bullies. Comments that wished her dead, (like I was wished dead by them also, most notably, "Mrs. Joseph") and these bullies also wished her to be raped and sodomized! 

Nice people we're dealing with, aren't they?

These people (the bullies) are cut from the same cloth. They are all connected to each other. People I have already covered such as Jude Henderson, Ade, Belle, Mrs. Joseph and Shoshana Bick. (Just to name a few)

Apparently, wishing people dead, raped and sodomized is perfectly okay with the bullies, but god forbid if an author rates his or her own book five stars. Take a look.

Fortunately, somebody understands this. 

Good call, Victoria, but these bullies feel entitled. They will never understand the irony of their ways.

I don't recall Patrick saying anything in his "Author Guidelines" about an author not being allowed to rate their own books. Yet there are rules in the GR ToS that forbids causing stress to other members, like the bullies enjoy doing. Go figure.

Then again, while we're on the subject of the GR ToS, we already know that the bully staff of Goodreads picks and chooses which rules of the ToS they will enforce. Here is a perfect example of Emily, a bully staff member of Goodreads, picking and choosing which rule of the ToS she is going to enforce. Check it out. 

You see, she deletes a rule violation committed by Lauren yet, the hostile comments and threats of rape and sodomy is okay? What gives Emily, Patrick, Goodreads, and Amazon, death wishes and rape and sodomy is perfectly okay to you? .... Evidently so. And no, none of those people who made those threats will be punished for it because these bullies are Emily's and Patrick's friends. Well, most of them are anyway.

Still want to join Goodreads now, authors?

I still find it amusing that Patrick left this little tidbit out of his little KDP newsletter. 

As for Lauren, like many other authors who felt as if they may have stepped out of line, even though they did nothing wrong, nor did Lauren do anything wrong, she still made an attempt to apologize on her GR blog. See for yourself.

Did that do any good? ... Nope. Not one bit. They still continue to attack her. Proving yet again that these bullies are the most heartless and evil people on the planet. It makes a Pantheist like myself kind of wish there was a heaven and hell in so that these bullies could answer to god for the damage and hurt they cause so many others in this life. 

But which bully was it that started this hate campaign against Lauren in the first place? Well, it was this guy, Derrick, a new name to bully nation. This is what he had to say in his review section of Lauren's book.

And like most of these bullies, Derrick has a private profile. I suppose he is ashamed of himself just enough to know that more people would disapprove of his behavior which is why he and many others will not use their real names or open their profiles up to the public. They can't stand criticism themselves of their work, which is attacking/bullying people. Derrick, like all the rest, are just simply put, cowards. And derrick appears to also hate women. 

And yet, I was called a rapist and condemned for it by the bullies and here we have them wishing rape and sodomy on Lauren? Hypocrisy in action. And speaking of hypocrisy, the bullies were attacking Lauren for commenting about their nasty comments, but when she stopped, they attacked her for NOT commenting to their nasty comments. A girl named Holly saw this and gave the bullies an earful about it. Check it out.

You see, no matter how you respond to the bullies, you just can't win. If you respond, you get attacked for it. If you don't respond, you get attacked for it. You simply can't win with them. Hey Patrick, maybe you should address this in your next KDP newsletter!

And yet Derrick continues to open his stupid and hateful little boy mouth. Check it out.

And so does "Reyna's Mom"

Hey, "Reyna's Mom", Lauren didn't comment on a review, she asked a question. Retard.

Lauren then fired back the only way she knew how. Check it out.

So you see, when it comes to wishing people death, or being raped and sodomized, Amazon, Goodreads, and Patrick Brown apparently haven't any problems with that, but as my earlier screenshot showed, they do have a problem with some things, or at least, with things where authors are concerned. 

Still want to join Goodreads now?

Well, before you answer that question, take a look at what Patrick also left out of his KDP newsletter. Here is Shoshana Bick (All Hail Grimlock) shelving a book she never read. Lauren's book to be exact.

I guess Shoshana will be buddy, buddy with Satan when she dies. Enjoy Hell, Shoshana, you'll spending eternity there as according to religion. Say hello to Lucifer for me. 

And what has all of this success, that Patrick Brown clamors about on his KDP newsletter, that authors can enjoy if they join the "Premium Author" program? Well, this next shot says it all. Take a look.

She decides not to publish her book.

And there you have it, authors. You see, I was correct when I said in my last post that Patrick Brown is a goddamned liar! It's not about reviews! All you need to do to be attacked on Goodreads is to ask the wrong question. So then why didn't Patrick emphasize this in his KDP newsletter?

Goodreads is not author friendly. It is bully friendly. Everybody probably knows this by now. An authors career is not based on commenting on bad reviews, Lauren's situation proves this. She didn't comment on a bad review, all she did was ask a question. And despite this, Patrick Brown's gang of thugs still attacked her and destroyed any career Lauren might have had. More importantly, they also destroyed her dreams. And they did this by bullying her. They did this by terrorizing her like a .... like a .... terrorist? ... Yes! I said it again, these people are more than just bullies, they are internet terrorists! They are no better than Al Qaeda in my book. 

But even more frightening than that, is the thought that Patrick Brown, Goodreads, and Amazon endorse death wished upon authors on their site and ... rape and sodomy threats on their site. The fact that staff bullies like Emily would delete violations of authors and yet not bother themselves with horrific threats such as those is mind boggling to say the least. It makes this man wonder if indeed they do endorse that kind of thing on Goodreads.

The evidence appears to back this notion up.

I'm Carroll Bryant .... and this is The Looking Glass.

Things We Learned Today:

* Amazon, Goodreads, Patrick Brown and bully staff member, Emily, appear to endorse death wishes and threats of rape and sodomy.

 * Goodreads is still not a good place for authors 

* Goodreads flat out isn't a good place for anyone (except apparently, for the bullies)


  1. When I see things like that, it makes me want to leave Goodreads and send them all to Hell. But then I remind myself that I'm not there to meet and talk to people, but to find new books to read. And to communicate with authors, mostly, not readers. Yeah, sometimes I happen to comment or like a review or even exchange a message or two if contacted by someone But mostly I love authors. They're my heroes. I met some wonderful authors (who are also wonderful people) on GR, and I would never trade them for anything else. Some people are just so special.
    I am flabbergasted by people rating and commenting badly books that they haven't even read yet. Like now I should go to the 50 Shades of Grey page and give it 1 star and leave a negative review just because from what I've heard it's SO NOT my type of book. After all this time I still don't want to read it. That doesn't mean I go on its page and insult the author's work. I have an opinion, I may share it with friends and other people, privately or on a forum, but I will never rate negatively a book I have never read (especially when that book hasn't been released yet).
    I don't even want to start talking about those bullies insulting and wishing authors death or rape. They just need to get Vlad Tepes' treatment. Being impaled. And I have a good idea as how to do it.
    I don't agree with Lauren for not publishing the book. I mean, it's Goodreads madness. But not every reader in the world is on Goodreads. And not every member on GR is a deranged, crazy, evil bully. Okay, I am a little crazy, but not a bully. And not deranged. Authors should NOT fear readers, reviewers and crazy bullies. They should be happy of publishing a book. They should enjoy positive reviews, accept the negative (if justified) ones, and not even look at what the bullies say. Because, let's be serious, if I've got a brain I can see that the negative rating or review is written by a brainless bully instead of a sane person. I can recognize fake reviews most of the time. And they usually only rate a book negatively or insult the author or their book without being specific. They obviously don't know what they're talking about, so how would they be specific on what they didn't like?
    I think Lauren should re-think of her decision and publish the book, maybe not now, but maybe next year, when the bullies will be bothering other authors (a shame, but true). Once the book is deleted from GR, when/if she decides to publish her book and will add it to the books on GR she will start anew (I think?) and will hopefully have positive reviews. She may even give some ARC to reviewers she thinks may like her work (there are many groups on GR that encourage reviews for free copies. I'm in a few of them and I enjoy the free books and am ALWAYS honest in my reviews and ratings). Plus, I had authors contacting me privately on GR offering me free copies of their books in exchange of reviews, if they think that I might like them from what they see on my Read-list. I am always pleased when that happens, by the way. Free books I might like. Paradise of a Bookaholic!
    AND, I have nothing against authors rating their own works on GR. I mean, it's their work we're talking about. Why should they not promote their books? They have every right to try and make readers purchase their books. They might like what they do (writing) but they also need to eat and pay the bills.

    1. Great points, Princess.

      I've said it before and I'll say it again, I do not care if someone wants to trash my books. They're just books. Stories. Heck, even my own mother doesn't like "Last Flight Out" because of the controversial theme of it. She won't even read it to give it a chance. But that's cool. I think most writers know going in that their work isn't going to be well received by every single person. What I have a problem with is when people attack authors in their book reviews. Accusing them of crimes they never done or wishing them dead, or raped, or sodomized. This isn't a reader reviewing a book, it's a psychopath that needs help.

      And then to think that Patrick Brown and his employers, Amazon, seemingly, as the evidence appears to indicate, support and endorse this kind of behavior. It completely baffles the mind.

      Thanks Princess. :)

  2. What!?! Last Flight Out is SO good! Made me cry like crazy and blew my mind! But I can see how some people would consider it taboo. Although, let me say it, the male character was not all that older than the girl. I had a similar thing happen in my family years ago. My cousin was 16 and her boyfriend 27. You can imagine my uncle was not happy at first, but then her parents kind of accepted them being together. They no longer are together though. It was not their destiny. But still, things like that happen more often than we know o want to see. And at this point, in 2013, I am not surprised of much anymore. We must have an open mind. I believe that everybody should be free to love whoever they want (that doesn't include pedophiles though. They are SO NOT free to love children in the way they desire. *shiver*).
    Going back to books. You can read the synopsis before you read a book, so you know what it is about. If you don't like the theme, why the hell do you read the book anyway? I answer that. Just because so you can rate the book low and insult the author. Sometimes they don't even read the book and just assume that it's bad and rate it 1 star and insult the author and their work.
    I have read books with the theme of incest (romance between brother and sister) and I CHOSE to read them (and liked them too, very much) after knowing what they were about. I chose to read them because I wanted to. No one had forced me. If I didn't want to read about incest I would have never picked up the books. And let me tell you, one of them was one of the most amazing books ever read. It's HOW you write about a theme that makes a book good or bad. Not the theme in itself.
    Authors write stories for us, some times true stories, other times fiction, and we have the free will and the right to decide if read them or not. We also have the right to give our opinion on the books. BUT we have no right of insulting authors just because we don't like what they write. It's their right to write what they want, and we have to respect them.

    Cheers, my friend! :)

  3. Oh, for Pete's sake, do you seriously expect us to believe this? Like these reputable companies would condone something like this! Get real. Where are your facts?

    1. Reputable companies? ..... Amazon? Goodreads? Reputable? ... Let me go get a glass of milk so I can have it squirt out of my nose .... BRB ......

      Okay ... Let me read your comment again ..... Ha! *splat*

      As for evidence, how about the fact that Goodreads and Amazon refuses to delete these types of comments and book shelves unless placed under public pressure? .... That's enough evidence for me. If anyone didn't approve of it, they would not only delete those comments and such ASAP! but they would ban the idiots making them. The fact that they don't, unless under the reason I already mentioned, is proof they condone and endorse it. By not acting promptly, they encourage others to say it too. Just like Patrick Brown allows those types of comments on my book reviews opened the dooor for these bullies to say the same exact things to author Lauren Howard. The only reason they ended up deleting those comments and such from her books and GR blog post comments is because of the publicity it got. Only when it's improtant to Goodreads bottom line will they take the appropriate action(s) that they should be taking on their own accord, because quite simply, it's a violation of their ToS anyway. But we already see how they only enforce that at their own discretion.


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