Thursday, August 29, 2013

Bullies Need Not Apply

Looking for a Goodreads group to join? Sure you are! However, if you are a Goodreads bully, there's one group out there in which bullies need not apply. Of course I am talking about "Mysteries And Crime Thrillers" group.

Coming into 2013, it appeared that the Goodreads bullies were quite the fad. People were really buying into the whole, "We're being bullied by authors for our bad reviews" whine. Fast forward to now. A lot has transpired between January 2013 and August 2013. Things like, oh, I don't know, evidence?

Riding the heels of the Lauren Howard/Pippa attack, the Goodreads bullies have been under tremendous scrutiny. Their once proud gang of thugs and supporters has shrunk to almost nothing these days, with just the hard-core bullies still hanging on to a lie. That they are the ones getting bullied and pushed around. With no evidence to support any of their claims, and so much evidence popping up all over the net, including this blog and STGRB, the once mighty Bully Nation is hanging on for dear life like a raindrop on the edge of old man Johnson's barn's rooftop.

The members of "Mysteries And Crime Thrillers" started a thread asking the question if there was bullies on Goodreads after reading about the attack on Lauren Howard/Pippa. Like so many others, they were shocked to learn of the brutal treatment she received by the Goodreads bullies. Here is some of what they had to say.

A bunch of smart people in that group, wouldn't you say? You see, they get it. These people are the best example of what Goodreads should be about. Like so many others, they can't see the point in rating books that they never read. These people are true readers and lovers of books. They completely understand the difference between real reviews and fake/bully reviews.

So why am I posting about them? Because of what happened recently in their group. You see, once they started discussing this issue, about there being bullies on Goodreads, the Goodreads bullies came storming in to try and "set these people straight". From what I hear, the GR bullies were getting pretty nasty too. While that doesn't surprise any of us, it completely shocked these people. But did these members engage in a war of words with the bullies? .... Hell no! The mods quickly began blocking those butt-wipes immediately!

Yes, you heard correctly, the bullies got SLAMMED!

Kudos to the mods of this group, who clearly protected the integrity of their group, by getting rid of the bad element that is the Goodreads bullies. 

I wish I had screenshots to show you but because the mods acted so swiftly in deleting their nasty comments, and banning them from the group, there wasn't time to take any screenshots. 

And this is how it should be. No group that is dedicated to the written word should have to put up with bully nonsense. And they surely didn't. They know bad seeds when they see them. They saw that the Goodreads bullies came there to infest their group with their hate disease, and they weren't going to stand for it. 

Here are a few more of their comments. 

So, you see everyone, there is good news to report. And it's really nice to know that word is finally getting out and spreading about the Goodreads bullies. The members of "Mysteries And Crime Thrillers" obviously enjoy the love of reading, and reviewing, and sharing books. Not bullying authors! 

I couldn't be any happier about it too.

We need more people like these people on Goodreads. And we need more people to stand up to these bullies like this group did. We also need to get the message out about them too. The more people learn about what is going on, the quicker these bullies will go the way of the dinosaurs. And ultimately, the better Goodreads will be for every book-lover on GR.

Patrick Brown should be taking notes.

So if you want Goodreads to survive and thrive, all you have to do is the right thing. All you have to do is just say no to the bullies. Let them know that they are not welcomed. Because all they do is spread their hate around and turn everything they touch into filth. 

Great job "Mysteries And Crime Thrillers". Looks like you solved this mystery quickly.

 I'm going to post a few more of their comments. We could use a little more sunshine around here.

So when it comes to legitimate book groups on Goodreads, bullies need not apply. They don't want you, and I can't blame them.

Now, if you go to the new BBA group on Amazon Forum Boards, you'll see the bullies crying in their butt-hurt over it. It would seem that 2nd grade teacher (Yeah, I know, right? Kind of scary) Anna Karenina sounds very hurt that she got blocked by them. Check it out.

Yes Karenina, there group says they are public and anyone can join, but their rules are clear that they do not tolerate cussing and mean people in general. Had you not gone in there spewing your hate and cussing up a storm, they wouldn't have blocked you, I'm sure. And by the way, you lied, they didn't block everyone on the STGRB list of badly behaving Goodreader's, just the ones who had nasty bully book shelves. Get your facts straight, idiot. (and you're a 2nd grade teacher? God help us all!)

She ends her boo-hoo rant with: "Kind of reminds me of people who were blacklisted in the late 40's by those who saw communists around every corner."

Hey Karenina, you mean kind of like this? (Just some people blacklisting me and my books)

I feel ya, bitch. LOL 

Then "Doctor Rocky" chimes in with similar sentiments.

And "Book World"

Then Anna Karenina again.

Can we see a little bit hypocrisy here? I think you do. Everything they whine about being done to them, is exactly what they do to authors they deem "badly behaving". What a bunch of fucktard clowns.  

I'm Carroll Bryant .... and this is The Looking Glass.

Things We Learned Today:

* Goodreads bullies are not welcomed in legitimate book groups on GR

* There is hope after all


Since I put this post together, I uncovered new developments from STGRB. One of the hate blogs out there called ".38 Caliber Reviews" started by one of the Goodreads bullies named "Mahala", made a post about the "Mystery And Crime Thrillers" group claiming that they had over 8,800 members. However, this is a lie! 

The truth is, just recently, as reported by STGRB, the group celebrated reaching the 4,000 membership mark. Well short of the 8,800 that Mahala claims. 

The reason Mahala is posting these lies is because she is pissed off that the group blocked an estimated 210 people, mostly the bullies. But the reason this group blocked them was because, of course, when they joined their group, the bullies violated the groups rules from the word go. Their rules are specific, no cussing and no fighting, or trying to cause trouble, etc. 

You see, the bullies are not used to being stood up to in such a way. And when this group started blocking and banning these bullies from their group, what did the butt-hurt Goodreads bullies do? They went crying to their protectors, Kara Erickson and Emily Finley, boohooing for them to intervene. So they did, and they asked the mods of "Mystery And Crime Thrillers" what their deal was. The mods responded with the truth, that the bullies joined the group and started disrupting the group and violating the rules, thus, the end result, now the group has gone semi-private. You have to be recommended / invited now in order to become a member.

Now the bullies are nursing their butt-hurt wounds and crying because they didn't get their way. One of those cries is the post by Mahala on her hate blog. But here is an interesting tidbit, in her butt-hurt whine post, where she claims the group lost over 4,000 members because of their actions of standing up to the bullies, she posts a screen shot. Ironically, and keeping up with the bully M.O. of NOT ever showing evidence to support their claims, the screenshot Mahala posts does not show the members list. Take a look below. 


And yes, her post is called "If You Shut Up Truth" and yet, she lies right from the start about the 4,800 members that "allegedly" left the group due to them standing up to the bullies. Which is the reason why that if you read any of these bullies hate blogs, you just simply can't trust them for the truth. And whenever these bullies can't get their way, or if somebody stands up to them, they go off running to their leaders and protectors on Goodreads to "kiss the boo-boo", and make things all better.

In Mahala's post, she claims that the reason why the mods blocked the bullies was because they simply didn't agree with the groups position about the Lauren Howard / Pippa attack that occurred recently. This is not the case! It was because the bullies violated the rules! Plain and simple.

The mods of "Mystery And Crime Thrillers" only have commonsense rules they expect their members to abide by, and those rules request readers not to use bad language in their book reviews, or list books under dirty or nasty book shelves, etc. In short, they don't want bullies in their group, they want READERS! Period.

The group just simply wants their members to love reading, not attacking authors. Seems reasonable enough, right? So why is Mahala so angry and spewing lies on her hate blog about them? Because this is a GR group where BULLIES NEED NOT APPLY!

And they can't stand it!

So now their response is to attack this group for having high moral standards, and commonsense decency that the bullies severely lack. 

Then, at the end of her post, she more or less threatens the mods and their group. Don't believe me? Then see for yourself.


Did you see the end there? She says: "You are only delaying a possibly painful, maybe humiliating, and definitely messy situation in your probably not too distant future." And then she begins her countdown, saying: "You have buried the truth, but it's growing. 10-9-8 ..."

Makes me wonder what the bullies are planning to do to this group and it's mods/members. But are we surprised at this behavior here? Hell no! We have seen all too well how the bullies exact revenge when people don't agree with them. 

Rest assured I and STGRB will be keeping tabs on this situation. I'm sure the bullies will be working with their bully GR staff friends, Kara Erickson and Emily Finley to try and do something to this group, like maybe, deleting it or something. 

Typical bully behavior!

Legitimate reading groups do not want you bullies infesting their peace harmony with your hate disease. If you don't like it, then don't join. But for Pete's sake, quit your goddamn butt-hurt crying about it. Because when it comes to legitimate reading groups on Goodreads, like "Mystery And Crime Thrillers", bullies need not apply. 


  1. I see in her comment that anna karenina names the mods of the group. These people seem to enjoy doing that. (Naming people.) I guess everything said about them is true. If you don't agree with them, they attack you. I have blocked those people from my group too. They just don't know it yet. They will if they ever try to join but so far they haven't. I hope it stays that way.

  2. Unfortunately, it appears that the GR brigade has struck back. Mods from that group are being banned at the very least.

    1. That's how the Goodreads bullies are. That's their M.O. - When people don't agree with them, they attack. You're either with them or you're not. If you're not, they will go after you relentlessly.

  3. Unfortunately, the GR mods are deleting ANY posts in that group that refer to bullying, and have banned several of the major mods from the group. Then Otis claims they can't stop the reviewing because it would be censorship? They're censoring the group! So, Goodreads has basically destroyed that group. Way to go, Goodreads... hypocrisy in action.

    1. Actions always speaks louder than words. Just like Goodreads takes liberty with their ToS, they do the same with censorship.

      Are we really surprised about this?


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